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  2. I doubt it, as the current T-34 is the STZ version, while this is the UVZ version. Not really. The destroyed cathedral at Cologne is the most famous image of the city in WWII. Doesn’t make much sense to show off a Cologne map without the most iconic building.
  3. Love flying Peshkas in rainy weather.
  4. I hope that we can see the Bodenplatte map released in May/June when the P-51 is released
  5. See attached jpg. I get these at certain zoom levels. As you zoom in the eventually disappear. Happens on most aircraft. 1920 x 1200 (native) HDR on, Sharpen on, 4k Textures on, AA 4, Gamma 0.9 NVIDIA
  6. Awesome to see, great work as always mate! In regards to decorations as far as the SS uniform is concerned - from a quick search, it seems that LSSAH and DR were made up of experienced and hardened veterans. LSSAH had fought since Poland, DR since France, and both had been on the Eastern Front since Barbarossa, so I would say that what you have right now makes sense - the Panzer Badge, Iron Cross 2nd Class, Wound Badge, and Eastern Front Medal work well as a minimum amount of decorations. The only thing I’d recommend changing is the Close Combat Clasp - it doesn’t really make sense for every German tank crewman in your mod to be wearing one.
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  8. The reason we didn't get Moscow in detail wasn't because of performance. It was because they didn't have the time to go through and model the city. As it was, they pushed the modeling of the very low detail buildings for distance viewing to Ugra Media. Agreed! It looks spectacular and it makes me want to see them bring that to Stalingrad at some point too. The only bad thing about them outdoing themselves is that we want them to go back and apply their awesome job everywhere
  9. Back at it with some better results... I like having the air activity set to medium, but then I get the sever overload and everything slows down... Oh well, time to upgrade to the Cray, I guess...
  10. I am not 100% sure, but, I suspect TC will come with the mission editor. The last listed entry on the Store page states, "Mission Editor support." The mission editor comes standard with Battle of Moscow and/or Stalingrad. The inclusion of the word, "support" is throwing me off a little, however. As for your question about maps, attached is the map of the particular area involved at maximum elevation. The black outlined area is the battle area of TC. The map can be zoomed in as portrayed in the second and third images. Hopefully, this takes care of your concerns.
  11. @HappyHaddock hello friend just curious on how the work in progress was going? Anything new? Not trying to pry just love the pics and updates Cheers
  12. Budget about 50 to 75 dollars. Cord definitely. I use edtracker for headtracking so I can just tape it to the headset.
  13. I would love to see them add map destruction to QMB as an option like ground targets and weather are.
  14. A few questions..... 1.) Budget? 2.) Cord or Wireless? (I think you want to go with a cord setup as wireless usually uses a usb port) 3.) Do you use head tracking? (I use Trackir with pro clip. I had to find a set of head phones with smallish head band for the clip to fasten to.)
  15. Thanks norm. I will wait to hear from official channels before deciding.
  16. XB You can cherry pick time frames all you want. I play when most of Europe, where the current majority of players are participating currently, are awake. I’ve never played war thunder btw. Also, 1946 AAA server was always packed it was 72 ppl, SoF was always packed it was 64, SoV was well attended it was 64, and Spit v 109 was awesome but I think it was only 48. There are plenty of people who play a style other than yours and enjoy it. Can it be improved with a couple of minor tweaks? Immeasurably so. So, your opening statement is patently false. Not sure why you keep popping in here. Clearly you are not the target audience for this thread and just like to troll.
  17. 27 - 1; Starting up engines for the big day.. ------------------- 27 - 2; Holding short of runway as her sister squadron takes off... ------------------- 233 ShAP; 233 Heads to there target just after takeoff... -------------------- 27 - 1; Bounced!... 'WHERE IS HE!?!"... -------------------- 27 - 1; A pilot gives the Hun a taste of his own medicine! ------------------- 495 - 1; Comrades of 495 use teamwork to take down the Hun!
  18. He's got a point as of right now, even at peak hours, the amount of people playing in the normal game servers are paltry in comparison. Best not to waste time on such frivolous adventures.
  19. I imagine it will be off in quick mission builder, and on in things like career, as that is how it works on the other maps.
  20. Here are the servers running right now: 100 players not using icons vs 6 players using them. This is pretty typical for this sim. My statement refers to flight sims not arcade flying games. Although probably games like War Thunder have servers running icons it isn't really a "sim" like this one. So what I said isn’t false for me since I’m referring to what I have seen on IL-2 GB, DCS or CloD.
  21. https://forum.pimaxvr.com/t/parallel-projections-option-renders-too-big-vertical-fov-and-25-performance-is-lost/18689/7
  22. The A-8 Shrike. This is still one of my favorite airplanes. I'm still waiting for it to be properly depicted in any flight sim. Another favorite of mine. The Armstrong Whitworth Argosy. I don't know why. I just think its a handsome looking tri-motor.
  23. Good riddance, suck less at weather diversity
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