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  2. Guys, Awesome response as usual, but crap too much info at once. I’m gonna need an ‘airfield information coordinator’. A volunteer (I can provide some small compensation) who wants to help me list, gather and send this stuff to the team in a format that is easy to understand for them. Post here is interested. Must committed to helping. I know some of you have sent me info in the past, but I’m pulled 20 different directions every day so some of it I may not have forwarded to the team. I will search my emails and messages, but if you’ve sent me something in the past please send again just to be sure. Jason
  3. Hi everyone, I am using reshade and it works well. BUT, I just experienced a weired thing. If my Anti Alliasing is not set to X4 in the game sttings, each time I hit the start mission (be it in single mission, carreer) or whatever, the mission will stop loading and the game crashes... Can it be caused by reshade? Has anyone already experienced that? If not due to reshade what can be the problem... Thanks
  4. Type of improvement: Sound Explanation of proposal: Positional (3D) audio in VR mode. Playing the game in VR is great, but the direction of where sound is coming from doesn't change when the player moves or rotates his/her head. I've seen positional audio implemented in pretty much every VR game I've played, and it makes a big difference for immersion. Of course in the cockpit you mostly just hear engine noise, but I think IRL even that would be coming mostly from the front of the plane towards the pilot (not from all around the pilot as it is now). And if you check your six, you'd hear the engine behind your head etc. Same thing with guns as well, for example. Now the sound doesn't really reflect the way you move your head. Benefit: Adds another level of immersion
  5. You‘re not that lucky. Sorry to say that. Compressor stalls that you would more likely have on two or three spool jet engines. In a single spool jet engine, you‘d supply too much fuel by opening the throttle too fast. This excess of fuel creates a larger burn (there‘s still enough of air to burn that fuel) and this increases temps beyond permissible limits. So if you are advancing throttles way faster than the engines are spooling up, you should indeed expect a little fire eventually. But more interesting will be how the compressor out there next to you will come apart (and in which direction). Trust me, slamming the throttle forward in such a jet is more entertaining than you described it.
  6. Does the desk mount from virpil work with the warthog? Dang that thing is not cheap, over 300 just for the base! Seems the warbrd isn't made for extensions, so the 50 is the only one that works well with them, so looking at like 600 or more just for the m50 a grip and the desk mount, that's bonkers. The warthogs looking better every second. 500 bucks gets you a great stick a kick butt throttle and you can add extensions to it. Does the warthog work with virpil mounts?
  7. Downloaded this when first became available, SORRY its took me this long to say NICE ONE THANK YOU.👍
  8. Hello, My version for generic skin of Yak 1 69 summer 1942 https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/43886-4k-generic-skin-yak1-69-for-summer-1942/
  9. I am not sure how i got ahead of everyone buddy. i was at the back when the mission started, everyone rushed ahead of me. But somehow i crossed the river with none of my comrades anywhere in sight. 😄 As i said in my post with the piccies. I am not very good at these games, things just seem to happen. 🙄 After that warning Thad, in future i will be advancing behind any other friendly tank i can latch on to 😄 I hope the developers add support infantry to TC eventually. With the aircraft element included, it has the makings of a good combined arms sim. Mike.
  10. One of DDs said is planned to update first tanks to TC standards.
  11. No aerial photos or maps, but information on runway surface, airfield infrastructure, etc. can be found here: https://www.ww2.dk/lwairfields.html
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  13. Lots of info here from the Netherlands https://www.defensie.nl/onderwerpen/vliegvelden-tijdens-de-tweede-wereldoorlog/vliegveldenoverzicht?trefwoord=&jaar-van=1940&jaar-tot=1945 https://www.flickr.com/photos/nimhimages/albums/with/72157698932429285 Gilze Rijen https://www.defensie.nl/onderwerpen/vliegvelden-tijdens-de-tweede-wereldoorlog/vliegveldenoverzicht/gilze-rijen/topografische-kaarten Here something funny as the Germans use fake horses and cows on the airstrip of Gilze Rijen https://www.defensie.nl/onderwerpen/vliegvelden-tijdens-de-tweede-wereldoorlog/vliegveldenoverzicht/gilze-rijen/multimedia And besides the real airfield there was also an fake airfield at Gilze Rijen, think a nice aspect. The name SF 37 Kamerun (SF= Scheinflugplatz) or in Dutch de Kiek http://www.oisterwijk-marketgarden.com/fliegerhorst_gilze-rijen_part ii.html http://www.goolsegeheimen.nl/schijnvliegveld-de-kiek/#iLightbox[359d457c34a863eb8ca]/1 The fake planes could be moved by ropes from a concrete bunker And if making Gilze Rijen do not forget the Flugzeug Kompass Kompensier Scheibe. Very important aspect I think.
  14. A D.520 would be optimal for this. And if not the D.520, the Hawk would be the secondmost perfect airplane.
  15. I'm just thinking, since we're getting the BoBP map, maybe commercially it would be worth a test to create a single BoF fighter aircraft, call it special, call it bonus, that is competitive with a Bf109E, Bf110E, Ju88, Ju87, Ju52, - even if these are not 100% the proper versions. It would bring some fun for offline flying / coop scenarios, and could be used to gauge interest in early / less popular air battles. I hope the Ju52 wasn't a disaster, and a single engined fighter should not be more work, and potentially be at least as appealing... So maybe that's a way to get a piece of BoF?
  16. I don't really care for "extreme gore" per se, but in IL-2 '46, you could get bloody cockpit and gunner station windows with a mod. "Realism" wasn't the reason I used it. Being able to see whether or not I had taken out gunner positions on bombers was. It did help a bit when planning follow-up attack runs.
  17. In old IL 2 the engines burst into flames every time you moved the throttle too fast forward. It is not historical correct. But it is better than leaving this negative feature of early jets. Truthfully it would in most cases flame out and you have no power or worst. Full on one witch will end in crash at low speed and altitude. They need to put this in. Together with relative fast wear and lack of power. Within 10 hours the wear is so much that a major overhaul is needed
  18. On a somewhat related note: I just had an epiphany (yeah, I'm into big words): The Mustang was in line-service in Europe a full year before the P-47. Granted, it was the Allison powered variant, flying with the RAF, but still. The A-36 is a very interesting airplane - I generally think the Allison-powered Mustangs don't get enough love. They were great for "leaning into France" and could take on german fighters below 15000ft without fear. Leo Schlageter was a right-wing militant who was ideolized by german nationalists. "Schlachtgeschwader" (figuratively "Battle Wing") is a term for a fighter-bomber/ attack aircraft Geschwader (Wing). A Geschwader is similar to the american Wing (as in "Fighter Wing"), which is seldomly used in WW2 literature. Most books refer to a certain Fighter Group and don't tell the story of the Fighter Wing, which consists of several Fighter Groups. Note: Fighter Group is structurally (and numerically) similar to a german "Gruppe" (or "Jagdgruppe"*). In the USAAF, Fighter Groups acted a litle more on their own than comparative german "Gruppen", even though a "Gruppe" could also be transferred (e.g. during Reichsverteidigung, to some godforsaken place in the east or to the MTO) and was the smallest self-sufficient unit in the Luftwaffe organizational/ logistical structure. ___ * "Gruppen" are indicated by roman numerals, "Staffeln" (squadrons) by arabic numerals, e.g.: III./JG 27 is the 3rd Gruppe of Jagdgeschwader 27, while 9./JG 27 is the 9th Staffel (squadron) of Jagdgeschwader 27, which (together with 7./JG 27 and 8./JG 27 form III./JG 27) is part of the former. There is no clustderduck among some squadron being exchanged with another Fighter Group and hence breaking up the neat sequance of Squadron numbers, as you'd find with many Squadrons assigned to an american Fighter Group. The latter has a better historical traceability - german Staffeln were also transferred and built a nucleus for a completely new Gruppe sometimes, but they'd change their names accordingly.
  19. First time I have seen someone undertake this sort of photography. Very interesting and I cannot wait to see the rest.
  20. All Targets that you´re supposed to attack are marked on the map, yes.
  21. @Jason_Williams, there is a lot of info on Dutch airfields that can be found here: https://www.defensie.nl/onderwerpen/vliegvelden-tijdens-de-tweede-wereldoorlog In addition, the website Forgotten Airfields has lots of info here. I didn't have time to go through all the links: https://www.defensie.nl/onderwerpen/vliegvelden-tijdens-de-tweede-wereldoorlog St. Niklaas (Sterreken): https://www.forgottenairfields.com/airfield-stniklaas-85.html Sint Denijs-Westrem (B-61): https://www.forgottenairfields.com/airfield-sintdenijs-westrem-b-61-83.html Evere: https://www.forgottenairfields.com/airfield-evere-220.html Grimbergen: https://www.forgottenairfields.com/airfield-grimbergen-b-60-217.html Blakenberg (B-66) (note: this name is currently misspelled on the map): https://www.forgottenairfields.com/airfield-blakenberg-b-66-219.html Le Culot East (Tienen / Goetshoven): https://www.forgottenairfields.com/airfield-goetsenhoven--209.html Ophoven: https://www.forgottenairfields.com/airfield-ophoven-y-32-102.html St. Trond: https://www.forgottenairfields.com/airfield-sttruiden-99.html Asch: https://www.forgottenairfields.com/airfield-asch-y-29-101.html Elsenborn: https://www.forgottenairfields.com/airfield-elsenborn-247.html St. Hubert: https://www.forgottenairfields.com/airfield-sthubert-airport-242.html Nivelles: https://www.forgottenairfields.com/airfield-nivelles-987.html Deelen: https://www.forgottenairfields.com/airfield-deelen-453.html Venlo: https://www.forgottenairfields.com/airfield-venlo-478.html Mill: https://www.forgottenairfields.com/airfield-mill-516.html Schijndel: https://www.forgottenairfields.com/airfield-schijndel-513.html https://www.defensie.nl/onderwerpen/vliegvelden-tijdens-de-tweede-wereldoorlog/vliegveldenoverzicht/schijndel/topografische-kaarten
  22. Et sur FC, tu as un vrai flingue à choisir, un Colt 45, un Mauser 1896 etc...
  23. MOD REQUEST Hello kitty skins then i might be able to tempt my daughter to join this sim .🤣
  24. I too would really like to see end of war SU planes covered better. And heavy bombers added. Also I havent seen some planes that could be AI only that are pretty important like FW189, Fiesler Storch etc.
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