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  2. Hello, like many others, I come from the old series and bought each chapter until it became the glorious 1946. I only discovered the new series last summer and only purchased Bodenplatte in August with the understanding that I had to patiently wait. In the meantime I joined an allied squad and purchased two other chapters along with some collector planes. What is annoying most of our squad mates is the focus on Axis planes first! Recently the Dora was released, don’t you think the P-51 deserves a release date prior to the ME 262? Many members also enjoy flying bombers. Alrhough it is not part of Bodenplatte, don’t you think it is time for a B-25 and B17? Flying a Pe-02 and an A-20 with a max bomb load of 1000 lbs vs the HE 111 with 2000 lbs is getting old pretty fast! Honesly my time at this junction is better spent learning a new guitar lick than going into servers which are lob sided in favor of axis planes. I think it is overdue that the developer now focuses on levelling the playing field, as many of our members are losing interest flying online. Cheers
  3. blitze above says a recent update to SteamVR has rendered the console command void, but that worldscale now seems correct. I'm away from my PC and haven't played BOS for some time so I wouldn't know.
  4. THANK YOU!!! I hope you continue to make more.
  5. Indeed, there are a couple of interesting threads. If there only was a chemist among the researchers. We know now the base of all paints, cellulose lacquer for the first layer and the linseed oil for the paint. If they just sample a milligram of that you could check for the tint by chromatography. Standard method for detecting any molecules and much facilitated when you have guesses on what to look for. Easy enough to for anything soluble. You could just make a new mix of that original colors (you could get the ratio of any tints used) without getting distracted by what you are seeing after a century.
  6. Yep, pretty sure it's accurate. However the Hs-129 fires its machine guns when you want to fire the 37mm gunpods, which isn't right.
  7. I agree, many people complain about stutters. In short term we have to wait for update, maybe devs will fix that. There are some measurements of FPS versus settings https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gJmnz_nVxI6_dG_UYNCCpZVK2-f8NBy-y1gia77Hu_k/edit#gid=334824301 But still settings topic is very subjective. Someone plays on ultra and is happy with constant 45 FPS. Someone OC's CPU and uses balanced settings.
  8. If one replaces the word 'Ecosystem' in that article with 'walled garden', it all makes sense.
  9. Were all the 4 guns being triggered by the same trigger in the FW190D9 (and a couple of other german aircraft)? No dual stage or anything like that?
  10. Thank you very much for volume 19, Pat. Your hard work is always very much appreciated. Mike.
  11. Gotta say, I'm not a big fan of his work. Something seems "off" on the color palette on many of his painting, and the aircraft mostly look like they're made of plastic - very little sense of texture and material.
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  13. Gents, come on! Гентс, веди себя пожалуйста!
  14. Interesting topic, skimmed most of it (sorry) but as another hobby I do scale modelling, a while back there was an extensive study on one of those forums regarding this and getting a good colour match ... think it was Large Scale Planes? Those guys are meticulous for detail, might be worth googeling for. From memory, many of the findings there seem to echo the findings in this thread. For sure I have the 1/32 Roden Dr.I with after-market parts and decals to build Richthofen's kite and will be researching again the appropriate red to use come build time.
  15. Are you guys sure it works? It does not work for me. SteamVR returns this line: Tue Apr 23 2019 13:24:09.493 - [Console] settings steamvr.ipdOffset -0.015 Tue Apr 23 2019 13:24:09.494 - [Console] steamvr.ipdOffset: -0.015000 Tue Apr 23 2019 13:24:09.499 - [Settings] Save Json Settings to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\config\steamvr.vrsettings I did it, repeatedly, in the right order, double checking. Exiting SteamVR, WMR, restarting PC. But it does not pull it. startup.cfg still reports the old hardware IPD, and world size does not change. I am using a WMR Samsung Odyssey. "SteamVR[beta]" and "Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR[beta]".
  16. It was this in 'real fights' - AKA history - and this is one reason why the air battle unfolded as it did. My point was that arguing over a few aircraft or small performance differences for MP bears no relations to what actually occurred. In a sim, you can do whatever you want.
  17. I joined in just as it was ending ... If I joined the right server? Was only one other person on, it never lasted until 3AM GMT? seemed was just me on at 23:00 GMT? I'll give it a go again next time I see it announced here though, keep up the good work.
  18. A fun flight on the Day-D map when I made seven kills without my own death.
  19. Hi Bodenplatte ist noch Early Access . Ein Teil der Flugzeuge sind schon verfügbar,die Karte kommt noch. Gruss Stefan.
  20. Наш форум открыт, зарегистрироваться на нем способен даже первоклассник. Милости просим. Мы всегда рады любому общению) Our forum is open, even a child can register on it. Welcome. We are always glad to any communication)
  21. Thanks for the replies. Yes, I took another look at CPU usage and it is actually between 20 to 30 percent. I just upgraded to the 8700, so an even more expensive CPU just to play this game in VR is not a possibility, given that the 8700 blazes through every other game I have. Is an i9 really a requirement for VR in this game? I will keep experimenting to see if I get better FPS. It's a bit difficult to gather tips from this forum because there's a lot of contradicting information. Is there a summary, maybe from the developers, of settings that have been proven to be optimal?
  22. Habe mir Heute Bodenplatte gekauft . Finde keine Karriere und Missionen.....????
  23. Great viewing THOR and yeah, the 'vaping' sound is dead funny (and obvious to those, like myself, who partake!). Cheers for the viewing. Wouldn't it be great to have user-friendly B-25's at some point?
  24. https://www.roadtovr.com/oculus-explains-timing-rift-2-rift-pro/?fbclid=IwAR37hW4dGpGnISlto-mubuiS2ZEErigdYwTjqaIsGV2PTt_Q04-gkT315Q8
  25. I've put together some of the stuff I've collected here http://www.mediafire.com/file/nplg8mtvbnsfrzk/airfields.rar/file Of particular interest is the pdf on German airfields. It describes their construction, length and orientation, as well as their condition with regards to bombings
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