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  2. Not too worried about AI , its a work in progress , plus I have never seen AI do the super human stunts I see in MP. I dont see AI pulling unrealistic high G maneuvers, AI is too easy to shoot down at the moment. So might balance the field a bit.
  3. Damaged prop blade would cause vibrations that would eventually affect prop shaft and some other parts of the engine, so engine would suffer after a while....
  4. Was totally blown away by the upcoming pilot physiology feature until i realized that it may not be applied to the AI in like degree, if at all.
  5. Make sure the word "ATTACK" appears beside the enemy airfield on the server map.
  6. I'm really enjoying flying on TAW at the moment, so far I've not lost a life, this time round (flying red, high level bombing alone). Where I struggle is to tell which enemy airfields have live targets on them, I've hit enemy airfields before and got no reward. I don't fly that many sorties as mine normally last around an hour, but I'd like to make them count. I apologise in advance for being a bit obtuse by the way, it's genetic.😀
  7. You can bind it to the common mixture axis and it would apply to all engines. I use the same approach for throttle, RPM, radiators...
  8. Hello all! I am impressed by the work doe on the aircraft, present and future as well as pilot physiology... I am a bit less impressed by the airfields...so I prefer to believe there are also a WIP perhaps even more than the A/C...For instance the agricultural field patterns around Volkel is totally wrong, not Dutch looking at all...The hangars are also wrong but I suspect there are simple place holders for now (and maybe the ground textures as well). For people interested here are three hi-res photos of 1944 for three well known BP airfields: Brussels-Grimbergen and -Evere as well as Antwerp-Deurne (LukeFF has these photos since a while). grosfi.ch/TCCfx5c6Wjw You will see the incredible variety of revetments, hangars, blastwalls and various camouflage techniques (from nets to farm or manor bodies over the real hangar...) present at these airfields. It was the same everywhere in Belgium and Holland, Volkel included. I have made a nice reconstitution of Eindhoven 1944 (sorry, no Volkel!) as I suspect this is the second airfield shown in the dev update...As yo can see the variety is large, many revetments (the majority actually) are revetments with blastwalls and sometimes camouflage nets. The extension of the dispersal system in Eindhoven is staggering... Eindhoven here: grosfi.ch/b372Bqu4aHv Amically JVM
  9. Hi, there is a lot of talk about quality issues with Saitek products. Now, I used to be a Thrustmaster enthusiast from the beginning (FCS, WCS, RCS of the 90's) and I programmed a lot of macros for those devices (in DOS, so not very comfy!). Finally, as it became more and more difficult to run these devices under Windows, I changed all my devices and chose Saitek, starting with the Throttle Quadrant, the Saitek Rudder Pedals, Saitek Trim Wheel and finally with the Saitek Rhino Combo (X55 - newer version is X56 now). Well, I have to say, until now I never ever had any trouble with these devices. They offer a lot of possibilities and with the Saitek Profile Software you get even more and complex configuration possibilities, not necessary needed for BOX, but if you own DCS modules then this will help you very much. Cheerio
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  11. You're welcome @Startrek66, see my last edit in the post above yours (I was editing it the moment you replied). Test the grass settings first. Cheers.
  12. Great update, looking forward to trying everything in game. As far as collector planes; the B-25 is a safe bet because the Devs have already stated that the current AI version is being built with an eye towards making it player flyable after release. I would love to see a Mosquito and gunship versions of the B-25 and A-20, as well as the C-47, P-61, and B-26. I guess I just want more multi engine aircraft. Oh, and if we're all day dreaming, might as well throw the B-17G into the mix. Now, Jason didn't specifically say the collector planes were WW II aircraft, so I'll throw out hopes we see the Sopwith Pup and a Newport 17 as well. No matter what planes show up, I'm sure my wallet will suffer😉
  13. I had the X 52 pro, it was rather busted when i dug it out of the cupboard but i did fly with it an awful lot, it was ok, bit clunky. i much prefer my t.10000m, it's a far better stick imo, i like the snappyness of it and the strength of the spring, maybe not the best for ww2 sims in that regard but it's still fun. the throttle is sticky, there's no getting around that unless you go online and grab Nyogel 767A and redo the greasing on the rails which i'm told makes it much, much better. i'm still working myself up for this having bought the gel. the rudder pedals, will do for now. i'll upgrade at some point, they suffer from a weak spring and the same rail issues as the throttle, again nyogel is said to improve this along with either another spring or in some cases a stack of elastic bands added to the current spring (i did this and it does help a bit) otherwise for the price you pay, honestly the set is not bad at all, i have seen compatability and config issues with the X56. i've had utterly none of this with the t.16000m FCS pack in either Box or CloD Pete
  14. Now that you say that, I remember that, too. I just had looked in the store what is said about the timeframe for BOBP. BTW, the winter 44/45 was pretty white, as far as I know. We started the climat change a little later
  15. Thanks guys for your valuable advice, I will try to mess around with these settings
  16. I'm not saying falsehood, it's what happens to me if I don't enable anti-aliasing, I've not external programs that interfere with it and i've win 7, moreover it's not a problem that only I have. Read this post: In the section dedicated to Reshade, it says clearly that if you don't enable antialiasing, the game will crash if you try to play a mission. Infact, that's what happened to me. Textual words of this user: "Next, either change "multisampling = 2" in the graphics configuration file or change anti-aliasing to 4 in the game graphics menu then restart the game. If you have reshade installed without 4x anti-aliasing enabled the game will crash soon as you start a mission. So it is critical to have this setting applied." However, can you tell me where to download the version you suggested? I will be grateful.
  17. Thanks for bringing this up. We need this. I just think that the ZZZ thing sounds a bit improvised. I see those ZZZ at the GCF bundle and I think they don't make justice to the skins (I see it as noise amongst the information). But I agree that the historic skins should come first and the fictional / personal ones at last (it would also make it harder for a newbie to pick a personal skin from somebody else). I also have a suggestion that the type of the plane should come first, like FD7, SCamel or something. Is there any character that looks more like a military acronym to put the historical skins on top? Like the ones people use for squadrons (=)? If people could come up with something like SE5a=h=56SqnRFC? Make it as clean and military looking as possible. And H of historic comes first than P for personal. Just that F of fictional comes first than anything.
  18. I have to say that we have seen this picture here before and I am pretty sure someone posted evidence showing that it he did not damage them on a mission and fly home. That is why I did not post that pic in my OP. I can't remember what the evidence was but I left it out anyway, EDIT: I did a comprehensive search of the forum archives and did not find anything apart from someone asking almost the same question as me back in 2014 🙂 Someone referred to several cases aircraft flying home from France with prop damage from hitting telephone wires but he did not provide any evidence.
  19. The Manhattan Project would have been much much pricier if they had had to mass-produce, say 500 bombs, instead of just "the bomb" and a couple of surplus units. Building the bomb was a scientific tour de force with every early bomb being hand-made and basicly a prototype in itself. Building the B-29 was an engineering and project management endeavour. They're only superficially comparable.
  20. Competetive in sp career? Pff 🙂 and eyah I wanted better spotting against backround
  21. I honestly thought it was because there isnt enough room in the back of a PE2 for a gunner given all the laser sighting, IR and firing solution computational equipment it clearly carries for its defensive guns...
  22. You're provably wrong. Those 'relatively crude' devices you're talking about had to have been manufactured to much lower tolerances to work properly, and while the B-29's development may have been technologically challenging in and of itself, it ended up more expensive than the Manhattan project by virtue of the fact they mass produced the things. If you're mass producing something, it has generally stopped being technically difficult. Compare that to the effort of having to breed enough plutonium in nuclear fission piles, then purifying it at massive cost. If you call the results of the Manhattan project - literally the bleeding edge of technology at the time - 'crude', any other contemporary technology might as well have been from the stone age. TL;DR:
  23. Hola a todos, me llamo Luftmanu y me gustaría daros a conocer mi pequeño canal. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeFel3zlO6fnzamxZPMucZA Querría comenzar diciendo que hay poco contenido en español para este simulador. Me parece que esto es algo que podemos solucionar nosotros, lo usuarios, si damos a conocer el producto. El objetivo de mi canal es ese, más que vídeos con una función estética, que ya los hay y en español, quiero hacer hincapié en diversas cosas. Desde noticias, tutoriales básicos o quizás alguna que otra charla como ya he realizado. De momento no puedo hacer grandes cosas ni tampoco aspiro a ello, me gustaría aportar mi granito de arena a la comunidad hispana en Il-2 que creo que hace falta para que podamos disfrutar de una comunidad más rica. Un saludo y muchas gracias por vuestro tiempo PD: También quería comentaros que en LF, mi escuadrón, hemos revitalizado la actividad y ya se puede acceder al escuadrón para volar Il-2 directamente. Tenéis más información en este otro post.
  24. Are we not on the home straight with Bodenplatte? Can we not see the finishing line? Correct me if Iam wrong but isn't it probable we will be told about the next project at the end of this year? We are told in the DD that pre order this year in our hangers next year. So with a small team cannot see time and resources being used on collector planes that take too long to produce if the new project is underway. you never know I could be wrong but logically has to be single engined planes. I have seen peoples speculation on what the collector planes will be, cannot think why they would be Soviet, surely first choice they would be something to do with Bodenplatte Iam thinking that best for me would be a Spitfire XIV and P51B Mustang, but if they are to be Soviet a Yak 3 or 9 would be welcome.If German a Storch would be nice.
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