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  2. I want to thank @ICDP @Talon_ and everybody who is helping to make the Spitfire more accurate. A true work of love, thanks guys. I am sure many will enjoy this. It's all about the details!
  3. Salutations Tankers. Attached Below is a update to my BTL Tiger At The Gate mission. Also there is a version of the mission with you manning the PzIII-m. This one may prove more difficult. Let me know. BTL Tiger At The Gate.zip BTL PzIII-m At The Gate.zip
  4. my joy meaw !! meawwwwwwwwwwwww
  5. I think 5% might be accurate if they compare the MP users vs all the people who ever bought one of the products (total users), however if you make the comparison as the active players within a couple months I think the MP proportion is significantly higher.
  6. Nope, I didn't forget anything. In spite of my age, I stil have a very good......uh....what's the word...? Oh, yeah, memory. I still have a good memory. I'm saying that an RAF pilot would be a great option. Since, I'm sure that there are many like me who do not fly Russian. The vast majority of Spitfires were RAF...if my memory serves me correctly.
  7. @jaygee485I was 8th in line last September and he shipped in January. Probably best just to wait, he will contact you when he gets to your console, and keep you updated on the progress.
  8. Depending on where you are, WoL could be really far away and your connection to that server could be poor. It's by far the jitteriest server for me, but that makes sense as its on the other side of the world from me. Try on KOTA and Combat Box and see what you get. KOTA is based in central europe (Hungary I think?) and Combat Box is in North America. Combat Box in particular has been really popular lately so you can see if its the activity or the server connectivity causing teh issues.
  9. So your teling me that when axis side has number advantage most of the time, allieds will be catching 262s on take of and landings i hope you gona try that in P-47 vs d9s k4s and 262s when its 30vs 50 axis. what you have now is axis bombers bombing allied spawn bases with no resistance, as red players need to be punished for flying uber red airplanes so bombing them on spawn and vulching them is justified, you dont see that behavior from allied bombers only axis. what will happend when 262 gets in game online is thouse guys will switch their ju88s with 262s and be more effective in vulching allied players that just spawn they aint gona go bomb objectives they gona just be more effective vulchers as flak in game even on ace is uneffective, and then more allied players quit after they get bomb in their head when they spawn... catching 262s on take of and landings is historical , in mp when you dont have historical numbers advantages or limitations on axis equipments that will just be fantasy for forum, not reality in MP in this game.
  10. The real thing is that Arianne is so talented flying girl...that shooting her down is so rare thing..
  11. Is this just after the new micro-update at 3.0012c, or since before? I noticed some stutters on Combat BoX the other day but the server was crowded and my connection was not great, and it wasn't too often. My rig is mid-range. I haven't flown since the 3.0012c update.
  12. 1:30 - More in danger of shooting down a team mate than hitting the target.
  13. All about the SP for me. I want it informal and fun. Looking forward to the enhanced QMB that just might maybe perhaps possibly come in an update one day.
  14. Probably how I will be using the 262 most of the time when it comes out
  15. Two questions to developers. 1.) those nice cabin turbulences modelized visually (cabin shakes) are not preset in the provided telemetry. would it be possible to add another telemetry slot so we could apply them on the motion platform? 2.) with simtools plugin I have the feeling that surge and sway are inverted. when you fire the guns or modify the engine thrust, the sway is moving instead of surge. Please, could someone check if it’s inverted in the game or inside the plugin ? Thank you very much !
  16. Its still same no mather what server you play, most players that play MP seams to like it like that or they would quit, and thouse ones play MP now and see all is ok, ones who dont like that way of play quit on MP or just show up on events and dont even bather wth df servers. Even if you have some sqads they dont tend to fly how it was flown in ww2 as its not effective, why bomb in formations from high alt when you can be more effective bombing low alt in spred, or why fly fighters in tight formations of 4-8 when your more effective in 4 elements of 2 covering multi tgts and so on...Spend time to taxi and form up on runway just so some guy colides while trying to take off or some spawn bomber gets lucky and bombes all of you... why bather then txiin all just take off strait from spawn... For organaised stuff it takes time to set it up, and to see when it is ok for all interested, and then you need to advartaise it, and most SP guys dont even bather with forums, so i guess they even dont know that some would like to play online the way its more like SP but with other humans (aka coop). But why would SP guy bather with that and spend more time on it when he can enjoy it on its own terms offline. And with all visibility problems in game you realy need to be persistant to not quit on MP in few weeks
  17. 9./JG54 when they get their Pilot lisence First flight, i mean not bad for a playstation Controler, i couldn't do better with my Cessna 172.
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  19. Tu voudrais en faire quoi d'un flingue sur un Yak ? te suicider si ton avion est en feu ??😳
  20. Yeah, since i have noting to do and if i could chose i would take the Apache Helicopter. ❤️ Funny that people even naming nametags to their current emotional situation => @MEOW_HUNTER Sorry, but this Nick is already taken to a clanmate, i politely request you to remove it. Especially that people could think we belong in the same clan. Thanks god we don't. Without answering to much to OP thread, everyone has already shot me down, but that i shot them 7 times down in 2 sorties and they shot me even with numbers only one time down, is funny. Guess me as german, continued the tradition of winning 7:1 over a brazil team.
  21. Good to see people flying the mighty G6!
  22. I had smooth gameplay on most servers. Sometimes after update it gets microstutterish but it goes after few days. Now its here again and very often. FPS rocket high as always. I do have the latest nvidia drivers. Was the same with old ones. Netcode is crap. End of story. Rig is new and hefty, no vr and 1200p.
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