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  2. If I remember correctly, it is 30% clear, 40% light, 20% avergae clouds and 10% heavy. If you want overcast, you should lower the other percentages. That is how it was explained earlier.
  3. Yak-9 there: http://virtpilot.org/документы-и-технические-описания/
  4. MiGCap

    Endlich IV

    Hi, welcome back! 😃 Wenn Du die ganzen "Guten Morgen!"-Posts weglässt, sind's nur noch 100 Seiten. 😉 Edit: Wieso sind meine Smileys schwarz-weiße Schattenrisse?!
  5. I love this idea. U would just changed the P36 for the Avenger to later replace the Devastator. I also understand that maps with so much water bodies and almost no need to change seasons could be make faster. So, I totally agree with you .... Pearl Harbour, Wake, Coral Sea, Midway should come all together.
  6. I posted the metal chipping layer I created for this skin to the skinning resources sub-forum.
  7. Metal chipping layers for P-38 Lightning https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/zfbYFo6fM8 OD layer and metal chipping for P-51D https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/yCKsf10J85
  8. WTF Not trying very hard ????????????????? The system is crap ! Not playable ...only if you drink a liter of vodka … please ..fix this ! Tell me why the tank servers are empty ?????????? any idea ???????? i can tell you I know the game is in early access .. but why it gets so bad by the last update ? aiming problems , drunk mouse , the tower stil turns back in the forward position … i like TC a lot ..but now ..its really unplayable
  9. W/C Roland Beamont, JN751 in early scheme with ID stripes. Download HERE 1944 Early default skin with no markings. Download HERE
  10. So who was "properly trained" then? The RAF evaluators? The USAAF test pilots? The Luftwaffe or DVL test pilots like Heinrich Beauvais? The early Luftwaffe pilots that still managed to crash it every once in a while and that had a revelation, when they first flew american airplanes like the P-47 and P-51 or RAF birds like the Spitfire? Walter Hoecker who lost control of his 109 in the quote posted above would certainly qualify here: How many other fighters of the era did they fly to have a good base of comparison? Not one pilot that flew the 109 and had flown other fighters thought it was "just another airplane" - all would treat the airplane with a larger amount of respect than others.
  11. Elmer, shouldn't that be, "Wuve my Six Shooter"?
  12. I figured as much. that the transfer will happen. For the time being, I am only playing RoF for training purposed. I need to relearn to fly and shoot again. (A year of rust and I wasn't that great before). China is 12 hours ahead of EST.
  13. Not all of the planes from BOS are included, eg. Yak 1 69 series? Nice job by the way!
  14. There are 2 sides of the problem here. 1. The MG 151/20 is the worst 20mm in the game. While the HE shell is on par with the russian 20mm, the russian AP round is far superior to the german one which makes the Russian 20mm better. Meanwhile the Hispano 20mm is miles ahead, being nearly twice as good. Even when presented with scientific data and evidence, 1CG does not see it as a problem and won't change anything about it as it stands currently. 2. Damage Models of the aircrafts are inconsistent. Some planes can take an incredible amount of damage before being combat ineffective while others can very easily get disabled with a decent hit. Same with bomber rear gunners. You are very safe in some aircrafts against them (like in the P40) while you are a lot more subject to damage or even death in others (for example a Yak). There won't be any changes to this until the release of BoBP and even after that i don't think that anything will happen i am afraid.
  15. And the fact that 109 was still on par with others fighters in many ways. Not really, those who were trained properly to it, it was just like any other fighter of the era. Edit. this arguing won't lead to anywhere and it's also off-topic so i'm going to leave it here.
  16. Okay, this one has me puzzled. A friend runs an MP mission, using the in-game dserver, we both fly to the AAA targets. They are visible to him, but not me. Both of us flying the same coalition, same aircraft. It's like they don't see me, and I can't see them. Next step, I run the same exact mission with the in game dserver, fly to the target and now the AAA is visible. We've checked, and re-checked, everything imaginable, and them some, but still have not been able to figure this one out. As always, I am ever grateful to the FMB guru's who may have an idea what is going on. This is the first time we've come across this issue and it appears to only happen on the Rhineland map. Any thoughts?
  17. Not one of them. But Pearl Harbour, Wake Island, the Coral Sea, and Midway in one game is another story. I mean, you could have all four with just one standard 8 plane + 2 premium plane set: IJN A6M2-21 B5N2 D3A1 G4M1 USN/USMC/USAAF F4F-3/4 P-40 B SBD TBD Premium F2A-3 P-36 A
  18. No, it comes with the fact of being experienced. Funny how the outstanding feature of the 109 is always that it was a handful to operate (in one anecdote or another) - no matter which pilot you ask or which book you read.
  19. Just wondering, If this is so good, why did HTC not use these type of glass and use this fresnel lenses.
  20. Hi RAP, i cant like it as all my likes are gone! Sorry!!😐 I dont know if i t is clear what i meant. Its the round mud cover on the wheels. The P-51 and the Jug didnt have it. I see these two versions only on the P-38 Are you referring to these too? Thanks for your help!
  21. One thing I do wonder is if the increases view range will enable bombing opera at higher altitude to be effective?
  22. Right. This is an old thread!
  23. Isn't this pretty much true for all carrier engagements? IIRC no carrier battle lasted more then just a few days, so under your logic not one of those famous battles merits a BoX. And I would sure like to see that someday!
  24. Well, after reading most of the pilot memoirs/reports available (not just allied test pilots) i have quite different view about 109. And yes, many of them have flown different types of fighters during/after the war. With all of it's well known quirks it was not easy plane for novices for sure, but experienced pilots could beat pretty much anything with it. And that was not just about the speed.
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