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  2. I wouldn't say that. I'm an average if not below average pilot yet I can get 3-5 kills per flight when flying the D9 or K4, they're pretty easy to fly. Put me in a P-47 however and I'm lucky to get 1-2 kills per flight if any at all. 262 is still a bit tricky for me. I've only flown it once but got 2 kills during the flight but I missed tons of times. 262 is definitely a challenge with it's high closure rate.
  3. It would be, unless you do not care about the sincerity and trustworthiness of a company you are doing business with. This isn't about personal preferences.
  4. they're defining them in "waves" now, so who knows at this point.. I'd suggest waiting for the early buyers to get disappointed in them for one reason or another and sell them off. I'm expecting to get mine this Friday. If I don't like the color contrast due to LCD screen (vs OLED) I'll definitely sell it just like I did with my 5k+, no matter how comfortable it may be along side of some increased FOV. IL2 really shines with deep contrasts and to me it's the candy that I can't let go off.
  5. Huh. That might be a good autobiography title... Larner: Down From The Perch
  6. I've been using my X52 since day one of BoX. It's never missed a beat.
  7. I and a couple of my squadmates use the X52 and we have no problems. Obviously the fact that some people have no issues does not necessarily mean that there is not an issue affecting several people but I am just confirming that there is no general issue.
  8. No issues as far as we know. Should work fine. Check your key mapping. Jason
  9. Please make "technical" chat messages optional, im reffering to the *** has conected *** has exited or "server overload" messages that appear on the chat bar. On a populated server they are really spammy and dont contribute anything to gameplay, maybe an extra option to disable them? maybe a separate text bar with technical messages independent of the chat? we all love clear communication and i think the GUI could be a lot cleaner with QOL imrpovements like: 1.chat bar indepentant, only chat from other players on the chat bar 2.kill messages on an independant "bar" (i disabled them to avoid unnecesary messages and i appreciate that option, that brings me to N3) 3. "technical" chat messages optional, ** has conected *** has exited or "server overload" messages could be optional since they dont add nothing to the common player and I enjoy the sim a lot but there are some really rought edges like these that are too sharp to miss, these would make the experience a lot more "cleaner" {at least to me }
  10. Here is an instructional video from the other side. Seven PE2s (ignore the video name) in close formation for mutual support. Two fighters attack at 14:18 and do serious damage to four PE2s and leave them streaming black smoke with one burning in a single pass. Forty five seconds later, only two of the seven PE2 reach the target and they both die over the target. I do agree though that the gunners should not be able to switch positions so fast.
  11. Thanks for all the reply's fliers. It would be great to have a career mode but I'm going to purchase Flying Circus anyway to help add support. Thanks
  12. I've been away from the game for a few to several weeks, and find that my X52 hotas, either of two, no longer responds to IL2 BOX or CLOD and displays a Code 43 error, but works in DCS. The device and all functions are indicated operating in Saitek programming. I am aware of at least one patch in the interval. Are there known issues with this please?
  13. I think we're all looking forward to the results (damn, we have a player who owns Le Rhônes and Clergets?!)! No matter the result, we will be satisfied. I just hope we don't have to argue about rpms, prop pitch and such with the devs, because the Camel is pretty much out there with more than 1400rpms, and like I said many times before, the Oberursel manual states 1380rpm for max speeds, the same rpm used (1390rpm by the way) by the Fokker D8 tests at McCook Field in1921. So there has to be calculations coming from the cruise speed these engines will be experiencing in real life. I think we are all rooting for relative performance (for all aircraft), not if the Dr1 is a 180km/h plane or a 165km/h plane.
  14. A little hint about this situation. If you need to place 2 airfields with different directions and taxi paths on the same runway then the airfield 01 for take-off should be placed as close as possible to the aircraft that should take off. Usually nothing works if this airfield is set far from planes. Then everything is standard: the airfield 01 is active , the airfield 02 is deactivated at the beginning of the mission. After takeoff we deactivate the airfield 01 and activate the 02. The picture shows everything simplified without most of the commands for takeoff, etc. Here is the complete algorithm of actions
  15. Hum, what you describe is not a normal situation. The landing command is independant from the airfield. Airfield is just if you want that AI taxi or player spawn.
  16. Hauling 108t of 757 out of Juneau, AK for Kahului, Maui. I'm on the Juneau 5 obstacle departure which has me turn hard right after departure to join Juneau NDB and try not to hit the mountains opposite of the valley. Piper Pa-31T Cheyenne on final approach to Poughkeepsie, NY after a flight from Kenosha, WI. Just breaking through the clouds on the ILS rwy 06. Looks like some autogen soccer mom is going to have her insurance premiums raised... Given the forecast temperatures tomorrow being 38°C, that "Cold Drinks" vending machine would certainly be handy in real life...
  17. If ordered today - it won't be shipped until next September...did I get this right?
  18. Er, I'm not that interested in an Asiatic-Pacific Theatre, and it certainly would not be a slap in my face... It would in fact leave them open to concentrate on the Malta air battle for instance.
  19. Here's a vid of a 262 getting shot down mid flight.😋 (8:20) I know it's OT but in regards to the Tiger thing. Shermans fought Tigers on many occasions but Americans in Shermans only faced them a handful of times. The Brits and Russians have far more encounters with the Tiger than Americans ever had.
  20. Hurrah for the sale! I think I'm going to pick up all the campaigns as i just played the free one recently and enjoyed it. My internet is poor so i keep getting kicked from multiplayer and feel like I am stuck with SP until i get a better connection. I already have BOM/BOS/BOK/BOBP/TC (Just missing FC). I am interested in some collector planes, any recommendations? I already have the Kuban collectors planes but am missing all others. I would buy them all if i could afford them but i think i will pick up 2 or 3 now and maybe the rest at a later date. looking forward to your suggestions.
  21. Today
  22. Since I already have everything, and not new to buy (new maps for example), I feel excluded from this ad and feel discriminated against.
  23. Without any data, pics or videos, this is only personal feelings.
  24. I also use different fakefields for takeoff and landing. One can also determine that the plane should land on a distant airfield. For this I combine a 2nd ..... n. 'command land' with another fakefield. fakefield and command land should be aligned in the same direction and placed one behind the other. If I activate the remoter 'command land' with a target link, then the plane ends up there as well. This is also useful if, for example, you want to land in the opposite direction. It annoyed me, however, that my AI's did not react properly after the last update. Was it like that for you, too? Only after I deleted the AI's and the fakefields and replaced them with new ones did they react again correctly.
  25. I think what you got there is more of a loop as a pose to a barrel roll, technically...
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