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  2. Come up with a scheme and I'll see what I can do Boo?...
  3. I personally dont't think we will be getting another Bf 109 or Fw 190 because we have many variants of them ingame already. A german and british heavy fighter may be possible like the Me 410 or He 219 and a Mosquito. The Ta 154 would be my favorite but as it saw very limited action and only around 30~50 planes were produced i don't think we will be getting that one.
  4. Ill say kuban could be anywhere. I would buy that beautiful map if I where you. It got A 20 and P 39 in it. Not a waste of money at all. You will be restricted for thetime being to servers who got Bobp planes if you only buy that.
  5. I’m positive we aren’t going East for a while and would bet a two cheeseburger meal it is either PTO or another European release. That said, to keep our Russian friends engaged, I agree a top notch Russian performer would be an excellent choice. As suggested earlier, I’d go with the Yak 3. It’s the closest thing the Russian’s produced performance-wise during the war compared to the Luftwaffe. I’d prefer a C-47 as well but the B-25 seems the more likely candidate for obvious reasons.
  6. That was written ,tongue in cheek . His responses are usually - B.S. Robin.
  7. As for the dirt, well, this is Russia in winter and the engine mixture is a lot richer under these conditions, hence the darker exhaust fumes.
  8. Honestly I'm really sick of chasing my backside. So I got my rift s headset today, knowing the VR requires some grunt but I wasnt worried at all as last week I got my new pc. A rather nice pc to say the least, i9 9900k with 32gb of DDR4 ram at 3200mhz all on an MSI Z390 carbon pro topped of with a rather measly RTX 2080ti......... Do you know what.....? I still suffer with FPS drop. WTAF. £3000 worth of gaming pc and it cant run VR at a constant 80 FPS. When in normal everyday running I clear 200 FPS at 1440p. Cant work it out. Cant work it out at all!!!!!!
  9. Yikes - in Bizzaro World maybe.
  10. I just stumbled over this. https://www.cockpitrockers.de/en/product/messerschmitt-bf-109/ What do you think ?
  11. And the dawn of the surface-to-air guided missle. Which was also developed in Germany during WW2.
  12. @325th_Bugsy how did you made the chequered that good?
  13. +A. B or C do not look like leather, imho.
  14. hi guys i'm starting to getting used to makin skins with GIMP, but the only thing that i've have problem with is making chequered nose on planes like the P-47 did someone can teach me how? The only solution i have for now is leaving a gap between the junctures but as you can see looks awful thanks for anyone willing to teach me
  15. Today
  16. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Martians_(scientists) Did you know that George Washington was once an Englishman? Anyway.....as far as this thread goes, all these lovely, irrelevant people had one thing in common; thats right, none of them flew the P51🤣 Although I'm very, very pleased we're getting a P51, as a VR user I'm kinda regretting that we don't get the 'B' or 'C' with the hinged canopy
  17. Listen in chaps... at the moment they are doing Tanks? (in a flight sim?)... WWI and Western Front! God knows what will follow next (IL2 1946 the next generation?) lol! However, the people that are massively missing out are fans of the Eastern Front. It logically follows that the next two collector planes will be from there... be sure!
  18. In QMB you should be able to fly on the three free maps (Velikje Luki and can't remember the other two), plus as Luke stated, online whenever one of the aircrafts you own is available, no matter which map.
  19. I think any guesses at this point are very pure speculation (aside from perhaps B-25). I think a lot may depend upon where they are going for the next big release. For example, if they are changing theaters drastically (going Pacific or Korea, for example), I could see them pay a last homage to current releases opening the door to aircraft thought to be perhaps held in reserve (ie, Russian Hurricane, several German aircraft, etc.). If they aren't doing a drastic theater shift, and are perhaps staying European, for example, then I think they hold on to aircraft like Mosquito, Typhoon, etc, to use later... ...so it is really anybody's guess without having a pretty good idea ahead of time as to what they have planned for the next major release.
  20. Bf 109 g-10 for complete Messer collection
  21. Yes i found it in the DD after the one mazex linked, timeframe Operation Market Garden September 17th 1944 until Operation Plunder March 28th 1945, so yes four seasons.
  22. LuseKofte

    DCS news

    Time make me hesitate even touching some if the new carrier modules. Time availeable simply prevent any serious simming in GB and DCS but suddenly I got the urge
  23. What a cruel thing to do. Saying we get two collector planes and not saying what. Bet they did it for holiday lecture
  24. No! No more advanced German aircraft. 😄
  25. It’s all about bombing and strafing the snot out of the German army in the dead of winter.
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