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  2. It wasn't a big issue because you didn't need a lot of rudder in the first place and because the rudder forces were balanced for the airplane and it's common operational envelope. That is usually the case in military trainers. The marvellous SF 260 is similar. But that's not what the 109 looks like: The 109 had relatively light rudder-forces on take-off and climb, but heavy (and opposite) rudder-forces at higher than slow cruise speeds. In order to stay coordinated at high speeds you had to stomp the left foot in all the time and you had to drastically change rudder-forces and direction with airspeed during a fight. The 109 had been designed as a lighter airplane with a weaker engine for slower airspeeds. The airframe couldn't handle the increased weight, speeds and power. Instead of fixing the airplane (or building a better aircraft altogether), they crammed more and more stuff into the poor little 109. Mtt had never gotten the idea of what a service fighter ought to look like. They failed again with the 209 and then once again with the 309. They were hell-bent on building a fast airplane with little regard for anything besides that.
  3. Salut, Une petite question restée sans réponses pour moi. Je suis entrain de me faire un skin pour le P-38 (le plus beau de tous évidemment) et lors de ma recherche d 'infos je tombe régulièrement sur des icônes de victoires représentant des parapluies... et d'autres icônes que je ne peux identifier. Vous avez une idée de la signification ou un lien qui expliquerai cela ? Merci
  4. More like "Sorry Hub, 90% of your "kills" are at best unmanned target drones, they count as tugged target practice but not air-to-air victories. Write them down along with trains you've strafed and planes you've bombed on airfields. And wipe those bars off your rudder, this ain't 1940". Honestly, I always said that in online events like Bloody April RFC redshirts should be represented by swarms of AIs, with human players taking role of RNAS. They are useful as part of enviroment. But flying online is social activity, both for interacting with people you fly alongside, and people you fight against. AIs, trains, baloons etc are part of enviroment, not part of social experience. They can be farmed, their routes can't be memorised and (unlike novice joe who just connected to server for the first time) they are not unknown quality who may prove better than me, or grow to be better than me. I've seen enough new players come and grow into something I can no longer handle (cough, Seaserpent, cough, Larner) by learning from their experience to cherish every victory over an actual person, even if he's not danger to me yet. Even if AIs shot me down, it isn't their competence or experience that overcame me - it's my incompetence alone. I have written several months ago about similarities between historical knights, WW1 "Knights of the Air" and online flying community. In short, the medieval knights (whether they were old hands of freshly knighted squires, whether they hated or loved one anohter) considered themselves part of the same, elite caste/group and regarded each other as peers. Defeating another knight was the only meaningful victory, while killing commoner fighters was below regard (and dieing to them somehting akin to hunting accident). The same attitude was held by WW1 pilots - enemy and allied aviators were peers, and however many grunts on the ground you've strafed or bombed, it was just doing your job - it's enemy airmen you've overcome, men sharing ther same experience and passion who would probably make good friends when not shooting each other, that was primary measure of your accomplishment. Udet has destroyed a tank with his machine guns (remarkable for WW1 pilot), most people never even hear of that. So no, this ain't about e-sport. It's about (historical) experience of trying to match people who share the same passion, and being part of community where the same people shoot each other one day and fly side by side next. WW1 isn't huge anonymous community od 1946 Hyperlobby or Warthunder, either. As of immersion and "historical" experience of filling the skies with AIs - I'm all for it, but am not going to pretend they are anything more thandecorations. IMO these roleplaying elements are best saved for Career mode or Cooperative flying (which I also enjoy). But as far as my "score" is concerned, my squadron is recording air-to air victories since at least 2011 (we are more interested in persistence and making a real world history than one time streaks), we have people with thousands of recorded victories over opposing pilots (J2_Adam broke 9000 before retiring), each one with a name that was one time registered and confirmed in a parser. What's the point of trying to add that Trupo has downed 35 AIs today? I might as well try to count my career kills. (That's another historical aspect here - nowadays, historians are matching pilots claims with enemy loses and pilot experiences, building shared history to all sides, and filtering out overclaiming. AIs are "victories" that do not match loses from enemy perspective, they are not part of shared experience. They are overclaimed planes that never were (compare Billy Bishop claiming 5 German planes, on the day when Germans lost single plane on whole front, to a two-seater observer . Yeah, he made them count to his official score. So what.))
  5. It was for me too before the last hot-fixes (maybe Windows update has something to do with it). Other simulators still run great on my system though, so there's that. Very few stutters on them, as smooth as they always ran. Not sure what is up with Il-2 now but I think I will throw in the towel and just check back later when some more patches have been released. I'm jealous of those who can still run this well as I really love this game! Have fun.
  6. Will we see a new pack for all the planes in 4k (and 2k) ? I personally want 4 k but i dont know about the rest.
  7. Flying with a wingman is anyways good practice regardless of screen setup, but I don't do too badly without. Regardless, we all fly in VR. Here's a solo sortie:
  8. HunDread What if MOOSYA's tip works as i am to find out would you do it ?
  9. I have (Valmet RediGo, not comparable to ww2 fighters ofc), but only for a short time and it did not required lots of rudder Climbs tooks only few minutes usually. It was not probably ideal solution, but also not as big issue as some people think it was.
  10. IMO those who criticize so openly have not been through the manuals and practiced , i practised for months before i started getting a little sofisticated . In 1999 when Combat Flight Simulator 2 came out the developers even forget to declare it in the manual and was found later by chance by enthusiasts digging in the files and it popped up with start up icon and all . Years of enjoyment followed through the SOH website . Today we have the most advanced ME since the CFS2 ME which is still very valid . There is lot off room for improvement in what we have with multiple choices for each trigger and event , so the sky is the limit . The ME of the old IL2 was and is way too simple and extremely limited , i think Maddox was more interested in online . I remember then he did take a look at the CFS2 ME and was thinking of copying some of the ideas .
  11. That would have to have been in Spitfires, see above Witch
  12. I have noticed these same stutters as well. What fixed it for me is to reduce the max frame rate from 75 to 60. Before the patch, I would get between 80-110 fps but since the last big patch, in MP, my system has only been able to push between 60-70 fps due to these stutters. The stuttering only occured when the fps was below my set max fps so lowering the limit fixed the issue. (I changed none of my other settings but almost all of it is on max) Oh and I fly without HUD My system i7-7700K 4,7GHz 32GB DDR4 RAM (4x8GB) EVGA RTX 2070 XC Ultra LG 3440x1440 ultrawide (max 75 Hz) Windows 10 BlackHellHound1
  13. Lol ,i not even observed. I thing the "secret" is the alpha ch.
  14. Hello I have got many Private messages about my mod. I added photo where is litle information about my od and also I did and added a sketch from big gear and it's bearing which is main component of mod. I haven't exact measures because I did my joystic without professional documentation and I did it during long period. MXL 160T pulleys are from ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/MXL16-160T-Timing-Belt-Pulley-Synchronous-Wheel-Gear-Width-7-11mm-Pitch-2-032mm/254248000069?hash=item3b325c9a45:m:mgVhECqT_2__FbbzC3TpHrA and MXL 10T pulley are from beltingonline https://www.beltingonline.com/10-tooth-mxl-pulley-al10mxl025fb-5165 I hope that these information clarify how I build my joystic. Best Regards SFF Vellu
  15. Industry standards don't preclude implementing a better design. Sticking to a standard instead of building something better is a design-choice. Pre-trims are a bad design-choice. It takes ONE goofhead inadvertantly changing the tabs and your next dive might end as a smoking hole in the ground All-axis trim-tabs are the better, safer solution. Has the airfoil ever been changed to keep up with the increased engine-power? Have you ever flown a high-performance aircraft? You'd be surprised how quickly heavy stick and rudder-forces will wear you out. Keeping constant rudder-pressure to center the ball on climb (as in the 109) is a sh1tty design-solution. No matter how light the forces may be.
  16. I begin to realize more and more how good it actually is, but the learning curve is quite high. Like completely learning a new language. Pransgter and IimTM to the rescue: i must compliment Jim and Gambit for their support when you get stuck again. The easy way out: you can always use the PWCG or another easy mission creator.. I did that first but find the FMB very intriguing and it makes IL2 from 1C Games double the fun for me. LoL, i completely understand Gambit being pissed off when i 'complained' about the long flights towards in his Havoc Campaign. Actually he done a great job making this campaign work without stuttering on my old PC. Must have spent quite some time figuring out the grouping system to save PC resources while playing it. Now i got to figure out how to obtain another piece of FMB lingo; how to get the pilots flight map to show routes and these nagging enemies ... And get flights of FC Entente to attack Central fighters. I tell ya'll it will be fun once i get this to work. J
  17. Agreed on all accounts, but you've also disproven your own arguments. Unlocks are silly. If people join a server and they can't fly the plane they want (within reason, limiting their number is fine), they will leave. Also, what do you want to lock for Central? The D.VIIF? Good, now they have nothing worth a damn. And what do you want to lock on Entente? The Camel, SPAD, SE5a and Bristol? Okay, I suppose we're all flying Dolphins, and some argue that even the Dolphin is better than everything but the D.VIIF. I don't trust the AI, though I do think it's possible to force them not to engage and use their gunners only defensively. What I do trust is human greed. If people know the AI two-seaters are there and can add to their kill tally, especially when not escorted, they will go for them. Airstarts (or at least forcing high altitude two-seaters) seems like a necessity for higher engagements. Most recon flights and combat by 1918 would take place well above 10,000ft. At present, the only reason for an Entente flyer to go all the way up there is to look for trouble. No matter what, he's at a disadvantage there against the D.VIIF. Historically it would have been your squadron commander ordering you to defend those two-seaters. Nobody cares about orders in a public game where your side winning is of no consequence, but people do care about kills, and perhaps even about other people not getting kills.
  18. Have any of you chaps done a dive/rev test in the DviiF or a sea-level speed test for the Spad XIII? I may do so myself later. I love the idea of the different quadrants for the XII! I’d be up for learning that. Also very much agree on the central line up right now for balancing. I’m not really flying central right now because the choice is DviiF or DviiF in most instances. The Dviii would definitely open the field up
  19. Getting them to drop bombs on your AF's at a certain time into the mission might be another incentive to shoot them down.
  20. DB605

    DCS news

    Nice landing! Looks like guy on rear seat doesen't trust you very much thought...
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  22. @Yankee_One @SAS_Bombsaway Thanks guys, it was fun!
  23. My apologies, yes I see that III/JG54 and JG26 didn't get them till November! - - - From "The Typhoon & Tempest Story" - Chris Thomas & Christopher Shores. page 136, the text is about operations during the very end of April '45 and the last days of the war during May. "33 Squadron became the first and only Tempest unit to carry pair of 500lb bombs in action, but it was too late for this to become standard practice." And from "2nd Tactical Air Force", by the same authors. Volume 3, page 536. "The only Tempest unit to employ external stores, other than 45 gallon tanks, was 33 Squadron which, after a few days practice, carried out two dive-bombing operations on 3 and 4 May 1945. 500 lb bombs were dropped on railway yards at Varel and buildings at Ardorf. Witch
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