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  2. How about the Jug? And, I've been wondering, have you deliberately misspelt the rank in your user ID, or is it a typo? I believe Oberleutnant was Luftwaffe equivalent of Flight Officer (RAF), or First Lieutenant (USAAF).
  3. hnbdgr

    non-invasive mods?

    Ah, ok fair enough. thank you
  4. As far as I know, there are only two servers accepting mods - and one of them is password protected. So, not much of choice here. Perhaps it's too early at the moment, having mods on MP right now, because the main game is still in development and some issues covered by some of the mods might be addressed in the future by the developers themselves.
  5. The mission has been going on for 2 hours and 12 minutes. Maybe something broke?
  6. hnbdgr

    non-invasive mods?

    Hi All, Looking for a list of non-ivasive mods, that is mods that can be used online. Currently I use Banding (fixes gradients in sky) Smoke Draw (Draws smoke infinite distances, works great, no fps hit) Historical Markings But these presumably don't get accepted in Multiplayer?
  7. Unfortunately the AI does not always fly aircraft to their strengths, This can give an observer a 'twisted' view of some perceived bias going on with 'Russian performance' Ideally the AI would go to flight school and learn how to use their aircraft strengths (example K4's much superior climb and energy) Considerable improvements to AI have been made... but there are still many issues to address, which Devs are very aware of. As has been repeated above, turning with Soviet (most) aircraft at low alt is a mistake Cheers, Dakpilot
  8. As per title, is there a way to disable this? Ideally I'd like to hide chat/kill the chat sound and only have the 'technochat' enabled (if that's the right word.)
  9. Does the 262 had ejection seat or only the later models were equipped with such exotic device? Excellent DD as usual.
  10. Yaks cannot outrun a k4 but definitely outturn it. You need to understand the planes your flying better and use them to their strengths. A dogfight is not about turning and has a lot to do with how you manage your energy as well. Practice some more.
  11. Hello maker of Tacview! Really enjoying the scrub bar and seeing how things stack up in the dog fight. I would like to suggest a couple of things: 1) Is it possible to adjust the trails so that they don't fade out? A check box would be cool. : - ) To be able to zoom out and look at the whole engagement is good but squinting to see the trails is less than optimal. ( for me...) 2) The Huge yellow ball when an enemy plane is hit is quite, er, distracting. I would like to continue watching the enemy plane ! Another check box? Please! Dang this is good stuff. This is cool. Heck! I am converted! S! Planky.
  12. Thanks B6, I'm very glad to hear that. I'll look forward to learning more about it too!
  13. Today
  14. Der Träger soll ein komplettes Modul werden. Es wird ja auch noch die animated Deck Crew geben. In wie weit jetzt einzelne Sachen auf den bereits vorhandenen Träger übrernommen werden weiss ich nicht. Möglicher Weise kommt ja ATC und die Deck Crew dann auch für die jetzige Stennis. Aber ja - es wird wohl einen Payware Träger geben. Aber wie gesagt, das ist dann ein einzelnes Modul. Ich glaube auch, dass die schon recht weit damit sind. Aber hey....ich fände es herrlich einen Briefing Raum zu haben, auf der Brücke zu stehen, vielleicht ja sogar im Hangardeck und was weiss ich nicht noch alles, was dann dort kommt. Das ganze in VR - da kommt Stimmung auf 😄
  15. Correct, and beside of this, I own some biographies of those German aces who fought on the eastern front. They all had and have a lot of respect for the Russian pilots back then. They described them as very courageous, quite skilled and not cowardly.
  16. Dont turn with a Yak or a Spit unless you are in an F4 trying to emulate HJ Marseille's style. Yes German planes were marginally better and especially more reliable but the margins were small at low altitudes past the first year of the war. So small by 1943 that other factors were far more important in deciding the outcomes of aerial engagements. In game your plane always perform ideally, not the case in real, nor did all pilots used them to the maximum of their potential. Hartmann started to fly in late 42 or early 43, dont remember. According to what he said, he would only attack targets unaware of his presence by diving on them from much higher altitude. He was an exceptional marskman and spotter rather than someone who pushed his flight enveloppe to the limits like the young Marseille. He could have done this with non German planes. Keep in mind that in the LW, they were basically fighting to the death.. very little respite and had a lot of experience.. Most of them did not want to take unnecessary risks to dogfight with Soviet pilots...even if their machines could give them an advantage. Pokryshkin, a famous Soviet ace openly challenged JG52 on the radio for a dogfight in Kuban 1943, at a specific time and place.. the Germans never showed up.. declined his challenge.. The Germans were faster when they flew higher and that is how they mostly used their planes according to pilot interviews.. they flew very smartly.. Besides as a leader, they had to have a high kill ratio remain a leader back then.. it was not an option for them, they needed high scores.. their obsession for single engine fighter kills is established and cost them dear as Soviet bombers mostly did their job unopposed in the air by 1942-43 and this is what wins a war of attrition. Besides their system of confirming kills just required a wingman to confirm in the LW.. while most of the kills were over enemy territory... Compare that with Soviets who needed confirmation from ground forces to register a kill, yet overclaiming was still rife on their side too... Both sides had "aces".. but one side was focusing on fighter kills , had much more operational freedom, could switch units more quickly from place to places to create numerical superiority locally whereas the other side with raw numbers focused on enemy bombers and escorts and primarily hurting the Germans on the ground . I say that to tell you that the differences between aircrafts were smaller than you think. Tactics, pilot training, doctrines, and other factors made most of the difference..It is easy to get an innacurate picture based on post war (cold war) propaganda or just looking at kill scores and ignoring the context, then starting to think that German planes should totally own Soviet planes.. It was never the case where the combat was fought ( low altitude, often very low altitude..) In game the AI does not cheat. If you were outturned by a Yak in a K4, it is in the realm of possibilities. If you were outrunned by a Yak, then you must have done something wrong with you radiators, trims, engine or did not use a boost or else your plane was damaged and you were not aware of it.
  17. In SP you even "get away" with turning against vvs. But not in the Kurfürst. F4, E7 and G2 can outturn any AI Russian fighter - if you trim them tailheavy. Don't even need flaps. Of course this doesn't mean that fighting in the vertical isn't the better choice - it is! But if you get more fun out of the game from turnfighting in 109s - take F4, use the trim and enjoy yourself :)
  18. I can't be certain, so I'd test this if I were you, but if you start a P-47 campaign and then go into advanced config, you can change mission type probability under the 'missions' tab. Just turn the non-ground-attack missions down to zero and you should be good to go! You can actually do the same thing in the default career, but it takes significantly more work for no significant benefit, I'd definitely stick to PWCG for that.
  19. Es wurde angedeutet, dass der neue Träger ATC Payware sein wird.
  20. Ok I don't want to start off at a bad rate I know this has been discussed many times but I now do not fly the quick mission (only to try out a new plane) when I set up the max enemy they fly in formation and do NOT attack what a waist of a lovely looking sim, for the Ai they think it is a flight show demonstration what a wait of a good sim.
  21. Just wondering whether anyone has put together a reference for maximum engagement ranges of AA & AT guns...
  22. Hmmm, hätt ich mal gestern Abend schon hier rein geschaut, ich hab das gestern nämlich im Bugreport gemeldet.
  23. Ja, aber da parken sie ja nicht, sondern starten wieder, wenn ich es richtig verstanden habe. Parken und nicht despawnwn geht nicht, da alle KI-Flieger zur gleichen Stelle auf dem Abstellplatz rollen und sich dementsprechend rammen würden. Mamchmal passiert es, daß zwei Maschinen zusammen landen, wenn sie sich dann nicht schon auf der Landebahn rammen, rollen sie hintereinander zum Abstellplatz, wo die zweite wartet, bis die erste despawnt hat, bis sie auf der gleichen Stelle parkt.
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