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  2. What are you referring to? KG 51, one of the most important Me 262 units, was based within the boundaries of the BoBP map throughout the BoBP timeframe - that's why the Me 262 was included. Three years have passed since they announced the "eventual move to the Pacific Theatre" - plenty of time to collect sources and get them translated. As a matter of fact, TAIU reports on Japanese equipment are already in English. Moreover, many Japanese books are very well illustrated with detailed (technical) drawings and charts. One main reason for the postponement is frequently overlooked: "... the complexity of the subject (Ships, ..." Carrier battles are just a small part of the Asiatic-Pacific Theatre, they don't make for good in-game campaigns, they get repetitive, ..., and they pose a serious problem to the Developers - simply go for one of the many land-based Asiatic-Pacific scenarios. The Papua & New Guinea Campaign 1942/43 is within their capabilities, definitely researchable, and overall the most versatile scenario. There are no excuses after BoBP has been finished.
  3. I can, please lend me the money and I will gift you whatever you want 😅
  4. Je vois que çà croule de réponse ! je me pose la question à mon tour mais j'ai perdu espoir de recevoir la moindre réponse sur ce forum
  5. @jaygee485 I can see that sad Warthog throttle on the left Anyway planning to get the same equipement you already have, great taste!
  6. @No.44Sqn_Kanttori Ehhh... Why do people need to be so talented... Another piece of equipment on my already too long wishlist. Being serious, truly magnificent work, how many axes does it utilize, 13?
  7. And what will the Lufties do meanwhile you're giving ground support to the magnificient sherman's? having a beer IRL ? Normandy would be plausible in the Prohorkova size not in the size people see it(like 46-CloDo)....because of mentioned points by Inprogress . Having a Normandy map and not being able to simulate even a fraction of the Landing is simply stupid. But i suppose this is simply a request to get the channel map and be able to use the planes in cross-channel operations.... As the pacific can't be handled by the engine correctly (i mean by this the ship's battles) in the actual state, i see Berlin as the next map, all sides would be happy with it as it would be a Hotrod's Festung. It's the front requiring the least work as the airplanes are upgrades of what is available in Bodenplatte.
  8. Well I tester do point it out in beta forum , so what I have to do , make hunger strike ? All about limits.
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  10. Thank you very much, beautiful airplane.
  11. You evil man, why didnt i think of that? Great, thanks.
  12. Since it's not a "flybound sound" but just the engine sound with all the assorted and compounded effects of speed, atmosphere, doppler etc there's no simple file to turn off or delete AFAIK. But you could always remove the engine sound files I suppose, perhaps the exteriors can be removed separately.
  13. Let me know if or when you have teamspeak 3 installed I will send you our info. Welcome to the Old Geezers looking forward to flying and chatting with you soon. Blue Skies OG_FC
  14. Hello. First off, i cant hold it, what a great sim in vr. These old birds are the best in vr, up close and personal. I remember in ROF i had the option to adjust the joystick to act as a sort of trim. yea, i guess there was no trim wheels back then but remember their sticks was what, 50 + cm? Im using a gamepad and that stick is like 1 cm. Imagine the more fine adjustment you have with original stick. Anyways, im asking if there is a way to do the same adjustments to the joystick as it was in ROF?
  15. Do you have a discord or a dedicated TS? I‘ll be afk until next thursday. Looking forward to some sqn action! Getting really tired of this flying alone/dying alone on the deck grind.
  16. What a fine piece of work to share with others. I see you talk about, I guess the newest hardware and vr headsets. If I only have a gtx 1060 and occulus cv1, can i then use any of these settings or this mod?
  17. Just got an g sync monitor what’s the best settings for use in nvidia control panel and in game thanks .
  18. No Problem. I´m quite happy that we can agree to dissagree. Normandy would be as much about D-Day as BoBP would be about the strike of 1.Jan 1945. I see absolutely no need for having landing crafts or huge amount of ships in the game. It would be more about ground support before, during and after the landing operations. Tactical operations could range from 4/44-8/44 and climax with the Falaise Gap and the destruction of Army Group B in the Falaise-Chambois corridor. Any release which would expand either East- or Westfront would help them to boost new sales and sales of already existing products. Normandy would certainly trigger more new sales than a Bagration expansion I guess. Additionally to planeset synergies they would be able to combine that with TC scenarios (Operation Epsom, Operation Bluecoat or Operations Totalize and Tractable up to Falaise to name a few options). Same would be possible with Bagration, East Prussia and Poland.
  19. Well I had a bash in the I-16 This is what it looks like to me. and I am sure this is pertinent to the FC planes. There is a line extending through the "centre" of the plane and into the distance. Lets call the the "centre line". Along this line you can slide the "convergence point". All bullet paths intersect at this point. IF THEY CAN MAKE THERE. Say 100m. No problem. It's not far along the line and yes all paths intersect it. Gunsights seem to work at that distance. * shrug * lets go to 1000m. Bullets are now dropping before they get to the convergence point on our convergence line. No real intersections mostly parrallel lines. Bullets rise up in the gunsight. is it sighted to 1000m? * shrug * At 100m the guns aim pretty much dead at the 100m point, At 1000m the guns aim as though they are trying to hit the 1000m meter point on the center line BUT the bullets are now dropping away seriously. ( oops ) Looks to me like there is a really primitive gunfire/sighting system . The 1000m "convergence" should be aiming the guns UP to keep the 1000m meter target at the same level. They do not as far as I can see. And there is no designed bullet spread. They all home in on the convergence point. Which is why the Se5a guns fire down, they are aiming at that point. Unless they can translate that point UP then the se5a will always fire this way. The gunnery in RoF and Box has always been marginal. It's just not very hi fi. Sorry. Salute! Planky.
  20. I used Tiger33 flyby sounds from il21946 and put a few of them in a soundboard. I mapped 1 flyby sound file to the same flyby key, f3. It worked great. That spesific soundfile fitted perfectly with the length of the flyby sequense. If it didnt i would run it through audacity and alter the length of the soundfile. Im sure it would work. The stock flybysounds are so low and bad it kind of drowned in the soundboard sound but I would really like to turn the stock flyby sound completely off to have a perfect flyby sequense with soundboard. I was trying to find a cfg file to turn it off but i can find any. Please tell me there is a way to turn the stock flyby sound off. That would make me a happy man.
  21. So their in full tac, its night, we’re moving with weapons into the shoulder and one of our professional soldiers has a lit stogey in his gob. LOL
  22. For you it was a horrible experiance, for thousands of other it was a complete gamechanger, fantastic. You must love your lawnmover.
  23. I think that his point was that people who have lived through war in real life don’t necessarily want to be reminded of their experiences in entertainment. I suspect that more than a few of them would consider making a game, something meant to be played for fun, into a realistic depiction of warfare, as being pretty ghoulish.
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