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  2. You can see in the map, where AAA is positioned, that airfield definitely is not your base. When I fly dogfights in QMB, I always leave the Flak out.
  3. You are talking about the Friedrich or Gustav, don't you? That is very odd, as they are the german fighters it is the easiest to hit with. With the centered maingun the nearest to the Revi. The Emil, Focke Wulf and the 110 had their mainguns much lower, which would make it more understandable, when your rounds go low. As Browning posted, a track would help to understand, what is going wrong.
  4. It should also affect fighter AI, yes.
  5. Unfortunately those old crates had same tendency to pitch up in IRL. You can change that heavy tail by custom pitch curves for example Rise of Flight has this build into the game, but not yet in Il-2 GB .
  6. As Jason has said up above, finding accurate info about all of these airfields isn't always easy. Many of the German airfields were cut out of plowed fields and, after war, were very quickly returned to agricultural use - with so much thorough German efficiency that one would be hard-pressed to know there ever was an airfield at the location in question. But, thankfully, there have been a number of works in recent years that have helped clear things up, so I am sure that the community will be very happy with the map in its completed form.
  7. The Kuban is the nicest looking map that I think I've seen in a flight sim.
  8. S! All I put the question mark in the title because I have not seen this before. Someone else may have seen this and posted and I missed it. We had an incident in Flanders in Flames. A pilot was close to an enemy airfield. He was engaged and his his plane became disabled. Not sure if it was loss of oil, fuel or bullet damage. The pilot was able to land at the enemy airfield. This was strange because the airfields are surrounded by AAAA, The AAA did not shoot at him. He was able to stay on the field and his rear gunner was able to shoot at enemy spawning in. The pilot was probably shocked that he was not being killed by AAA. Some of his teammates entered the area. They were promptly shot down by AAA. This is the first time we have seen this. The situation was examined and it was determined that the game does not see a disabled, shot down or crashed plane as a target. So you may ask, how many times is an enemy plane going to suffer a disabling event and still be able to land on an enemy airfield. In actual game play this is a very rare event, however.........it was pointed out that a pilot could get close to an enemy airfield and over rev his engine to disable his plane and then glide into the enemy airfield. I tested this and yes it works. The AAA spawns but does not shoot at a disabled plane. I am not sure if BoX/FC works the same way but it probably does. The result of all this is a new rule for Flanders in Flames: "Refly Rules (Spawn Camping and Objective Camping) Spawn camping and objective camping are not in the spirit of the Flanders In Flames tournament. Any pilot who safely lands his shot down or disabled aircraft must "Finish Flight" and despawn as soon as possible. Sitting on the ground after being shot down, so that you can act as a forward controller for friendly aircraft, or position your rear-gunner to shoot at enemy aircraft, is unacceptable."
  9. well i can tell at least two moments in my life in which i dodge a chick like hell just because we were both mutually atracted, and you know nature is wise unfortunately now a chick is asking me many questions, im not used to that and i think im falling in love of course im too old and wise for that so i told my shrink to increase the antidopmainics i have you know medically,biochemically love and insanity are identical and excess imbalance of dopamines and serotonine that can be cured and castradine for baldness and excess of testosterone
  10. If you join a server, you can then use that servers mission when you host for your friends. So long as you aren't publicly hosting the server, I'm sure people won't mind you using others missions like that. The Berloga (sp?) server should have a mission that will meet your needs. Just join it once and then you can select the mission next time you host.
  11. I just put 120 he 20mm bullets in almost one pass and was lucky. You want to say that now it is something wrong when your peshka aimbot is not working?
  12. The first few QM flights indicated that the pitch control has to be pushed fwd for level flight. can they be trimmed?. Any tutorials on proper set-up?
  13. Today
  14. I can't mate. I have to shoot so high I can't even see the target. I don't know if it's because the 109 has such a long nose, but it's not working out for me. I don't have xray vision to see what a plane under my nose is doing.
  15. There is also reshade 3.0. It really helps to make the game look 100x better.
  16. Practice makes perfect; Set up your convergence higher and shoot higher!
  17. 350 meters. I was just in a match where an IL-2 filled my reticle and the shells still did not hit it as I was diving on it. This game cannot be this hard, it's not my first rodeo, but I don't get how people do it so easily and I just can't even land shots on planes that are not parked.
  18. Hello everyone, Longtime lurker here. I've finally convinced my friends to buy a copy of il-2 so we can dogfight a bit for fun (we used to do it a lot with the original il-2 when we were still much much younger and had much much more time). So the basic objective is to get into the air, find each other asap, and spend as much time as possible dogfighting without much down-time. Unfortunately, I ran into some trouble... hopefully someone can help me figure this out: - the labels are only show when you're quite nearby (still ok) and the name of your opponent only shows when you're super nearby. That's no fun. I don't want to spend 10 minutes chasing a plane only to discover it was a random AI and not my friend I've been taunting. Is there a way to make it so that you can see from much farther away who is who? This is super critical to our enjoyment tbh, partially because of the second point: - there are hardly any missions available for MP! And because there is quite a lot of AI activity in the one example dogfight mission, this leads to the problem above. - the example co-op mission does not allow respawns believe me, we need respawns. - I tried to download some missions, but they all seem to involve pretty long transit times, which isn't really something my goldfish-attention-span friends are up for. I understand we could probably fix some of these issues by designing our own missions, but we are all super busy, so that's not going to happen unfortunately. Suggestions for existing missions are more than welcome Cheers! Benjamin
  19. Nice work overall. It would be nice to finally have a sound replacement pack for iL-2. Some of the sound mods for iL-1946 were amazing.
  20. If you end up getting this and want to sell the warthog throttle let me know.
  21. I'm hoping that with the advancements they are making, we'll get a improved Moscow map that includes the city.
  22. That is actually a good question, I want to know that too. All too frequently, I have setup a QMB duel and got shot to pieces by flak during the landing.
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