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  2. Italy seems like a natural segue if the tech isn't ready for the PTO yet. Larger warships, plenty of new aircraft (Do217, Me410, Mosquito, B-26), and plenty of opportunities for naval attacks. Plus, maybe we could even get our hands on this bird...
  3. As far as i remember this is the video i was talking about (262 running out of fuel) . I might be wrong .I think MiloMorai knows more. The fact is i didn't remember .But actually Galland was shot down by a p47 . Overall it's considerably more difficult for me to find accurate statistics on 262 k/d compared to tanks for example . Just as an example, I was reading a book about israeli-arab air wars .And even though you see in the book twice the same situation: pics of gun cam footage and enemy plane taking serious hits, that enemy plane returned to base. My problem is with people that spread false information .About Shermans just 3 times ("third the tigers were loaded on trains and it wasn't a fair battle") and i think you know who made the comment . Complete fabrication .Only in Ardennes According to Richard C Anderson us army lost about 900 shermans . According to Dupuy Institute Tiger losses were 16-20 . That doesn't mean there were only shermans and tigers .But if this important battle can be dismissed as "one time". Let's be serious . And there's also West Germany , Italy , North Afrika ,Normandy .I can give you more details in PM.
  4. two skins - each with its own download link: One Weathered skin based on a custom template (original template by ICDP) One Clean (Air Show) based on a custom template (original template by ICDP) http://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/3675-il-2-me262a-avia-s92-ceskoslovenske-letectvo-40/ http://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/3674-il-2-me262a-avia-s92-ceskoslovenske-letectvo-36/ http://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/3673-il-2-me262a-iaf-101-sqn-yoel-costa/
  5. yes, its just a question of when, and even when they do it doesn't have to mean job done for WWII stuff.
  6. Description of this "secret recce mission": Spitfire Mk. Vb - Southern Kuban Time: 09:30 Weather: Rainy and heavy clouds Take off from Lazarevskoye airfield and head over to Tuapse together with the Hawk flight. Do not follow the Hawk flight after the Ashe River, but turn into the valley to do some Recce work. There are Intel-reports that the Germans are in this valley somewhere. Do not attack, just take photos for Intel and our attack aircrafts. Flight in VR. Recorded with OBS Studio, Oculus mirror. Voice Attack. Some elements are from Jade Monkey's mission "Tuapse docks".
  7. In my opinion, the lack of player numbers is due to the 262. Same issue on other servers at the moment. With unlimited access to a plane that can't be attacked/counter-attacked, it's not much fun for allies at the moment. Particularly so in a server with icons, as you cannot surprise the 262. At best, you can dodge it, but never engage it on your terms, while it is free to engage with impunity. I personally feel that this server works best as a quick action/dogfight server. One could, in theory, climb as high as patience permits in something like a p 47 and launch high speed diving attacks, giving you maybe 1-2 passes before needing to repeat the climb procedure. This doesn't really fit with the vibe of the server, at least for me, so that is why I haven't flown. As a side note, the thing is ridiculously easy to fly with no propeller torque. There must be new players out there, having only bought the game to fly this thing. Most seem to have learned the basic idea of retaining speed and not engaging in turn fights. Now, almost complete beginners can harass more experienced and skilled pilots with little to no threat of retaliation. The skill curve progression is all messed up, they are not having to go through the process of failure, learning and acquiring new skills
  8. Korea is coming, be sure... Jason was pretty enthusiastic about it on his interview with Froogle!
  9. I'd like an italy campaign for sure, could get some early p-47's. The map could be very cool.
  10. Also the Admins and the rest of Red Flight use them whenever we play and we'd love to meet you all 😁
  11. I have my preferences too - but will support wherever they may decide to go...with the exception of Korea. That would be truly disappointing to me if they decide to abandon WWII and go there instead, so count me in the please NOT Korea group as well.
  12. Maybe someday, kid. For now, I'd stick with a working title like 'Larner: The View from my Parents' Basement Egress Window' or 'Larner: Hands Orange as Doritos' or 'Larner: Where is my Princess?"
  13. Yes, it could. All we really need is the maps and maybe the S.M 79 😉
  14. I still want the old 178km/h Dr.I back. Though I tend not to be overly critical of the devs as they are working with sketchy data and attempting to make it all work, I do wonder why, of all planes, the original Dr.I data was “wrong” or at least not reverted to. We can speculate until the cows come home, and at this point the best thing I can come up with is that the Dr.I is slower in relation to the Central inlines, similar to how the Camel is slower than the Entente inlines. Still, there’s little data to back this up. Then again, there is little data about actual production Dr.I machines equipped with an Oberursel, as opposed to prototypes equipped with a Le Rhône. The only good thing to come from all this, in my opinion, is that the D.VII is getting the attention it deserves. I meant the F, obviously.
  15. couple of IL2 careers could fix that
  16. I love the idea of flying off carriers but would be happy with a Mediterranean theatre even if they had to avoid carriers due to the Axis not having any or maybe just put a stationary HMS Illustrious somewhere (unless they want to pretend 'Graf Zeppelin' got launched and sent there) They would need to build a gladiator and Mossie and Beaufort and Hurricane and some Italian bombers and fighters but most of the German aircraft are here already. Alternatively North Africa (with very little Med included) would be reasonably easy as we have a P40 and 109s,110s etc. though it would need a Hurricane and its tankbuster variant. It would also give scope for combined ops with tanks. Yes I know that doing that theatre would tread on Team Fusions toes. I will be honest, I don't know much about Greece and Italy.
  17. pack -- Me 262 A 1a JV 44 -- Me 262 A 1a V 167 Download https://mega.nz/#!Y6oHwKSY!Drq-Z739H5OUjaeP4CEGRxpwGanbYGj32Zib2lU_5AI
  18. "Winged Wanker" sounds MUCH better.
  19. While I don't have much disposable income right now, there are several items I am interested in and I will scrounge up some money to purchase one and support the development and great work in this sim series. Reminders to all, that purchasing directly from 1C is far better than steam purchases (sale on there as well) - as the developers get the entire cut here vs. steam.
  20. I wouldn't say that. I'm an average if not below average pilot yet I can get 3-5 kills per flight when flying the D9 or K4, they're pretty easy to fly. Put me in a P-47 however and I'm lucky to get 1-2 kills per flight if any at all. 262 is still a bit tricky for me. I've only flown it once but got 2 kills during the flight but I missed tons of times. 262 is definitely a challenge with it's high closure rate.
  21. It would be, unless you do not care about the sincerity and trustworthiness of a company you are doing business with. This isn't about personal preferences.
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