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  2. Around 45 is very important and indeed Daniel hit the nail on this.
  3. Maybe you had to enable your 'owned aircrafts' again, I had that too after changing the version,
  4. Hey cartamanoza, I was gifted Bok recently, but due to my woeful system it is unfortunately un playable for me, I think I can pass it on 1 more time... Happy birthday 😉
  5. Thank you for the amazing comprehensive tutorial. It helped a lot in setting up my setup. I made both a tracking clip and tracking hat but ran into an issue with the hat/cap version. It took me quite a while to figure out the solution but eventually I found it on the Opentrack closed issue list on Github. Hope the info below helps and saves some time for new tracking hat pilots to set things up. Link to the solution: https://github.com/opentrack/opentrack/issues/1072 Conclusion: when using a tracking hat use the dynamic pose setting. Summary: Issue I observed with tracking hat: At some point during yaw or pitch movement tracking started to fail. Resulting in the octopus to loop all over the place. --> No LEDs obscured or tracking lost. The issue occurs when during rotation for: - yaw, one of the lower 2 points crosses the vertical plane of the top point - pitch, one of the lower 2 points crosses the horizontal plane of the top point Effect: - Without dynamic pose setting enabled the yellow cross jumps to a different position leading into incorrect pose output. Note: You can do without the dynamic pose setting but it will limit the rotation that can be made. (depending on the distance between the LEDs). See the figures below: (courtesy of ChrisTheAviator taken from the Github issue) Notice that in the second picture the yellow cross jumped to a new offset position at the moment the bottom right spot crosses the top spot.
  6. It has been debunked, time & time again and then some, but like a discarded fishing net the odd cod swims wallop right into whats left of it
  7. FYI, not questioning your observation. Yesterday I was flying a ground attack in PWCG with a group of 110 armed with SC250 and SC50. After I released the first SC250 I did a quite sharp turn for a fast second attack within 30 -40 sec and the crater was gone already. Some craters from the other plane's attacks which I could see as well were gone in the same short time too. This time the target zone was clearly visible for me and I had no problems to find it again and see what's going on. That's not always the case. Maybe the despawning/deleting timer it's related to how much bombs were released in a mission and craters have to be depicted within a timespan?
  8. Hi Pat, I´m not able to continue with campaign in 10.0.1. There is no Mission button. LW-02202007021007497.zip
  9. Holy shiver me timbers! Anything with an La in it my man, you're a boss!
  10. Some aircraft use buttons for trim eg:FW190 will your rotaries work for this I'm at the moment looking at building a button /trim box myself
  11. I think the Marketing guys/women tried to avoid the 3 forbidden names in the sim software world, so they had to make a workaround to not pay enormous royalties to the 3 TradeMark-Trolls companies that won't hesitate to send a whole Lawyer Army to 1C offices within the hour, won't write their name here because otherwiser, myself will have to pay for it, but i think you know what companies we are talking about "NORTHTROPiCaL" -- "GRU$$MAN"--"BOING-BOING"
  12. How can I transfer my Battle of stalingrad and battle of moscow downloads from steam to the Great Battles server and register these games here?
  13. The tutorial is finished .. I think he will put it soon ... French translation in progress ..!
  14. We approached TheOden and asked if he was interested in joining TF and adding an updated DCG to TF 5.0, but unfortunately that was not possible. We have not had the time to create our own DCG for the release but expect to do so at some point.
  15. A gaming PC building friend of mine said a year ago, get some expensive Dell monitor. But i went for a far cheaper (4k) LG on sale.
  16. Really excited for the release of Tobruk, and have been for quite a while. However, as a mainly SP player I was wondering if there were plans for a dynamic campaign generator to be implemented? Similar to the built in Campaign generator in BoX, or the third party PWCG. I know there's a campaign generator by TheOden, but looking at the thread it seems like it hasn't been updated in about 2 years and I'm not sure if it'll work with this new release. Sorry if this has been asked before and appreciate any help anyone can provide!
  17. Yes i agree i cannot fault the support, it was in the post within a few hours and hopefully will arrive today. They have also agreed to replace the cable if i still have a problem. Lets hope they last a bit longer , i still have 15 months warranty so I'm ok for a bit.
  18. Welcome, and you can fly them belly up too ... With a six upside down that 'll be a nine BTW. (PS i wasn't that good at match in my school days). Or turn your monitor 180 degrees ... I even tried standing on my head, but i couldn't reach for my joystick alas. If you don't own it, RoF is on sale too, never regretted buying that. Now if only they'd transfer all those nice planes to FC1, plus the channel map. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Howzabout the Bristol? Heavy armed, fast, bombs, and it is deadly for Pfalzes, D7fs and more with that gunner shooting while standing up ...
  19. My gsync works very well in Il-2. It's a 100Hz monitor and I see no tearing with 100fps or when it drops to 90fps. I don't know about Free-sync.
  20. Fellas, TF knows that VR is important to a good segment of the community, and we would like to implement it. The resources were not there in this go round, but assuming this release is successful, and there is a point to continuing, then it is up there on the 'To Do' list. 😉 That's all we can really say.
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  22. By definition surely HDR means better spotting to some degree, as it increases the range of light to dark in a given image. This suggests it should make lighter contacts against a dark forest more prominent and vice-versa dark contacts against the lighter sky? Although I can't say for sure it does this to a noticeable degree and haven't done any controlled tests, I'm sure it does make the game more attractive for me, which is really what matters. This is, of course, with the awful bloom set to 0.
  23. I can advise these both two very nice to have planes, especially the Yak1 for flying at the Normandie-Niemen espadrille, lots of these NN specific skins can be founded here. Great action, I do hope for a nice home.
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