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  2. 357th fighter group. because of Bud Anderson and Chuck Yaeger. they are both still alive at 97 years of age. and still friends. I have just finished the book To fly and Fight, amazing life story.
  3. Thanks a lot for your constant update on forum, it must take you lots of time. But I wonder whats the standard of mixture-alt curve, and the meaning of max and min mix(I used to 85%for m105pf under 2-3000m, for the 3.001x update, i use 80% for yak1/1b and pe2, 75% for yak7 to get rid of smoke, on 4000m, decrease 5%)
  4. Not quite sure that this helps... but I found it interesting. https://www.aeroconservancy.com/fokker-dr-i-425-17-fabric-richthofe
  5. A little bit disappoint after I look through the wiki pages, it didn't appeal much attention, few ppl make pages and cant find much useful information, it seems be forgotten. Very sad, I think wt and wot's wiki are much more active, i don't know why. Maybe I'll write some pages for it.
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  7. Je ne sais pas, Je crois que as long as a properly done Battle of Britain is in the IL-2 series, then there’s no real problem with that.
  8. 20 years ago I modded cfs2 so that whenever there was a pilot kill a red mist came out of the cockpit and the player heard a blood curling scream... good times 😄
  9. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/32394-api-for-export-of-flight-data/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-681321
  10. Because .50 in bos only have ap rounds
  11. 56th Fighter Group, 8th AF. Flew P-47 thunderbolts throughout the war and refused to give them up when the 8th switched to the P-51. Was one of the top scoring group in Europe. The 56th also had many aces including the top ace in Europe, Francis "Gabby" Gabreski. The 56th has an impressive record, with over 600 aircraft destroyed in aerial combat and another 300 or so destroyed on the ground with a loss of only 128 P-47s to all combat causes.
  12. No, scanned it quickly, saw it was not a free download, and the features were not clear... is it worth it? One thing that puzzles me is that the exorcist view with OpenVR advanced settings doesn't work in DCS, even when launched in SteamVR mode.
  13. Hello, Which API are you referring to ?
  14. Thanks for the comments. It is a non historical set piece battle. It's hard to have a balanced battle with the currently available tanks. The problem I observe is that the T-34s and heavier are just too powerful for the current German tanks... aside from the Tiger that is. More T-34s wouldn't be amiss though.
  15. Just played it. I think it would be a good idea to replace the BTs with T-34s, to make it a bit more of a challenge and to add some more historical authenticity - it would be pretty unlikely for the Germans to be encountering BTs on the Eastern Front in Autumn 1943. For the same reasons of challenge + authenticity, I’d also recommend getting rid of the short-barrelled StuGs and Pz. IVs. Those things aside, great mission, can’t wait to see more from you
  16. Application programming interface: a means by which one computer program can communicate with another one running at the same time on the same computer. The OP's original question about 'an API' was rather vague, since he gave no indication what he was expecting to be communicated with what. As Bremspropeller notes, API can also stand for armour piercing incendiary. Though I don't think that was what was intended. A little precision can go a long way...
  17. Don't think this is your rigs issue. It is the limitation of the DNE engine. This would happen ROF with PWCG on medium or high. Even with the new DNE upgrades it just can't handle to much complex stuff (ie, planes with FMs) going on at once. S!Blade<><
  18. That sounds interesting. Implementing it might a fun challenge.
  19. If you can do it, add a few gun emplacements on the far side of the bridge with the capability to blow it. Eliminating the emplacements prior to crossing the bridge should be a must. Also, a time element would be interesting. Say X minutes upon the attacking unit reaching the bridge.
  20. Thanks. Any suggestions about how to make it even more challenging? Yes, the Tiger is very tough. One on one the German tanks (overall) are simply outclassed at this time. I have to be creative in any attempt to even things up a bit. I have the mission set up to have a 50% random air support flight. Either 2 109 G2 or a single Stuka. I can be different each time played. I may do the same for the Russian air side in any update.
  21. No, I would not say it was too easy. I applied several of the strategies and maneuvers I learned playing other tank missions. Had I not had that practice and experience I would have certainly ended up dead.
  22. Pardon mon ignorance but what is API?
  23. No...but that Tiger is damn strong and has a very big gun! Many tanks for the sheer number of vehicles involved & the Stuka(s?) circling overhead!
  24. Could'nt get Driver 4VR to work.may not be compatible with Odessey. I do appreciate the help and effort though. Thanks
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