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  2. Not at all. outurns it maybe, if you dont use the stabilizers, but outrunning them? No way
  3. You are using wrong techniq against them.use boom and zoom.never go into a turnfight with a russian unless you have superior Power for 15-20 sec to tighten into a power turn.As your whine with hartman and the jg52 vets.well most of them didnt turn fight against russians.Use hartmanns See-Decide-attack techniq and you have no trouble.I self play only single play and have no problem with the Ai since they are so predictable.
  4. I too hope to see something of the Tempest in the next dd. Re those phots, the second one is an original colour photo while the other three are colourised.
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  6. Well, it's an answer, but I just proved my point to myself, I just flew a Yak 7 against a 109-K4 and walked all over it. The Russian planes are definitely set up to be better than the German planes, when in reality it was the other way around. Just ask Eric Hartmann or anyone else in JG 52
  7. He’s a ground crewman, he didn’t fly in the plane like that. There was just the pilot in the cockpit.
  8. Yes. The Yak was better at turning than basically every model of 109, and if you were turning with it, you were bleeding speed. The Bf-109 is an energy fighter. Don’t turn with the enemy, make diving attacks, zoom climb above the enemy, and repeat.
  9. Ignore the condescending and "quality" piece posted above. The AI in the game is indeed limited, though it has been improved and the devs are working on improving it further right now. However it appears you are using a vertical dive/climb energy fighter against horizontal turn fighters. Thus by following the AI's circular movement you are actually bleeding your energy advantage and surrendering it to their advantage over you. Instead of following them in the turn, simply climb away, observe, then when optimal, dive back down on your opponent down below. After that just climb up and repeat. Now that is the optimal preference for an energy fighter. However combat is never truly optimal at all times, if at all. So if you are stuck with a turn fighter at low energy and cannot pull away. Remember you can use vertical up/down prop pitch and/or 10-30% flaps to assist in creating a tighter turn circle from that of your opponent. Just remember you are at a disadvantage in such a state from other attacking planes. The AI stay very consistent with little adjustment in their perfect turns unlike the players online. Thus after a little practice you'll get the hang of closing distance on a circle turning AI. In short, practice energy fighting for German planes, and practice turn fighting for Russian planes. Then when you have a good grasp of both concepts you can work on mixing both techniques together for either type. I can also post several detail videos for either technique if you like to view them or cannot find them on youtube. Just know the game and flight model is largely more realistic and accurate now than compared to nearly two years ago. Also note the damage model no longer favors Russian ammo and aircraft design like it use to. Before several planes were more beefy in construction then what they should have been and an overlooked issue in the AP damage model lead to increased Russian damage compared to the German AP/HE ammo belts. Because for a long time HE was doing far less damage than intended or and it could not be accurately modeled. Largely these changes occurred thanks to massive research and testing conducted in the forums to assist the devs in flight model and damage model adjustments. So like I said, some long outstanding issues were addressed in the past two years and the game is much more fair/realistic now. And the devs are still continuing to improve the game in the finer detail adjustments as well. So only further positive changes will come to the game in the future.
  10. Me at dusk with blind, drunk and/or blind drunk gunners helping GOA test the Macchi, 109 and 110 simultaneously. You're welcome!
  11. Ok rgr that. and here is a screen grab of a fight today against a 109 in an I-16. They spun in after I chased them... oops. The pesky little blighter's definitely can pull out tighter and maneuver better in certain circumstances. Darn it. You can see in the last dive that I am shallow and pull out slow ... I try to avoid the dive of doom now. : - ) Can't seem to do a full screen pic... great program! actually considering paying for it! * drops ashtray/brandy/Webley * Fun! Salute! Planky.
  12. Really? Other than your vague single sentence statement, what exactly has changed? I asked because I read every single DD and have yet to see the myriad of issues associated with TC addressed. Hell, you're an insider here, could you ask that we see the kinetics? TC was advertised as a sim, so lets see the sim aspects. As the only thing that really matters are the kinetics in the long run I think its only fair to see how the developers simulate the ballistics. If you have no idea what I'm talking about then I'd suggest taking a look at actual tank sims like Steel Beasts, F4R, or Kharkov 1943 to see how overtly complicated this can be.
  13. I was going to post a rude reply, but instead I'll give you some sound advice. There are plenty of resources out there explaining how to fly an aircraft to its advantages. Study them.
  14. Its the game mechanic. The gunners will not fire when you enter the clouds or when its dark. You have to man the guns yourself unfortunately. (I think IT was changed by devs after many complains that the gunners fire trough clouds etc.)
  15. I mostly play single player because I'm 72 and these young guys kill me in seconds... but one thing that is very frustrating is performance of the AI planes... their performance is ridiculous and so unreal.. a couple examples... when I'm on the tail of an enemy fighter, all it ever wants to do is go in a circle... then the other issue is that it's obvious that this is a Russian sim because all the Russian planes out-perform the German ones.. for instance, I did a quick mission using a 109-K4 against a Yak-1, and are you seriously trying to tell me a Yak-1 can out-turn and out-run a 109-K4? Give your heads a shake.
  16. Just flew a sortie on TAW with two other Pe-2s. We hit an airfield at dusk and got bounced and none of our gunners fired or even manned their guns. I had time to re-order them to fire several times but they just sat there. Can anyone think of a reason why? The only thing I can come up with is it was getting dark. Anyone else had this problem? It's the second time it's happened to me this campaign.
  17. More of a technical video. Though it made me think about why all the new German tanks had transmission issues. **sabotage**
  18. graphics extender wip mod
  19. AKA_Ramstein

    [MOD] Sound Adjust

    will try this soon,, thanx, will report back. I already experimented with amplify in the utility. I have not yet put the changed file back into the fsb file.
  20. Salute! Just discovered Tacview. wow. A+++ Great stuff. It took me while to realise that it uses the same keybinding as the in game track recorder... ( FYI: I was using LCtrl + R but nothing was happening... I have a custom track record button assignment...I got there in the end. : - ) ) Can we convert old .trk files to .acmi ??? I have these rilly rilly great fights I want to look at.... This is hecking awesome! Salute! Planky.
  21. i use it for quick reference when shooting, both eyes open.
  22. 2nd that. Great recoloured historical photos.
  23. No this dudes offering keys for a good reason search the steam forums for terms i told.guy above. If you cannot find it msg me
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