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  2. You need to set vsync to on. Either in game, preferably in game vsync, or use your graphics card control panel to enable it. Servers can sometimes cause stutters.
  3. GermanWolf you should probably do yourself a favor and delete this post. It's definitely not a good look.
  4. It's truly disheartening to see people act like this.
  5. IKR? OP says that he understands he needs to wait patiently... then makes a whole thread about how he doesn’t understand why he needs to wait patiently And apparently 19 (?) Allied aircraft (22 if you count the Entente?) isn’t enough.
  6. I am curious what the 9900k has over the coffelake series in regards to single core and ipc. According to this site, I know it's not great, but the ipc between the two is within the margin of error. https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i9-9900K-vs-Intel-Core-i7-8700K/4028vs3937 1-2% For anyone on coffeelake or even the 7k series it's not even worth it. A 9700k or 9900k at 5.0 ghz will score the same as a 8700k or 7700k at 5 ghz. That 2080ti though, that's a solid improvement for a very heavy price.
  7. I pride myself in a lot of things. Talking shit to a grown man is not one of those things. I only do it out of necessity. Nothing more.
  8. Until the headphone jack breaks and the whole headstrap falls apart.
  9. Truly a word smith pug. 😂
  10. After version 3.012 (and 3.012b) this issue persists.
  11. That grass in the wing shouldn't be an issue. BoX still has that issue. Fix the big stuff. Put it out. Then update it.
  12. You mean like already having the models basically completely made, weird right.🤣 I agree, the absolute German bias in this game is just too much. I mean who would of thought that making a few adjustments to some models would take less time than creating entirely new planes from scratch? I mean it's inconceivable. It's puzzling to me, how the tempest, a plane with hard to get information and little resources to model off of would take longer to make than hiding a tailwheel and smoothing the cowling of the 109 out. It's like, the A-8 to me, obviously a much harder to make plane than the p-38, where on earth would they even start with the A-8? It's just an entirely new aircraft that hasn't been in the sim since the A-3. Same with the P-51 I mean cmon devs, just make it already and give it to me my multiplayer experience for a game that's not even out yet is being absolutely ruined. Mind boggling. I can't, I just can't. Somebody pinch me I must be dreaming. Is anyone really this clueless? This entire thread stinks of entitlement. You should have waited till it was done if you wanted all the planes.
  13. I forgot to add that I don’t think my approach would work very well without VR since it helps add to the sense of movement. F
  14. Thats how it saw it too. Mind you, growing up in the country and era when Commando comics were recommended reading for every boy - it does tend to push a few nostalgia buttons for me.
  15. Today
  16. The Kikka did get to fly once. Its amazing Japan was able to develop a jet engine with little more than technical descriptions and photographs.
  17. I tried to repair ROF. Update didn't work, so I used the ROF's Recovery program. When it finished all the aircraft and maps I'd bought had disappeared. I've been dealing with ROF support for a week. They tell me, according to my account, there's no record I've bought them. They say all my purchases are Mods. I look at my account and can only find a half a dozen, but they don' appear in my game either. The odd thing about my account is it shows I purchased everything on 5/2/19. Depending on whose date system used, I bought everything Feb 5th, 2019, or May 2, 2019. I'm missing something or my account is corrupted. ROF Support doesn't seem to see that. Any ideas out there?
  18. Happening to me pretty frequently on Combat Box tonight. Some days are noticeably worse. I also suspect that other people streaming video on my connection makes it more common. My go to theory here is that some minor connection issue loses tHe connection to the server where most games it wouldn’t affect things. Could be something with the net code update they did late last year...very frustrating but I have no idea how to fix this.
  19. You are a sad, sad person. The nazi stuff is just plain neo-nazi fuel. I would ask you to remove it, since I don't want my callsign to be affiliated with either Hitler, Nazis or you. But you're probably not gonna do it anyway, because you are a fucking child with weilding a water gun only to annoy people. I don't even care that I got shot down. I shot you down aswell. Where is that clip? And as Jon points out: I also I got 5 more kills that night. You're just a case of "small dick syndrome" and have to "show off" your so called victories like a cocky motherfucker, while the truth is that most people here fucking hate seing your face here. You're THE poison of toxic behaviour in the IL2 community. You're a grown ass man. Start acting like one and set a good example people. Not this childish trying to shame people for getting killed.
  20. Wingit, what about the pedals? Would you be interested shipping them to Australia (I'll cover the cost of course - as long as it's not too prohibitive). Just let me know the shipping cost. I've frequently purchased gear from UK, including from fellow simmers (last time it was for a Gunfighter pro stick), and shipping is generally ok, although I expect the pedals will be heavier than the Gunfighter stick.
  21. The reason for German 109s and 190s being released first seems pretty obvious.
  22. By the way my pc is i7 6700k Gtx 1070 and 16 Ram. I play on 23" 1920×1080p screen.
  23. Japan also had some familiar-looking jet and rocket fighters in the prototype stage:
  24. Perhaps they should understand that they have to patiently wait.
  25. Yesterday
  26. How is Run 8 compared to train sim? I've thought about getting it but not sure if it's worthwhile.
  27. I took the following test. Ju-88 vs P-47 Ju-88 100% fuel P-47 15% fuel Result: Ju-88 climb more and manages to stay as fast as the P-47 Im wondering if I should make a video about it, I found it bizarre
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