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  2. Just like when IL-2 AEP hit the shelves back in the day - introducing the P-51, P-38 and Tempest V has been a success. I am solely basing this on the number of multiplayers I see online (KOTA and CombatBox), so I maybe wrong. In addition to the subsequent decline in players on the WoL server has also been interesting as well, which might be a time zone thing rather than a true a change in taste (...one of the factors that affect demand). Anyway, my point (...if I am correct) is if 1C Game Studios is look to make some coin - I would look at making Spitfire XIVe and Ta 152H-1 as collector planes (quick win) or go big and developing a Normandy map (which could double for '40 - '44) with this graphic in mind: Allied Raids '40 - '45 I would really like to hear an argument for the Pacific Theater of Operation or Eastern Europe (where I was proposing before noticing all the Allied fighter jocks in the RAF/USAAF mounts).
  3. Enjoy my friends: https://archive.org/details/Complete_Broadcast_Day_D-Day Mission makers I'm looking at you 😍 - Isaac
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t get a chance to fly as much as I wanted this weekend but I got in a few hours. So far my impression of normal spotting is pretty favourable. I can spot farther than I did before but it’s not crazy. I will make sure I fly some with alt vis and give feedback. Is there a good place on the discord to offer feedback?
  5. So we move the topic from another post here but you never bothered following up or sending the OP over here. Meanwhile the OP on the other post is uploading files for weeks as was asked and is wondering why nobody is getting back to them on the Original topic. So much for keeping the OP informed.
  6. Update: Remains the same for the A3, but with the F4 following very close. And for the red faction... I gave myself a chance this last days to try several allied planes and hell, I fall in love with the LaGG, becoming my new fav. allied plane (can't believe or understand hows that even possible)
  7. Setting trim for take off is part of checklist of the preflight routine. I make a habit of setting trim for take off in the sim and in real life.(In the sim I put it on neutral, have not seen a mark for take off trim) Wrong trim can be scary in real life ,once I got my plane worked on , and the mechanic serviced the trim. He re assembly it backwards, so on take off it was nose down, I got a nasty surprise when airborne , the plane dived down instantly after being in ground effect and it took a quick reaction and lot of strength not to crash back into the runway.(was a close one).
  8. Stoopy has the answer -- the red warning flare fires if an enemy comes within 6km (that's less than one minute away, given the speeds we now fly at) and then a green flare fires when there are no enemies nearby (out to like 7.5km or something). If you're on the ground, you'll find the flare is accompanied by an air raid siren from the tower. My usual action on seeing a red flare is to clean up the plane, add throttle and get fast, and start to look for flak or tracers.
  9. Super interesting! Thanks for reporting it. On a number of maps I have switched to spawn/delete on the AA, and that works without the invisibility bug. So there is a workaround, but it's a lot of editing to go through old maps and change it from activate/deactivate to spawn/delete.
  10. Must not have downloaded the very latest version. The version I have only has p47s. Gotta see what the version is later. No biggie Im certain I just have an old version
  11. I've always loved the idea of in-game coms, not sure why so many people are against it. Imo coms don't have to be complex, all you'd need is squad coms and team coms. Squad coms would allow you to talk with someone in your squad (could be people that have each other selected as friends in the players tab. Group coms would allow you to talk to your whole team. Both of these options would be optional and could always be muted just like any other game. The same way we have optional pilot physiology, and optional view settings, why not have optional coms?
  12. I have some more for you... I flew a mission I am working on earlier today. I took an AA round in the port radiator. Temp went up and left engine went out about half way home so I managed to feather the prop and get trimmed for single engine flight. @ 2600 rpm and 44" mp I maintained about 200 mph ias and reduced to 25" mp for a straight in descending approach from 2000 feet. I dropped gear @ 175 mph, combat flaps just after that, and came in a bit hot at about 120 mph before I dropped full flaps just short of the apron. When I pulled off the runway, I realized I was actually all tensed up. 🙄
  13. Regardless of whether or not the gun elevation stabilization worked on the Sherman is not relevant to the issue with aiming in any of the other tanks in the game. In MP, very rarely do you see anyone driving a Sherman. In addition to that, none of the other tanks currently modeled in game had this feature, whether it worked or not. Making all tanks aim like the Sherman was a lazy attempt at something, I just think that not many here know exactly what that something was. The turrets and guns in all of the other tanks are in no way a simulation, representation of reality, so to argue the Sherman's gun stabilizer may or may not have worked is irrelevant to the topic of the rest of the AFV's currently in game at this point. When the game has real issues that have been brought up : 1)T-34 Periscope control issue 2)Tiger main gun damage happening all to often 3) Tanks spinning out on a left or right turn, which is not possible, to the degree it occurs, given the weight of the vehicles, their slow speed, and tracks 4) All tanks steering, using the same clutch braking that the T-34 and PZIV used and earlier tanks. The Tiger, and the Sherman both had double differential transmissions I believe, and lost alot less speed in a turn than tanks that actually used clutch braking. The Tiger and Sherman should be able to turn in place, without having to drag a track, but have the ability to reverse one. 5)The complete and utter useless gunnery of the Panzer IV, Stug III, and Jagdpanzer IV as an AI vehicle. I have yet to be able to run any kind of scenario, mission or test that either of these 3 can get hits with AP rounds. That in and of itself is very strange when if you place AT guns, Russian or German on the map they hit with astonishing accuracy 6) The turret returning to Zero Degrees when you switch out of the gunners position. 7) Tanks and AT guns, AI controlled being able to fire through objects without an actual Line of Sight, say a small hill or rise, trees, etc. 8)Invisible trees and objects , causing damage to tanks that hit them. Tanks getting engine, transmission and track damage when hitting any object at very slow speeds. Instead of working on any of these above issues, and any that I have not mentioned, the aiming system for all tanks is screwed up so that the game is a mess and many here are not wanting to play right now until this issue is corrected. Apparently in the world of development some have not learned the axiom, "If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it". Now if one tank or another had to fast, or 2 slow a turret traverse, engine on or off, then that issue should be addressed.
  14. Just FYI guys Combat Box has flipped over to "Alternate" spotting for a few nights to see what happens! Good hunting!
  15. More than one PTO release, just like there was more than one Eastern Front release.
  16. First of all let me say that Holtzauge's program is great, and I can't find any fault with it what'so'ever, matches my own calculations perfectly when we use similar numbers. Really is a great program he has put together there, can't stress that enough. He's got a fan in me That said IMO the Bf-109 ought to have a Clmax noticably higher than the P-51 during powered flight, which is also where I've heard modern pilots express the big difference between the two. Skip Holm does say that the difference is big between the two, and he is/was flying the Buchon which weighes the same as the K4 IIRC, and runs a merlin like the P-51. The RAE also measured quite a high CLmax during powered flight for the 109 IIRC, their problem was seeing the slats as a stop sign during turning, which was even a problem for some German pilots. Anyway a difference in Clmax figures used is probably the reason why Holtzauge and I are getting some different figures for the 109 vs P-51 match up. Just my two cents. Bigger problems for me right now though are how the Tempest seems to have a Clmax of 1.7+, and that the 262 is still suffering control stiffening already at 450 kph.
  17. OMG... busted a gut laughing 🤣 (but... could it be?)
  18. Today
  19. Thank you for working on the clouds. With the new visibility, we spend our time trying to camouflage ourselves in all we can, and the clouds have become our friends. I hope that one day we can have localized rain clouds, more vertical clouds, destabilizing effects inside some, a visible development during the mission, and many other things. The creation of clouds in which it would be strongly discouraged to return, would be interesting on the tactics and the choice of the flight plan.
  20. Noticed the wheel covers tend to come off in a steep dive in the P-51. This always happens at around 830 km/h. It is however possible to dive the mustang up to about 930 km/h before control surfaces get ripped off. Tested all BOBP aircraft and the P-51 is the only one that has this issue. Surely this must be a bug? Losing the wheel covers/fairings reduces top speed by about 100 km/h.
  21. Trimming is probably going too far down a rabbit hole. Just trim for whatever you're doing and you're good to go. I can confirm that flying a fast aircraft with a stuck trim tab, especially at full deflection can take all of your strength - I'd imagine in many types I'd run out of strength very quickly, and I'm not weak.
  22. https://www.seawings.co.uk/images/colour charts/British Aviation Colours of WWII.pdf
  23. Not an aviation painting but man, I love old sailing ships. The is a very dramatic painting. Excellent work.
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