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  2. Quick question about flight recordings made while playing with VR. Is it possible to play them back in 2D and control the point of view using TrackIR? It seems like it is not possible. The camera moves the way it did while I was flying when in 1st person mode. I know that I can control the view if I play it back in VR, but that doesn't work if I want to use editing software on the playback.
  3. Looks like lag to me. If I'm not mistaken, the track records what happens on your end, not what the server is actually registering as hits.
  4. Hopefully, when finalized, there will be an explanation as to if and how the physiology module will affect AI pilots/gunners.
  5. I bet on the Arado/Spit XIV. With the B-25 and DC-3 coming later along the timeline and released one at a time. Bf and FW will be reserved for full releases; Typhoon probably for a Normandy release one day... Same for Mossie and Me410 being reserved for earlier scenarios in the 1944 timeline...
  6. As far as I am concerned they are instand preorders for me. Where can I place my money?
  7. Thanks guys for all your work on the tank skins. This is very much appreciated!
  8. What was going through this pilot's head (besides a bunch of bullets)? Did he really think this was a good idea? Did he think he would survive? Sometimes you just have to wonder...
  9. Just to say thank you again ++++++++ Because thanks to your work I was able to participate in the creation of some nice past and future cooperatives for our group and sometimes other invited pilots. Great working base that greatly simplifies the "complex" editing of missions in Greats Battles.
  10. @P_Gora You can simply use mixture control for all engines like screenshot above. If you have engine damaged or something and want to use mixture control on only 1 engine then simply click 1 or 2 on your keyboard. You select engine you want to use and now you only control that engine. You don't need to spam buttons on every engine. Simply select engine and then use main mixture control.
  11. Hello all Over the past few days a few of us have been enjoying the A-20 and learning most of the systems, what a fantastic aircraft to fly. We are interested in using the pwcg to generate more interesting missions with more diverse targets for the bombers at longer ranges and a higher levels of flak? (Just to get that real catch 22 miniseries feel to everything while approaching the target) Playing on the Kuban map we mostly have attack troops, artillery and the like. Is it possible to amend this in some way to have us target cities industrial areas or ports for instance? I have wondered about moving the "target approach" waypoint to an area we would like to bomb and cause the mission to spawn ground objects along the flight path and sort of roleplay our own mission ignoring the actual objective. Also editing the amount of aircraft in the mission to pretty much our own flight/enemy intercept flight to allow for greater numbers of ground units and enemy flak positions (though with my aging I7 4770 I don't expect miracles). I have included a map example of a generated mission below. One thing I have tried is changing parameters in advanced config so missions are at a 300,000 km range but the missions generated are pretty much the same distance, never really taking us over the front line some 60-100 ish km. It for the most part seems more like a ground attack role so far playing as bombers and would be greatly appreciated if anyone has any suggestions to help diversify this element of PWCG.
  12. Roger that, missed the sarcasm 😁 I meant more that there is less Arado material on which to draw. Alos - possibly - the new jet work may be less mature and more time-intensive.
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  14. If you can wait some more... only buy Bodenplatte. It's a steal considering the huge amount of content you get! P-38J Fw 190 D-9 P-51D P-47D Spitfire Mk.IX Tempest Mk.V Bf 109 G-14 Bf 109 K-4 Fw 190 A-8 Me 262 And a huge map that covers all major battles from sep 1944 to apr 1945. This will keep us busy for a long time I can tell you. If you are not into Eastern Front stuff, then the other maps are not relevant since the above (Allied) plane set is not/hardly used there. And in MP you can still fly the other maps anyways. If you would want to jump in now then perhaps add some collector planes that are frequently used now on those maps: P-40 or Spit MKVb (if you like Western planes) so you can join MP servers. If you want to do SP/campaigns now, then you should buy one of the other "battles": BoM, BoS, BoK.
  15. Here's one I made earlier. It is in PSD format but is compatible with GIMP. https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/ZZmXVlTwPA
  16. I think revenue-wise, the Mossie and Spit XIV are probably going to generate the most. I would disagree on the Arado being overly complicated. The jet-tech has already been developed. The rest is "just another airplane" in terms of research and development.
  17. A propeller produces almost all of its thrust in the outer 40% of the blade with peak efficiency at around 25% from the tip. Losing the outer 20/25% of the blades is going to rob you of most of your thrust. For the crew this must have been ... exciting. Now that I think of it, I believe I have this aircraft confused with one that did the same thing but Americans are posing with it ... not at a German airfield (I think, unless this one didn't actually make it back to a friendly field).
  18. This caught me out at first too. While there was some rule of thumb advice like "if it shoots back it's a target" & "front line airbases are targets", neither of these statements apply 100% of the time, as some targets will already have had their AAA knocked out and some airbases will not be marked as targets even although they are the same distance from the front line as others who are marked as target as can be seen in the map below. Then there are the depots, who are good target and nowhere near the front lines most of the time. While the advice you got to make sure the word attack is next to a target is spot on, I wanted to add some other small bits and pieces I have picked up along the way, so I thought I would start at the start and do a mini tutorial on this thing 1st thing to do is set up the colours in the IL2 settings/flight interface so that USSR is always red, this is specific to the way TAW works and can be the opposite on other servers. Anyhow it helps to prevent confusion when reading the map. Then in the in game map we will pick a target airfield, for now we will pick Lotoshino. It has Attack marked next to it and the prohibited sign means no-one can spawn there, so no chance of bombing someone at a spawn point and aggravating them If we look at the other airfields in this map, Ryabinki & Ivanovskoe, we can see that they appear to be the same distance from the front lines, but only one of them is marked for Attack. Now we go to the TAW main web page http://taw.stg2.de/index.php and look at the map there. While it appears similar to the IL2 map it's not the same for a couple of reasons. Most importantly it does not update with the current battle situation, eg., if a bridge is destroyed it will disappear from the map inside IL2 but not here on the TAW map. It also displays strategic locations such as the one marked here at Karmanov. I'm not 100% sure but thes may be the Warehouses referenced in section 3.10 of the TAW manual? http://taw.stg2.de/manual.php An additional feature that is just great is that if you click anywhere on the TAW map, it will open a new tab in your browser at the excellent https://il2missionplanner.com/ site already prepared for the TAW mission in hand. Great for planning long range bombing missions. Now we will look at the list of Axis Cities on the same page as the TAW map. This gives basic information about Airbases & Depots ie., the state of their AAA and level of destruction. If you click on one, it will open a reconnaissance photo of the target, NB., for depots you need to scroll down past the nearby airfield photo. Depots are really good targets, and the recon photos are essential to ensure you hit the right spots as not everything in the area counts as a target, otherwise it's a long flight for nothing. Successful long duration bombing runs give an additional +1CM for each 20 min of flight time after the first 15 min. So if you successfully bomb a t target and land after 55 mins of flight time, you get +3CM for it That's about it for selecting a target airfield or depot, hope it helps someone. ============================ Some other tips about attacking; While high alt level bombing is recommended by the TAW manual to avoid the huge amounts of AAA they have put at the targets, I have given up on that due to it's very low accuracy and results. Could be just my bombing technique, but I far prefer this method outlined in a cool Darbzy video in this topic, https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/49993-taw-raid-at-surovikino-live-comms/?tab=comments#comment-775908 best tips are all the way at the bottom of the short topic. Communications; While you are flying alone it's easy to avoid communicating with others, but on TAW as you are flying towards a goal these others are your team. Say you bombed a bridge for example. I tend to let my side know in the chat, like "blue bridge down + co-ordinates if there was more than one blue bridge. This way another red player who may be enroute to that bridge can head some other place and save themselves some time and frustration. Sure the bridge will have gone from the map, but we don't always stare at the map
  19. just give us an 177 A-5, they don't burn!
  20. Someone may as well begin arguing why they wont do airplanes - we'll probably have a more reasonable idea then. For example - I doubt it.ll be a Fw or Me - there were new of both in BP.. I seriously think the clues are heavily there along with common sense e.g. B25 - they himted heavily theyd like to do a flyable B25 Li2/c47 they said theyd do one Yak3/9/ other good Russian - I think this is fairly likely and also rlly important the Russians have nothing past 1943 in game. I hardly see a Russia based company ignoring that forever - that said they released 3 russian front titles already. P.s. i highly doubt a Fw189 ever. Recon isnt sexy to most people. However it really should be at least an AI plane
  21. Was exactly my intention, when I mentioned it, no need for a lot of FM. Takeoff, climb and bail out. Pretty simple to do
  22. There's really no way this flew with that prop. (I haven't flown a Jug but I've helped change an engine in one and I've sat in a couple, so I'm clearly qualified to make this statement. 😎) The entire belly is flattened all the way back to, and including, the turbo shroud. This airplane landed gear up, was raised and gear dropped and then towed to where photographed. I've been part of several runway recoveries and this one is very typical. What often happens is a very real incident gets associated somewhere down the line with either the wrong aircraft, or often times, the same aircraft but with a photograph after a different incident. The question is: Would an aluminum prop have lasted with the same damage?
  23. If you don't like the feature turn it off or play on a server with it off. Simple. Jason
  24. Hi Thad, Thanks for the offer. I'll try to describe what I'm looking for and send you a pm later.
  25. You are right. It would in huge radials aswell. But you can fly for a while distance depending on engines. A double wasp wright engine works well with multiple pistons or cylinders not working. The torque and power would probably tear off the piston from the shaft if it get stuck and it can fly for a remarkable distance. In fact this is the plane that can pull it off. The reason I doubt this can fly for longer distance is the hub and propeller itself. I do not think they could operate for long with that vibration
  26. A skin file should be identifiable on its own therefore the aircraft type should be included in the name such as what 1PL-Lucas-1Esk suggests. I think that a forum for skins is OK but is however problematic. A better solution would be a separate database that could be uploaded to by skinners. There could be a link to the Skin DB off the forums. Each skin would have all the identifications mentioned in above posts in separate fields including a thumbnail of the skin and date of upload. This would allow filtering the skins by BOS/FC/TC, author, historic/non-historic, country, plane type (name used by the game folders), squad, pilot, 2K/4K, etc. If you search the DB and ID a group of skins you want, you should be able to download all in a zipped file. I bet there is someone in the community that could design a simple DB for the devs.
  27. okay, you convinced me with your waterproof evidence!
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