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  2. You can ignore the Marshal just as real pilots could ignore their commander, but you could get booted or executed later. Up to the server hosts and other players to handle the punishment. I'm sure some servers won't have Marshals. The market will decide. I personally think it will make MP more fun. Jason
  3. Good to hear Jason, thanks for the response! I'm assuming it will be like the commander role from Battlefield 2, you don't have to follow the orders but you're more likely to win if you do
  4. Just look at the CG. 4x MK108 are ~200 kg, 440 rounds are ~200 kg, totals 400 kg in the nose for standard load. If you leave 2 guns and less ammo you have ~250 kg budget for a bomb to keep CG where it should be. Adding 500 kg then is already really asking for it and I doubt the pilot was very happy with that. And it must cause an impressive nose up upon releasing that load. Imagine where you‘d put the CG for an SC1000 on a 6.5 ton aircraft when attaching it on the nose. The German Wiki for the Me262 indeed talks about 1000 kg loads: Die Aufnahme einer Bombenlast von 1000 kg vor der vorderen Schwerpunktlage verlangte den Verzicht auf zwei der vier Maschinenkanonen in der Rumpfnase sowie auf die Betankung der vorderen Kraftstoffbehälter. Der Pilot musste darüber hinaus erst mindestens 40 Minuten Kraftstoff „abfliegen“, um eine wurftaugliche Trimmlage herzustellen. Not only you had to drop two cannons, you also couldn’t use the front fuel tanks. Additionally, you had to fly the remaining tanks almost empty to achieve a controllable configuration after the drop. This makes 1000 kg bomb load a very theoretical thing. But for online vulching on WoL it would be nice, sure. I mean, the return leg from vulching is a secondary issue anyway.
  5. My guess would be, and it is a guess, that when Germany attacked Russia, initially Russia was very unprepared, they had i16's and i153's to go up against Germany's cutting edge (for the time) AC. The money reward would have been a small incentive to go for it, even if you were against the odds. Russia desperately needed to try and buy its troops time, and I think the powers that be decided that this was one way that they could go about it.
  6. What I strongly dislike is that there are people who make a big deal at bugs/problems with CloD, despite TFS trying there hardest. Yet, these people sweep all, if not most of the bugs/problems with BoX under the rug. E.g parachuters dying when landing in the water: Only happens in BoX.😢
  7. If they're 4k default then they should replace the default skins I imagine. I dunno, I'm just about to go have a look so I'll tell you if there's anything else you should know...
  8. Me,back in 2006 part of our studio a square meter of wildstyle Style is art..and art is freedom
  9. I have a question. I'm a regular multiplayer. While I am in a squad, and on voice comms as often as I can be, I'd say about 20% of the time I enjoy freely patrolling and choosing my own objectives. It's sort of my "zen" - so to speak. If the Air Marshall is in effect on a server, and I want to be there but, (again, so to speak) run my own program, will I be still able to? Or, is this going to be a mandatory compliance system when the server has the feature running?
  10. Just have channels 1 thru 100. In MP you see a group of bombers spawn next to you and you can just type in chat. "Hey, if you want to join up just tune to 42 so we can have comms" or something.
  11. I have two ideas of how this could be functionally implemented in Il-2 Great Battles. The first would be a "cheat" method, where in the sim, even with icons and such disabled, a player flying a plane with a radar set installed can see icons for aircraft in a cone directly ahead of his aircraft. They would only be grey icons, they wouldn't indicate whether they are hostile or not, they would simply show him the position of other aircraft in a cone-like area ahead of him, and for a much greater distance than icons normally appear at. This advantage would be counterbalanced by the fact basically only the Bf110 or similar heavy fighters could have this installed. The second and more realistic method would be to allow the player to access the radar scope the same way he would operate a turret. This would work best with another player manning the radar set while communicating to his pilot via Teamspeak3 or Discord. For single player, you could have an AI crewman give you radio call outs for a potential target, giving you the bearing, distance, etc. Learning to operate the radar set would be a similar challenge to operating the bombsights. Now obviously programming and simulating a realistic radar would be difficult and it's probably not going to happen. Which is why If you really wanted something like this I'd opt for the first "cheat" method.
  12. Non ..!j ai le parachute.. et puis je ne suis pas kamikase 😏 non plus.. mais si éjecté en zone ennemis .. alors ..ca pourrais servir...
  13. When I can show you all about it I will. We have the early Alpha working, but not ready for Beta yet. It's a system to manage the battle, either Dogfight or a CO-OP. Completely optional for servers, but whatever side has a competent Air Marshal will have an advantage. Information coming into the Marshal can be used to coordinate routes, targets, escorts, create units (from players on the server) and assign a Squadron Commander to those units. And some other tools will be included like a tool for calculating distance and heading and ways to communicate strategy for your side. Marshals who master updating the map and using voice comms effectively will make MP a blast. Think of it as ATC and HQ rolled into one. My goal was to stop having MP be a game of wandering around looking for the fight with no coordination (a common complaint). My past fun in MP was always within squad based scenarios. There will be built in limits to info and a certain fog of war so not all info is known to everyone. Each Marshal will see his side's activity unless certain conditions are met to see enemy elements. I wanted squad play to be more fun and also allow individuals to join and get some direction. I also wanted there to be a new type of player - The Marshal. I expect some players to just want to do that and get good at it. So that is some basic info for you. We're hesitant to say or show much more because we need to make sure it works first. After seeing the pre-Alpha I am cautiously optimistic that it will work as we planned. Jason
  14. This Fred41 guy is on fire. Now he updated his patch with a new version that also improves the main joystick axis. Have run the patch and it looks good! So download a new "fresh" version 1.42 patch. Then the patch the patch with Fred41:s new patch according to my post #6 above. Note that is has the same name, but was updated a day ago as can be seen in the github page (Latest commit 7a713ef 23 hours ago) From https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=222488&page=4 ... there is an updated version for my G940 firmware fixes ...Apart from some code optimizations, there is a significant improvement for the main axis noice filtering function in this second iteration of my firmware-refresh patch.The main axis of the G940 are now very precise (actually close to zero hysteresis) and the active area of the stick is increased (more sensible movement).https://github.com/fred41/G940-firmware-fixesEnjoy
  15. Sound like one of my favourite Black Metal Songs. ❤️
  16. The netcodes really not that bad considering people expect the game to be buttery smooth on servers thousands of miles away... With 84 man servers no less. Battlefield 5 has a 64 player limit and you play on servers on your continent....
  17. The best bet to find from 10+ to 20+ players (depending on the week) is from 19:00 to 22:00 GMT time. After that it usually gets empty. The server usually peaks at 20/21:00 GMT and it can get around 25 players. Sometimes you can find a handfull of people flying from 18/19:00 as well. This on Sundays.
  18. So to spare my time with posting 23785 You tube Vids. Here´s the short version 😉
  19. Almost there, from SASBombsaway suggestion,
  20. The 2x SC250 and 1x SC500 loadouts are mentioned in the 1944 flight manual but not the 1x 1000kg. I have not seen a technical document stating that. Books are not the most reliable sources for such details.
  21. Today
  22. Team tactics 3 kills under 3 minutes: The tactical analysis is at the end of the video. So it is possible to analyze from all available perspectives. Feel free to make comments. Intended music: Greta Van Fleet - Highway Tune
  23. The Friday, weekly, Flying Circus, Flyin. When : Friday, the 26th April 2019 Time : 19:00 to 00:00 Greenwich Mean Time 20:00 to 01:00 UK Time 21:00 to 02:00 Central European Time 15:00 to 21:00 Central Time US / Canadian Where : Where ever you want Type : 5 Hour long, informal, mass dogfight (drop in & drop out anytime) Furball. Entrance : Everyone welcome, just fly and have fun. thanks again S! paul
  24. I found this one: https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/12828-how-use-zoom-track-ir/ This works but after exiting BoS the file current.map gets orverwritten with some defaults and resets for whatever reason action("bc_head_trans_x_p","State","_trackir_axis_Z"); Any help?
  25. From my time (I mean endless hours) of combating the stutter issue. I have noticed that the stutters most often occur when the screen it looking at light reflecting from glass or particles emitted from gunfire smoke. I get the most stutters when online in MP and there a several planes dog fighting. In SP in F2 view, I notice 10-20 fps drops when I fire the guns and the particle smoke is emitted when closely viewing the plane. I think our stutter issues are related to unoptimized particles and reflective lighting for the game.
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