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  2. Hey guys I have a question: can you explain to someone who has no real clue about the il2 46 modder scene and who is primarily interested in WWII SP gameplay, what the advantages and disadvantages of following configurations is: 1st 4.14 unmodded 2nd 4.12.2 + VP 3rd 4.12.2 + BAT
  3. Yes, for "revive"* your mX-45 throttle you need an "joystick controller board" like the linked BU0836X. * An option that is not "plug and play" - require some DIY work, solder skill and tools (solder iron).** But Bu0836X is to big - may don't fit inside X-45 box. But can be fitted in a external box with a DB-15 female connector por X-45 DB-15 male cable connector, making a external USB Adapter. Instad an BU0836A may fit inside throttle box - anyway measure the available space before buy. http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=94&products_id=204 Other option is DSD 12 https://derekspearedesigns.com/12-bit-controllers.html Or get a cheap (~$6) Arduino PRO Micro (AMTEGA43u4, 5v, 16 MHZ) and flash MMJoy2 Firmware = an configurable joystick controller. X-45 schematic (ignore the stick part): The number 1 to 15 in wires is from DB-15 connector. Is not difficult to do, fit Bu0836A inside X-45 BOX- with their USB connector on wall for allow plug the USB cabble, and the connect 3 wires (15-9-12) on BU0836A ROW pins and 4 wires on COLUMNS (10-2-7-14) pins. Plus 4 wires (11, 13, 6, 3) on BU0836A analog axis input pins, plus one in 5V pin connected in 8 and one in Gnd pin connected with "shield". ** Buying the more expensive and (inconveniently) big BU0836X you avoid make solder in one side of wires, but not in the other side, so pay more don't result easy job.
  4. If I understand correctly, you want to lock out the VYA23 but have everything else available. You cannot do that on one plane in the airfield plane list. For example, payload 40 and 56 exclude VYA23 but the mods that you can specify in "Available Mods" differ. You must specify mod 4 in "Available Mods" for payload 40 and you must not specify mod 4 for payload 56. In addition, you must specify mod 5 for payload 56 and you must not specify mod 5 for payload 40. Finally, you must not specify mods 1, 2, and 3 for either payload 40 or 56. You can combine other payloads on one plane and avoid VYA23. For example, you can have payload 56 and 60 on the same plane because they have the same mod restrictions. The mod restrictions don't need to be identical, but they must not conflict with each other, as in the case of mod 40 and 56. I hope that helps. Jim
  5. hello, you just need to restore the defaut snapview, nothing serious, see this thread: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/45434-lost-my-cockpitforward-view-help/
  6. If you both can publish that specific mission, members could give it a try. As speaking for myself, I sure would like to test it. BTW, do you both have an HD or an SSD?
  7. Hope everyone had a pleasant Easter break. Can't quite believe I've got this far, but I was able spray the undersides and mask & paint each rib tape. Now the tricky bit. I've painted the upper surfaces in XF-62, which is what Wingnut Wings recommends for their 1/32 scale models. I lightened it, but it still looks very dark to me for what I imagine of a typical PC10 finish. So here's the question... should I lighten it? I have the opportunity to do so later this week and I don't want to skimp on effort after coming so far. Would a generic PC10 finish look a couple of shades lighter to you?
  8. Hi guys, I spent the weekend playing with different settings on my 2dof rig, I found that using extra1 for pitch and extra 2 for roll works much better for simulating gforces. these settings use angle rates at degrees per second. for example when I bank left my rig moves to the right which what you body does in reality at those speeds, same with the pitch if I pitch the plane forward my rig moves back. I only use a limited percentage of my axis limits for this so it's not too exaggerated. You'll notice that if you use the regular roll setting and try a barrel roll to the left your seat will bank left till it hits its limit than moves to the extreme right when you reach the other side of your barrel roll, this breaks the immersion. When using the extra 2 setting it will shove your seat to the right simulating g forces and stay there till you roll is done. hope this makes sense and helps some of you. thanks to the dev team F
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  10. I also made another thread in this forum in case this is missed here. Thanks.
  11. https://forum.keypublishing.com/forum/historic-aviation/74484-supermarine-spitfire-take-off-and-landing-guide " Be prepared to move your right foot forward for FULL RIGHT RUDDER to counteract swing effect from the Merlin engine. " On the videos, I see almost full right rudder, but for a short time of course. Generally, they apply slowly the power so they don't need a lot of rudder at the very beginning of take off run. The amount of rudder needed depends on how much power you have, how fast you move your throttle, and your speed. So it will change, more or less, at every take off, and also depending on how the pilot manage his take off. But anyway, let's forget about how much rudder you need... It's not the only thing. In game, at the beginning of the take off run (full power, slow, maximum helicoidale blast), if you apply full rudder, it's so powerfull that you can't get out of the runway. To make it simple: Propeller blast (or rudder efficiency/reactivity) is just too powerfull. I know something about it because I fly tailwheel aircrafts 95% of the time. On the take off videos, you can see those rapid dab of right rudder won't push the aircraft out of the runway axis. For taxi, from same link: " use the RUDDER PEDALS to control the distribution of pressure to the right and left wheel brakes " @Arsenal53 Thx for those documents. For the take off, I read "push in hard right rudder"... I'm wondering if we could find a document which talk about the elevator efficiency at very low speed... But the thing is, neither during war time and even more now, pilots wouldn't try to pull full back stick in those configuration "just to see"... But I'm flying a load of aerobatics (it's almost all my flight hours), and I'm 100% sure this lack of elevator efficiency is weird. 2min48 ...
  12. I can vouch for the TWC CloD servers having some excellent AI action.
  13. No. He´s talking about loading the same mission again with the exact same parameters as before. I get those FPS drops as well. Only solution is to shut down the sim & restart it again. Edit: HH was faster.. 😉
  14. TWC has 2 public servers and a server we use to train our squadron. The mission server is for fast action Ai is set to medium high and there are targets for every type of aircraft. The Campaign server is war plain and simple! Log in on the side you wish to fly and then for the next 30 days try and accomplish the mission and not die. Visit twcclan.com for more information, recon photos and more.Stats page to see your standing and much more. Squad based gameplay is encouraged though the lone wolf is also welcome. A complete menu of information in game using TAB/4 is available. We kick off a new Campaign on May 1st, bring your buddies see who can last the longest and not die under combat conditions<S> TWC_Fatal_Error
  15. To be clear, I first noticed the problem when testing the look of my mods at different times of day, but once I was aware of the problem I would test the same mission in mods-off mode with out any changes, I'd simply shut it down and immediately reload exactly the same mission, by about the third time I was reloading it was running much slower than the first time despite having absolutely identical settings. HH
  16. When does the campaign start? it finished one month ago... Salu2
  17. May Campaing 30 days pick your side and there you stay for the campaign. New password will be issued May first all stats reset. try and stay alive for 30 days in the stats see if you can roll the map to obtain new targets. Moving truck and tank convoys, take place every hour of a 6 hour map. Testing help needed for german targets visit the TWC website for more information. <S> Fatal
  18. Pienoir thank you for the promotional video about our Campaign server. We will be starting a new campaign in May and more information can be found at TWCCLAN.com many new targets to test before that day so password for testing is bandit please come in and help test <S>
  19. Haza


    Didn't the T-34 accelerator pedal work in the opposite way that you would think. In that you pushed the pedal down to slow the tank. I read that when the driver was killed the tank would go at full speed as his foot would usually come off the pedal? Anybody confirm with a proper reference?
  20. @-IRRE-Therion Ah, got it. Thanks for explaining.
  21. Thanks, good finding and after some checking I did found: for Gilze Rijen airfield it is important to put in Tilburg as an important orientation point in the map, as can be found here: http://www.wwii-photos-maps.com/aerialnetherlands/July 1944/index.html Same for Breda in the Netherlands and Turnhout in Belgium as the other two towns that are also very close to the Gilze Rijen airfield, but can not be found in this website. In the Dorst Vossenberg photos, you see the Gilze Rijen airstrip, notice the big A-shape of the airfield, but at this date, now taken over by the British airforce. http://www.wwii-photos-maps.com/aerialnetherlands/January 1945/index.html
  22. New password is bandit, for up coming may campaign it will be forge. Thank you for all that are flying in the TWC Server and Check out our Website at twcclan.com for more information <S> Fatal
  23. Another thing I hope in the future is destroyed tanks don't dissappear anymore. They should stay where they met their demise smoking/burning untill the end of the round. I hope they also add some variety to different type of damage the tanks can receive. For example driver gets killed but the gear/transmission doesn't get damaged and the dead tank slowly moves forward with the gear it had going while slowly catching on fire.
  24. And yesterday we got another attack, this time at Sri Lanka. =,(
  25. Here's the skin download: Yak1s127_BasicDazzle.zip
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