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  2. Yep, on this we agree, what about the photo I shared of the airliner at less than 2k that is already incredibly small?
  3. It looks like hell even with shared waypoints, each plane has a connection line to each waypoint icon. My next task is to see if all the lines can be hidden except for the ones relevant to the unit I'm currently working on. Tracing lines to find links I've missed or messed up is like trying to nail smoke to a wall. Lol. Hot tip: you can create an entire whatever off the side of the map. Build it, then rough- shape it, select all of it and then drag it onto the map. And if/while we're requesting new features, a way to open the game directly from the editor would be nice, instead of having to close the editor and launch the game each time a test is required (very frequently). I've spent as many hours doing that as I have actually making stuff in the ME. Major productivity/time killer.
  4. See here: http://falkeeins.blogspot.com/2012/09/contending-with-torque-late-war.html
  5. you can host from your game, either coop or df, just go in multiplayer section and select create server for coop or df type (youll probably first have to forwrd ports 80 28000 28100) you have example df missions in game folder, ai just spawns after get shooot down, in mision builder you can use that to modife it to your liking (change airplane its skill or position and so on...) there are manuals on forum about how mision builder works, not hard to learn when you have to, but its borring as hell to use it compared to other games. you also have PWCG coop mission generator or SYN_Vanders mission generator you can use.
  6. Having the late war Typhoon along the Tempest would be a blast, please Jason do it as a collector's plane 😄
  7. Spawn its way too much work if we are talking about 30-40 planes involved . Just imagine what the mission looks like , hundreds of criss crossing lines and total confusion once you start fine tuning . I also remember clearly with combat flight simulator 2 20 years ago the spawned objects pop up on the mission map only when ordered to . Maybe spawn MCU could be modified to be more independent by link to object or objects unlimited , one start and timer and same timer to one WP if they are all linked to leader going to that WP or WP's if others are not following the leader of the flight but at the same time . Then again a parallel set up for another flight with a different schedule and flight plan . just a thought .
  8. Ok thanks, I must have misunderstood you earlier. No problem is good news anyhow.
  9. Did you use left control? I didn't need that, so I am not sure if left one is mandatory. And it is better to look on something far away when adjusting. You will be later zooming mostly on distant planes, or zones, so adjust it to be natural for +1km or more. edit: hold low zoom button+L.ctrl+rapidly pg.down or end. For low zoom is eazyest. For highest zoom you need several hunderts clicks if you don't switch on coarse mode.
  10. Hello, where is the flaps indicators on the P 38 ? I know where is the command, but want to be able to quickly check its position. Thanks
  11. As said, I've not had the problem with the Rift, also it didn't happen when I (briefly) gave the TiR a go the other day (which doesn't mean much).
  12. Hope one day will have a mission editor directly on the game and be able to create and host mission in MP ... this thing should be easy for a player...
  13. Congratulations J99Sizzlorr. Way to go!!
  14. Rudder trim wasn't required industry-wide in Germany for aircraft under 5 tons IIRC. Hence neither the 109 or 190 had it. Bigger Messerschmitt products had it. It wasn't a design choice or a sort of making it cheap - it was just how the industry standard was. Small aircraft were simply pre-trimmed to be balanced in cruise settings. The Flettner was simply added to reduce rudder forces of the bigger tail.
  15. Gents, I've just started tweaking various mission files in the editor. I've managed to place additional AI airplanes, change plane properties, place additional objects and change map settings, etc. What I would like to do is enable all planes available for player selection on a MP/Co-op shoot'em up mission, but I can't find the parameters for available spawn planes. On a typical MP mission template, what am I looking for? Help appreciated! The mission file I'm trying to enable all planes for player selection I've attached here. Regards Dogfight.rar
  16. A thousand times this! It is not only a pain, but also for the most part an aquired ability. No. If you share a thermal flying a glider with five other gliders it may well be that you see only four of them. The one that can cut off your tail with its wing is the one you never saw until it was too late. Spotting is a technique that you have to teach to both pilots and AAA gunners as part of SA. It requires both proper scanning technique and a resting focus set to infinite. Us working on computer screens today are heavily challenged in that. I still habe a better vision than most, yet often I find it disturbing how long it takes me to spot other aircraft that announce on the radio joining me in the pattern over an airfield. Looking at the sheer number of midair collisions over airfields (remember, of all places this is where you must expect traffic!) I am not alone with that. The ability to see has not much to do with spotting. It is just a requirement. Just because there‘s water doesn‘t mean you can swim.
  17. A collector planes for late war I would like to see is Ta-152, Spit XIV, Mosquito, He-162.
  18. Me too - never had issues after updates but in any case, this is the folder storing the seat position data. It's good to have a backup copy of it: [.........]\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\LuaScripts
  19. MiloMorai

    DCS news

    For those of you who have gotten the big boot from DCS, your perma ban has been lifted. There is also a new NineLine.😲
  20. Today
  21. I don't think so, as I think what you are referring to is a built in feature and one that I'm happy with, that I already mentioned this earlier up this thread... "There is an element of sinking that happens when you pull some g's and of course the opposite when pushing the stick forward, but it's minimal as you would expect when supposedly strapped tightly into your seat. This I am happy with and see it as a plus point for immersion as it is subtle in a way that you never totally lose your gun-sight and as the g bleeds of your slowly return to your start point." So to be clear, I see that as entirely different and unrelated to what we have been dealing with here. ==================================== Back to the problem & it's solution; Good news is I can happily say that I'm still running clean since the nuke & rebuild. The rebuild has continued along with more & more testing with different aircraft, in missions, in campaigns, all good, no head banging the gun-site or anything remotely similar. While I have yet to test it online, I see no reason for that to be any different. I'd be happy to hear from all those who indicated that they were suffering from our little problem, to see how they are getting on? All good? Still testing? Still have the problem? Haven't tried to sort it yet? Largely so that I can update the OP and thread title (if possible) to indicate that this one has an effective solution. ===================================== So, starting in order of appearance I'm going to page you all, if I missed you, it's just because I missed you and I'll apologize in advance, this list will not include those offing a solution only, just for those with the problem. @Voidhunger @SAG @pfrances @Swing @HagarTheHorrible @spartan85 @=SqSq=Sulaco @J3Hetzer @II./JG77_Kemp @=[TIA]=Stoopy @Esco
  22. That isn't a rudder trim on the 109. It is a Flettner tab.
  23. I love that convoy. Tanks being transported by trucks, hope to see stuff like this on trains as well. Graphic looks really great now cant wait
  24. Wow... at least on that type they wisened up. It looks rather improvised though. But I didn‘t know they ever installed such on a 109. I wonder where they put the trim knob in the cockpit.
  25. Delicious! @ICDP You rock man! So, P-38 template incoming? 🍻
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