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  2. That’s for the model. All up with FM, alpha and beta is clearly longer.
  3. To late , but after resaving delete old msbin.
  4. FWIW testers have reported this issue (slow cruise speed). Both @LukeFF and I have.
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  6. JtD

    Bf109 ATA

    I take it you tested the full throttle altitudes at high speeds? The DB601E's static FTH is less than 5000m, but it is supposed to reach an fth of more than 6000m with 800kg/cm² ram pressure - which Bf109F's typically achieved. With the early flight models there was a widespread problem with aircraft exceeding historical performance at altitude significantly. Several Bf's were among them. I suppose lower fth might have been a cruch employed by the devs to combat this issue, before they improved the fm on newer aircraft. Of course I don't know if that's the case here.
  7. I very much doubt thoughts about the B-29 had anything to do with it, did the Germans even know about the programme? From the Mk XVI onwards, both PR and bomber versions of the Mossie were pressurized, so from roughly 1944 onwards. The Mosquito was an exception to my earlier remarks about bombers, BTW: high level bombing by them did not need to be particularly accurate: they were essentially just keeping everyone awake and in shelters and harassing the emergency workers with nuisance bombing. TBH I just forgot about them. Not that chasing Mosquitoes with Gustavs would get you very far, pressurized or not.
  8. gimpy117

    Gun Camera.

    A simple suggestion for people who have a lot of hard drive space and powerful PC's (not me lol): Have a setting whenever the trigger for guns is pressed the game will automatically record a video. If it's possible from the gun sight is great, if not just wherever the head is looking.
  9. the tu-2 is nice yes, I just feel the Il-4 is a little more unique. the Tu-2 feels like a "super Pe-2" to me. I want an aircraft which is truly different and likely is a good balance to the He-111
  10. Google "add a second ssd to pc" and maybe add your motherboard to the search. There will probably be several tutorials. Just try to weed out the knuckleheads.
  11. you know, the Catalina with bombs would be nifty, but the B-25 is a must. used in large numbers by US and soviet.
  12. I am standing by my choices in my original post. Spitfire XIV Meteor.
  13. So do we know if the Gustav was an attempt by the RLM to "future-proof" against B-29s? Or were they facing threats already that required pressurization in 1943? I've heard the Mosquito was a high-flying reconnaissance airplane, but I don't believe it was pressurized. Thanks for the info. The idea of a few specialized 109s for high-altitude PR intercepts makes sense when you look at the numbers of G-1 (167) or G-3 (50). I guess even the G-5 at 475 is <5% of the G-6 (12,000+). So that all fits with the idea of a tiny fraction of the total production being for anti-PR work, while gaining experience with pressurization ahead of the coming B-29. Interesting, I hadn't considered the possibility that the data in the Aircraft Specifications is a typo. Having flown both the F-4 and G-2 in the game, the G-2 definitely "feels" heavier and mushier in a turn, with more nose instability. The F-4 feels like it turns on a dime with better precision in pointability. But that might be placebo effect since I'm interpreting how they feel through the bias of the specification data. Agree that the don't feel very different overall, but for me, the huge advantage of the G-2 is slamming the throttle to full power and fighting for 30 minutes. The F-4 might have higher peak power, but it's only usable for short bursts, always babying the engine. The G-2 feels better for energy tactics since I can just hold the engine at max available power and work the vertical. That's really interesting! Never considered the possibility that the prop could play such a key role in turn performance. I've always heard about the value of the late-war "paddle blades" for better extracting power at high altitudes. One of the great things about this hobby is that even after 30 years, still so much to learn.
  14. I just upgraded from an i5 @ 3.5 ghz to an i7 3770k oc’ed to 4.10 ghz. My specs are listed below. I am on a 2012 mb so I can’t upgrade any further without changing everything. I went from 100% cpu usage in vr and not really utilizing GPU at all to 70% CPU and 50% GPU usage under heavy load. I was running a steady 44 FPS which is now at 96 FPS and drops to about 50 under heavy load. In certain missions, I was getting severe tearing and slowdown which is now gone. I also upgraded from 16gb of DDR3 1600mhz ram at 9-9-9-24 to 32 gb and that had no effect at all. It is running a steady 30% usage with no fluctuations. it is not ideal, but it was roughly a $400 upgrade which took me from can’t play mode to not too bad and I’m happy with it for now mode. 👍
  15. I think the problem is that people have an instantaneous fuse setting and try to drop at low altitude. Currently the allied bombs use the WW2 Russian fuse logic. Set fuses to five second delay and they will go off (maybe not if super low). Shorter the delay the higher you have to drop them or they will not go off.
  16. If you post a generated mission I can open it up, take a look and make necessary suggestions to the Devs. This would be much more productive than a tantrum.
  17. that'S the thing. The generated mission says we should be going much faster. Why isn't the AI at least respecting that?
  18. In case I wasn't clear, I'm referring to kill messages... seems I can only see my own kills now.
  19. Honestly careers are much better when your squadron CO as you get to set the speed, altitude and direction of the flight. But you are right in that strike missions get intercepted far too often and the ai gets dragged into fights it should be avoiding.
  20. I'm on my 3rd mission in my FW-190 A5 career in BoK. As people know, the FW 190 A5 in BoK is stricly a ground attacker, or a fighter/bomber as some prefer to say it. Well, I haven't been able to drop a single bomb on target because of how the AI isn't scripted correctly for these kind of missions: 1. The FW190 is supposed to be a fast craft, so why is it going at 290km/h to reach its destination? Even the waypoints on the map mention that we're supposed to cruise at 450km/h. AI seems to believe it's piloting a HS-111, so is going to a speed accordingly. You can't believe how frustrating it is to see the mission briefing sending you to the other side of the map and knowing it will take 45 minutes just making the trip back and forth. 2. AI ditching its bombs because of enemy AI. Because we need to cross the front line, we're getting engaged everytime by a bunch of Yak-1s. As soon as the AI see them, they drop their bombs and engage in a losing battle because we were only going at 290km/h. So, I have to ditch my bombs and fight as well, otherwise I'll be reaching the target alone and all the AA will focus me down. The AI should first go high and 1km of altitude. Then, it needs to ignore enemy planes as much as possible and focus on reaching its target with its payload. And, make the FW go faster! Why are we just going at 290km/h!?! So far, I must say that I am pretty displeased with how the career is handled for the FW-190, but I woudln't be surprised if other aircrafts with fighter/bomber roles have the same problem. I might even ditch the career altogether and just do fighters career instead. I didn't mind doing ground attack stuff, but this is just stupid and uninteresting.
  21. Yeah those Patagonians have been waiting forever.
  22. ECV56_Moro, thanks. That works. Everything is working now. I took the Skip Bombing mission and put it in a same named folder, deleted the .msbin file and ran the folder through RAMiF in the ME. Mission works as intended. Did the same with Night Witches. Deleted the msbin file then ran the folder with the mission files in it through RAMiF in the ME. I can now (try to) fly in the night skies if I can ever figure out where the end of the runway is. 😁 Thanks everyone for your help, ideas and especially your patience with me. I am now smarter than I was and I am in your debt for that. Now I am in a position to help others with a similar issue. 🥇's all around!
  23. Love the team balance on TAW... Amazing the Allies are winning when it's constantly a huge mismatch.
  24. Let me add Confused to the thread title. LOL OK, DD_Arthur, I only selected the Folder "IL-2 1943 Ground Attack". The ME did not allow me to go inside the folder and choose missions. For instance I checked Juri's missions which are all in one folder and I could not select missions there either. (btw they all work even though I d/l'ed them before the 3101 update.) In my current Missions folder is where the Easy mission Generator saves it's missions, al of which work. If I ust put the non-working files in there and then select 'Resave All Missions in Folder' will it mess with those too? What I'm getting from all this so far is for any pre 3101 mission that is not working delete the .misbin file then run the RAMiF function in the ME. Now, for the Night Witches mission....I just delete the .misbin file and then use RAMiF? There's only one mission in that folder, "By Fire and Canvas". Sorry if I'm being a Jethro Tull because I'm Thick As A Brick.
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