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  2. i dont know how you dont see delay in movment, i can see this delay only in spitfires in game with elevator controls, tm8 also noticed it imidiatly when he tryed spitfire 9 for first time, as i at first i tought something is wrong with my setup, but then i could see its the way airplane is modeled, its anoying when your shooting at enemy who is doing negative g +g moves that are usealy donw to get rid of 6
  3. Does this help? https://il2map.info/ Regards Haza
  4. I really would like to get a nice setup going to move on from this t16000 full setup I have. First thing would be getting a joystick that doesn't feel like a toy. What would be the cheapest option to get a deskmount, joystick base and an extended grip going? Virpil? Nothing crazy like floor mounted or anything just want a small extended joystick I can mount centrally on my desk. What would a setup like this cost? 400-500 dollars? Was thinking maybe just grab a warthog, as I get a nice new throttle as well for about 500 bucks and can add an extension to that base. If I am correct? At some point I'd like to replace the entire setup with new rudder pedals, throttle and joystick. I play flightsims far too much to be running subpar equipment. Hell I've spent more on VR goggles than my flight equipment ten fold... Which makes me quite sad. The t16000 isn't bad but the throttle and pedals are very cheaply made, I don't see them lasting much longer I am already getting slight issues with the throttle at full and not getting 100% out of it. I really like those german looking grips from VKB. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I've noticed this too in German and Russian fighters mostly and it is repeatable with head tracking. While sitting on the airfield, just move your head very slowly left and right and you can see the black parts come in, usually over the wings, but sometimes around the canopy too. If you move your head slowly enough you can get the black parts to stay on screen. It could be connected to the sun's shadow. This may help you when recording video
  6. Hi @savagebeest You'll need some software like SimTools and the plugin above: I'm not sure if DOF Reality comes bundled with SimTools but SimTools is certainly compatible with it. You'll first need to tweak the motion. Have a look in the xsimulator forum.
  7. Man those ww1 birds are gorgeous. Really need to pick up FC.
  9. Took the Spit for a turn and found no issue with either elevator or rudder. It's what to be expected from an aircraft with neutral longitudinal and positive directional stability. I also found no delay - if I pulled the stick, the nose went up immediately, and when I put it back into the centre, the nose stopped immediately. It is in this regard different from all other aircraft modelled so far, but that's neither wrong nor hard to deal with. The Spitfire in game has got a totally wrong trim, as has been brought up in several other topics. The resulting errors in handling are tremendous (essentially we're not flying Spitfires), and they clearly overshadow any fine tuning that might be necessary for more realistic rudder / elevator effectiveness. Also, aileron effectiveness near stall is off, as is aileron induced yaw (has also been mentioned in other topics already). Again to a much larger degree than what I see with rudder and elevator as such.
  10. Ah, that could be true. I'm not sure if Steam purchases show up. There was a big discussion about it a while back when the bronze badges were added.
  11. I have tried changing the settings but nothing seems to stop this split down the middle. *This is a simulated picture I cannot get an actual screenshot. Pitool V Headset firmware V2.1.255.211 Running on 4790K @4.7Ghz, RTX2080, 24GB ram
  12. I will get more detailed data later today. Will try to get some video of it as well, can PM it to you. Usually during midday hours. Noticed it on the p-47 and FW-190 A8.
  13. @WhiteMooseIt was nice flying with you as well. If you see us [1/KG] pilots say hi, we like to wing up with others. BTW, I had the malfunctioning HE111.
  14. Today
  15. @=RS=Stix_09 do you have discord set to mute game sound when speaking or when receiving comms audio? I presume you do, but comms volume is still too quiet if you have game volume above, say, 25% ....is that right?
  16. Thats good news, is that smaller area map still in plan ? It dosent have to be perfect, it will be great job just to see map of this size made by players added to game, there was few projects before but it seams theye were to big.
  17. The picture reminds me of "Otto Carius: Doromamire no Tora". It's a snippet of "Tiger im Schlamm" or "Tigers in the mud", but magazised. https://mangarock.com/manga/mrs-serie-188911 I will try the mission today or tomorrow.
  18. sehr guter Hinweis! Zu dieser habe ich mir auch schon Gedanken gemacht. Abgesehen vom Steuerdruck habe ich mich auch schon gefragt, ob es in der Realität möglich ist minutenlang derart enge Kurvenflüge und die damit verbundenen G-Kräfte auszuhalten.
  19. Testé hier soir une fois posé cockpit ouvert en Spit IX, ça marche. Il faut assigner une touche pour sortir/ranger le pistolet, puis des touches pour sélectionner la couleur du flare qu'on veut tirer.
  20. Nice thread! Am sure I will rustle up some when time permits Cheers, Dakpilot
  21. Nice batch! That Morane-Saulnier 733 looks like a goblin shark. Milo, great find on the jet powered bi-plane. Mother Brain, the Shrike is lovely with its spats. The interwar planes were interesting. No longer motorized kites, not yet formalized aerodynamically.
  22. Yep that's pretty much spot on .
  23. Yes, me and a lot of people think like you. But I think that, a day, the developpers are goiung to do a game like this !
  24. Die Hebelwirkung des Steuerknüppels ist auch eine ganz andere dadurch stimmt ja schon der Druck nicht usw. Das wird für die Leute die Dinger tatsächlich geflogen sind nie ein übereinstimmender Eindruck sein mit dem Equipment was der Privatmann so um sich stapelt um eine SIM zu fliegen. Mal ganz davon abgesehen dass die tatsächlichen Bewegungen ja auch nicht simuliert werden. Hier bei IL2 hat man das ja auch mal gemacht mit einem RU Piloten der die Yak 1 im WW.II geflogen ist. Leider gibt es dazu keine Details wie dieser Pilot mit der SIM klar gekommen ist und wie er sich zum Flugeindruck geäußert hat. Ich denke aber das dass in eine ähnliche Richtung gegangen ist wie im Interview mit E. Brunotte. Dennoch sehr interessant das Interview mit Erich Brunotte und die Schilderung der Details zu Start, Landung, Landeverfahren, Bremswirkung, Ladedruck Maximum ( 1.2 wegen Schiss vor Kolbenfresser) usw.
  25. Yes I did that my first time yesterday and its great. You guys will se more of me in the time to come
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