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  2. How is Run 8 compared to train sim? I've thought about getting it but not sure if it's worthwhile.
  3. I took the following test. Ju-88 vs P-47 Ju-88 100% fuel P-47 15% fuel Result: Ju-88 climb more and manages to stay as fast as the P-47 Im wondering if I should make a video about it, I found it bizarre
  4. Very nice. Watercolor is my favorite type of painting and I plan on getting back into it one day. Currently I'm just focusing on anatomy since it's one of the things I've always struggled with. Light/value is also another thing I really need to improve upon.
  5. I made the same observations too - on ULTRA with antialiasing set 2x instead of 4x on HIGH gives the better performance. And apparently setting shadows to medium helps too, as it seems the shadows causes serious performance impact.
  6. Some things are just taste, others are if not 'wrong' so to speak, then at least naive as I said. It's all good. I just prefer work by artists that have a handle on certain foundational principles since I can't untrain my eye to see certain things or lack thereof. White's work looks a bit "comic book'ish" to me for reasons mentioned, which is just not to my taste.
  7. Not being an artist myself, I'm hesitant to criticize someone's work. It looks different that the picture Gambit posted which looks blurred and bland to me but I thought that was the point? Artistic impression and all that. We see things differently I suppose. That explains to me why you saw my P-47 skins in a different way than I did myself. Different strokes I guess.
  8. I will try your Approach and will see what happens. thanks for sharing
  9. All see is "PPPFfffftttttt!!!" when you type...except less meaningful.
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  11. Create a new tank. ! This is realism? The best for real tank Simer, goes from the server. if you are killed. In real life, we are 24 hours in the tank. When we play public MP it is always a time compression. this is a game.
  12. i retouched screenshot from an unusual angle 90s tech
  13. I agree that bodden released planes on not the best way. That broke a lot the balance on Mp and now the Dora and the K4 are the kings of everything. It started well with the G14 and spitfire, then the A8. after that should be the P47, and P38 to have some glory time on fighter role and then the P51,Dora, K4 and tempest On last the 262. Thar order of release would make us to enjoy a lot more the multiplayer.
  14. To be brutally honest, it's probably because they are somewhat outdated designs. Fixed gear with wheel spats, razorback fuselages with framed canopies, cranked wings, bulging engine cowlings, etc. These can make for some attractive airplanes but are ultimately old fashioned compared to their western counterparts. Then you go to the other extreme and they also made a couple of designs that could be considered ahead of their time like the Magnificent Lightning.
  15. I agree with you. you have quite a good PC and should be more than enought to run the game without problems. I made my test some month ago and i realice that the game works better on Ultra than in lower settings. For me to low quality on clouds, grass etc made me stuttering. I recomend you to put everything on ULTRA and then disable HDR, SSAO, Activate 4k textures and try like that. It stills make bad performance just lower shadows and antialiasing nothing more.
  16. Appears to be broken. When I click on the mission it displays the ten missions as it should but each mission states "Downloading mission briefing" and remains stuck there.
  17. The truth is that there are actually more offerings (different types of planes) available for allied side than axis, which is of course natural. After Bodenplatte Axis will have: Macchi 202 Bf-109's (E7, F2, F4, G2, G4, G6, G14, K4) Fw-190's (A3, A5, A8, D9) Bf-110's (E2, G2) Hs-129 Ju-87 Ju-88 He-111 (H6, H16) Me-262 Ju-52 Allies will have: P-40 I-16 Mig-3 LaGG-3 Yak-1 (+b) Yak-7 La-5 (F, FN) Spitfire (Vb, IX; LF, HF versions) P-39 P-47 P-51 P-38 Tempest IL-2 (1941, 1942, 1943) Pe-2 (35, 87) A-20B U-2 (B-25, Li-2 / C-47 most probably) So, for Axis you have 10 different plane types (11 if you consider Dora too different from Anton) and for Allies you have 17 different plane types.
  18. Hi all, I'm not sure if this is the case of a mod or if it is down to source code programming (devs), but it would be nice to be able to play tracks backwards, just so you can get to the desired point without re-loading the entire track and resetting the camera setup. As a movie maker, in the case if you missed a "scene", you can't rewind back to that point - instead you should click on the timeline at the bottom to get to the point you've just missed and then await the track finishes loading up to that point. If the track is a few minutes long, it starts getting cumbersome when you need to do it several times, plus if you're doing the take with another than default's camera, you ought to setup the camera again as the track re-loading resets it. Or perhaps there is already a solution to this and I'm not aware of... Thanks!
  19. In fact end of non story. What a pointless thread. Is it still winter in Canada?
  20. Here's a much nice example. Much more accomplished use of value (lights and darks) as well as color. Not to mention a better 'wrist' in the painting department. Troy White also fails to employ atmospheric interference/making background images less intense/less important etc, (both value and color) and instead paints aircraft etc in the background in a way that makes them just as important as images in the foreground. This is a basic illustrative concept which is not being employed to the further detriment of his images. So his work has a certain naivety to it which bothers me personally.
  21. I've just stumbled upon this... amazing work!
  22. Don't even want to know how much it would cost to ship that to the US I'm interested. Send me a PM with a price and shipping info if you can. If you want to keep it in the UK I understand.
  23. It is very possible to do the "guncam" mod without the need to activate the Mods ON in-game: - Do your show (get some kills) while recording the track - Install ReShade and apply some adjustments to get it matching the WWII cameras look - With ReShade installed and working in-game, go replay some of your tracks - While replaying, activate ReShade loaded with your guncamera settings (I have the .ini file at my computer at home, may share it per request) and voilà. There is a topic about it on the Videos section of the forum.
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