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  2. The SUBSIM discord should have the players you’re looking for: https://discord.gg/CucyUZF
  3. Looking back on the video now I'm not sure it was a K4 after all. Not that it makes that much of a difference when you're flying a U-2
  4. I'm using 20° now. It works fine with my Pimax 5K+. Thanks for the wonderful mod, lefuneste. The values for 20° are following: [Keyh] ; rotate view left ; 20° $cosView = 0.939693 $sinView = 0.342020 [Keyi] ; rotate view right ; 20° $cosView = 0.939693 $sinView = -0.342020
  5. I came to this section of the forum to ask basically the same question, i'll be upgrading mine with rubber bands later on! any tips on the size and type of spring to buy or did you simply buy a spring then cut and bend as required? thanks Pete
  6. I'll get this for sure - thank's for bringing it up! Wasn't aware of that - but I'll agree with Trooper117 that it would be great if this would someday grow into a Cold War pack with mor WP and NATO content. And a little further content for the German armies would also be nice - Leopard 2, Marder IFV and aviation at some point would be awesome!
  7. Ah you saw it too? For some reason the vids of him with that dude as his gunner are just gold. The back and forth between him and the gunner is great especially sometimes the gunners sarcasm goes over DerSheriffs serious German mind. i missed that it was a K that makes it that much more awesome. Early in the vid if you remember guys are just augering in trying to slow down and gun down the U2 like idiots.. But when he gets that 109 he gets greedy and actually starts maneuvering and turning. And .. Shoots down a 109K. He is that guy I guess the server chat guys must have known by then he was tooling around in a U2 because the chat ERUPTS when he shoots down the 109. Hehe
  8. Orthodox easter day is 28th of April. I don´t think they celebrate katholic easter and good friday in Russia.
  9. I voiced my suggestion above. This is just a suggestion, no demand, or even a request. Our squad has always flown and will continue to fly on TAW, no matter what weather settings will be used. We never went down to the level: if you do that, some% will not play. At this point I ended the discussion.
  10. Just set your settings to Balanced, it will be totally OK. I will skip all missions with the rain or snowfall (or almost all of them).
  11. SO DD today then i see in my cristal ball pictures of P-51D-15 cockpit over Nederlands
  12. Кому - война, кому - мать родна) It is about pain) Some players have a very selective approach, right? We do not want to play in bad weather! OK. Do the Reds want to play without ShVAK on I-16? Or with locked VYa? Historically? So if we are for history - this is the historical weather. What? 60% will not play? My God. No one asks for constant rain in missions. On the I-16, by the way, flying in the rain is still a pain. But to remove the absolutely clear sky is necessary. And for this proposal there is a serious rationale: weather reports. No need to make it so bad as in the reports. But the number of days with dense clouds (without precipitation) should be increased, IMHO. By the way, as for precipitation - the snowfall is quite good.
  13. Tomorrow is good friday! I'll be very surprised if the team is working during holidays. If anyone deserves a good break, it's them.
  14. What would happen is that you would export your „red“ (that looks green) to a green sRGB value. You would also see a green cherry on your color printer. To understand the basic issue, you have to look at what it means for instance to display an 8 bit RGB pixel. If I have the pixel defined as 256,0,0 then it tells me that it is „totally red“. The brightest red over 256 shades. If my output device is also 8 bit RGB, then we have a match and The monitor would be told to display the brightest shade of red. So far so good. The problem is now that if someone has a monitor showing brighter images, the red on my monitor is not the same as on the other one, even though it tells to display the exact same shade. The color picker however will NOT see that difference. The difference appears then the monitor in fact can display more than 256 shades for each color. Then you have to make the decision on whether the value „256“ corresponds to, say, shade 1024 on a 10 bit panel. If it will be still defined as „all the red your monitor can show“ or if it in fact is less red than your monitor can show. Example: RGB images can be more blue than CMYK images, as there are RGB values outside of CMYK values, hence crisp blue tones become dull in CMYK. Color spaces are used to match the array of possible colors to each other among different output devices. Whether you like it or not, you are compelled to assign a color space to your naked color channel values to define them for display in somebody elses color space. Defined color spaces are important as it is the only way to define a color among different output devices, be it different monitors or printers.
  15. Not at all. As I said before, no one (at least in our group, we play both sides) want to play in bad weather. Yes, it is a great experience.. but there are a lot of things in your life where you can get more pain than in this mission. So, if you like pain...why should you lose 2 hours exactly in TAW?
  16. Maybe something nice tomorrow? Edit: Forgot what day it is tomorrow...
  17. Today
  18. Norz, i already answered you in the Russian forum - no one is talking about rain. A proposal to increase the number of cloudy days, and increase the density of cloudiness. Precipitation and clouds are completely different weather settings. Well, for the sake of justice: those 60% of the players you are talking about are, after all, blue side players, aren't they?
  19. This is good example of how clod ax server had icons set up, at far its just some grey number, then as you come closer it gets your or enemy color, you could see frendly player name asnd so on, and server had planty of options to adjust what and when he wonts to show stuff same way you had it in il-2 1946. That server in video was something like berloga here but with all airplanes available for both sides so you had to have some icons to know if that spit is your side or not. But same could be on some servers with icons, you have only frendly icons visable from 0-2km and so on... there was planty options available and were usefull. Example how it looked in files, you had option when color shows, when range numbers are displayed, when type of airplane is shown, when name of player and so on... and you could have differant settings for enemy or frendly side, 24 was max distance in km, 0.1 is off. "mp_dotrange FOE COLOR 0.1 DOT 20 RANGE 0.1 TYPE 0.1 ID 0.1 NAME 0.1""mp_dotrange FRIENDLY COLOR 0.1 DOT 20 RANGE 0.1 TYPE 3.0 ID 0.1 NAME 1.5 and also no big sqare (that is more distracting then any help) around airplane like we have here in il-2 GB
  20. Gyroscopic procession only affects instruments that rely on a gyro in order for them to run. So that means it'll affect Turn / Slip, Directional Gyro (DG), Attitude indicator (if equipped). There is no magnetic procession, that isn't a thing. Magnetic compasses only work when they are flat and level. They will read wrong if you are accelerating, decelerating, climbing, diving, or turning. There is a reason why most of these aircraft come with a DG AND a magnetic compass. The compass is used to set the DG initially as it is unaffected by all maneuvers of flight. This likely explains why you are seeing bad readings on the magnetic compass, as you are looking at it during turns and such. That said, magnetic compasses aren't always correct due to magnetic variance, so usually during an aircraft's annual, they will take the plane out to the tarmac somewhere at an airfield where they have a compass rose painted on the ground. They will line the plane up with all the headings and "swing the compass". Measure how accurate the compass is, and fill out a card with this information. Regarding caging, I have not seen a magnetic compass that has a caging function. Caging is usually for gyro instruments to prevent them from tumbling during certain stages of flight. Aggressive maneuvers such as spins and such can cause a gyro to 'tumble' and the gauge will become totally inaccurate. Your attitude indicator (artificial horizon) was possibly off due to gyro tumbling. You should be able to adjust your altimeter setting in CloD, as it was available in real life. In BoX series, you either get standard pressure or setting at closest field.
  21. I think there's a contradiction in there somewhere !
  22. So if I was to calibrate my monitor so it saw a red as a green, then sampled a cherry in PS and saved and uploaded it to the web, somebody with a correctly calibrated monitor would see a green cherry?
  23. Gunna try the rubber bands until I can find a spring. Once they break I'll upgrade.
  24. Yeah I use the cem. It's really evident in turns I'll be in formation and the AI does a hard break I have 0 chance of keeping up. I was doing a fw190 a3 campaign came up against some la5s and they just ran a riot on us. Out climbed out turned out everything. Very difficult.
  25. It does not affect the code in PS. Changing the color space of the source material and projecting that in another color space DOES affect the color the picker is picking. A wrong color management can turn a red into green on your monitor. The picker will then pick what you see, and not „what is in the jpg“. When a jpg is lacking color space information and you still want to display it on your monitor, you (your system) may take the artistic liberty of just assuming sRGB. But it could be AdobeRGB. Or ProPhotoRGB with sometimes drastic effect on what you see. I‘m not on my workstation, hence I could provide you with some tutorials. Here, just what I found to give you a quick idea: https://www.color-management-guide.com/web-browser-color-management.html
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