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  2. turning off Vsync and Turning on Frame rate limit to 60fps will not prevent Tearing. It will just reduce input lag. Look into Fast sync.. No point using more than 4 cores as most cpus are only 4. New 8 core amd and 8 core intels are only 4 cores with 8 threads. you cannot run it like its 8 cores.
  3. i mean... Gamescom is going on in Cologne for the rest of the week, so maybe this Friday we'll get a big announcement?
  4. Guys - is there that big of difference between Portugal and Brazilian Portuguese? Jason Are you Hungarian? I'll add it if you are. Jason
  5. Volunteering for VR testing and Tank Crew with the caveat I do not own the module yet. But I am a long time tank history and combat geek, a reservist IFV crewman and one of the admins on the official discord channel of Tank Encyclopedia. Also got contacts there from the TE writers team who play IL-2 and might be interested in helping out. I have previous game testing experience from closed technical alpha and beta tests. I work morning, day and night shifts, but have fluid schedules outside of work. I also have a Rift S VR setup and my rig is powered by a Ryzen 3700x, RTX 2070 ARMOR 8G and 16 gigs of dual channel 3200mhz RAM.
  6. For Air / Field Marschall ...I would suggest these groups: SCG, LG (TAW developers),72AG,FG300, E69..
  7. New skin, the only bare metal Spitfire in PAF. Enjoy and feel free to comment. Download link: https://mega.nz/#!ndgkEAqA!GRjpT9Yv7YBd73j0rDKXnbpjFel3oVr8eoalCLBrCMg
  8. I would like to volunteer for the Flying Circus testing. I can meet your requirement criteria and will be available to test several hours every evening during the week. I started my journey with you guys on ROF in 2010, it seems fitting to me to help continue it now. Cheers.
  9. Yes, you can unlock the camera from the player view. Then you can look around yourself, even use the 2D zoom. 👌
  10. I'm with you, now that I have a VR headset, I'd love to see those Pacific planes, Corsair, Zeke, Bearcat, Betty, Dauntless, Avenger, Hellcat, wildcat, PBY etc etc
  11. Happy to volunteer for VR testing. Specs: Valve Index, RTX 2080Ti, 7700k, 16GB DDR.
  12. IMO 50% Pacific 30% Italy 1943-44 20% Europe ( maybe Normandy 44 or Berlin 45 )
  13. I think so too. I also think that this announcement will come either with the big September update, or shortly thereafter. That would be at least my estimate that after the update both the Collectors will be announced and the future of the series.
  14. I'd be interested in testing features for Flying Circus. WW1 is definitely one of the most interesting eras of air combat, it's where is all started pretty much. I can meet the time requirement.
  15. I would love to assist with the Virtual Reality testing. I have a Valve Index as well as an original Vive. I also have a high end rig and a background in IT. Happy to do detailed write ups & performance testing and do some track recording, benchmarking etc. I exclusively fly in VR and constantly try to improve performance where possible.
  16. ... and I learned a new word - sleuthing! I like it, thx!
  17. Hi Jason. You are welcome to put my name down as WW1 testning. Flown ww1 since Red Baron 3D. Owned RB3D, Over Flanders Fields, RoF and now FC V1. S!
  18. Bodenplatte announcement was 4 months prior to Kuban's release. Like I said in another thread, they will likely announce what is next when they announce what new collector planes are being added - all in one big announcement.
  19. Great reminder to the devs that we’re curious about the next chapter! I’m sure that they were not aware of this.
  20. my wife would do the arabic translation, if that is ok
  21. This will be very interesting for the feeling of "presence". Pre-rendered frames for VR to 3, as many have used it, increased the latency and decreased feeling of presence dramatically, even if it smoothed out framerate. That's why I always opposed it. This week I will try this ultra low latency, which is basically JiT for pre-rendered frames and thus less than 1, and compare it to pre-rendered frames to 3. Thanks for posting that newsitem, I had missed it! 😀👌 P.S. I like how everyone is going RayTracing now. The big topic on GamesCom, and all AAA titles, finally. I first thought this tech would be something redundant, but I was wrong. Ever since I've seen it in action, I consider it a game-changer in graphics. It's totally crazy when seen in motion when compared to the old, flickery shadows and artificially placed brightness. If we got this as an option into IL-2, the graphics would easily jump a thousand miles ahead of DCS and their current state.
  22. Hi, I would like to put myself forward as a tester for the TC module. I already spend a lot of time in this area of the sim and have a background in games design.
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