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  2. My opinion also, if they go for Midway it will probably be more then just Midway battle, but well hopefully know in month time whats next
  3. Just did some missions on this server! Brilliant! Thanks so much @Alonzo for providing this server. What a nice change to my usual playground WoL, where relaxed madness is the rule. After some nice, unusual safe sorties (thanks @SCG_Riksen & Co. for the company!), I shut down the engine.. and behold... ...the next duo of Mustangs taking off in formation. Amazing sound! Amazing sight! Makes one tempted just to stay in cockpit and contine watching the airshow with P-38's lining up. We have come a long way since "the good old days". @Jason_Williams, you and your team just rock!
  4. The original IL2 Forgotten Battles...'46 or whatever had a rudimentary in built voip (with immersive crackling iirc) I don't think it was used much, may well have been? I tried it out with some squad mates and used it a fair bit after that for practice. I never saw a problem with it, even found it quite cool.
  5. Yes, and yes. The Entente Coalition is equal to the Allies. Central Powers to the Axis.
  6. Looking good so far. BTW, for anyone who's a fan of big band music, check out Artie Shaw's song Frenesi. Catchy as hell.
  7. You think that Lagg3 DM is not ok. Lagg3 is a terrible fighter, almost impossible to dogfight against most of the blue planes. If you think that damage model is broken, looks how this 109 can turn at both sides with out one elevator and heavily damage, like a brand new one. Sorry my connection is not good enough to upload the video. I let you the rar file https://drive.google.com/file/d/16IQZqPZBcDAfsTOyxI5mzFhgWlMmtxbp/view?usp=sharing
  8. Nothing worse than opinions of Pilots. oh no wait, there is one Thing, People who consider it as true that one airplane that is not abused and flown to it's Limits due airframe saving to be better than another. Who knows where his opinion Comes from? Personal plane preferences because of the Looks? Bias? Flying P51D with a 100% filled fuel tank, flying a Bf109 Buchon with not even half a fuel tank? The not science-Researches in what Speed what is behaving better? Sorry Luftwaffles but jerking off is cancelled for today.
  9. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ji974py3s80hwm8/P38J25_CHARLCIE_JEANNE.dds/file
  10. Hey Guys I decide to work on Frenesi first since I can then cut out the Camo for Happy jack Go Buggy. I am not 100 % satisfied with the checkered yellow and red. I have tried to use various blurs to remove the pixilation. Any other suggestions to smoothen it out ?
  11. Log into BOS > multiplayer > Join Server Look for and join server called "Flying Circus Flugpark - visit www.jasta5.org and jasta5.teamspeak3.com" Download the map the server is running. Open your BOS map editor Go to open file Load .msbin file from your data/multiplayer/dogfight "AStQ_Dusk_Arras1918_191012.msbin"
  12. MOOSYA 3DHUBS I hope this company accepts my miserable order for 2 pieces . Looks like a fully fledged well organized high tech industry .
  13. Question/clarification on your latest stats release with the choice between ww1 and ww2 themed server stats: If I update, can I continue to make WW1 missions using WW2 coalitions - as long as I do not mix WW1 coalitions in with the WW2? AND if I use the WW1 theme does that cover the WW2 coalitions as well?
  14. I will say yes. Last three deaths ended by me getting wounded, and then watching black screen helplessly as my plane crashed to the earth. Once from about 2K, was out for a full 32 seconds when my plane hit the ground. Second time I wasn't wounded, but blacked out in DVIIF while I did a wing over bounce on an SE5. I THINK I must have collided with it but I at that point I was wounded and never regained consciousness. I died 21 seconds later when I hit the dirt. This was between 1-1.5K Last one was me getting bounced by a spad at about 7-800m. After getting wounded, I was blacked out for 14 seconds while my plane went down. If this is the new norm, I don't expect I'll be spending too much time in FC.
  15. Danziger

    DCS news

    Got to give credit where credit is dude. That screenshot looks really nice.
  16. Hey Gents I finished my Squadrons skins and now I'm able to start cranking out my favorite WWII bird. So to start off I present to you for your flying pleasure the 352nd's HELL-UR BUST. I'm going to try an knock some out for you guys as long as real life don't get in my way...lol anyway enjoy fella's. P-51D Mustang s/n 44-14696 PZ-H 'Hell-er-Bust' flown by Capt. Edwin L Heller of the 486th FS, 352nd FG Download Here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/cfxoby0gt6emedv/325nd_Hell_Ur_Bust.rar/file
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  18. My own personal, non-historic skin for the He-111H6 for my SP campaign with KG100. Very pleased with it.
  19. DOH! I've been opening them up in the Editor and taking forever...totally didn't think about copy-paste the mission file. Thanks!
  20. ohh I agree. I was just being curious. thanks for the info!
  21. Just based on what I'd most like to see? The Fokker D.VIII, just because it's the most elegant and simple design that also happens to be a great match in the planeset The Nieuport 17, because...well, the same reason but for 1916 The DFW C.V, because it's the most beautiful warhorse that is extremely satisfying to fly Alright, two of them actually make sense for a ne wpack of 8 planes, so let's just leave the D.VIII as a collector plane 😊
  22. DUTCH2 Most probably they wanted the kids market and for that they could'nt have kids getting scared and panicking or feeling dizzy . The Fresnel lens apparently helps with this . If you take a look at VIVE web site you will see all their programe is around kids stuff . Here in Thailand they have been trying to market VR but many of those kids in Malls who tried them complained of disorientation and dizziness , off course mother is there watching not to mention the cost .
  23. The loaded weight in game is calculated like this: Empty weight: 4755 Kg (10483 lb) Minimum weight (no ammo, 10% fuel, 4 MG removed): 5163.9 kg (11385 lb) So from empty to minimum you would have the pilot and his gear, the oil, the water-methanol, 10% fuel (37 gallons), and 4 .50 cals. Going from minimum weight to loaded weight is easier as what we have to add is specified in the stats: 90% fuel: 333 gallons = 905.4 Kg (1996 lb) they consider 1 US gallon of fuel weighting 5.994 pounds The other four .50 cals = 130 Kg (286.6 lb), from the modifications specs. The standard ammunition for all eight guns: 301.2 Kg (664 lb), from the modifications specs. So if we add it all together: 11385 lb + 1996 lb + 286.6 lb + 664 lb = 14331 lb (6500 Kg) which is basically what's listed in the stats: "Standard weight: 6503 kg (14337 lb)" The D-28 has 370 gallons of internal fuel, that adds to the total weight beacause of the extra fuel tank and the 70 gallons of extra fuel, with both it looks like amounts for a difference of ~1100 pounds, as I posted above, the full internal fuel + standard ammo weight for the D-28 is 14331 lb, while the D-22 test weight is 13230 lb. To have the same weight of the D-22 at 300 gallons of fuel, we have to take the D-28 with 185 gallons of fuel. I think it's because of the extra fuel tank, but I don't know what other differences there were in the airframes (counterweights, different water supply?, I don't know) If I take the D-28 with the wing racks and 13230 lb of weight it is slower than the D-22 by a good margin: This is almost 1 year old so there may be some changes with all the updates we had in between, I would have to test it again.
  24. Short video of activity over the lines Sept 1916...
  25. I've not tried to run benchmarks. Also I don't have a 'regular' rig which would enable me to do comparisons. Guess I should mention, playing IL-2 wasn't an objective when I decided on buying the laptop/eGpu combo. From reading the various threads, and considering the issues I've had / have , around microstutters/stutters and disappointing fps in multiplayer, I get the impression that beyond the general expected performance hit compared with a normally installed 1070, the graphics issues which have (weirdly, to me) to do with multiplayer data transfer (netcode), seem to be particularly bad with eGpus. I've looked into whether the relatively weak mobile cpu might be the bottleneck but it appears not to be the case, at least according to task manager. So, for running IL-2, I'd advise strongly against getting an eGpu.
  26. Fresnel lens on the left. GearVR lens on the right. In Fresnel lens the light scatters off those sharp 'prism' like concentric circles that produces a Halo or glaring/god rays effect. GearVR simply doesn't have those, therefore the light isn't scattered. However, it does introduce some barrel distortion (fish eye effect) around the edges, however it's so minimal that it's very hard to perceive it (i can't, for example).
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