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  2. It's worth pointing out that the Rift S runs at 80Hz, which is a lot more doable than 90 fps in BoX.
  3. Sollte... falls es für dich drin sein sollte, könntest du aber noch auf ne 2080ti gehen. Die hat vor allem mehr Speicher, wie schon die 1080ti. Wäre dann auch für VR besser, was definitiv zu empfehlen ist. DCS und Il-2 BoX sind damit mindestens nochmal so gut. Und ich hab nur die alte Rift... mit ner HP Reverb oder was anderem von den neueren HMDs wäre das noch deutlich besser. SSD mit m.2 / NVME wäre auch nicht verkehrt, gibt da welche mit 3GB/s + und mehreren 100k IOPS (Samsung 970 Evo z.B.). Dann nur ne SATA3 mit ca. 500MB/s und knapp 90k IOPS dranhängen wäre Verschwendung von Potenzial. Und nimm da wenigstens 500GB. DCS hat bei mir um die 170GB und es wird sicher nicht weniger. Hab alle Module, Karten und etwa die Hälfte der Kampagnen.
  4. What? Simulate reality? Say it ain't so...
  5. it would be nice if we could choose ourselves, mouse or keyboard or if you would like to get the joystick ....... if you would put everything on your keyboard then it is difficult to drive and aim, so in combination with your mouse you can do both in the same time .. after all, you also play two people in the same tijs (driver and shooter)
  6. The padlock setting (box checked) does not work in custome reality in BOS and BON since last update...worked before then. Works fine in Normal reality mode only.
  7. You don't HAVE to spend a fortune relatively speaking, to have a good setup that does everything you need it to do. You CAN if you want to. It's one of the attractions of our hobby. I've spent a small fortune on setups over the years and have some seven different hotas setups in my home from all kinds of manufacturers. Funny thing is though, I only have one set of rudder pedals. I briefly had some CH's for an extra setup (and they were just fine as well) but I sent them back to the original owner in exchange for yet another hotas to try. (I might be an addict). If I were to upgrade today it would be one of the three aforementioned (imho higher end) manufacturers VKB, Virpil or MFG. But it would not be because I'm unhappy with my current pedals, if that makes sense.
  8. Eldur

    Endlich IV

    Weil du die falschen verwendest :mh:
  9. I like the angry reactions ... They say a lot. They play well, the battles are intense
  10. We found out that the "No positions data" messages in MP occurs when a player's game crashes. We also managed to duplicate it, and what player see is, his plane is just floating in the air, sometimes there are even no sounds. And it's not just 1 player per mission, but at least 10-15 per a 2 hour mission. This happens not only on the Rheinland map, but on all maps.
  11. You must be referring to the teamwork between the pilot and his AI gunner, because about 90% of the time you interdict a pe2 near a target, there isnt a single VVS fighter to be seen.
  12. I believe the big challenge in the PTO is to how the torpedoes We all will have a lot of fun with that.
  13. Yeah, with a much higher cost because of taxes, but remember that high tax+low salaries often is a bad combination. Believe me, things are not as accesible here is anywhere else, not as easy as that. That said, I gonna take a look to those pedals you mentioned sorry, maybe I just have a totally wrong idea about them, maybe its just me. I could give them I try, I like the fact that saitek's are not wide like the other 2, giving a more real feeling I guess
  14. You’re definitely on to something. Pull back the standard DVIIF we have here to the 200hp engine with the late war upgrade as an option (and server controllable); and a 200hp option for the Dv. That would level the playing field.
  15. No, I'm done with 78th. But if you want I could upload checkers layer so you can try it yourself. there's bunch of tutorials here on how to make skins with gimp.
  16. Have you used any of the "cheap" pedals? My Saiteks are fifteen years old, and doing great. Yes, the non combat ones. You can pay more, and have nicer pedals, but they are not cheap or easy to get. Try a set from a friend or something before assuming they are bad. After that, if you feel the need to import a higher grade set of pedals, consider vkb, but they don't have brakes. They count on the user assigning a key, button or brake lever on a stick or hotas setup for that (edit: Russian style like we see in IL2). MFG Crosswinds are expensive but very high end. Bauer (I *think*) is now making pedals for Virpil, and provides several options including various pedals and multiple axis for braking (if you want it) or not. The high end Thrustmaster pedals will likely run as much or more than the high end products from MFG and Virpil, but I might suggest you get more for your buck from those manufacturers than the former. Regardless, good luck with your purchasing decision. Even the low end thrustmaster entry level pedals would ad alot to one's simming experience imho. And they would match up pretty well with those Saiteks and CH's.
  17. I was intrigued by having another heavy thread and I have used Perfmon to check the threads of IL-2 following the instructions of the Samuel post. I "only" had about 40 threads, but not 60 as you said. I am using Valve Index instead of CV1. But there is only one big thread there, the red one, as we used to have i the past. (Threads are translated as "subproceso" in Spanish): It is strange that you pic shows two heavy threads (red and black). Perhaps you didn´t delete the initial red single line that appears when you launch Perfmon. You have to clean all lines and then add only the IL-2 threads. I also run the Perfmon just in 2D with my 4K 60Hz monitor, but unlimited fps. The first is with lowest settings, the second is with highest settings:
  18. I do agree with you current mouse aim is just wrong saying nicely. couple updates back mouse aim was bad as well but it was playable but now is almost impossible to play. and on top of that what is the deal with turret sticking in the middle. i wanna be able to bind keys to my joystick and use it. unable to rebind turret keys is unacceptable by any standards and being early accesses is not exception
  19. I can only hope they will bring some changes with the update next week, that introduces the campaigns. In the current state I have no interest in playing TC any further, which is very sad, as it really has potential.
  20. Excellent! Your P-47s set the bar and it's really good to see you doing some P-51s. Can't wait 😛
  21. I don't think it's kids specifically, they can't buy such expensive products anyway 😄 . Per my personal understanding this is to address the VR adoption as a whole. You correctly noted that without the Fresnel the users complain about the dizziness, or the so-called Vertigo effect. Vertigo is caused by a misaligned IPD (inter pupil distance) between the lenses (depth perception). For the non-Fresnel lenses there's a very little room for error in regards to IPD, i.e. you must have it set to your specific value. With Fresnel, however, it's a bit more relaxed, i.e. you can set the lenses at 65mm apart for example, however people with 61mm IPD or 69mm IPD will still be OK using the headset. To me it's something to do with those concentric prisms, the way they refract the light, which almost creates multiple focal centers within a single lens, therefore shifting IPD left or right that is enough for the brain to re-create an appropriate depth perceived scene without causing strain/vertigo.
  22. What, you mean the 'hub caps'? It still applies. Like on the Havoc you mean?
  23. I thought your plane was with engine ON as the guy next to you started rolling straigth away (told you that via chat). BTW, AA got me very soon. Its up to mission makers to add proper AA to airfields. Also I appologized to you via chat and all I got is insults, swearing of worst kind (this, let alone is subject for ban). I thought you are some kind of kid. You also joked afterwards so I thought we are OK but it seams you are a..... And dont threaten me on forums you can get ban for that here. I will report you now buddy. And as we see now you did the same thing not once and without an appology. BTW there isnt a single server admin which will ban user who did it once, not on purpose and appologized afterwards. Also you cant ban someone, only admin. goodbye
  24. Hi Alexius, du bist hier im internationalen (englischsprachigen) Forum, wenn du auf deutsch fragen willst, gibt es auch ein deutsches Forum (im Hauptforum unten bei den fünf anderssprachigen Foren, da gibt es auch einen Tank Crew Thread). Zu deiner Frage, bei T-34 und KV-1 einfach als Richtschütze die Taste für die Zieloptik noch ein zweites Mal drücken, dann bist du im Rundblickperiskop, beim nächsten mal drücken dann wieder in der normalen Turmansicht. Beim Sherman die gleiche Taste nur in der Kommandantenposition. Der Sherman hat allerdings nicht wirklich ein Periskop, sondern einen drehbaren Winkelspiegel, ohne Vergrößerung.
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