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  2. Watching the development in CPU during the last 5 years, it is safe to assume that the single core clock speed won't make any real leaps in the future. Same goes for Intel's new chiplet tech. They'll run a single maincore - as right now - along with a few Atoms beside it. Hence, the only way to get IL-2 running properly in VR is to have the developers upgrade and optimize their engine to use multiple cores and dx12. There is no other way. And there won't be any other way.
  3. You're lucky, I was on Rift #3 when I sold mine. Fortunately German consumer laws protected me and ensured replacements. None of it ever fell down or was damaged by shock. The first simply stopped working all of a sudden. The second simply went one-eyed pirate a year into use. It led me to believe that I will want to avoid Oculus in the future due to their bad build quality (perceived on my end).
  4. Don't worry! It's not necessary to setup room space, it's just that you create roomspace with borders once - then when you restart, you just wave the headset left to right hand side thus it recognizes where it is now. Compared to setting up the Oculus if a sensor has slightly moved, it's nothing, it's really easy
  5. Aint that the truth!
  6. Flew a few missions tonight. Nice work, Alonzo. Thanks!
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  8. Hello, I have some problems with my MS FFB 2 joystick. 1) When I play multiplayer and later I go into singleplayer, the force in joystick is stronger and it is not FFB, It is same at every joystick position. 2) When I am in mission and go into controls menu, I have the same problem as before. 3) Sometimes the FFB on elevator turn of. It happens only when I start new mission, not in half of the mission. I have this problems only in BoS and RoF, DCS and IL-2 1946 works good. Thank you for your answers, Rannisokol
  9. They have a commitment. It is fully laid out in the development blogs. Relax. Enjoy the planes we have. Shortly, you will have the Tempest, P51D, and the P38(J?). Lots to love there. I know I will enjoy the 38 a LOT. We are all waiting patiently for our babies to arrive, and then to see what new direction the sim takes. It's going to be a fun ride. I hope you stick around. And bring your friends too. They will find alot to like here too, given time.
  10. There are a lot of dynamic campaigns that come with Asura's Dgen Pack for 4.13.4 You can get it from aviaskins: http://forum.aviaskins.com/showthread.php?t=4386 For example, here are the Pacific campaigns from this Dgen Pack. They are awesome! https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,41494.0.html I had Dgen Pack 2.1, but I've deleted it, since there's Dgen Pack 3.0 coming for 4.14 game version.
  11. Wow, great info from you all! Right now, I'm looking at an RGB value of 130,18,14 - which I obtained from the MRP paint "Richthofen's Red", which is derived from the Krapplack red. I probably need to add a little yellowing to it to reflect a lacquered version of it, and maybe darken it a bit ... depending on how it looks in-game. I'm purposefully not rushing this project in case others wish to weigh in with differing opinions. I appreciate all the useful and interesting info everyone has provided. S!
  12. Wow, I've got my 5 min of fun in this game. Had a kill streak of like 4-5 kills.
  13. @334th_Ripper: No, the developers are not going to add new content to Bodenplatte for free, just because you think you are somehow entitled to it for some bizarre reason. And no, they aren't going to "roll out Allied and Axis planes in turn", because they don't possess a time machine, and aren't going to 'un-release' content they have already finished. If you don't understand how early access works (which really isn't difficult) I suggest you stick to buying content after it leaves early access.
  14. Thank you I knew there was some sort of procedure I was missing, but I couldn't figure it out. Shocking that you have to redo room space every single time...
  15. How is online play unbalanced? The P-47 D and Spitfire Mk. IX are both perfectly capable of matching the best Luftwaffe aircraft in the game.
  16. I feel that too. The i16 and mig3 and occasionally the la5 and p39 are the only red fighters I might not waste flying out. I enjoy the variety BoX has and wouldn't mind missions spanning it, especially because my ping is great on il2na and its usually occupied when I'm on. I also like the existing missions and the server settings on here.
  17. Seems like the potentiometers on your hardware are dying, you can open it up and change the pots, you can try to clean the pots with alcohol after disassembling them, you can buy a new hotas or you can give the in game filtering setting in input devices a try. good luck!
  18. im on the fence. maybe you computer crashed...and now you lost a re-spawn of a valuable aircraft
  19. The current Russian aircraft plane set. The lineup of Russian aircraft is superior to the German lineup in my opinion. Because the German lineup is composed almost entirely of 109 and 190 versions. The Russians have more aircraft types as opposed to aircraft versions, which is what I would prefer. I couldn't care less about two different versions of a 109. To me, they both look exactly the same. At least the Russians have some variety. Pudgy nosed I-16s, dart shaped MiGs, sassy Yaks, and brutal La-5s. And the crop-dusting Po-2. 😉
  20. Ummm...hmmm - looking at my BAT install, I have many many many DGen campaigns for it, not just Pacific (maybe I didn't have a completely stock 4.12 when adding BAT (?) perhaps a stock dgen add-on pack (? not sure) - but darn, i have lots of options!). And lets not forget that DCG campaigns that come stock (internal) from Lowengrin's DCG are actually pretty many as well (and they all work for BAT) - prefer greatly DCG over Dgen anyway. In addition, seems all new stuff for DCG is being developed by external campaign creators for BAT compatibility - there are several more than Jon listed. Also DCG campaigns for CUP should work as well for BAT.
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