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  2. You can adjust it via lefuneste's 3dmigoto mod. It's non-invasive, so you can use it with mod's off. It gives us VR players proper zoom, and also has the feature of an IPD modification. You can check my Stickied Thread linked to in my signature. Scroll to the bottom of the first post made by me, the instruction is there. Post Scriptum: All praise and thanks go to lefuneste.
  3. But was it realistic? Do we have documentation on tracer colors used in various guns?
  4. The windows' task manager is not a realiable source, as it's averaging the load of the cores. IL-2 runs mostly on a single core, and it's the first bottleneck on your system. The second bottleneck will be the gtx1070, that is unfortunately correct. You'll want a CPU with 4.9 to 5.1GHz single core clock speed. Hence current Ryzens have been - for IL-2's scenario - disappointing. The GTX1080 is scratching around the bottom but mostly fine unless you want to boost high AA or SuperSampling ratios. I've got a "Golden Sample" GTX1080 that boosts up to 1989Mhz-something, so it's closer to a 1080ti than a stock 1080. If you want to hunt for a cheaper upgrade, you might want to look for such a card. Gainward's GTX1080 Phoenix "Golden Sample" or "GLH" (Goes Like Hell) are pre-selected chips.
  5. You are wrong; I waited 10x longer than before. The next time I will 100x or no at all. Already, lost an incentive to log to your we***** paradise game. Do you want numerical? There is something called potential energy - h * m as simple it gets. In dive the PE has to go somewhere; some will go to drag heat and the rest will add to velocity. The Earth surface acceleration can do a lot of extra work on the heavier plane especially if equip with a big engine. It's inconceivable that a feather would drop at the same rate as rock on a planet with atmosphere. Drag/weight again. It's inconceivable that in the game the Spit keeps up with the Thunderbolt, especially there are historic tests and notes that the Spit could not. But believe what you want. I don't care much anymore nor I have to.
  6. Alkmaar Bergen map is below in this article: https://www.forgottenairfields.com/airfield-bergen-742.html Heesch seems to be an simple straightforward airstrip using steel perforated plates. https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Arbeiders-op-vliegveld-B88-Heesch.jpg https://www.forgottenairfields.com/airfield-heesch-515.html
  7. Are you using the latest Nvidia drivers? People reported warping and artifacts with older ones
  8. Yeah. Sounds like a lot of excuses on Oculus' side. Well, they are trying to penetrate the market. It's probably the best strategy, to be honest. But for us enthusiasts - not so much.
  9. Well the configuration described by Big Al doesn't contradict this. Actually it explains it. Cowling guns and wing roots group 1, outer wing guns group two. It is like this in all 190s in the game. And for all this means when the outer wing guns are removed, you only have one weapon group left.
  10. Cheapest way is probably to hack dburne on his location, buy planetickets forth and back, break in and take his Computer, then send the Computer home with max insurance. That'll be cheaper than buying a system that can run IL-2 properly at 90fps constant 😂
  11. Does it mean we will be able to fly them only on the maps they are designed for?
  12. Again.. I guess you also seem to start SteamVR and simply expect it to work. VR isn't that userfriendly, still 😕 1) You must start Windows' "Mixed Reality Portal" first. 2) Put on the headset, and look around to let it recognize your roomspace, and loads you into the Cliffhouse. 3) Everytime you restart the Computer! 😃👍 4) Then, afterwards - you may start SteamVR. P.S. @coughlinjon The mouse issue also appears if you don't follow this order that I have posted. There is no other way, trust me, I've fiddled around way too much with this 😂
  13. I see it for quite a bit cheaper on other web sites - do you need help from the community (like me for example ) to purchase this, if it will help substantially with development?
  14. I used 3dmigoto's mod for it now. In d3dx.ini I put x6 = 0.005. In the Odyssey (OG), scale looks right now. I used the d3dx.ini so that I didn't always need to call a keybind on start-up!
  15. How about allowing bomber/attacker pilots to command one or two AI wingmen, the same as in career mode? To keep things simple, the bombers could drop when you drop and abort if you get shot down. A more complicated version would require the player to declare a target so the AI can carry on without him, but this could also allow his own plane to continue as AI if his connection drops or he voluntarily leaves the server. Server owners could be given the choice of washing out availability of AI wingmen if lots of meatware is available, in order to avoid server overload, Or some server capacity could be reserved for AI-padded attacker/bomber flights.
  16. The encouragement for you is that the B-25 is coming to the game as an AI plane, that can be upgraded to flyable if time/interest permits. If you're limiting yourself only to allied bombers then you're missing more 3/4 of the sim. And really, flying a late war bomber or an early war bomber makes very little difference online for survivability. A B-25 is not going to give you a significant survivability advantage over an A-20 or a Pe-2. Unescorted bombers are incredibly vulnerable to enemy fighters, even the vaunted B-17s in combat box formation took unsustainable losses on unescorted attack missions. The release schedule is what it is, and it happens as things are done. The remaining Allied planes each have their own idiosyncrasies to model. The P-38 has two engines and a complex 3D model. The P-51 has a complex 3D model for a number of reasons. The Tempest was difficult to source high definition photos of the cockpit for cockpit modeling, and there's not many left in existence. The Axis planes get released quicker because the 3D and flight models are based on planes that are already in the sim. Rather than artificially stagger the releases to have 'balance' in Multiplayer, they release the planes when they are done to keep the pre-order people happy and in the loop. The Me-262 is coming earlier probably because they started work on the jet modeling very early to make sure they would have enough time to get it done, and if I were them I'd want to release it as early as possible in the pre-order period to work out the kinks fully before launch. They're obviously still working on it as they originally were going to release it with the D9. If they waited until the allied planes were done we would have long periods with no update, which reduces pre-order incentives, which reduces cash flow, etc.. See my above response. The LW planes are similar to previous ones so they're the quickest and easiest to do. The allies have almost all new types except the Spitfire, which also came out first because it could be partially based on the Mk. V we had from Kuban. They have to build them from scratch. They get the easier stuff out of the way to keep content flowing while working on the stuff that takes longer. If you were going to buy the full premium version anyway, you're still ahead of the game with a preorder, even if you don't touch it until release day. Hell, you're even better off than it looks because of inflation lol. If you weren't going to buy the full premium version than I guess you'd be better off waiting. Honestly, they've never posted a guaranteed release schedule for Bodenplatte and always maintained that planes are done when they're done and that's when they're released. They can't be responsible for the expectations and assumptions people make.
  17. There was an initial wave of paranoïd conspiracy theorists and far right activists, using this fire as propaganda tool. There has been no substantial proofs, at the moment, in favor of a deliberate, criminal fire.
  18. What we have now - 4 of 5 LW planes vs 2 of 5 Allied released planes is just a bad practice. Even more so considering that the LW has best performing prop(s) already when Allies will have to wait for the Tempest which is going to be the last, probably. You know... some of us did buy the BOBP for one (or more) Allied planes specifically. Personally, I was expecting a balanced release schedule so everyone would be satisfied. Whatever justification you will come for that it will not change that LW got quite preferential treatment (not only for the schedule release, too). If I had known how it would look then I'd wait with my BOBP purchase. Disillusioned... the word is fitting, indeed.
  19. Lol, that triggered you pretty fast! All I’m saying is that quickly is a pretty relative term. So unless you provide at least some numerical data with it, it’s like good, bad, slow, new and old. All kinda relative terms and not helping in anything but getting your stress hormones up.
  20. Thanks Feathered but we have all this stuff including the .pdf. We really need images of the ones on my list above. I've got a couple books on order that should help. Jason Thanks! If you can find any info that would be great. Jason Just a weird typo. Jason
  21. That must've been for the early 190 with KG14. We don't have that in any of our 190, so that doesn't apply. All guns on the trigger is correct for the D-9.
  22. The drag/weight ratio (or density) rings a bell? Or perhaps it's okay to some of you to have different drag/weight planes to dive just the same like they would be on an atmosphere-less planet?
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  24. Just launched the game, steamvr updated, and worldscale is still just as I wanted it. In my installation startup.cfg still says or_ipd = 0.05078, as it was after I input an ipd offset of -15 mm.
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