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  2. I agree. Korea will be a diversion and should be done in a separate brand after GB. Like Rof and GB. I think it will bring a precedence to those only thinking speed and fire power to get more modern afterward. In that regard I feel it is a highjack of a ww2 sim running a campaign for Korea. GB have yet to cover a great deal more of WW 2 before evolving to the fifties. So in that regard I also do agree on previous statement. If you want to go there fly DCS
  3. Hi, i am trying to come to grips with the ME for BoS. Reading through various PDFs i tried to find what the various icons are for, a list with descriptions in particular. F.i. in a loaded mission i came across these big fat Os, parked on a yellow square .. are they way points, or lost non working items from an older editor? Properties by right clicking won't show info .. thnx
  4. Bad news is that this game will be F2P (or paid but still with optional subscription). Just like "remastered" war birds. https://store.steampowered.com/app/365620/WarBirds__World_War_II_Combat_Aviation/ Some screenshots people posted here are from this version which has nothing to do with upcoming WarBirds2020. Or at least it will be heavly modified. Current subscription is 16$/month. I don't think making game with subscription today is a good idea.
  5. I got a i7. More than enough for GB. For DCS too but in my experience it is more cpu defendant. DCS is in my machine worst at low altitude in Caucasus and Normandie. And I rather fly other maps than tune down graphics. GB just excel in smoothness. I think you can own a pc with minimum specs to run vr in this game.
  6. There's a time where modelling jets doesn't make sense anymore on the BoX engine - that's where jets are starting to become too complicated. An F-84G or the vanilla F-86 are technologcally WW2 aircraft with jet engines, so very few additional tweaks are required to make them happen. The cut-off happens in the mid 50s, when jets are carrying more and more capable radars and the onboard systems (engine control and regulation, hydraulic architecture, electrical bus structures, etc) are getting more complicated. Heck, the F-106 has an automatic aft fuel transfer when flying supersonic...
  7. Who are you talking to? My point was only to show that landings are most deadly and accidents happens most during this part. It's not even up for discussion, it's a fact.
  8. Your one coming on server you clearly dont like, then spred fals info about that server and then promote other servers on its topic where its server admins cant defend as they cant post. So i call you out on your BS when your wrong. Ill informed ppl like you make other ppl belive in fals info about server. If you dont like how things are on this server go play and spend more your limited play time on servers that you promote, that will get ppl to play there, but i see from time you spend on servers you promote in this topic, you still spend mutch more time on wol server you spred lies about then on them
  9. Pe-2, a little work might turn it into a Mosquito: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ia1Jo2w_Bhw
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  11. I'm not speaking for everyone but I most certainly didn't claim VR was shit and a waste of time. I simply don't like people who arrogantly assume they speak for everyone when they declare "once you try VR you will never go back". While there are exceptions, it is almost always a case that those individuals are basing their opinion on a limited set of testing criteria. Let's imagine two reviews and tell us which one is more valid here? Review 1. Gives a review on what's best, based on their tests between a small 1080p monitor and a 1st Gen HMD. Review 2. Gives a review on what's best after testing a small 1080p, large 1080p, large 1440p, large 4K, large 1440p widescreen, CV1, DK2, OG Vive, Odyssey, Lenovo, Pimax 5K+ and Valve index. I would put the review "or opinion" of the 2nd review far higher than the 1st review. That is not the same as saying the 1st review has no merit but certainly not as much as the 2nd review. I should also remind you that nobody gets to claim a thread or sub forum for you and only people like you. If the moderators decide any content is not in the right place they will move it. This is not an echo chamber where anyone who dares to claim VR is not all that (or shit for that matter) is banned from entering.
  12. Uninstall the mod, check thar ll *.ini files rae well suppressed, especially the d3dx_user.ini. Install the mod again. You mat use settings from here :
  13. Well, I'm an old platoon sergeant and not a programmer either. I would wait for @SCG_Fenris_Wolf or @lefunesteto check out the settings first but I believe replacing the mod file with the same name with my settings would do the trick. I was working from Odyssey+ settings which were pretty close. Only minor convergence changes were necessary. Have to say with the clarity of the Reverb and 5X and 10X zooms the images are amazing.
  14. The change is in the specular/gloss map, or the Alpha channel which is embedded in the diffuse map. A well detailed specular map is just as important as the diffuse map: even with a limited resolution, it really allows to give more substance to the representation of different materials, if used wisely. You will see it reacting to sunlight and other light sources (I find it to be particularly satisfying when cockpit lights are on), but it won't react well (if not at all, sigh!) to ambient light. Areas covered by shadows will just show the diffuse map, without the possibility for more detail (in short, that's why many cockpits look so flat). In this case, I think a good diffuse map would be essential; by this, I mean that in a non-PBR engine, all textures in a diffuse map would need to be "painted" with special attention to indirect lighting, ambient lighting and occlusion (SSAO is a lot more useful when highlights are already in the diffuse map). And that's what I'd like to achieve for the moment, I'm aiming for a basic/correct representation of materials, color and structure. Examples: By the way, I will be deeply grateful to anyone who finds the location of this part in the original texture:
  15. Was booted 3 times tonight. I don't think it's a latency issue from me. Has anyone else had this trouble?
  16. First, I do not have any VR system so I may be talking out of my hat 😎 Regarding CPU purely for IL-2 VR, I don't think one needs a 9900K, most of the work is done on one core/thread so a 9600k overclocked on a single core to 5.3ghz with second to 5.2ghz and the other 4 at standard boost. This is more controllable regarding heat and cooling solutions and the need for a top MB for VRM's etc. I was starting to experiment in this regard for a potential VR proof of concept trial, but some serious parental health issues have put this on hold. My point is that I think it would be possible to get same performance as top 9900K set up with a much more reasonably priced mid range CPU/MB/cooling 9600k set up. (purely IL-2 VR) of course top ram and GPU would be needed, but the cost saving can offset that (a bit) Had just started getting to grips with this utility for OC Maybe I am wrong but my thoughts make sense to me, hopefully I can continue testing in the future Cheers, Dakpilot
  17. Aren't your glasses touching the Reverb lenses? I had that issue with my O+ so I got WidmoVR lenses. My gen 2 Reverb sits on the shelf for the moment while waiting for a new set of prescription lenses to arrive. What a torture! 🤪 😎
  18. Realistic spotting depends how to recodnize that pixel as plane as tree or as unknown object? Here my problem you can see in both screenshots a 109 close around 500m if you are here unaware in the next turn from the 109 you are down for sure. Now look take a closer look at the screenshots on the left side do you notice that the 109 not has even his plane skin compared to the right screenshot. Another point in the left screenshot the 109 is transformed into black 2D Sprites but on the right screenshot fully 3D as it should be. As last point on the left screenshot the 109 look strange compared to the right screenshot
  19. Yes they are in there, Boomboxes and Twitching Corpse both have it, the others either have it or are a work in progress as I get time to update the missions.
  20. You sounded more friendly in MP...why checking my flying hours and try making me feel stupid in public? I don't fly from morning 'til night, Monday to Sunday. You are a good player on this server and apparently you have that cocky kiddy gamer attitude, disappointed... won't even debate my 'false' points with you.
  21. From my ignorance, I will say that I always heard that more German pilots died landing than in combat As well as the committed moments of the flight are takeoff and landing We all know this and do not have much discussion As they said, most of us would have broken our backs in many shots that we think have been cast correctly I don't know if it will be more correct in clod, but what is certain is that it is more difficult In reality, the most complicated moments in a flight are takeoff and landing, which account for 60% of fatal accidents. It is worth clarifying that another 10% of this type of accident occurs even before boarding the plane (in the taxi, in transport inside the airport) or even when the aircraft is parked or being towed. This is, for pilots, one of the critical moments of the flight, which is concentrated in 12% of fatal accidents. The main difficulty is reaching enough speed to lift the flight into the space of the runway. Although historically this was a challenge for aircraft, currently the power of the engines has improved greatly, so that the takeoff ceased to be the most dangerous moment of the flight. However, according to statistics, the most dangerous moment on a flight is the landing, which accounts for 48% of fatal accidents. https://www.vix.com/es/ciencia/192366/cual-es-el-momento-mas-peligroso-de-un-viaje-en-avion
  22. Excellent guide! @Geronimo553 How do you get no screen tearing with Vsync off in game and in nvidia option please? (Trackir and 60Hz here)
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