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  2. I'll give this a go and report back. Thanks gents.
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    DCS news

    If so then this is just poor mission design.
  4. He has full right rudder (or very close) for a fraction of a second at 2:51 - just a few frames. Most of the time he is using closer to 50% - no doubt he could have taken off just fine without that fraction of a second. My point being that you do not need full right rudder to take off in a real Spitfire, nor do you need full rudder in many other BoX planes, contrary to your previous assertions. Being "prepared" for something does not mean that you will have to do it, or get an opportunity to do it, as every Boy Scout knows. I agree with you that the Spitfires are easier than usual to taxi using rudder alone, although it is possible to taxi a Yak 1 with an unlocked tail wheel without brakes, unless you want to turn left! I have no idea why this is the case or if it is correct. Yes the Spitfire has differential braking controlled the rudder bar - it does in the game too, you can see the pressure gauge and it works just fine. Of course it is good to have someone who flies aerobatics in tail draggers discussing the game: no doubt you could have much to talk about with @AnPetrovich the head FM developer, who, I believe, does too. Perhaps you would be better off logging into the Russian forum FM section and using Google translate: remarks there are far more likely to be looked at by him, although they are pretty intolerant over there of claims that the FM is wrong unless backed up with documentation, unlike here.
  5. Playing Graviteam Tank Warfare Tunesia. Try to hold my ground on the Mareth Line against hordes of british valentine tanks.
  6. For me I wasn't actually on a sever, just straight QM mode and it still happened.
  7. Why can't someone mod an FPS mode? I want to do sick 360 no-scopes.
  8. I think this old skin needs some reworking, a tad bit too bright
  9. shit this looks so sick, could i ask you for the source file?
  10. As much as possible, I try to retain the formatting for each key mapping listing when the key maps are updated. Be advised that when key maps are changed or if there are additional commands added, the font spacing in the key map lists can be thrown off (Tank Crew commands as an example) and the key map listings must be edited on a line by line basis. Thank you for your comments.
  11. We never stop developing and working so nothing is ever really done. The day we stop working on our client is the day we are "done". And the day we stop, you'll scream it isn't finished. But for argument sake the three projects we are currently working on will likely be finished by the end of the year. Yes, we always have small delays, but our delays are not very big. The model team always finishes ahead of the other teams. These three projects have taxed us beyond measure, but we have not suffered huge delays from what we originally planned. Jason
  12. He wants only the HE rounds for the VYa23x2 with options for everything else Jim. Sketch, For some reason going Empty within Payload ID locks out the ROFS-132s Workaround is: Plane Settings: Set Weapons Mods for 100011 1) VYa23x2 2) None 3) RoFS 132x8 *Payload ID: 0,1-SHKAS-AP1500+VYa23-HE=ROFs132-8 Available Mods: 1..5 Available Payload: 3/7/11/15/19/23/27/31/35/39/43/47/51/55/59/63/67/71 Player can now access everything sans VYa23x2 AP rounds. Tip
  13. I admit it was a mean comment, but it was less a reference for the the battle of France, but for almost everything that came after that. It is the hard earned bottom line. Thus it is neither a joke or disrespectful as it is what happened. But it shows the courage of 20’000 frenchmen who kept on fighting, despite the odds (98% casualty rate and death sentence at home). Throughout the theaters of war, some French indeed fought much longer against the Allies (~4 years) than against Germany (46 days). That the French in 1940 were were that much inferior in fighting men or material to the Germans is just a common as well as a much disputed claim that you are just making. But for some, it might indeed be convenient filing the episode in that drawer. As for Belgians and Dutch, I have no idea why you are bringing them up in that context. Maybe that also gives you an idea why selling a game about that might not be first choice, as the whole topic remains somehow controversial even in its home market. Still, I think those 46 days would make for a great add-on. The planes would serve well in North Africa maps too. For team blue.
  14. The more I read this thread, the more I think this specific period in history makes little sense as a GBS chapter.
  15. Very true - I hope the career mode will also include one for the channel. While I am thrilled to fly in Africa the Channel will stay my prime interest in CLOD
  16. Hey guys I have a question: can you explain to someone who has no real clue about the il2 46 modder scene and who is primarily interested in WWII SP gameplay, what the advantages and disadvantages of following configurations is: 1st 4.14 unmodded 2nd 4.12.2 + VP 3rd 4.12.2 + BAT
  17. Today
  18. Yes, for "revive"* your mX-45 throttle you need an "joystick controller board" like the linked BU0836X. * An option that is not "plug and play" - require some DIY work, solder skill and tools (solder iron).** But Bu0836X is to big - may don't fit inside X-45 box. But can be fitted in a external box with a DB-15 female connector por X-45 DB-15 male cable connector, making a external USB Adapter. Instead an BU0836A - that cost less, may fit inside throttle box - anyway measure the available space before buy. http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=94&products_id=204 Other option is DSD 12 josytick controller. https://derekspearedesigns.com/12-bit-controllers.html Or get a cheap (~$6) Arduino PRO Micro (AMTEGA43u4, 5v, 16 MHZ) and flash MMJoy2 Firmware = an configurable joystick controller. X-45 schematic (ignore the stick part): ** Buying the more expensive and (inconveniently) big BU0836X you avoid make solder in one side of wires, but not in the other side, so pay more don't result easy job. Thrustmaster TWCS throttle ~$80 (in Amazon.com) or Saitek PRO Flight Throttle Quadrant ~$ 60.
  19. If I understand correctly, you want to lock out the VYA23 but have everything else available. You cannot do that on one plane in the airfield plane list. For example, payload 40 and 56 exclude VYA23 but the mods that you can specify in "Available Mods" differ. You must specify mod 4 in "Available Mods" for payload 40 and you must not specify mod 4 for payload 56. In addition, you must specify mod 5 for payload 56 and you must not specify mod 5 for payload 40. Finally, you must not specify mods 1, 2, and 3 for either payload 40 or 56. You can combine other payloads on one plane and avoid VYA23. For example, you can have payload 56 and 60 on the same plane because they have the same mod restrictions. The mod restrictions don't need to be identical, but they must not conflict with each other, as in the case of mod 40 and 56. I hope that helps. Jim
  20. hello, you just need to restore the defaut snapview, nothing serious, see this thread: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/45434-lost-my-cockpitforward-view-help/
  21. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2917980
  22. If you both can publish that specific mission, members could give it a try. As speaking for myself, I sure would like to test it. BTW, do you both have an HD or an SSD?
  23. Hope everyone had a pleasant Easter break. Can't quite believe I've got this far, but I was able spray the undersides and mask & paint each rib tape. Now the tricky bit. I've painted the upper surfaces in XF-62, which is what Wingnut Wings recommends for their 1/32 scale models. I lightened it, but it still looks very dark to me for what I imagine of a typical PC10 finish. So here's the question... should I lighten it? I have the opportunity to do so later this week and I don't want to skimp on effort after coming so far. Would a generic PC10 finish look a couple of shades lighter to you?
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