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  2. An image to support @TP_Silk's post: Notes: - In order to modify the NDB, you must make it a linked entity. - Beacon channel is sort of like an on-off switch. Both Russian and German should be set to 1 for on, 0 for off. - There are ways to modify the beacon channel when other events fire off.
  3. Once I've extracted the data folder to the IL-2 main folder should these missions appear under the Mission tab in-game?
  4. Hope the settings help! Truth is, the amount of data transmitted by the simulation must be very low compared to a video transmission so maybe the settings won't help, but it is worth trying, don't you think? Also, I noted on Hellbender's image that he is setting the update frequency of the Force Feedback parameters to 5.0 You can lower it up to 0.5 and still get decent force feedback with reduced jerkiness when moving your head around. (the lower the value, the less jerky the movement, yet it is not completely eliminated). Good Luck!
  5. I eventually figured out that the cause of my stutter in the thread that I started way back then was caused by two things: 1) A weird bug with IL-2 that Jason identified in a thread. Turning on 4K textures seems to fix it. 2) The limited 2GB of VRAM that my GTX 960 had. If I was able to keep it at 1.6-1.8GB then I was fine. Hit 1.9GB and it was very stuttery. I solved that with a new GPU that has 8GB of VRAM. 😄
  6. I hear your argument - and I agree (...up to a point). When there is a 3:1 or 2:1 ratio b/w Luftwaffe vs VVS over any target area, it is more than likely the VVS pilot will get shot down. However, it is also my assumption that the VVS pilot will probably take one Luftwaffe pilot with them (...you know all those trains, VVS pilot on 1 plane and 1, 2 or 3 on the VVS pilot's tail). With target fixation another VVS fighter pilot could sneak up on the 1, 2 or 3 Luftwaffe pilots chasing the 1 VVS pilot and snag one before flying off. So imbalance can work for some VVS pilots and not so much for others. So you are correct! There is definitely an imbalance factor to consider. Logic states with imbalance on TAW server, as there are more Luftwaffe pilots on average on the server to shoot down fewer VVS pilots, wouldn't more Luftwaffe pilots will be on the leaderboard? Or, would the VVS pilots make out better in the "Air Kill" departments with more available targets. I don't know the answer with the available information. For the argument regarding bad weather being an "equalizer", is all I was trying to do is disprove it - nothing more, nothing less. The predominate "good weather" has not hurt the leaderboards.
  7. I've made a couple of missions with balloons and I have placed them at different heights. You just have to put in negative numbers into the object hight settings if I remember correctly. I'll have to check... @Skidz But I do agree I would like to see more of them. I really miss the observation balloons from RoF. I'm kind of fascinated by war-balloons in general. Their kind of an underused asset IMO. I love sharing the sky with them.
  8. Im not clear what you're saying here. Are you implying it was common for a squadron from a group to fly regularly as a detached unit with different group? I think I've only read about it a couple of times. Notably when the first shuttle bombing missions were flown to Russia. One squadron from the 352nd fighter group was assigned to fly with the 4thFG as an extra squadron. Later in the war towards the latter part of 1944, most fighter groups of the 8thAF could put up a double sized group of 72 aircraft, on a regular basis. Sometimes going out together or flown as separate mission forces. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you meant, but I think most ETO groups were pretty much dedicated units that didn't or wouldn't allow themselves to be sectioned off into smaller parts and sent elsewhere.
  9. Your falling for the old multi-core averaging trick. Your CPU is overloading, on the one core that really counts, the rest are on vacation, useless. Try turning off Hyperthreading and see if that core picks up a bit off it's slack side siamese cousin.
  10. Today
  11. The problem stems from the graphics card and the game engine. There has been a long standing issue since roughly 2014 where performance is hit on the GTX 960, 970, 1050, and 1070 cards. The issues were reduced/improved late last year. However many of the problems still remain. Tweak the game for the best performance via settings and that is good as it will be. It's an issue from the game engine itself and not our desktops. The cause of the problems have been buried in new layers of game code since 2014 so the devs have a difficult time solving this issue. Your memory leak issue is directly related to the old constant micro stuttering problems. I hope this can at least narrow your search path a little. It is a lessor known issue in the community. @SAS_Storebror is probably the most knowledgeable on the topic. A couple related threads. They may or may not be related as much of the old game coding talked about has been changed. *read page 2*
  12. Mine is enabled! I will disable it and test it (with the other settings) as soon as possible. I'll let you guys know.
  13. Here's my report: Khimki IL2 1941 Payloads.zip ^^ Here is the group *Sorry for the voice errors... Apparently, I dun't read to wellz. 🤔
  14. how about this phillip k dick copy cat the innocent raaid wins at sluts machines while actually fight the alien ai invasor who actually came to save him from the cruel human who have him prisoner and decieved about the true nature of things by his god given talent like could decieve a joust decided by god if you decieve the good guy and make him fight for the bad cause? this is what the innocent raaaid discover after beating the crap out of a slut machine who suddenly would go in a despearte move in a loop, look at the camera look at the came look at the camera ender has found out and also has found out he is gonna change sides now im gonna play to lose to win
  15. Hey guys, Here's a list of airfields we need some kind of picture of diagram of. Just descriptions is not enough. Bad Lippspringe (northeast of Paderborn) Coesfeld-Lette Drope (7 miles northwest of Furstenau) (B-105) Furstenau Greven (northeast of the town, near Munster) Heesch (B-88) Kirchhellen (Y-82) Krefeld-Linn Babenhausen (Y-77) Eudenbach / Asbach (Y-71) Gotzenhain Krefeld (Y-61) Krefeld-Bockum Limburg-Linter (Y-83) Blankerberg (B-66) Coesfeld Gross-Reken Gymnich Monchen-Gladbach (Y-56 Alkmaar Mountains Bracht (Rauschenberg) Dinant Freux Hargimont Jeneffe Libin Loge-Wactiaux Marche Neufchateau Nives ochamps Wengerohr And does anyone have this book by chance? https://www.amazon.com/Fliegerhorste-Einsatzhäfen-Luftwaffe-Planskizzen-1935-1945/dp/3613014866/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me=&qid=1555978353&sr=8-1-fkmrnull Jason
  16. The other day I was hit by a Gunner Was hilarious. I shoot them and he crashed on the ground. While he was spining and rolling while desintegrating on the ground he managed to hit me. That just makes no sense on any kind of IA
  17. Hallo Leute, Wir suchen Informationen zu folgenden Flugplätzen für Bodenplatte. Wir brauchen Bilder des Flugplatzes wie Landebahnen und Gebäude. Wenn Sie uns helfen können, lassen Sie es mich wissen. Viele dieser Flugplätze befinden sich in Deutschland. Bad Lippspringe (northeast of Paderborn) Coesfeld-Lette Drope (7 miles northwest of Furstenau) (B-105) Furstenau Greven (northeast of the town, near Munster) Heesch (B-88) Kirchhellen (Y-82) Krefeld-Linn Babenhausen (Y-77) Eudenbach/Asbach (Y-71) Gotzenhain Krefeld (Y-61) Krefeld-Bockum Limburg-Linter (Y-83) Blankerberg (B-66) Coesfeld Gross-Reken Gymnich Monchen-Gladbach (Y-56 Alkmaar-Bergen Bracht (Rauschenberg) Dinant Freux Hargimont Jeneffe Libin Loge-Wactiaux Marche Neufchateau Nives Ochamps Wengerohr Vielen Dank! Jason Entschuldigung für Google Translate P.S. hat einer von euch dieses Buch? https://www.amazon.com/Fliegerhorste-Einsatzhäfen-Luftwaffe-Planskizzen-1935-1945/dp/3613014866/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me=&qid=1555978353&sr=8-1-fkmrnull
  18. yeah but dont follow lessons be yourself and let the inner kid flow youre not in an indoctrination center any more
  19. I wonder if its an HDD vs SSD issue possibly. I suggest deleting the startup.cfg file and seeing if that does anything. I know it's pretty much my fix all at this point but it really does work a lot of the times.
  20. Would be so nice if the devs added more community made skins to all the aircraft by default. Such a waste to only see these as an option for private games.
  21. Yesterday
  22. I do think both things add to the sim. New aircraft with good FMs are interesting challenges to master and can make for more interesting and unique missions. I think most people will agree the U-2VS was a great addition. Equally, adding depth to what's already there is always nice. The reality of "this is a company that has to make money" is that they need to release things for people to buy so they can continue to pay their staff and keep the servers running, and you can't really sell drop tanks as a $20 expansion
  23. The link is about half way down the first page. Good luck. I am working on a update but it isn't ready yet.
  24. I certainly don’t have a dog in this fight, since I’ve given up on taw. But your argument fails to consider the side imbalance. Yes, more VVS fighters are in top 10 for kills, but you don’t mention the relationship of kills to opportunity. Sure is easier to get a kill when you’re outnumbered especially when only comparing fighters ( we all know LW has more fighters in the air than bombers, whereas VVS is a lower %). Too many variables in my opinion to make the counter-argument you’re making. I will agree however, that increasing poor weather missions just means less on both sides actually flying. I also don’t like using precipitation in this sim since icing isn’t modeled. Model freezing levels and we now have a real equalizer lol!
  25. Was going to try and make it but missed out on this one. I hope to again soon!
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