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  2. Thanks. Any suggestions about how to make it even more challenging? Yes, the Tiger is very tough. One on one the German tanks (overall) are simply outclassed at this time. I have to be creative in any attempt to even things up a bit. I have the mission set up to have a 50% random air support flight. Either 2 109 G2 or a single Stuka. I can be different each time played. I may do the same for the Russian air side in any update.
  3. No, I would not say it was too easy. I applied several of the strategies and maneuvers I learned playing other tank missions. Had I not had that practice and experience I would have certainly ended up dead.
  4. Pardon mon ignorance but what is API?
  5. No...but that Tiger is damn strong and has a very big gun! Many tanks for the sheer number of vehicles involved & the Stuka(s?) circling overhead!
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  7. Could'nt get Driver 4VR to work.may not be compatible with Odessey. I do appreciate the help and effort though. Thanks
  8. hm naja man muss aber auch bedenken, dass der unterschied Zwischen der Steurung einer echten D9, was ganz anders ist als mit einem Federjoystick der keinerlei wiederstand oder Feeback über die Maschine her gibt, was er ja gewohnt war und er ducrh dieses fehlende Gefühl evtl Falsche Steuereingaben macht, die in solch einem Verhalten der Maschine resultieren.
  9. Do you have to purchase the game/add-ons directly on the developer's shop to get these 'medals' under your avatar?
  10. Work is going on very good. We have 15 Finns now working mostly with the surface editing and they are creating Finnish and Karelian Isthmus countryside lanscape. The first 3D-models of Finnish countryside buildings are visible in the Mission Editor and more new 3D stuff is coming all the time. It takes at least one year more that the 300 km x 300 km map is ready done bacause we are doing this as a hobby and in our free times. But all the map making tools and methods (mostly with the Photoshop) are learned good and we can really make this map. Nothing more I can't tell...
  11. Was it too easy? Was it too easy?
  12. Downloaded and driven...Terrific !!! One of the best tank missions so far.Of course I'm saying that because I got over the bridge & through the town leaving 5 Soviet tanks in my wake..Loved it!
  13. Downloaded and played the mission. Many thanks!! I especially enjoyed the multi-layered defense approaching the river. As I have told you before, I appreciate that there are people such as yourself who create and share these pieces of magnificence.
  14. Mit Brems und MiG mal wieder 'ne Runde auf dem KOTA-Server gedreht... Mit der Ju 88 in der Rolle als Panzerjäger gegen T-34 der russischen 13. Panzerdivision... Volltreffer ! Insgesamt drei Panzer in einer Mission - keine schlechte Ausbeute, und das alles nur mit Bomben ! Zuvor noch einen Frontflughafen mit reichlich Il-2 Maschinen und Jägern attackiert, damit der Angriff auf die Panzer auch ungestört durchgeführt werden kann...
  15. in the West is it the JG26 and in the East each Schlachtgeschwader
  16. We tried to model it like a real fire. The smoke doesn't always start for each building, and fires burn out at a different rate, so each time you destroy an objective the smoke will look different!
  17. Yesterday
  18. From MSFFB2 to the Virpil Mongoos T50 (10 cm extension ,center mount with VPC mount)- buy it is good decision. I have 3 working MSFFB2 to sell 😉 Now I even prefer Virpil in Rise Of Flight to MSFFB2
  19. Or put differently, "Get off my derned lawn, ya young whippersnapper!" I knew this would happen to you eventually, Tycoon, just not so soon. 😀
  20. Is it still being developed or is this the old 2015 build? I had good fun with Falcon for a little bit until the bugs just overwhelmed the experience and I moved on to EAW.
  21. Multi-crew planes have pretty much always come last in this project (i.e., BoS), because they require more time for completion. It's nothing to do with technical limitations.
  22. Off to the Gulags and Death camps for you. 😗
  23. Exploring the mountains on the southeastern portion of the Kuban map. Had an engine fail since I think I left the shutters all the way open and let the oil over cool. Made it back ok though.
  24. Some Time lines for the P40C and P40E in VVS service: From Here: http://lend-lease.airforce.ru/english/articles/romanenko/p-40/index.htm The 126th IAP was re-equipped with the P-40E in May 1942. Located in the deep rear after the Germans' retreat, it combined its training on the Kittyhawk with its air defense mission of Moscow and environs in the quiet situation until the end of August. At the end of August it was also tasked to provide escort to government aircraft flying along the route from Moscow to Arzamas to Kuybyshev AMERICAS HUNDRED THOUSAND Pg 239: Oct 41 The first Tomahawks in Russia into action SOVIET AIR POWER IN WORLD WAR II Yeffim Gordon Pg 438: The first P40Es (Model H-87A-3, aka Kittyhawk MK IA) with completely redesigned fuselage and uprated V-1710-39 reached the USSR in late 1941. By May 1942 the number rose to 118 aircraft.
  25. Salutations, I believe your suspect is one of your mods. Run each mod 'alone' and check if the game runs with it normally. If it does, add another mod and do the same. etc. etc. You should find the culprit mod. Good luck.
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