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  2. @Gordon200 Ah, got it. Thanks for explaining.
  3. @Arfsix That's really excellent work. Thank you. If you keep your spreadsheets consistent in terms of format / layout then we could (or you could) use Excel to compare the old version of the spreadsheet with the new version and identify any changes. I would assume then, when IL2 brings out an additional plane with new KEY MAPPING settings available it would be easy to identify the new settings that have been added. Certainly this would be helpful in setting up Key Mapping. I am trying to use one set of Key Mapping that will control several planes (even though the planes have some different controls/features) by dual mapping joystick and throttle buttons and switches. Thus a comparison spreadsheet would be very helpful in adding a newly released plane to the KEY MAPPING set. I found a good YouTube video dealing with different methods of comparing spreadsheets...although I suspect you may already know how to do this... but for others in the community : https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=399&v=DyEDODl3e2U Thank you again. Very much appreciated.
  4. Semor76

    Cold starts

    Testet the C&D feature with a Stuka campaign. Unfortunately, all planes disappear one by one after rolling to the runway threshold. Stuka Land MissionAnalysis.txt
  5. Sorry but did you eliminate the microstutter by disabling the 4k textures checkbox???
  6. This also happens in WoL. Report it in the 3rd party tools thread.
  7. Today
  8. Should this be flagged as race baiting?
  9. I know that the main theme of CB is late war planes but, I do enjoy the early/mid war plane set as well. I really like the fact that this is a server that is well put-together and also moderated. I also like the fact that it's a server where I get the best ping. Would you guys consider adding a few early/mid war maps if they didn't outweigh the amount of late war maps you want to add? It's ok if you don't but, I thought I'd ask. I'd much rather prefer this server over others to get my I-16, Yak-1, Pe-2.35 fix.
  10. Hey stupor, i think i actually killed you while flying the stuka G, but I love to switch it up a bit in tanks, tank a bit and when I get killed fly a bit and tbh im pretty good at flying the hs129 and stuka but im terrible at dogfighting so the tank server was great for me.. im really loving it but i think the Efront tanks server is a bit Mehh, dunno why too many IA lots of people flying and bigger maps make it feel a bit stale compared to the other server i think.. Anyway i hope for more tank content soon as im loving it and i hope it will bring new players though at the current state/price i cant say that i would tell someone to buy it. I good friend of mine likes this game as well he has the base game BOS, gonna try some tanking together soon, him being gunner or so multicrew tank think he will like it but cant really bring myself to tell him to buy the tank crew in current state.. like i said i really hope it will grow further. I am guilty of warcrimes I have killed a few tanks with the stuka G while they were in the woods (some of those is contributed to engine damage / track damage) repair system for the tanks would be nice for track repairs etc. because now people jump out when they are immobile thus granting the kill to the last player that damaged them. It is pretty easy to spot a moving tank while in a low flying plane the exhaust fumes are easy to spot and the dust cloud behind the tank which is realistic in summer but ive seen this also on a rain map and then the dust cloud shouldnt be there tbh. I will try to play less of a attack plane and more of a tanker, Its a shame the game dies but there is some things that need to be adressed by the developers and by the server creators as well, but its also very early in development. i think something like this would really help. The game also really needs flak trucks, then everything will balance out a bit more for example: 2 tigers in a big open flat area would dominate most russian tanks coming at them. but an airplane would be able to knock them out pretty easily (track damage or worse) but 2 tigers and one AA vehicle would make it much more difficult for a plane to knock them out and people will think about ammo choice (i would definatly bring HE if there are player controlled soft targets)
  11. i can shed my experience on this as well, left from commander position to gunner position and forgot to close hatch, got strafed by a plane (MP) and tried to go back to commander but was unavailable. plane strafed me again a couple of times i was in pz3 and he eventually knocked me out.. Im assuming he shot rounds in my still open hatch and those rounds ricoched inside the tank but i cant be sure.. would be nice to know how you died. (one of the few things i did like about the very very very unrealistic war thunder is that you knew how you died)
  12. I would support this content.
  13. I stalled it at low speeds, ~1g stalls. IAS was at around 90-70mph. I don't justify, I explain. I don't explain, if I have insufficient information.
  14. Do Canadians sing this when cutting trees?
  15. "I'm a lumberjack and I'm alright .........."
  16. About the power the gain from the Merlin 45 to the Merlin 66 is really high at low and high altitudes, with almost 300 HP more at sea level. I guess the turn time tells us about the energy efficiency in turns, but I can't for the life of me test it properly 😅
  17. Happy Easter to you and everyone one the forums!
  18. please to whom it may concern ... Do not let CLOD die ... flight from the beginning just like the BOS. and I can say that at first the BOS was much better l, it was not easy to aim at the enemy, the aircraft crossed very much, imagine two aircraft voand 600, 700km / h and crossing ... so now as all update and mimis of many I see that simulator happened to be more a game a little more simulated than many games arcades ... before all this I see that the Engineering and FM and flight dynamics of the CLOD is still yes better than the BOS so the team does not want to leave that he is again the favorite of the community ... I imagine that the 777 team does not want to lose everything that has already worked in their Engineering that started with RoF, I'm sure Engineering is very good but they are adjusting it. to attract players who like arcade more than simulate. I understand why all this but I do not accept, I know that all this generates a sale, that at the end of everything is what matters most ... Sell as many copies as possible ... no more I ask PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THE CLOD DIE.
  19. @Hopper64 For now I have not noticed this error other games or simulators ... I have changed the drivers and nothing to correct ... I believe tb is some mistake with the game and not with hardware ... we will not let this topic die, so it will be easier to find a solution. This is a picture for my error
  20. There have been no statements from the developers regarding plans for new graphics technologies. Adding DXR effects would require a huge rewrite of their rendering system, so it's not a feature that's likely to appear any time soon. In the past, the developers have said that they prefer to avoid features restricted to certain hardware. That's a problem with things like DLSS. However, RTX cards are still the strongest in traditional rasterization workloads, so they're not a bad thing to buy if you need more power for 4K or VR.
  21. I posted this in the Nvidia driver thread, so I thought I would post here too about this error. Dx error. Went to the game folder and data/updater/dx and rebuilt Dx but the problem persists. It's more likely to happen on the new map. Can't remember the name of the new map, but I also see flashing ground textures too. I don't see this with other maps, so I don't think it's a hardware issue. Ideas?
  22. I have had the same issue too. Dx error. I will try to post a picture of the error. Went to the game folder and data/updater/dx and rebuilt Dx but the problem persists. It's more likely to happen on the new map. Can't remember the name of the new map, but I also see flashing ground textures too. I don't see this with other maps, so I don't think it's a hardware issue. Ideas?
  23. I've been getting back into art recently and I thought it'd be interesting to post some stuff and get feedback and to see anyone else art that they'd like to share. Also if there is any artist you really like feel free to share some of their work. I haven't really drawn anything in over 10+ years and I figured I better get back into it and increase my skills. I've always loved it and have been told I had a gift since I was a small child, I'm not so sure about the gift part (as you'll see) but I do enjoy it and want to improve. Feel free to laugh at everything I post, it's all pretty bad. Here's the last self portrait I did many many years ago (I think I was 12-13 years old) Here's a recent one I did a few months ago, keep in mind I've had zero practice from 12-13 to now but I think this one looks much better (though it's not good lol) Some random sketches I've been doing off and on, some of these are pretty hilarious in how bad they are but here ya go.
  24. If this tree hadn't jumped up and grabbed me, I would have got the other 3 109s. Now somebody GET ME DOWN!
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