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  2. "I'm a lumberjack and I'm alright .........."
  3. About the power the gain from the Merlin 45 to the Merlin 66 is really high at low and high altitudes, with almost 300 HP more at sea level. I guess the turn time tells us about the energy efficiency in turns, but I can't for the life of me test it properly 😅
  4. Happy Easter to you and everyone one the forums!
  5. please to whom it may concern ... Do not let CLOD die ... flight from the beginning just like the BOS. and I can say that at first the BOS was much better l, it was not easy to aim at the enemy, the aircraft crossed very much, imagine two aircraft voand 600, 700km / h and crossing ... so now as all update and mimis of many I see that simulator happened to be more a game a little more simulated than many games arcades ... before all this I see that the Engineering and FM and flight dynamics of the CLOD is still yes better than the BOS so the team does not want to leave that he is again the favorite of the community ... I imagine that the 777 team does not want to lose everything that has already worked in their Engineering that started with RoF, I'm sure Engineering is very good but they are adjusting it. to attract players who like arcade more than simulate. I understand why all this but I do not accept, I know that all this generates a sale, that at the end of everything is what matters most ... Sell as many copies as possible ... no more I ask PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THE CLOD DIE.
  6. @Hopper64 For now I have not noticed this error other games or simulators ... I have changed the drivers and nothing to correct ... I believe tb is some mistake with the game and not with hardware ... we will not let this topic die, so it will be easier to find a solution. This is a picture for my error
  7. There have been no statements from the developers regarding plans for new graphics technologies. Adding DXR effects would require a huge rewrite of their rendering system, so it's not a feature that's likely to appear any time soon. In the past, the developers have said that they prefer to avoid features restricted to certain hardware. That's a problem with things like DLSS. However, RTX cards are still the strongest in traditional rasterization workloads, so they're not a bad thing to buy if you need more power for 4K or VR.
  8. Today
  9. I posted this in the Nvidia driver thread, so I thought I would post here too about this error. Dx error. Went to the game folder and data/updater/dx and rebuilt Dx but the problem persists. It's more likely to happen on the new map. Can't remember the name of the new map, but I also see flashing ground textures too. I don't see this with other maps, so I don't think it's a hardware issue. Ideas?
  10. I have had the same issue too. Dx error. I will try to post a picture of the error. Went to the game folder and data/updater/dx and rebuilt Dx but the problem persists. It's more likely to happen on the new map. Can't remember the name of the new map, but I also see flashing ground textures too. I don't see this with other maps, so I don't think it's a hardware issue. Ideas?
  11. I've been getting back into art recently and I thought it'd be interesting to post some stuff and get feedback and to see anyone else art that they'd like to share. Also if there is any artist you really like feel free to share some of their work. I haven't really drawn anything in over 10+ years and I figured I better get back into it and increase my skills. I've always loved it and have been told I had a gift since I was a small child, I'm not so sure about the gift part (as you'll see) but I do enjoy it and want to improve. Feel free to laugh at everything I post, it's all pretty bad. Here's the last self portrait I did many many years ago (I think I was 12-13 years old) Here's a recent one I did a few months ago, keep in mind I've had zero practice from 12-13 to now but I think this one looks much better (though it's not good lol) Some random sketches I've been doing off and on, some of these are pretty hilarious in how bad they are but here ya go.
  12. If this tree hadn't jumped up and grabbed me, I would have got the other 3 109s. Now somebody GET ME DOWN!
  13. I used to have that throttle for many, many years, so I learned a few things about it along the way. Glad it worked for you!
  14. You wait about 80 years and get the second Thunderbolt to drop a GPS guided JDAM
  16. If its not a Bug then what is it ? If its meant to be a design feature then its implementation is bugged
  17. Update on topic . i just tried the game on a friends house with an extended joystick. all i can say its a tottally different experience. all planes flyed and felt super natural and realistic. i could be super accurate and responsive at the same time. it also worths to mention that, that was with 0 sensitivity and nf setting. i guess the problem lies with table joysticks they just cant get the feel right. now trying to find a setting to make my t16000 behave alike and that because i feel that with short sticks nonlinearity,nf and maybe even a little deadzone will improve the experience.
  18. Hi alll... Any solution for this error a had this same problem Windows 10 64 Ryzen 7 2700x 32gb DDR 4 EVGA GTX 980 SSD COSAIR. THANKS
  19. When they’re ready for final release. Many games have failed due to unforeseen complications delaying development, but having to be released anyway due to a release date being announced. Better to just release it when it’s ready.
  20. If hidden # 3 to 8 engine controls, will reduce the convoluted Aircraft controls list considerable. The amount of controls related, without purpose for player: Radio Transceiver Frequency is another purposeless command - seems related with something planed for Br.20 navigator cockpit but not made.
  21. I currently have these... VP BAT Ypack Stock Then Clod Blitz Il2 GB BOS BOM BOK BOBP All collector besides po2 and ju52 WOTR DCS Probably 500 gb of flight sims. Oh can't forget good old war thunder...(never touch it)
  22. What case? is this a court room now? I received no warning from any admin in which I did receive from other another player. and did I stop talking in game and importantly stopped "cursing"? Yes. Did I continue to my rampage? no... I didn't receive a ban until Hours later. All good... This is between me and GoA... in which case, i'll stop posting here. I'll even throw in a bonus and delete my post from earlier... LoL
  23. I'm glad it helped. Good luck up there. Watch your six.
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