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  2. That's simply not how any of this works. You ship out modules based on what can be built best and fastest without delaying the entire project. Not based on what would be nice to have.
  3. Hi guys, Learning the yak 1 and I love it. Are there good training missions to start with. I read blazing steppe is quite good but very hard for beginners. Is there a training mission like in dcs? Thanks Jozeff
  4. Remember when the spinmeister had a meltdown and called us all kiddies right here? That classless act got him a promotion from wagner.
  5. Neither the Ju-88 or He-111 are easy. They both have their quirks. Ranking from easiest to hardest (not all are dedicated bombers) in my own opinion: Bf-110 - Pe-2, IL-2 Ju-87 He-129 Ju-88 He-111
  6. Honestly, if you're just starting out learning to fly bombers, I'd fly for the VVS to begin with. Train on the A-20 first, since it is by far the easiest bomber to operate as well as having the overall best performance. Yes, the German bombers can carry larger and more varied bomb loads, but the He 111 is a hog performance wise, and the Ju 88 can be a bit tricky, especially in ground handling.
  7. Yeah, thats what got me asking about bombers specifically.
  8. Perhaps the Ju88 - on most servers who restrict the "uber" bombs the 111 can carry, the 88 has many more useful loadout options. It only has one set of cowl flaps to worry about as well. It can be a bit of a handful to get up but one you are confident with the brakes and remember to up the rpm limiter before rolling its not so bad. Landing needs a little care as its a bugger for low speed stalls and a little power applied keeps the descent rate in check. Climbs better and is much faster than the 111 too.
  9. A lot of fun can be had in FW-190 used in bomber/jabo role Cheers, Dakpilot
  10. These are my VKB stick settings, i think they're a faithful adaptation of how the real KG12, etc. worked: A (trigger) KNOPF: IRL: machine guns VKB: same B1 (top) KNOPF: IRL: Cannons. If the pilot wanted to fire rockets, he would have to flip a switch elsewhere in the cockpit to make this button fire rockets, and then switch it back to return to cannons. VKB: I use the "mode" button on the base of my gladiator to switch to "rocket" mode, and back. B2 (side) KNOPF: IRL: Bombs. it wasn't a hatswitch, it was a single button. VKB: bombs, but the extra hat buttons control bomb and rocket modes (firing in pairs or singular or which bombs to drop first). There's a perfect free button here (in gray) to 'fire rockets' as well, but that isn't technically correct. Pinky KNOPF: IRL: Push to Talk VKB: I used the vkbconfig software to make this function as BOTH a shift key (which is what it normally does) AND as a joystick button. When pressed, it transmits to teamspeak (for playing multiplayer). It simultaneously shifts the B2 knopf into a set of squadron radio commands (for single player).
  11. The 110. While not necessarily a dedicated bomber in the style of the 111 or 88, it's still an effective tactical bomber.
  12. Im happy with learning bombsight operation, im just asking which requires least engine managment. Im running out of buttions Im a terrible online fighter pilot, mostly i think because i have trouble spotting planes, so im thinking i will contribute as a bomber.
  13. Thanks for the info! Hopefully the balance will tend more towards 50/50 once the P-51 becomes available...then again the 262 is also coming. This has been a problem since IL-2 1946. The axis planes really are extremely good on paper and it seems that it was supply logistics (especially fuel late war), training, manpower, and other unmodeled details such as strategic and mechanical breakdowns that gave the allies the edge. I'll give your server a shot!
  14. Today
  15. It lets you fix the world scale, in case it's off, gives you a competitive zoom so you can ID aircrafts, lets you change contrasts, lets you disable the propeller disk so you can use Oculus' ASW2.0 without a flashing crosshair, fixes the sun shining through your cockpit bars on certain occasions, etc.
  16. Yeah what is that 3dmigoto mod? Is it required? What happens if I don't use it? Yeah I'm def going to ease into this to not get sick haha. I'll make sure to run through that thread tonight or over the weekend.
  17. here at HWInfo the did some testings and there is no improvement at stock or at overclocking. But the new quad-core i3-9350KF can be an very interesting for the budget players as it can be overclocked to 5Ghz and does not need any delid. Sorry only in Dutch.
  18. Giledhil, mouse and keyboard get disabled if you don't adhere to the correct load order. It's annoying at first, but necessary: 1. Start "Mixed Reality Portal". 2. Enter the Cliffhouse, find your roomspace. Take Headset off again. 3. Start Steam Application "Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR". Wait till SteamVR has started. 4. Start IL-2 Sturmovik and wait for it to load to the main menu. Now put the headset back on. That's it! Check my Signature for my sticky thread. You'll find better settings there. You can go up to 150% SteamVR SS, and, depending on GPU, 2x or 4x ingame Anti-Aliasing. The settings in my thread are 130% SS + 2x ingame SS. That leaves indeed some aliasing left, that is normal. 150% SS and 4x Anti-Aliasing gets rid of most of it. You cannot go higher on SS because IL-2 doesn't scale up aircrafts properly in VR. Their minimum size seems tied to the reported resolution - and in Supersampling, the resolution is much smaller than what your native output shows you. The pixel aircrafts at range then become smaller than a subpixel and vanish in the blur of their environment. Whatever is behind it, the result is the same. 8-9km effective spotting sphere instead of 10km.
  19. You won't find any bot planes in the skies, this and the lack of navigation aids are the biggest departures from Coconut's. The pings from the US are fine in my experience, I'm on the west coast and haven't had issue with connectivity to this server. So if you are east of me you should be fine, you'll likely be fine even if you aren't east of me in all probability. As BubiHUN mentioned an attempt is made, sometimes, to balance the teams but you will find a heavy axis slant, like you see on most servers, at times. In fairness you will also see some numbers on the Soviet side too but that is somewhat rare.
  20. Lezren

    Cold starts

    So I have 5.1.3, is cold start available, or do I have to use the 6.0 alpha for this??
  21. I'm on a Samsung Odyssey. So my Steam settings are entirely different than yours. My 100% is not your 100%. You need to go by Pixel Numbers displayed. 1.5x of your HMD's native panel resolution is the maximum you'll want. Beyond that, even with a full pentile RGB matrix and 3 subpixels, you'd be losing actual range on spotting enemy aircrafts. Everything else you can keep the same
  22. You need to setup the game according to the stickies in the VR section. Stay away from Ultra Settings - and framerate is king, you need to reach steady 80Hz. Use lefuneste's 3dmigoto mod, so that you get a working zoom in IL-2. He has a new version on the last pages of his thread, that lets you dial in the proper convergences, so that you don't feel cross-eyed when zooming.
  23. Hi, no settings for Rift S. What remains globally true is: The higher your SS is above your native HMD resolution - the harder it becomes to spot targets. Aircrafts at range become the size of a subpixel or less, and are thus blended into a colour with the environment around them, and then that colour mix is displayed in one pixel. That's why people have issues with spotting at high SS (in relation to their native resolution!!) - the aircrafts actually are invisible.
  24. try turning on 4x anti-aliasing and see if that stops the black screen issue. also try turning on full screen.
  25. I find it very hard to decide between the HP Reverb (coming out soon) and a Pimax 5K OLED version... wonder what gives a better picture and immersion, the wider FOV with an allegedly giant sweet spot, or a higher resolution with a medium sweet spot and narrower FOV. My neck could answer that story easily. But my eyes are 20/20, and they'd complain as well. Tough choice. What I cannot understand is people ordering the Index (no offence, if anyone is here). That thing has neither high resolution nor a FOV comparable to a Pimax. And the Index Controllers (any Lighthouse Controllers) can get run with the Odysseys, Reverbs, Pimaxes (anything but Oculus HMDs) as well.
  26. Can somebody help me? I´m looking for this FW190 ... flown by Lt Hans Grapentin
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