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  2. Sorry, 🤐I didn't understand but now, I see ...
  3. I agree, I would love to have way more bomber targets to shoot down in my p-47/spit9. 😂
  4. Yes, and I regret it now. But I don't delete it to be honest (because I am don't going to said "i never said it..."). Yes, and you have maybe reason. It was just to ask the question "focused history" or "focused balanced" beacause we're not putting the same aircrafts in the two modes.
  5. Why not just have these be server settings? Then you can choose to play on the servers that meet your desired realism settings.
  6. Good job Redwing, thanks.
  7. Its a tank simulator game so all these ideas you present make it sound more and more arcadish and forgiving to ones mistakes in combat, if the enemy have the time and is able to shot your tracks you have done something very wrong already. I know realism should be kept high and im in big favor of that but i really think there should be some concessions made otherwise realism will just be a suffering. Ehm that goes against what you said: Realism will suffer if we start making it unrealistic with for example: repairing tracks in a few minutes, in real life one cant do that so the realism should be that you cant in the game either. We have games like warthunder or even worse: world of tanks for those who want to drive around in their tanks and shot and do impossible things, I rather play this simulator than that. But some more realistic ideas as I see your point: Well once one is detracked you can always spot for your friendly tankers, most enemies seem to ignore a detracked Panzer III so I managed to in one game tell my tiger players where the T-34s were coming from and taking them out. Also would be a good idea to have towing/repair tanks like bergenpanther or such which could tow one and maybe repair one after 30-50 minutes or so, any shorter than that and it would become unrealistic way too much. Also about the one get the tank kill when one abandon the tank: One should only get a tank kill if you actually kill it, if the tanker abandons the tank and there is no combat nearby then the player who detracked him/her shouldnt get any kill. That problem is then solved. Of course the other passion-killer is the 'gunner killed' result. Should you be allowed a new crew member if you return to a friendly tank base? I would say no as that would be like in real life: You abort the task you had and have to start a new sortie, get a new crew together and most likely some new orders updated on how the battle is going, so it would be like starting a new sortie.
  8. Yup, but it does seem odd that there seems to be almost no difference in BoX: I think the old simulation results SuperEtendard linked above illustrates the point that it can take a while to build up separation in some cases but in the BoX comparison PapaFly posted here the P-47 really should pull away since you would pass top speed in a jiffy in that scenario.....
  9. i can not think of any casino game posible to mathematically beat at roulette you can check imperfections that produce edges at craps you can learn to trhrow the dice to your advantage at blackjack you can count cards and at slots you can decipher how the pseudo random number generator works as i did and i think this knowledged is more valuable than my two university degrees, learning aasembler was hitting the jackpot
  10. And German cannon tracers were blue? I guess I'll install that tracer mod then.
  11. Thank you very much! Don't you have other skins for some other plane?
  12. Merci pour vos réponses !..donc certain cockpit ont le pistolet et d autre non .. je vais tester ..
  13. Just to add that it is not just about altitude, but also about starting speed before the dive. If a P-47 and Spitfire start together at the same cruise speed and then dive while adding thrust, the Spitfire will get ahead first, just as it would if both added thrust while not diving. The P-47 would catch up and overtake later as they get above maximum level speed, if there is enough altitude. If they start together at maximum speed, the P-47 will get ahead and stay ahead, since neither has any engine thrust to add. So if you are in a slow turning fight diving away may not work for you in a heavier (strictly higher m/D) plane, unless you can also combine it with a direction change the lighter plane cannot match - such as a rapid roll - to help with the initial separation. edit: added before seeing H's last: which I think is the same point: it depends how quickly you can get past maximum level speed.
  14. VP mod, I hate to say it, but it just has more singleplayer content. There's like a hundred different dgen campaigns. BAT only has the two stock pacific fighter campaigns for the USAAF and the USN/USMC. There's a few decent campaigns you can add to BAT, besides war over italy, gazala, and battle of france the rest are extremely obscure.
  15. Today
  16. No, you're quite right it does depend on the scenario but you can say that the P-47 should out dive the Spitfire in almost all cases: The exceptions would be a very steep dive where you would be forced to pull out before gaining any meaningful separation or starting from a very slow speed like close to stall from lower altitudes. However, in the test scenario from BoX the planes started off at 500 Km/h from 6 Km and then you pass D>T (i.e. top speed at a given altitude) very quickly and from then on the P-47 should start to pull away.
  17. I'm amazed at the quality and breadth of work this small team has produced for what is now unfortunately a niche corner of the gaming market. Every single time I put my Rift on and find myself sitting in a photo realistic WWII fighter cockpit I get the same sense of awe and glee. I would never have believed I would experience something like this during my lifetime even ten years ago. This sim is a labor of love and dedication that keeps a vital era of history alive. May it continue on as long as this community supports it. My deep thanks to everyone involved.
  18. Thank you semor will try your settings out. They seem rather interesting and quite close to the ones that i have settled for.
  19. Arfsix


    For the "Glory Boys" (tread heads): Salut! from a former "Grunt"
  20. I've run through a 100 round box with a ship-mounted 50 caliber heavy machine gun. I think it was loaded for tracers 1 in 4 or maybe 1 in 6. It was mid-day in overcast skies in the middle of the Pacific (I was a civilian on a Tiger Cruise with the Canadian Navy). I recall that the tracers appeared as small, bright, fast moving dots rather than streaks of light. The streaks we see in game are more indicative of how a tracer shows up when filmed by a camera which I think is where most people get their expectations set. Based on my own (admittedly limited) experience I don't think the in-game tracers are "realistic" but they are definitely functional from a game play mechanic point of view.
  21. Difficult to tell from a photo, but I think it looks ok. It was fairly sooty stuff. I think much paler would look odd.
  22. Well I know it may seem weird but if you were to do a barrel roll in a high speed aircraft I can guarantee that your body would push to the opposite side of the seat, same with pitching forward. After flying with these settings for a few missions I was absolutely immersed. This was suggested to me by a pilot friend and I find that it works for me personally. Using these settings is the same as using sway and heave in a car racing settings (turn left and your body sways right), with the limitations of my rig this is a good compromise in my opinion F
  23. Am I reading the IAS v Rad charts correctly for Yak1b & Yak7b? Is it saying that for the 1b there is a fairly steady reduction in airspeed as you open up the rads but for the 7b you can open both rads as far as 40% before it starts impacting your IAS and the water rad has no impact below 60%?
  24. So really, you can't say that the P-47 out-dives the Spitfire. The P-47s dive performance exceeds that of a Spitfire in certain areas of the flight envelope, i.e. in a high speed dive where drag overcomes thrust. The Spitfire will accelerate faster in the initial dive, whereas the P-47 really only begins to shine as the dive continues to much higher speeds. So the question is then whether the P-47 has enough altitude to reach the point where it will start to do better than the Spitfire, and whether there is enough time/altitude to make up for the separation the Spitfire gained in the initial dive acceleration. Do I have that straight, or am I completely lost?
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