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  2. New planes are mute, ya'll need to get your basic act sorted first. Coop mode is a flop, half the users are pissed over the spotting situation, no out of the box online campaign, how many DF servers, can basically count them all on one hand, antiquated and limited quick missions, inaccessible mission builder for the majority. American planes popular or not, your riding with a time limited ticket, without a ticking heart soon they'll be moving on.
  3. For the few flights I had: below 30% fuel she's quite a nice pony. Lot of fuel makes her a bitchy horse.
  4. Very brave man and well liked by his astronaut friends also. S!
  5. I've added the sky file first in MODS & enabled it in JSGME. Didn't work. So I added Sky in ***\Data\Graphics, as cited in your thread. Also didn't work. So if that what you mean with two installs, then if only one Sky file should exist, is it in MODS or Graphics? In MODS alone it didn't work
  6. He wasn't referring to all 8th FG, just the 352nd I think. The 352nd was detached to the 9th AF and served on the continent.
  7. That's for human flyables only. The AI planes have a different properties box and can't be switched unfortunately. Me and Pablo flew two and a quarter hours tonight, a single sortie. I spotted four planes about twenty minutes in, then lost them. After that, nada. Lol. He started flying like a barnstormer, "because I'm BORED". Made it back with around 30lts of fuel. Keeping it real.
  8. Thanks Cole. They both do seem to have relative advantages and disadvantages. To me, VR feels better when I'm shooting instinctively or maneuvering with an opponent I can still maintain visual on. But the TIR guy has a clearer image, is plenty nimble enough to turnfight, and he can check his six easily whereas I just about can't. I see research reasons to fly both together and segregated; something to be learned there. Prosit.
  9. The spotting is fine, stop whining about it. You literally have TWO options for it now.
  10. dude, why are you responding.. wasn't talking to you, you've got your own agenda going, just stick to it.
  11. And yet the dude who joins you still only has 10 minutes left to fly. Unfortunately, he's such a tool that you wish it was only 2 minutes.
  12. @BiBa I’m not sure what’s going on with that. Just a thought but, do you have two installs of the game?
  13. In the document I linked earlier it shows 8th tested the 150 in early summer and by late all 51/47/38 detachments received it. cite: http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/150grade/8thAF-150grad-26may44.pdf When he said they had 8th 51’s in SP campaign I figured that meant all of 8th including 47 and 38 should have the 150 because that’s how it went down. It was literally weeks after Normandy when those squadrons started to receive the 150.
  14. Only if they model Lynda Carters original body in her invisible flight suit in VR as the pilot.
  15. here's a very basic repeatable every-day-every-hour on any server use-case that neither TS nor Discord can meet/provide: 1) join any server with 6-10 people on it. 2) you don't know a single soul there 3) you ask "hey, do you guys want to get on coms?". Everyone goes "sure, yeah, that'd be cool" 4) you ask about discord, if anyone has it. One guy goes "I have TS", another goes "what's Discord?.. what's TS?" .. another guy goes "I have discord" 5) you ask the last guy - hey, since you have a discord, do you want to pair up? 6) he says "sure, yes".. 7) then there is about 5-10 minutes of frantic exchange of chat messages where the server is, where to get the link, etc. 😎 then you sit and wait for the guy to show up. 9) the guy shows up and tells you that he has only 10 mins of playtime left. 10) ten minutes later you're back at 3) Now imagine you have in-game voip. 😄 You join the squad, you start organizing a mission, or join an existing one.
  16. This might be a little premature, considering the imminent completion of the Bodenplatte game, but it is just a thought. Would it be possible, using the Bodenplatte map, to simulate the Reichsverteidigung ( Reich Defense ), with AI American and British bomber streams? I know this might be daunting, but this could keep the same dates of the Bodenplatte campaign, showing the end and collapse of the effective German defenses both in the day and night bombing campaigns. Just a thought.
  17. And herein lies the problem, VR odyssey + here. Spotting is completely messed up in alternate, I can see almost everyone for 50km and is game ruining for me based on the way it has changed combat into a giant tactless fur-ball. Not saying it’s the same for you guys, but enough people are starting to notice the effect on gameplay and it’s diversion from a historical ww2 tactical simulation experience. Further it has split the community 50/50.
  18. Am I the only one who finds the P-51 hyper-sensitive on commands and very easy to spin?
  19. New site with stock for sale, with 5% off in Crosswind Pedals and 20% off in extensions for Warthog https://mfg-sim.com/en/
  20. There was no bodenplatte planes in last 2 TAW's. La5FN is available on 2 last maps so it's not 1942. We are now at developing new campaign on rheinland map which will cover from 2 to 4 maps as a separate campaign probably. If you have any ideas about it post it here. For now we are preparing standard TAW maps with domination by capture cities and airfields but there are ideas about make for example a map where allies have to aerial bomb many depots like rhur region and others in specific X days and destroy X percentage of depots to win map, Germans has to defend it and not let allies to destroy X percentage of depots in specific X days of map to win. and there will be no groud battles like on old eastern front. It could be a prelude to invasion and standard TAW battles. What do you think about it? Early map of aerial bombing of Germany below. Red dots are bombers airfields, orange allied fighter airfields. Black dots axis airfields and blue squares are depots to defend by Germans.
  21. You spent all that time typing to circle back to exactly what we both said. The normal version is very realistic and likely shouldn’t be touched. That said, the community has been split 50/50 on this and that includes players that traditionally were happy playing together. What I proposed was an adjustment to the alternate vis setting to at least allow it to work without negatively affecting gameplay. That’s a compromise I think is reasonable to at least maybe bring the community together again. I don’t love it as a solution, I personally think the normal view is great and realistic. That’s what we call a compromise though... you yourself say you don’t like either setting 🤷‍♂️
  22. I get it, and agree. CAS in the Corsair would be.a great time.
  23. I was just pointing out you COULD. If it's economically sane is a different question. The point is that people think that all Korea was, was Sabres versus MiGs, which is very far from the truth. Jets would slowly but surely take over, but you COULD do a Korea sim and never implement a jet, as there are enough interesting props and associated missions to play with - from a historical standpoint. I realize that people would probably prefer to airquake all day, but I'd be interested in the actual numbers. Flying night-interdiction missions in Korea, CAS or stikes against heavy flak are some of the more interesting missions, if dogfighting at 40000ft becomes boring after two weeks.
  24. A pilot, a cosmonaut who was the first man to conduct a spacewalk died last week.
  25. Sorry no Mustangs. MB366, NX957 and PA103 are the first aircraft that I've tried to reproduce and the first that I've ever made the step to go ahead and share out. Before that, it has just been adding simple text names onto aircraft for my own usage with Pat Wilson Campain Generator in Rise of Flight. So your thoughts and some constructive criticism are welcome. I realise that they are quite simple schemes compared to the ones that some of you are releasing. Just as anyone who ever uploads any skin does, I ought to thank ICDP for his templates.
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