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  2. Hats off! I wish my own life (up to now) had been half so interesting! Next item on the agenda: get a jeep!
  3. We are gearing up for some Wolfpack, but personally, I've got a lot to learn and I've been focusing on Tank Crew here lately...
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  5. Ki-61 II Ki-100 N1K2-J The Ki-61 II looks good with the inline and bubble canopy
  6. That's a great update. The damaged cityscape looks fantastic. For a person considering buying Bodenplatte, can you tell me if the damage to airfields and towns is on the map by Default, or is is only visible through custom missions created in the FMB?
  7. It looks like you landed outside the maintenance radius of the airfield. Are you sure you landed at the same airfield you took off from? Did you land within the field boundaries, or short? Maybe take a quick look at your replay to check it was the active field.
  8. Will try this. My only real grudge is with the rudder. If it gets better I'll be a happy camper.
  9. @=FB=Vaal Is there a way to apply a death or bailout penalty? We are a new server and seem to have a lot of kamikaze pilots climbing the score rankings, and we would like to discourage this kind of thing. I know Wings has some custom logic maybe in their stats update script, I wonder is there an 'official' or 'recommended' way to apply a death / bailout penalty? Thanks!
  10. Your opening statement is patently false.
  11. Man the Jeep brought back memories. I learnt to drive on on my uncles farm in the late 50’s. He purchased 2 (one still in its shipping crate) and a (non airworthy) Avro Anson from a nearby air base at the end of WWII for the equivalent of around $500 (for all three) in today’s money. The Anson stood In a paddock for many years before being donated to a local aircraft museum for restoration and viewing. As a youngster I spent numerous hours in it flying all over the world wearing my fathers WWII RAAF leather helmet. (He flew Wellington’s and Dakotas from the UK during the war). I eventually owned my own 1943 Ford built Jeep in the 70’s but stupidly sold it when my 20 years in the navy was up in 1983 and we moved interstate. Every time I see one now it brings back pangs of regret. Soon I get to own a digital one that will hopefully be drivable one day. Muchos grassy arse for the update devs.
  12. Semor76

    Cold starts

    Yup. Quoted myself here from another thread: I did a fresh install of PWCG (the one with the cold start option) but cant create a new career. "No service found for id=10102" Error log is attached. PWCGErrorLog(1).txt
  13. Not only Jeep, I hope for all vehicles being drivable eventually! Imagine smth like IL-2 Truck Simulator😂 It could also bring more fun to scripted campaigns. Imagine the plot: main character is shot down on enemy territory, hijacked a vehicle to break through the frontline to friendly troops!😉
  14. Hi coud someone make a mod with extreme gore where huge stains of blood spit out of the cockpit when you hit the pilot. Also with dismemberment and decapitation when hit with 20mm cannons. It woud also be cool if you make an animated pilot that can get shot, to the point that he is covered in bullet holes and blood flowing out of him over the amature and the windshield.He also coud hold his intestines with both hands when hit by 20mm and screaming for his mother while his internals plop on the seat. What also woud be cool if the ground crew coud be desintegrated into clouds of intestines and limbs when hit by bombs/rockets, leaving a big blood pool. What also needs to be added is that you can fly through bailed out pilots, shredding them to black pudding with your propeller, leaving eyes, intestines and dismemberment limbs on the windshield when you passed through. yea... thats a good starting point i guess, feel free to add up on my suggestions maybie you can hook up with ravensoft developers and work together with them for my mod, they made soldier of fortune 1+2 and shoud be capable to deliver my request with a good quality. sadly i dont know how to contact them, if i find out i edit the post.
  15. I'm sure I'm not alone with this wish, but I hope the Jeep will be drivable eventually even we have to pay for it,,,😋
  16. I think I found the culprit: In Great Battles there are Mods that can be added through the JSGME utility and i think the last one I added did a job on the startup.I went back to default settings & everything worked fine,then I added the mods I knew had worked perfectly well before , avoiding the unnecessary or suspicious and everything ( for now) came up & running.I had a bit of a bother getting out of the Oculus home page as mentioned before but eventually succeeded there as well.Keep fingers crossed ...
  17. I think you need to manage expectations with VR being “supported”. Yes it works, but it does have some major quirks. By all means buy the game and support it, but you will notice VR is not listed anywhere on the features of tank crew. I would guess they did this because of the current limits of the VR capabilities in this engine and didn’t want to over promise. hopefully, if the game sells well, they can improve some of these. Here are some of the current issues that you need to cope with. 1. The view isn’t linked to crew member bodies, so if the turret turns and you are in the turret basket, be prepared to have your head stay stationary. 2. The controls are funky, and even worse in VR because so much depends on the keyboard as some functions can’t conflict with the flying part of the game. 3. Objects will pop in and out of view from your peripheral. 4. It’s almost impossible to use the gunsight with your “VR head”. Resolution simply isn’t there yet and you can’t lean into the sight like you would in real life. BUT... it looks amazing on the inside to look around and feel like being in the tank. Buy the game!
  18. Psyrion

    U2 Skins

    4 generic yellow skins with different rudder colors: DOWNLOAD
  19. Here is a Public Relations photo of Major Clarence E. "Bud" Anderson Jr. of the 363rd Fighter Squadron, 357th Fighter Group and his Crew Chief, Sergeant Leon E. Zimmerman after completion of Anderson's second combat tour in January 1945. Their P-51 Mustangs had completed 116 consecutive missions, 480 operational hours without a single early return due to mechanical problems. Major Anderson is officially credited with 16.25 confirmed victories, two probable victories and one ground victory. His WWII awards included the Distinguished Flying Cross with four Oak Leaf Clusters and the Air Medal with 13 Oak leaf Clusters. Photo: USAAF via starduststudios.com 132 7 38
  20. I really wish this would get improved, but it was implied the control clunkiness is a pretty big issue to tackle
  21. ☹️ Sorry. Not yet. Working on final details. Perhaps tomorrow sometime. Sometimes it sucks to be a perfectionist type. Things are seldom as good as desired.
  22. With all of the new headsets coming, and the current issues we already have with scale in the different screen sizes; we really need to have the same IPD adjustment option like the one found in DCS. It’s so easy to fix these issues with something like this.
  23. Great news, great job, still a lot to do, keep the good news coming, thank you very much.
  24. Us yanks were trying to save the world. Not from the axis but from global warming. 🙄
  25. @Nil Can do, cheers. @216th_Peterla Check out this topic: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/28332-szelljr-skindeposit-®-™-©/?do=findComment&comment=740332
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