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  3. I've been flying in VR for around 2 years now and the new visibility system was quite welcome, despite some quirks to be ironed out. As for the current state, it's a nightmare. I'm not sure how they adjusted it exactly but visibility seems to be waaaay worse than before the system was changed. In addition, it seems like sometimes some units just turn totally invisible: I was training in quick play with Hs129 attacking some ground vehicles, and some vehicles were visible while I pressed VR zoom, but turned invisible when I released it. I was approaching perpendicular to a road to the last known position of a vehicle but couldn't see it. When I zoomed it, it suddenly appeared. I believe I was less than 1km away. I tried to reproduce it (in a Fw) but couldn't. Still, it makes me wonder...
  4. As there is already static object for Typhoon in Mission Editor, I'm somewhat hopeful... 😉
  5. The thing with the Fw 190 is that when it entered service on the Eastern Front it still had the earlier reduced engine settings, iirc 1.35 ata at 2450 RPM, it's the same issue with trying to use the 109 F-4 or Yak-1 in the earlier 1941 scenarios.
  6. Hi Beebop! Firstly. Thank you for you kind words about my maps for Il2 1946. I know that randomly generated pop ups can generate objects to wrong places. But mod tools for old IL2 did have also tools to remove unwanted objects from roads and water. Anyways. I've been looking Mission editor, and there is a possibility to add groups of objects and so. As somebody wrote before, editor is very powerful. But also it has a steap le<rning curve. But it looks promissing. Kapteeni
  7. Ditto! These will probably be the last rudder pedals I ever buy.
  8. Ditto. 4 PKs tonight on single pass by p51s while flying the A8 trying to do jabo runs. No notice of damage before spotting the contact just instant PK without seeing any tracers while watching the contact. 1 Pk from head on (fw190D9), 2 Pks (fw190A8) from 45deg right side front while turning, 1 Pk (FW190A8) from behind and above. ????? something odd is going on here.
  9. With Gigabyte you have to set LLC to don't have much variation on the Vcore (I think with every board). There are some videos on the internet regarding OCing with Gigabyte. Just don't go cheching boxes at will because things change with every generation, and you can damage your CPU if the Vcore is too high. I would also not recommend auto overclocking, the Vcore goes through the roof. I would also say that CPU-Z is a better app to check the Vcore. HWmonitor is more useful for temperatures, fan speed, that kind of thing. IIRC, sometimes HWmonitor does not display the Vcore (bugged), but other values. HWiNfo64 is also an awesome app with the average temperature on the fly (more precise than the max spikes). The problem with Asus at this point is that those YouTube channels were reporting that Asus were just splitting the VRM to adapt to the I9, when several models of Gigabyte were getting more real phases and heating less. My Z390 UD is rock solid and with little variation (or none) in Vcore and I have no problem to OC it. Right now I'm at 4.8Ghz with 1.224V. You mentioned that you were getting a new thermal paste, did you get a good one? *Edit: in fact, the NT-H1 from Noctua is pretty good (came with your cooler). Unless it is old or dry. I think I took my values from this video:
  10. Given that BOBP has released and there is possibly some new players about that might fancy reading these.
  11. Today
  12. I've always liked this paint scheme on a P-51 in the ETO. 55th Fighter Group - 348th Fighter Squadron:
  13. Mods are disabled. Is it possible pilot position might not be correct in JU88? Like every plane ,I need to adjust seat position manually and save new position with F10 after fresh game install. After that it's good to go ,but is it possible JU88 seat position has somekind of bug and game thinks I'm not sitting where it looks like? Hard to explain
  14. YAAAAAAAWN. Take off from Dover/Calais. Head for the big blue pond Climb to 9000m/30k ft Engage the other guy who has been doing the exact same thing fight him over and over and over above the big blue pond in the exact same scenario Never again the big blue pond map, LOL
  15. Not totally relevant to current IL2, but one interesting thing with blacking out in WWII aircraft is how important it is to have stick free longitudinal stability. The MkV Spitfire had a crisis in RAF use when rear CG loading creep at the squadron level led to instability and probable mid air breakups. Basically if you were going fast enough to pull yourself to blackout at around 4-6g without stalling, you let go of the stick and the plane would tighten further into the turn by itself until the airframe failed at 9-10g or so. Perhaps you would wake up having been ejected from the disintegrating aircraft and pull the parachute, but probably not. Technically a P51D with full internal fuel load (and hence very rear CG) might do this also which would be an interesting thing to simulate, but I'm not aware of any actual accounts of it happening. Have read a few accounts from shocked new pilots after being sent up in fully fueled up P51Ds without being told to be extremely careful about manouvering until draining the rear tank, which seems amazing from a modern safety perspective. cheers, camber
  16. I have the exact same problem. When using the A8 the first hit on me is almost ALWAYS a pilot kill or severe injury that causes blackout and crash. With the 109s and D9, I've had my plane filled with holes and the pilot survive, but with the A8 I'm guaranteed to have my pilot killed if someone hits me. It doesn't seem to matter the range either.
  17. Take a look at these two links, I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/109-virtual-reality-and-vr-controllers/ https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/96-virtual-squadrons-and-special-events/ You can also join different TS and Discord channels to find people to fly with.
  18. His premise is that other games with easier spotting have lulled people in to thinking that things are easier to spot in real life than they really are. That is probably true. Next time you see a contrail pass overhead and see the very small object at the front of it, realize that this is likely at least a 737 sized aircraft at a distance of about 7 miles. Now remove the telltail contrail, make it's size about 5 times smaller, give it a drab camoflauge scheme, and put it against a cluttered background. Easy?
  19. @PatrickAWlson really enjoying the new update, great work as always. There’s just one thing I’m not entirely sure about. I have my maximum number of Axis and Allied flights set to 2, and a maximum aircraft count of 16 each, so that there’s a maximum of 2 flights of 4 attackers/bombers each, with four escorting fighters each. However, looking at my last mission in the mission editor, there seems to have been 5 Allied flights of 3 aircraft each. Is this a glitch, or a misunderstanding on my part?
  20. Mine has stopped working. At first I thought it might be a conflict between the 'Historically Accurate German Markings' Mod as it modify's the shared (?) files "data\swf\il2\worldobjects" and "data\swf\il2\worldobjects\planes". But taking out the Historical Markings Mod did not did not activate the Navigator mod. (I took both out, restarted the game then reactivated the Navigator mod w/o the Markings Mod). The Historical Markings Mod still works though with or without the Navigator mod activated. Is this a result of the latest update? Does anyone else have this problem? Is there is a fix? I had fun watching the world go by from that station.
  21. I'm not telling to fly without HUD. I'm just saying that this help with shutters. Devs will know what probably cose problems and they will know what should be fix. 4 of my colleagues confirm that disabling HUD eliminate shutters. So if you confirm too this is strong clue.
  22. I have a Samsung Odyssey + WMR, and it runs off the Steam VR engine, and personally, I don't have a problem with Steam. My Odyssey runs like a dream on IL2 GB, literally no screen door to speak of, and I'm getting 40-50 fps on my lowly I7-3770, the scenery looks a bit misty but the cockpits are crystal clear. Rifts and Vives here in Canada are $600-700, but I've seen Odysseys going for $299. I missed that sale, still got mine for $399 CDN.
  23. I was referring to Mr Sharpe above, who shared some doubts on that subject
  24. I find it weird reading all these conflicting reports among the community. I for example, get much better spotting with expert visibility than I ever did pre-patch. I also don't believe that seeing a blob that is 100km away, the same size as a blob 10km away has anything to do to equalize a playing field between people in 4k and in 1080p, some people do enjoy it though, so the devs decided to keep it.
  25. Almost looks like my favorite RCAF P51
  26. How much drag did the bubbletop cause? I've been doing some test to see the differences between the overall performance of the Razorbacks and the Bubbletops for the same weight/power. I'm finding that the bubbletops are significantly slower than the razorbacks for a given weight/power settings. Another thing I've noticed is that the water pressure gauge doesn't show any decrease in pressure when the water runs out, it stays in the "on" indicator with no loss of pressure. Once water runs out the gauge should drop in pressure and probably show the "off" indicator. I also didnt notice any loss in performance once the water runs out, the aircraft behaves as if it still has ADI which is incorrect. Another thing is the turbo and the position of lever needed to turn it on. Based off the manuals it seems the turbo is activated as soon as you start to move it forward but in-game we have to move it 80-90% of the way forward in order to activate it. One last thing. Why don't we have the Curtis Prop on the D-28? It was standard from the factory and all the performance figures are with the Curtis Electric Paddle Prop.
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