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  2. Am I reading the IAS v Rad charts correctly for Yak1b & Yak7b? Is it saying that for the 1b there is a fairly steady reduction in airspeed as you open up the rads but for the 7b you can open both rads as far as 40% before it starts impacting your IAS and the water rad has no impact below 60%?
  3. So really, you can't say that the P-47 out-dives the Spitfire. The P-47s dive performance exceeds that of a Spitfire in certain areas of the flight envelope, i.e. in a high speed dive where drag overcomes thrust. The Spitfire will accelerate faster in the initial dive, whereas the P-47 really only begins to shine as the dive continues to much higher speeds. So the question is then whether the P-47 has enough altitude to reach the point where it will start to do better than the Spitfire, and whether there is enough time/altitude to make up for the separation the Spitfire gained in the initial dive acceleration. Do I have that straight, or am I completely lost?
  4. Hi Buzzsaw. I appreciated the screen shot of the crashed Macchi, it's been 6-months since this post, would it be too much to ask for a half-year later update into what changes have been made since this update (mainly in aircraft being in-game ready)? Cheers, MP
  5. I have just received the throttle made by Vitalij and I have to admin ty English is way to poor to express how very impressed I am both by device's precision and, let's face it, beauty and by Vitalij's serious approach to making business! At first I have encountered some minor issues with one of PCB in my throttle unit, apparently it got somehow damaged in transit from Ukraine. I contacted Vitalij and he helped me in a blink of an eye (well, at least as far as postal services go ) soldering a new PCB and sending it my way free of charge. Once I got it and had it installed, everything is working like a charm, every of axis available showing surgical precison which makes my ugly mug smile every time I turn my PC on to fly a bit. Summing things up, device and Vitalij's services are worth each and every last penny one have to pay. Highly recommended!
  6. Damn... This firmware that made my G940 that I've had for 10 years much better got me thinking about the problems with the force feedback deadzone in the middle, the rather shoddy pots (even though they are much better with the patch) and the lack of buttons / hats now when flying VR (especially for DCS - works OK for IL2). So - because of this nice patch I ended up ordering a Virpil WarBRD gimbal, T-50 CM2 joystick, T-50 Throttle, desk mounts and a VKB T-Rudder MK IV pedal set (use a rolling office chair)... Not what I expected after my initial happiness with the patch And 1000+ EUR poorer...
  7. Of course the other passion-killer is the 'gunner killed' result. Should you be allowed a new crew member if you return to a friendly tank base?
  8. That Tornado console is insane! What is the size dimensions on that beast? Looks huge? Does it plug in USB? I doubt it looks crazy very cool.
  9. Think the problem was a massive FPS reducement on @HappyHaddock rig, after flying a couple of exactly the same missions, not stuttering problem or is here an relation between the two? I and @JonRedcorn did testings, we did not find any problem, as the game is the same, so it must be or wrong adjustments or the hardware. While this FPS problem is only after a couple of the exact the same missions, it must be both the guys hardware, both guys running low spec systems. Running on a HD, Vram, memory leak as all being wrote down, but this could also be thermal throttling of an hardware component, that because running low range rig is reacting in this case very extreme. Computer life is also tweaking and testing. 😇
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  11. With the help of very talented community members, this is inteed going to happen. Because nobody ever reads the end credits, I want to thank these people again for their artistic and technical skills, which allowed me to create my own individual project and present their work in it. IDCP: template for the P-47 has incredible details and it really shows in close-ups. Wonderful work. Looking forward for your P-38! E69_Julian57: Tiger skin...again, just amazing details, that metallic glare...but we might also see something special in the next episode 😎 TWB/no.610/ACG_Sketch: without him nothing would have moved in the video. Imagine, I could just ask him to create shooting artillery, moving convoys etc. for my needs...respect! KG_S_Kalle_Kalutz82: when you hit the wall, you need somebody to encourage you to go through it...enter Kalle! Also great technical advices already but his real value is going show in the next one 🐯 LeLv30_Apina: constructive criticism at it's best. I hate you, this would have been ready like weeks earlier 😋
  12. I use an asus ROG laptop for all my games, in IL-2 I get 60-140 fps online, single player gives lower frames and an occasional stutter, but still playable. This is on ultra graphics settings. Intel® Core™ i7 7820HK Processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 , with 8GB GDDR5 VRAM
  13. Yeah, I left Negombo a couple of days earlier and just came to Kandy when it happened. Luckily no explosions there. Still on the island, laying my head low.
  14. Having given it some thought I think one could come up with a short numerical example to explain why the P-47 dives faster than the Mk9 at high speed: Beginning with good old: F=m*a in the plane of motion, i.e. the dive angle: T-D+m*g*sin(diveangle)=m*a Dividing both sides with m leaves the acceleration a=(T-D)/m+g*sin(diveangle) However, since g*sin(diveangle) is the same for both aircraft we can remove that from the comparison. This leaves that the acceleration component that differs between the two is proportional to the thrust minus the drag divided by the mass: a˷(T-D)/m From this follows that as long as the thrust is bigger than the drag then mass is not your friend and a lighter plane (all other things being equal) will accelerate faster. However, as soon as the drag is bigger, i.e. in a fast dive, the plane with the bigger D/m factor will dive faster. Since the dynamic pressure (q) is the same D can be represented with the parasitic drag area Cdo*S (We can discount the induced drag under these conditions) You can probably find a bit different numbers for drag area for both aircraft but in this comparison I’m going to use 5.54 sqft for the Spitfire Mk9 and 6.39 sqft for the P-47. For weight 3392 Kg for the Spitfire and 6006 Kg for the P-47. Comparing the D/m for both, the P-47 has a roughly 53% lower value meaning the acceleration deduction from the maximum vacuum value of g*sin(diveangle) due to drag will be less so at high speed it really should dive better…… QED
  15. No, that’s exactly what you should do because your reply to my first post was in no way related to anything I said.
  16. It would be nice if you got more points for attacking the targets in a mission. As it is, it is more profitable points wise to fly a fighter and shoot anything that moves than fly a long time to bomb a target, even though the bombing does more to win the map. With everyone flying fighters though, they are all to busy shooting each other down to find my lonely bomber, but when they do find me they crash into and shoot each other in an attempt to be the first to destroy me and get the kill, even to the extent of ramming.
  17. Yes - Barium was and still is used in Russia for its tracers, which gives off a green tint.
  18. When War Thunder has maps the same size as IL-2 GB, maybe we can make a comparison. Of actual performance, not of labels like 'ultra', which mean next to nothing.
  19. Bob Spurdle thought of it that „it flew like a brick“. Despite being, as such, a good and reliable aircraft. But more suited for mud work than anything else.
  20. Hey, maybe that means that they are really focusing on the quality of allied planes? If it took Michelangelo four years to paint Sistine Chapel ceiling, while I could paint the ceiling of my room in one day, does it mean that Michelangelo was not focused on painting? On a more serious note, developers are probably trying to organize their project so, that it is most efficient resource-wise etc, while also trying to keep the flow of new content coming. So, if someone in their team was working on the features of P47 that had been never seen in this sim before, should everybody else be idle ... or could someone work on a "low hanging fruit" like the next Bf-109 or Spit IX to be able to release something in a couple of month instead of waiting for half a year to get some new content out?
  21. Your bucks buy you the premium version of BoBP. Because you pre-order, you get the content as it becomes available earlier than people who do not. You get the same game as everyone else. 80 bucks buys you 10 planes, a map, the career for both sides, and all other in-game assets. I get that its frustrating that your preferred planes aren't coming out, and as a primarily allied flier I see the unbalanced planesets are an issue on late-war servers, but people are talking like they have been deceived, and they have not. You are getting what you paid for. Now, if they were selling an allied plane pack and a luftwaffe plane pack on pre-order, and the LW had more pre-order content released than the allied side, I can see that being a serious issue. But you pre-ordered the entire game. If you buy a tool and only use half its functions, the manufacturer doesn't give you a discount.
  22. I now have Intel core i5 with boost clock of 3.8GHz, 16GB of RAM, GTX 1080 and still the game stutters at 4k and sometimes even at 1440p. For example warthunder is silky smooth on the same rig even at 4k ultra. This engine needs some serious optimization.
  23. I provided the link in my previous post to PE related calculations and comparison to other lighter frame. You should read others posts more carefully.
  24. Nope. Releasing planes as they are finished. A new version of an existing aircraft takes less time to model than a completely new aircraft. /thread.
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