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  2. Il2 is clearly a combat flight simulator. It simulates a great many things related to WWII air combat. It’s not a systems simulator if that’s what people are getting on about but it’s never pretended to be that either. Other sims model some things better, IL2 models other things better. For me and most on these forums IL2 BoX strikes a balance very well and plays the right chord. YMMV.
  3. Hope you feel better, man.
  4. Welp, I pulled the trigger. I hope my old system could handle it. On my Gen 1 Vive, I could get 40 - 70 fps with SS at 120 on Steam VR. On balance in game with AA at 2, Coconut’s cloud, mod and 3DMigoto to disable props. I hope the Rift S’ improve resolution would mean that I could lower the supersampling rate and get close to the present fps.
  5. Well, they could add logic where single fighters entering a bubble don't activate until fired upon, or a much closer in visual range bubble is hit. After all, what threat is a single fighter in the dark 10 K out, that it merits flak barrages and full alert on a front line? And how could they possibly know friend from foe? Just giving the goods away. I'm hoping they revamp the entire works for BP. Could be a system of priority for targets with different actions. Pretty sure a target in Berlin and one on the line were treated and defended quite differently. Sadly lacking is any air intercept network meshed in with it.
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  7. Here's a nice little dogfight. I still struggle with finding enemies against the ground at 1900x1200, maybe it's time for a new monitor and video card? I also either need to tweak or find a new Track IR profile as this one is just a bit finicky for me. Did find a moment to get some skins made though!
  8. Yep, that did it. Campaign completed! Thanks JM. @56RAF_Roblex, the EA come from the W/SW at low altitude and fly near WP1. They are easy to miss if you are at 3000 ft, which I usually climb to. The only reason that I found them is that I gave the Flight -> Orders -> Patrol for air enemies command not long after takeoff and one of my flight called them out. - Cheers Gents
  9. That did it. Thank you so much. Now to figure out how to do everything else.
  10. Had a weird gut feeling once you guys rolled in. My left engine was on fire, ended up dying trying to get back to friendly territory instead of bailing out. Mission ended with “0, friendly fire.” Only thing I could do was laugh. Definitely not one of our best moments, but it was exciting.
  11. Tyberan

    ME 262

    Not sure how I missed this news http://warbirdsnews.com/warbird-restorations/fhcams-me-262-warpaint-unveiled.html It's looking good.
  12. It was comical, my wingman was pissed because he thought he got shot down by friendly AA. You guys did a lot of damage though! Good target practice!
  13. This reminds me of that Guy Martin TV program, where he helps restoring a Spitfire. At the end, the airplane was 1% original and 99% newly manufactured parts. Great documentary though. Lots of assembly explained in detail, with original techniques too.
  14. How do you prevent turret from returning to center position when you RETURN to gunner position? This happens only on Tiger ...not T34 which allows you to move gun, leave gunner position and return to gunner position without gun automatically trying to return to centered.
  15. From what I read the new carrier comes with new naval ATC which is payware, which wont be implemented in the existing carriers. However land based ATC while being revamped will be implemented in the core game for free. I could be wrong though, "everything is subject to change" Also the new carrier is the "new WW2 asset pack". From what I'm reading. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=241232 It looks like the Heatblur Forestall will be the carrier of choice in MP.
  16. I can't remember the exact number but they tried to use as much original stuff as possible. They re made anything that wasn't structurly sound. https://m.facebook.com/flyingheritage/?refid=52&__tn__=C-R
  17. I downloaded the skin pack, installed it via my generic mod enabler, but in the PWCG I don't see anything listed under "squadron" (I.jg52) and only see a couple of the winter skins under "loose"
  18. That was funny. Well played by you guys. That engagement was super confusing lol. Both Russian & German positions very close to one another and we got turned around. Felt like we were in a turkey shoot right when we were arriving in the target area. Definitely a first. 😂
  19. Combat flight simulators are video games, though, with the exception of those used to train actual combat pilots.
  20. Salute all. Reminder that hostilities resume on Cuban & SteveFs Syndicate Server this week. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it, which is disappointing, but this should be the last traveling for a while.Still, I expect the US103rd will continue to make life hell for the hun, and 1st flight, ably led by Lt Parsons this week, to be at the fore.S!
  21. He remembered the first time he'd seen one up close. Emerald green body and wings as bright and yellow as the sun. It came down from the sky looking as though it must certainly crash into the ground. But the nose lifted and the engine snorted and popped and it touched down as softly as a hummingbird landing on a flower. The airplane had arrived for the county fair, it's pilot hoping to make some money giving short rides around the fair grounds. People began to crowd around it. The pilot climbed from the tight looking cockpit and jumped down onto the grass. In his sheepskin collared flight jacket and goggles he couldn't have appeared more dashing and heroic. He looked like Errol Flynn and Thomas was mesmerized. He wanted to be him. "All right, c'mon," the flyer was saying as he lifted his goggles from his eyes and rested them on his forehead. "The thrill of a lifetime! How many of you have flown in an airplane? None of you I'd bet! Here's your chance! Only five dollars for the thrill of your life!" Thomas squeezed his father's hand, tightly. "Please Dad! Please!" "Thomas...I ..I don't know. It's just so...." But Thomas wouldn't let him finish. "Dad! I'll do anything! Anything" Thomas could almost feel the tears welling up in his eyes. Thomas's father took a deep breath. He stared at Thomas for some time and then looked up at the pilot. "Is it safe?" His father yelled out over the crowd. "Why, heck yeah," answered the flyer. "I'm here safe and sound...ain't I?" Then he added, "Don't worry, It's gonna be the greatest experience of yer life!" "No, not me! My son, here!" Thomas couldn't believe what he was hearing. His heart was pounding as though it would leap from his chest. "Well sure!" said the dashing aviator. "Send the boy over with the five bucks and let's fly!" It had seemed like a dream. Being strapped into the airplane's wicker seat, the air filled with the scent of gasoline and oil. The thunder of the engine starting and the propellar disappearing and becoming a blur. The wood, metal, and fabric around Thomas coming alive and shaking and suddenly moving! The unforgettable feeling of the earth dropping away and the air moving around him like a storm. He was no longer part of that other world. He was in a world where gravity no longer mattered and men lived in the skies. He wanted desperately to be part of that world. He knew immediately, that his life had been changed forever.
  22. I'll have to agree with Obi, I was actually the one who accidentally shot him down. There needs to be a system implemented if you shoot down a friendly, you're instantly kicked for however much time. It was unfair that i got to keep flying and he did not. I can't remember which server has this system but it does work. Obi, if I could gift you a yak when I acquired one, I would lol. Funny story though. There were about 6-7 Ju88 in a formation, we had a few allied fighters in the area. We got them confused and they started bombing their own defensive position. I thought it was ours at the time, so when flak started shooting at obi, I instantly fired at him without confirming the ID. Turns out the germans bombed the hell out of their own target and I shot down a friendly as a result. It was a just a big confusion lol.
  23. I had no idea it was from 12 different aircraft...then that is sort of a "remake" as per Blitzen.
  24. once upon a time there was a join venture between 1C Games and the Team Fusion (Team Fusion and 1C Games sign Agreement in Principle - Dec 21st 2016 https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=23943 ) and in that exact moment I thought to myself.... make the enemy, one of the best friend of yours, if you can't defeat him!!! but who care! but I'm only an old man.... and I can miss the target because my brain is just a little insane p.s. this is a multipurpose answer good on "What happened to March?" and "CoD 5.0-FAQ" topics
  25. There is like a 40min presentation on their Facebook page which goes through the restoration process. They got most of the parts from 12 stukas, including 10 jumo211 of which will help them make complete 1 engine. They had to ladar scan the only complete B model at the Chicago museum as most plans do not exist. It's a good presentation worth a watch.
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