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  2. I just noticed that this problem also concerns the KV1-S
  3. Hi Luke, according to one site, that name is one of the rarer types in Germany and obviously more common in Austria. According to one site roughly 4.000 folks carry that name worldwide, another site gives 11.000 entries. The meaning of the name "Mauser" is a guy who is hunting down mice. A micecatcher - maeusefänger, same as a ratcatcher - rattenfaenger. https://forebears.io/de/surnames/mauser and https://de.geneanet.org/genealogie/mauser/MAUSER A variant of the name is "Mausser", with double "S". According to this site (https://de.geneanet.org/genealogie/mausser/MAUSSER) that name is even less frequent (1.600 entries) and present at several towns in Baden-Württemberg ending with -INGEN (that hints to alemannic tribe origin - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alemanni). Oeschingen here: https://de.geneanet.org/fonds/individus/?go=1&nom=MAUSER&place__0__=Oeschingen&size=50
  4. I've no statistics to refer to, but my guess is, that Mauser is not too uncommon. Not as common like Müller, Meier, Schmitz, Fischer and Schneider, but surely not uncommon. Edit : a quick check revealed, that Mauser is not in the top 100 of german surnames.
  5. I personally really enjoy the new T-34, as I feel it captures the historical tank nearly perfectly. I'm very much a fan of the T-34, but if it was modeled without its historical weaknesses, it would just feel wrong. It is fast, but due to the clutch-and-brake steering, it really only is agile at lower speeds. Its armor, while well laid out, is only of middling thickness by 1943 standards - the sloping will make even heavier rounds bounce of you at long distance, but at point blank, a Kwk 39 will still kill you. The awkward shift between unbuttoned "commander's view" and gunner's position captures the very real struggle of manning a two-man turret, though as you point out the automatic traversd towards 12 when unbuttoned is annoying as hell and needs to go immediately. Yeah, fighting only Tigers is pretty awful, but that is a problem with the way MP is set up, and to a certain degree with the player base (seriously, if you won't play for Blue if you can't get in a Tiger, there is something wrong with you) But it has nothing to do with the modeling of either the Tiger or the T-34, both of which now seem very good to me.
  6. Hi All, Just came back from Flight Sim Expo 2019, Orlando, Florida. Thanks to Jason for the wonderful cooperation! Here an impression of the 1C Game Studio booth. Best, Team Gforcefactory .
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  8. Having sat in a 109, I can tell you there is probably more room in it for the pilot than in a car. The impression was how low and far I was sitting to the dashboard. The cocpit is really long and you are sitting there with your legs streched almost horizontal (helps g resistance). The second is that the 109 may be a relatively small aircraft, but its still a big 10 meter brute attached to a 35 liter engine which is huge by itself, so all the talk about how small it is gets really weird when you are standing right next it (or on its wings 😛 ) . The cannon is of course in between your feet, but its not particularly in the way. The pedals are there and they are surprisingly ergonomic for the time period. The whole sitting position is quite natural, like in a sportcar. A bit like the Mazda MX 5, but there is way more room in the 109. Headroom might be the only challange if you are very tall.
  9. I would really like the chance for the 25% off Bodenplatte. I have been wanting to try some American planes in this sim and I really would love the chance to get the 262. Either way I plan on getting it but the 25% would really help. Thank you for doing this.
  10. I've been updating my family tree, and I've found that I have ancestors on my mother's side of the family with the surname of Mouser / Mauser. Sure enough, they are from Baden-Württemberg, going back to the 1700s in and around Öschingen. So, I guess my question is, how common of a surname is Mauser? I see that there was a Peter Paul Mauser born in Württemberg in the 1800s, who was a German weapon designer. On a side note, this family history stuff is so addicting.
  11. How about this? Anyway i prefer what is now, at least it's easier to spot something (not everyone is some kind of god to recognize plane so easly) if i see a black tail marking, i know it's axis plane. If it would be blank, it would be harder to recognize them. Best solution would be if devs could finally add steam workshop or some in game mod page/tab where you could browse bunch of mods, click download and it would download and instal itself and update when modder add something new. So you don't have to waste your time and search and updates everything, everytime there is game update that breaks scripted campaigns or new skins and planes are added.
  12. Very nice skins, Rapt. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Best I get in the 262 50% fuel is 11,500m at 8700RPM. Interestingly JPT at 11000m is only 400 degrees which imo is strangely low. Simple turbojets tend to get jpt limited at altitude in many cases requiring throttle reduction to keep jpt in limits (RR Viper anyway).
  14. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. @56RAF_Roblex, the IL-2 GB Recorder creates a logfile "IL-2 Great Battles Recorder.log.txt" in the same folder where you've put the executable. Could you show us that log please? At the moment I can't think of a good reason for the tool not being able to locate your IL-2 path (other than renaming IL-2.exe that is). Internally, the tool waits for the IL-2 process to come up and once it's there, it will look for the path of the executable belonging to that process. Hardly something that could ever fail. Mike
  15. I loved the video, thanks! Think it's called "Learning curve" After running out of runway on my first three attempts, I bit the bullet and watched a Requiem tutorial. Then I succeeded in taking off twice, but ditched it in a diving attack on a ship, then got shot down on my second flight. Still haven't had the chance to try a landing. All very enjoyable though!
  16. That makes sense - thank you. if it interpolates as you say then changing the 10k color would be a simple matter. I stand corrected.
  17. Such as denying any possible development oversights with typical "the game is perfect" mockery of the person? It is no hidden secret that there are planes that could or should have better configured weapon group assignments. The HS129 comes to mind with that issue and there is already a recent thread created on why it makes no sense to only have two applicable weapon groups for that plane. So let's not make it harder than it needs to be by playing the "everything is perfect" card in attempt to sweep concerns of others under the rug. Instead, let us work together and get these problems solved in a concise manner. I can confirm the Albatros overwing mounted Lewis gun will fire with just weapon group two independently. Albeit up into the air and not being very useful. So what you are saying is, there is an inconsistency in the weapons configuration code among the WW1 planes. Such as main weapons should be WG one, underwings WG two, and overwings WG three. That does make logical sense and it would be a standardized method of using the three mount locations for weapons on WW1 planes. This change would not be difficult to achieve. It would just require the devs to adjust a such planes via their configuration settings in the code to create a standardized set up across all WW1 planes. Such a change could easily be done by copying a few machine gun names into the weapon group three category. That way the weapons function both in WG two and WG three controls making everyone happy. Which is much more reasonable than expecting everyone to remember what particular loadout and/or plane "does or does not" need a weapon group three assigned.
  18. Berloga It's 👍 for the new game Great we now have areas with early and late war planes Thanks for that 😁👍👍
  19. Nice work. 😎 Seeing the insides like that makes clear just how big the cannon was. Or possibly how little room there was in there for the pilot.
  20. Hi spudkopf, great work, now nearly all planes are historical made. Thank you!!! S!
  21. Anybody know if the closure speeds going head on are added to the guns effective hitting power?
  22. Another masterpiece mate! As Gransec stated, the balance between the colors and weathering are more than perfect! Two thumbs up Rap for taking your spare time and making another beauty for me and the community
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