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  2. One Pz. III Ausf.M for 1/SG2_Hummels please
  3. If they make 'all' pilots animations up to the same standard as the new ones?
  4. I downloaded it off steam but bought most if not all my things off the website using the account which it asked me to create when i first booted up the game...all purchases have been off their website aside from the Hs 129 because I screwed up when I first wanted to buy a friend a plane and refunded it....I had $10 on my steam idk what to do with and bought the Duck. otherwise its all been on the website for example my last 2 purchases was BoBP for a friend and Battle of Kuban for myself (granted I have throught since the Spit Mk V is the last plane of Kuban I have left to get and that I bought the spitfire and Duck individually rather in the Deluxe BoK bundle perhaps something is screwing up with that? idk)
  5. Hi guys, Use another topic for suggestions at the right subsection, leave this topic for the DD talk. Thank you Haash
  6. So wrong. Placing all MP players in that "category" is simply wrong and kinda insulting to some of us if not most. I am a SP mostly content developer and actually never play SP other than for testing my work. I am a MP player because I like to fly with my friends at the SYN, nothing to do with what you say and I think you and others should think twice before placing such statements. Sure there are people that do that (as any other MP aspect of multiple games) but again, insinuate that MP community is mostly looking for that is...well wrong. What its clear its that SP vs MP is not the point here so I will recommend to get back on topic. Both SP and MP players have their reasons to use one or another, and trying to convice the other party that yours its best and that they should try it is simply useless and usually doesnt end up well nor for the topic, that will be locked, or for those involved in such dicussions since usually those get very personal. There are tools to set up/make Coop missions or SP mission, very simple to use and no need to know the ME at all if you dont want to (I know of at least 3 squads using it for their internal Coops campaigns) Haash
  7. Even though I understand you, I do not agree. You do not take into account one of the fundamental things of development - finance. It's nice if you design a free technique, but then the question is what to pay for developers. In addition, AI units do not even reach the quality of tanks such as Tiger, KV1, Pz.IIIM and Sherman. I personally do not think it would be a benefit to the game, rather the opposite. 777 maintains a very high standard in all three products (IL2GB, CoP and FC). If they did what you were suggesting, the perception of the game series by players would be less positive, and they would call for AI units to be controlled. What would ultimately unnecessarily dampen even the limited resources available to developers.
  8. Are you using the steam or stand alone client ? If steam client then you may need to link accounts if you have not done so already.
  9. Sweet! Being colour blind is a bastard sometimes. Glad I got it looking better at last. Masking the ribs takes ages. Need to do some oil washes on the timber struts next. Then it's assembly time.
  10. Now before I start, yes I have gone to support with a ticket I'm just covering my bases here... I wanted to by the Spitfire Mk V for my account off the website yesterday but it wouldn't go through even though I had the money and input all data correctly including the $1 verification amount which I don't see why has popped up onto my account anyway and yet I got similar to what you see in the image once I pressed 'buy'. Now yesterday was ANZAC day and I attributed purchase issues to my bank not processing orders on that day however come tonight the day after and it gave me the same image you see below only it actually charged my bank this time. Its been about 20min and I still don't have evidence of the plane in my website account and neither in game. Has anyone had similar issues and or can anyone help? P.S I'm not looking for a refund because I do want the plane i just...well...need to be actually able to get the plane
  11. False. It can be, if people insist on being terribly crude and juvenile, but at it's best it is about the joy and competition of the aerial dance. Let us strive for the best. I have a fantastic fight Pfalz versus Camel fight on my harddrive I haven't posted yet which I didn't win, didn't go into it expecting to win, but it sparked joy for both combatants. Great example of this. Will post later, have to edit it a bit to spare everyone the sheer torture of listening to me "singing" along to "Flags and Lies" as I flew 🙂 One of the best friends I have today I made because when playing game many years ago I got roped by a zoom beyond what I thought was possible in the game. Repeatedly. Now there are lots of ways to respond to this. One is a profanity laced cheating accusation, one is saying "meh, [e] this game anyway". But another is "That's amazing, how u do that?" And that has made all the difference.
  12. Can you confirm that the crossfire configuration works at all? Please check it with only one card, check the performance (Il2 replay will be great) and check it once more with 2 cards.
  13. Camel and Dr.1 after December 2014 patch were not that dangerous to pure b@z aeroplanes but in FC they gonna be back to before December patch , Camel is Dr.1 will be , so they will be very dangerous to extending attacker without enough separation because of speed/climb and turn . I don't won't to loose accurate aiming and one pass kill just because of that and actually B@Z aeroplanes can actually benefit from it .
  14. From WW1 it's probably the Austro-Hungarian Lloyd 40.05 recon/scout (yes, this is a fighter aircraft)
  15. Any update for a CrossFire configuration? I use currently AMD Vega56 and the performance is not good enough for online servers (2560x1440, 70..74Hz monitor). Will be great to invest 100..150€ into RX580 to get +10..20 fps (to get stable 75Hz online)
  16. Mostly its about griefing, the need to spoil someone else's day and having the last word.
  17. Today
  18. MP is (ideally) about practicing an endlessly fascinating combat system that was historically used to deal death in the worst times God ever let happen on Earth, but is now adapted to be a sport/art practiced with your fellow enthusiasts in peace. I think of it as analogous to fencing or kendo in many respects. Or at least chess. When you're really on your game and in a dogfight with someone else who is flying well, it's an amazing feeling. You actually get into what is called a "flow state", like one might experience when sparring, meditating, or otherwise practicing a way. Hell, I've actually had some useful life lessons driven home by years of online flying, such as it's worthwhile to keep on maneuvering no matter how bleak the situation looks, and your performance is enhanced by embracing the process and not obsessing over the outcome. As people who like old warplanes in a world of people who mostly don't give a flip we are ALL brothers. Brother, your words strike me as that of someone who believes or has been made to believe that you can't get good enough at the dogfighting end of things to enjoy it. Let me assure you that this is not true. When you have the principles explained to you in a clear and organized manner by a good source and practice systematically it begins to link together and "click". You'll start to make connections and do things while maneuvering the pixels that you once wouldn't have believed you could learn to do. And you'll have something to think about that is engrossing for a lifetime.
  19. I do not know what type of monetary awards, if any, were given to Luftwaffe aces, but there are a few well known fact about the nazi regimes' way of rewarding/bribing military leaders, which might give us an idea about how this would have filtered down through the ranks. For one thing soldiers and in particular officers of the Wehrmacht (including the Luftwaffe) were supposed to get first pick of land holdings in the conquered territories in the East (remember, the Germans were fighting a war of conquest and giving out parts of the conquered land as a way to pay your soldiers is an ancient tradition). Even as late as early 1945, when the war had been lost for years, and everything was crumbling around them, many German generals - including the big shots of the OKW and OKH - were still trying to expand their land holdings in the now liberated east, perhaps in some mad hope, that they would be paid reparations for their lost property after the war? Officers of the Wehrmacht were also bribed in a much more direct way. Members of the General Staff were regularly given "birthday presents" of several hundred thousand Reichsmarks, and this system very much filtered down through the ranks. In short, I think it is a pretty safe bet to say, that Luftwaffe pilots were very likely rewarded/bribed in much the same semi-official way that the rest of the military was, but we really know very little about it, because we know so comparatively little about what the Luftwaffe was up to during WW2. Due to a combination of bombing raids and deliberate destruction of archives near the end of the war, it is estimated, that nearly 98% of all RLM records are lost, leading us to rely heavily on the sanitized and heavily distorted memoirs written after the war by de-nazified Luftwaffe personel, who now had lucrative careers in the rebuilt West German Luftwaffe and therefore had very little interest in speaking out about their part in the corruption of the nazi system and the atrocities it committed.
  20. This is really good idea, but based on false background. AI vehicles cannot be playable becouse: - low poly details, - advanced driving phisics is not implemented (f.e. accelerations, gears), - just "boxes" without moving parts (wheels, steering wheel, crews) - no improved damage mechanics, - poor playability (what's funny with driving Willys or another recons?) Summary: Too much to do to be a nice-playable.
  21. If sunday nights from about 1900 UK Time (BST) suits your availability, then I think you might enjoy what's on offer from ACG. Its very much squad and mission oriented. A briefing for each squadron will be available a day or two before you fly the mission. You'll need to be on comms via their own TS. All you need to do is drop a post in their forum declaring your interest, and someone will invite you to come along and see what you think. https://www.aircombatgroup.co.uk/
  22. No one for the 6 x MG151/20 loadout ? or the 2xMk103 + 2xMk108 loadout ?
  23. Hi Bubi Hun I would suggest a invasion Sicily scenario 1943. I found same little analogy between the two maps. You could simulate the landing of allied ships to the south west coast of Sicily. With a bit of fantasy, the possible scenario could be: Allied planeset with air start Spit MK 5/9 (more 5 than 9) P47( waiting the P38) P40 Pe2 ( wiating the B25) A20 Axis planeset: Mc 202 Me 109 G2/G4/G6 Fw 190 A3/5 Me 110 E/G
  24. Reading the pro-MP posters here clearly shows MP is about kicking butts being crap-hot e-pilot. As a singleplayer dude I'm more mission oriented and really don't care if I down another player or AI as long as my flight completes the mission assigned. Such missions is only to be found in coop-MP and that is not available in BoX in practise from what I've seen/read. What you all describe above it what goes under the term "AirQuake". Coop is dependent on the private team's mission builder guy (one or two usually) and with only a select few able to handle the mission editor that era died fast with BoX.
  25. When I first came to RoF from playing a lot of WWII games I was surprised that the slowest but best turning planes in a mission (typically the Camel and Dr.1) were frequently some combination of the most feared/numbers limited/popular. Typically in WWII games the highest performing plane available to each side will top the charts, rather than the best level turner. (Spitfire is kind of the exception that proves the rule here, being a great turner versus most of it's historical foes while *nearly* as fast, often just as fast or faster at high alt). Quickly became apparent why though. In most WWII sims MP play most of the time effective shooting is pretty much limited to historic effective ranges, mostly 300 meters, 500-600 tops. With the performance possible with the planes separation isn't too hard to generate if you mind your energy state. In one very simple example, imagine a Hellcat going flat out level speed or even better in a dive making a head-on pass against a Zero and then just continuing on. His speed is gonna get him out of the slower plane's effective shooting range quickly, really no matter how fast the Zeke turns. OTOH, a Spad going hell-for-leather does a nose to nose pass on a Dr1. It was demonstrable in RoF and may also be true in the FC that the latter could often effectively damage the former long before it got out of range because the speed difference is much less than WWII planes but accurate pinging at 300 or even 400meters was/may still be far from impossible. Again the realism and all the factors that went into historic writings about effective guns range in WWI is a very complex and debatable subject. But the effects on gameplay aren't really debatable. Fighter aircraft development gradually prioritized speed and power over turning ability in order to be able to generate separation both horizontal and in the vertical, but a sufficiently long-range weapon system possessed by the better turning bandit will render that separation-creating ability largely irrelevant. And again I don't really know what to do about it. *There's a couple variations on the theme of using the vertical to get out of the bandit's reach and roll back in on him for another shot. One is simply having more horsepower and using climbing turns and similar maneuvers against bandits with less engine. In WWII sims this is a 109 specialty. This sort of thing worked and presumably will still work tolerably well with the Spad against Albs and the like planes with inferior horsepower, since you could get them so slow they couldn't raise their nose at all and then hoist yourself above them for the pass. The other variation is using a lot of built up dive-speed to outzoom something you may not have any horsepower advantage over at all. In WWII sims this is a Mustang/Jug/Corsair/190 specialty. Woe betide any bandit who breaks against your initial screaming pass and then tries to just follow you up, he's just gonna stall out beneath you and be a dead duck 9 times out of 10. With the Spad vs. Central whatever this doesn't seem to work near as well. It can build up a whole lotta dive speed for a WWI plane alright, but I've seen times when I'd dive on a lower Fokker to the point the plane is shaking with speed, they'd break and I'd head for the angels at full throttle, yet they would still be able to get the nose up and fire with dangerous accuracy for a disturbingly long time before stalling. Sometimes even Albs could be fairly dangerous doing this.
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