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  2. Nice thread! Am sure I will rustle up some when time permits Cheers, Dakpilot
  3. Nice batch! That Morane-Saulnier 733 looks like a goblin shark. Milo, great find on the jet powered bi-plane. Mother Brain, the Shrike is lovely with its spats. The interwar planes were interesting. No longer motorized kites, not yet formalized aerodynamically.
  4. Yep that's pretty much spot on .
  5. Yes, me and a lot of people think like you. But I think that, a day, the developpers are goiung to do a game like this !
  6. Today
  7. Die Hebelwirkung des Steuerknüppels ist auch eine ganz andere dadurch stimmt ja schon der Druck nicht usw. Das wird für die Leute die Dinger tatsächlich geflogen sind nie ein übereinstimmender Eindruck sein mit dem Equipment was der Privatmann so um sich stapelt um eine SIM zu fliegen. Mal ganz davon abgesehen dass die tatsächlichen Bewegungen ja auch nicht simuliert werden. Hier bei IL2 hat man das ja auch mal gemacht mit einem RU Piloten der die Yak 1 im WW.II geflogen ist. Leider gibt es dazu keine Details wie dieser Pilot mit der SIM klar gekommen ist und wie er sich zum Flugeindruck geäußert hat. Ich denke aber das dass in eine ähnliche Richtung gegangen ist wie im Interview mit E. Brunotte. Dennoch sehr interessant das Interview mit Erich Brunotte und die Schilderung der Details zu Start, Landung, Landeverfahren, Bremswirkung, Ladedruck Maximum ( 1.2 wegen Schiss vor Kolbenfresser) usw.
  8. Yes I did that my first time yesterday and its great. You guys will se more of me in the time to come
  9. Nice story! On our discord you can always catch some loners on comms. It's much more fun, much better experience.
  10. My battle rapport from last night. This was my second mission in multiplayer on KOTA and MP. Last night I hade a ruff mission. I got airborne and was on a bombing mission in my 110. One 111 in our group had problems and lost all the bombs before we even came over enemy territory. Left was me and my 190 escort. I guess my escort tried to figure out where we were and accidentally rammed me and damage my right engine and took of my right Aileron. The 190 was badly damaged and Returned to base. I managed to stabilise the plane and took the decision to carry out the mission of attacking the 51s dev. I located the tanks and drop my bombs taking a T34 out and damage at least four more. Turned west and struggled with the navigation on low altitude. When I reached 2000 meters I knew that I was over axis ground. I was following my navigation routine wish is in the very early stage when I spoted two fighters flying round me on lower altitude. I identify them as two 190s and continued flyg north west. Guess they identify me as a Peshka and the attack me and took three passes on me taking out my right engine and damaging my 110 badly. They must have relized there misstake when the left me alone in a hurry. But hey, its war. My bird was still in the air but I was struggling keeping her in level flight at 350 meters. I knew I was over the friendly soil and there where just a couple of there a flat field under me. We crash landed just by a small farm house and survived the day. This is a great server and good people. My second mission here was mighty interesting and I'm happy I experienced it. Good day gentlemen. WhiteMoose
  11. Flying Circus Furball When : Sunday, the 21th April 2019 Time : 19:00 to 03:00 Greenwich Mean Time 20:00 to 04:00 UK Time 21:00 to 05:00 Central European Time 15:00 to 22:00 Central Time US / Canadian Second Round Start Time Time : 00:00 to 03:00 Greenwich Mean Time 01:00 to 04:00 UK Time 02:00 to 05:00 Central European Time 19:00 to 22:00 Central Time US / Canadian Where : Jasta 5 Flying Circus Dogfight Server Type : 7 Hour long, informal, mass dogfight (drop in & drop out anytime) Furball. Entrance : Everyone welcome, just fly and have fun. Again a very big thanks to All the members of Jasta 5 for allowing us hold the FCF event on their server, this Sunday and thanks for a great server. This event will be held every Sunday from 19:00 to 03:00 GMT.
  12. Dead-On Awesome - damn right
  13. loved this server not dead i hope? I really hope there will be a good tanks server that stays.
  14. I know it will never happen, but that would be so cool...
  15. 190 with ducted spinner looks rather ‘30s sci-fi. Very advanced aircraft at inception, even if the teething troubles took a while to rectify.
  16. Well I finally gave in and used Discord "because everyone else uses it" ... Having a blast the last few nights with people that take the game and the roles serious more or less. Captain permits the radio man to observe an enemy convoy. Last ship in the convoy aflame from deck gun fire. U-96 coordinating a convoy intercept with U-552, North Atlantic. (all human players, no AI)
  17. If this was on the DDay mission, then chances are you had just finished combat over Gold Beach and are now running away trying to RTB back to Hardjie Bie using your radio beacon. You've lined yourself up, you see an AF in front of you and deduced "surely that must be it" and "landed." Except kill log says you were shot down and DITCHED. How come?? Until you realize you may have just landed at the German AF objective (Grid 806)...NOT Hardjie Bie (Grid 0905) which, at a faint glance, bare a few similarities: Open fields, roughly same position, close flight times to/from Target area... Note how both AFs (objective and spawn AF) align almost on the same vector if you are returning from Gold (Grid 507-ish). All this may have happened to me the other night.
  18. I'm not familiar enough with allied squadrons to have certain favourites - but since the discussion seems to be open to Luftwaffe units as well: Hard choice - many interesting Jagdflieger units: JG 52 - produced many Experten including the most successfull at all JG 3 - Operating in many diffrent environments (BoB, Barbvarosse, MTO, Stalingrad, Defence of the Reich) and proofed quite successfull in all of them JG 26 and JG 2 for holding the West alone for a long time JG 27 for being very successfull in Africa against overwhelming odds JV 44 for sheer glory. A Jet unit created from some of the finest fighter pilots Germany had. Strategically nonesense (that experience could have been more usefull to train and lead the cannon fodder that manned the German fighters in those days - but at that time it propably didn't matter anymore anyways) but a very impressive unit nonetheless... On the other hand I always felt a strong affection for any serviceman of any branch and any nation, who without any glory or other reward served his country in the hour of need and did his duty no matter what the odds. In that fighter units with a similar understanding of duty like the tuskegee air men, who thought protecting the bombers more important then gaining airial victory, also have my admiration.
  19. Post-mission debriefing - Luftwaffe defensive CAP - Mission report. Mission: Intercept enemy bombers Schwarm: 4x Messerschmitt Bf-109 G-6 equipped with 1x 20mm cannon + 2x 13mm machineguns. As the sirens started blaring at about 10h00, the on-duty pilots of II/JG 52 were already strapped to their seats while the mechanics were doing that last-minute repair work. The day was calm so far, it was the second sortie for the Gruppe, as a few hours very early in the morning another Schwarm had took off but couldn't find any enemies during their patrol and had just landed from their sortie. The Eastern front was slowly taking its toll on the exhausted veterans and novice pilots that had just arrived from training. "As the refreshened pilots started scrambling to intercept, the ground control reported while the Schwarm was climbing heading South-Southeast: possible altitude 3500m, enemies coming from East, number unknown yet, but it wasn't a small number. While climbing, Oberleutnant Karl von Rümmingen, leader of that flight, started planning his attacks and its variants if the enemy were bombers or fighters. As they took off without external cannon gondolas to keep climb rate fast if needed, they weren't on exactly best weapon if the enemy were to be though bombers, but it was his tool and he had to take it." The first dots started appearing from East, spotted by Oblt. Karl v. coming slightly below the sun. The Schwarm was at about 4000m, south of the enemy formation. As Karl approached and positioned himself high and to the left of the formation, there they were: twin engined bombers, probable A-20s. His wingman, the recently comissioned Leutnant Werner Hauss was on his second sortie, but Karl trusted him a lot and started the first pass with a dive at their 8 o'clock. Confirmed: A-20s, about 12 of them and also smaller dots slightly to the north, possible escort fighters, but the priority was to defeat the bombers as they started the run to their airbase and nearby installations. The first pass was successful - somewhat. As Karl shot very close, debris from the crippled bomber started to disassemble and a good sized chunk of metal debris hit his left radiator, under the wing and also blown out the left flap. Oblt. Karl didn't have the time (nor the will) to abort his attacks and kept his speed high while the oil coolant temperature started rising. Carefully throttling back and forth to keep engine as smooth as possible, Karl checked around to see if his wingman was still with him, as he heard a lot of chaos over the comms. Second pass was good: another A-20 shot down to an out of control dive and plummeted into earth. At the 109, Oblt. Karl watched the oil coolant temperature rising to near critical levels, but kept pushing - the airbase must be safe. A third pass and the 3rd enemy bomber broke into flames, with the crew quickly jumping out of the burning wreck, 4 chutes accounted for. As Oblt. Karl was aligning for the fourth pass, suddenly a burst of metallic sounds rattled around loud, for a few instants overpowering the engine roar and a hole through the cockpit window appeared. On Oblt. Karl's words: "It was a La-5 behind and was a good luck his bullets didn't hit my head. But I was very close to my target, must kept pushing! My aircraft was starting to get hard to keep stable, instinctively I felt that it must have got some wing damage; anyway I got to keep my aim steady and very closely shot another burst of 20mm cannon shells that exploded on the enemy's tail. Rudder and both elevators blown away and that airplane departed an uncontrollable dive. Lt. Werner jumped on that La-5, making him break off my tail so I could keep my crippled plane somewhat flying for another last pass as the oil coolant was nearly depleted and engine started running very rough, and to help with the situation, Kommandogerat kept the remaining radiators fully open, adding a huge drag and making even harder to keep speed. To make the mess worse, the right leading edge slat was hit and stuck on the forward position, together with the missing left wing flap caused strong wing asimmetry, beside the small bullet holes on both wings. But the next target was worth a try as I had potential energy remaining for a last attack before RTB - if possible. As I dived in and landed a few shots, my aircraft started losing speed very fast, engine's roaring sounded even more sick than before and the plane shocked on a violent jolt to the left, silence and then I could only hear the wind - the propeller stopped! And that damaged bomber got away on a slight dive. Damn, I still have some shells left onboard!" Few moments later, Oblt. Karl von Rümmingen was making a forced wheels up landing on a grass field just short of the runway. Pilot was unhurt. Aircraft was a total hull loss. That damaged bomber was a confirmed kill a few hours later as some observers reported that they saw it hitting the ground and exploding just about 30 km north of the combat zone, probably due to loss of control and engine power. Confirmed kills: 5 (A-20) Intel staff developed the film of the onboard gun camera, as follows:
  20. Sur le A20, cockpit ouvert tu as le lance-fusée en main
  21. Our P-40 is the one which fits into the late Moscow campaign. It would be nice if we had a later P-40, but then it would be nice to have many things 😎 Cheers, Dakpilot
  22. I used driver4VR a lot for my former Pimax4K. I do not need it now with my 5k+ because I have a Vive base, but I'll have a look.
  23. If you look closely at the Driver 4VR mod on the download page you can download for free. After it's installed it says you have a limited time to try it out. I just bring this up because someone may have better luck with it than me. Thanks
  24. They were one out of only three USAAF units operating the A-36 and put up a serious fight in air-to-air and air-to-ground combat. That's not to disregard the equally eventful and interesting histories of 86th and 311th FBG.
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