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  2. This caught me out at first too. While there was some rule of thumb advice like "if it shoots back it's a target" & "front line airbases are targets", neither of these statements apply 100% of the time, as some targets will already have had their AAA knocked out and some airbases will not be marked as targets even although they are the same distance from the front line as others who are marked as target as can be seen in the map below. Then there are the depots, who are good target and nowhere near the front lines most of the time. While the advice you got to make sure the word attack is next to a target is spot on, I wanted to add some other small bits and pieces I have picked up along the way, so I thought I would start at the start and do a mini tutorial on this thing 1st thing to do is set up the colours in the IL2 settings/flight interface so that USSR is always red, this is specific to the way TAW works and can be the opposite on other servers. Anyhow it helps to prevent confusion when reading the map. Then in the in game map we will pick a target airfield, for now we will pick Lotoshino. It has Attack marked next to it and the prohibited sign means no-one can spawn there, so no chance of bombing someone at a spawn point and aggravating them If we look at the other airfields in this map, Ryabinki & Ivanovskoe, we can see that they appear to be the same distance from the front lines, but only one of them is marked for Attack. Now we go to the TAW main web page http://taw.stg2.de/index.php and look at the map there. While it appears similar to the IL2 map it's not the same for a couple of reasons. Most importantly it does not update with the current battle situation, eg., if a bridge is destroyed it will disappear from the map inside IL2 but not here on the TAW map. It also displays strategic locations such as the one marked here at Karmanov, not on the IL2 map and not a target, but a strategic point on the map that has AAA and will fire at you, but is not a target that you want to waste time your on. An additional feature that is just great is that if you click anywhere on the TAW map, it will open a new tab in your browser at the excellent https://il2missionplanner.com/ site already prepared for the TAW mission in hand. Great for planning long range bombing missions. Now we will look at the list of Axis Cities on the same page as the TAW map. This gives basic information about Airbases & Depots ie., the state of their AAA and level of destruction. If you click on one, it will open a reconnaissance photo of the target, NB., for depots you need to scroll down past the nearby airfield photo. Depots are really good targets, and the recon photos are essential to ensure you hit the right spots as not everything in the area counts as a target, otherwise it's a long flight for nothing. Successful long duration bombing runs give +2CM, can recall how long, 40 mins rings a bell? That's about it for selecting a target airfield or depot, hope it helps someone. ============================ Some other tips about attacking; While high alt level bombing is recommended by the TAW manual to avoid the huge amounts of AAA they have put at the targets, I have given up on that due to it's very low accuracy and results. Could be just my bombing technique, but I far prefer this method outlined in a cool Darbzy video in this topic, https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/49993-taw-raid-at-surovikino-live-comms/?tab=comments#comment-775908 best tips are all the way at the bottom of the short topic. Communications; While you are flying alone it's easy to avoid communicating with others, but on TAW as you are flying towards a goal these others are your team. Say you bombed a bridge for example. I tend to let my side know in the chat, like "blue bridge down + co-ordinates if there was more than one blue bridge. This way another red player who may be enroute to that bridge can head some other place and save themselves some time and frustration. Sure the bridge will have gone from the map, but we don't always stare at the map
  3. Someone may as well begin arguing why they wont do airplanes - we'll probably have a more reasonable idea then. For example - I doubt it.ll be a Fw or Me - there were new of both in BP.. I seriously think the clues are heavily there along with common sense e.g. B25 - they himted heavily theyd like to do a flyable B25 Li2/c47 they said theyd do one Yak3/9/ other good Russian - I think this is fairly likely and also rlly important the Russians have nothing past 1943 in game. I hardly see a Russia based company ignoring that forever - that said they released 3 russian front titles already. P.s. i highly doubt a Fw189 ever. Recon isnt sexy to most people. However it really should be at least an AI plane
  4. Was exactly my intention, when I mentioned it, no need for a lot of FM. Takeoff, climb and bail out. Pretty simple to do
  5. There's really no way this flew with that prop. (I haven't flown a Jug but I've helped change an engine in one and I've sat in a couple, so I'm clearly qualified to make this statement. 😎) The entire belly is flattened all the way back to, and including, the turbo shroud. This airplane landed gear up, was raised and gear dropped and then towed to where photographed. I've been part of several runway recoveries and this one is very typical. What often happens is a very real incident gets associated somewhere down the line with either the wrong aircraft, or often times, the same aircraft but with a photograph after a different incident. The question is: Would an aluminum prop have lasted with the same damage?
  6. If you don't like the feature turn it off or play on a server with it off. Simple. Jason
  7. Hi Thad, Thanks for the offer. I'll try to describe what I'm looking for and send you a pm later.
  8. You are right. It would in huge radials aswell. But you can fly for a while distance depending on engines. A double wasp wright engine works well with multiple pistons or cylinders not working. The torque and power would probably tear off the piston from the shaft if it get stuck and it can fly for a remarkable distance. In fact this is the plane that can pull it off. The reason I doubt this can fly for longer distance is the hub and propeller itself. I do not think they could operate for long with that vibration
  9. A skin file should be identifiable on its own therefore the aircraft type should be included in the name such as what 1PL-Lucas-1Esk suggests. I think that a forum for skins is OK but is however problematic. A better solution would be a separate database that could be uploaded to by skinners. There could be a link to the Skin DB off the forums. Each skin would have all the identifications mentioned in above posts in separate fields including a thumbnail of the skin and date of upload. This would allow filtering the skins by BOS/FC/TC, author, historic/non-historic, country, plane type (name used by the game folders), squad, pilot, 2K/4K, etc. If you search the DB and ID a group of skins you want, you should be able to download all in a zipped file. I bet there is someone in the community that could design a simple DB for the devs.
  10. okay, you convinced me with your waterproof evidence!
  11. I wonder if they can make a LI 2 and you can go into equipment and choose C47 engines and instrument
  12. Probably you are right; this most likely due to déformation professionelle. I can tell you it is very, very hard to assess, quantify and categorize such physiological properties in a (pilot) cohort. But you will surely be able to prove your expectation bias for fact. At least to the layperson or anyone not able to read statistics (read: most people). Just know that people can adjust pretty well to (new physical) requirements, usually to a higher degree than whatever might be their „basal“ (whatever that might be in random people) differences. It would simply be scietifically wrong to assume different tolerances in pilots flying different aircraft types. What pilots could do however is cut smoking (no, they didn‘t), eat their veggies (try that if you live out of cans of corned beef) and exercise. Marseille actually did do the latter, while the rest mostly preferred having some drinks on what might well be the last couple of days of their lives before Flak kills them regardless of their fitness.
  13. Not after several of the engines had caught fire..
  14. DD_Arthur

    DCS news

    Can do the landing part in GB no problem but DCS? More burst tyres I'm afraid.....
  15. They were not: they were selected on skill, aircraft management, navigation, leadership and a whole host of various attributes. ‘G tolerance’ was not a criterion of 1940 pilot selection or training. I still think that this is a Pandora’s box best left shut. It does not add much to a sim and will cause endless arguments. CLoD offered a control- limitation mode to reflect the actuation of 1940s aircraft which - IIRC - was widely ignored on servers. Sitting in a chair at 1g you lack the input and nuance to work with acceleration and the impact that this has. At best it will likely prove unpopular.
  16. He 177 Grief, well its not a four engine heavy after all
  17. In order of likelihood, I'd expect Li-2/C47 - has been sort of announced and makes perfect sense for all modules and as a counterpart to the Ju52 B25 - Is being made as AI, intention to make flyable has been confirmed, seems obvious. Spitfire XIV - Version of existing aircraft, powerful and shiny, would sell well and be relatively cheap to make. Fits theater. Arado Ar234 - Has been mentioned as a possible collector by Jason, fits the theater, career and operation, 'cheap' for a bomber, uses the exact same tech as the Me262. Slightly less likely but a perfect matchup I'd love to see: Mosquito / Me-410 Unlikely but please: He 219 Fw 189
  18. The last 2 were the FN and G-6? Spit XIV, Yak-9 and G-10 probably in the same ballpark of effort but unclear if great interest for the Yak and the 109 is something of a niche between current types. Since no heavies are likely and Bp is the probable theatre, Mossie should remain a favourite alongside the XIV (RAF a little under-represented) but remain unsure what an economical / revenue generating Luftwaffe equivalent might be. The Arado looks complicated and time-intensive.
  19. Today
  20. I hope so. Burma, China, New Guinea, would be interesting as far as the variety of planes and setting is concerned. Ki-43 Ki-44 Ki-61 Ki-45 I know. I like the Japanese Army planes. But I can only give my own personal opinion. Not carrier battles please. While they may be historically important, I dont really fancy a carrier only based setting. Maybe a campaign. Landing on a grass airfield is hard enough though.
  21. https://mega.nz/#!AjI1haAY!zHIfxGkvWdOv53Wm5LladwYAlXTe3PW_gB-og9u5CZw
  22. Or ask Raptor nicely for his and CREDIT him in any skins you use it on.
  23. Or 'Steal' the pattern from someone elses skin and use that as a pattern.
  24. Either the Focke-Achgelis Fa 223, or the Flettner Fl 282 Kolibri would be fun. But my guess is the B-25 and Mosquito.
  25. I sent a pm to Jason some weeks ago about that and he answered it will be ok asap.
  26. Sorry RR, I have absolutely NO idea what the problem is. Largely because I rarely do MP (no-one likes me and I have NO friends, maybe because I eat worms!!). Good luck in your quest mate!
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