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  2. Wow that p40 is sleek never heard of that one. I wonder how they flew
  3. One question. Why do not change your nickname for the next TAW round (or the next map) and not try to do exactly the same what you write? I can provide my second account for this challenge.
  4. Well Im trying to find some people to fly with I never hada headset until recently - which is more common in this community srs discord or? I presume i get the addy frm server? That sounds like a lot of fun though let me know if you guys need amother body
  5. Since everyone is so curious... 🙄 I’ll spill the beans. It’s a P40-Q with a Packard Merlin and a 2 Stage Supercharger. Since the Mustang was already in production, they never got a contract for it. It would be fun to see it modeled though. (There might have been other reasons too) I guess the B-25 is the obvious one since the internal modeling is all that’s left. I would be happy if the other one was the Li-2/C-47/Dakota since we really need that aircraft for Allied paratrooper and transport duties.
  6. I can test the tanks, I'm a former Leopard Tank commander (spent 12 years into them) I have pretty good knowledge about tanks and how they are working or supposed to. My other Tank "games" are Steel Beast Pro (for my job) and Pro Pe at house... My computer is quite good (i7 9700k@5.0Ghz - 1080Ti - 16Go RAM - SSD)
  7. The attakers capabilities of the teams on map No. 4 have not changed. Let's look at the limits of tanks. How fast the reds can get ahead of the blue ones. Now they will have to work hard: 720/650 I can explain another difference. Pe2 carries only 40% of the Ju88 bomb load. Count how many flights do you need to make to an airfield or warehouse to destroy it? That is why your words are a manipulation, not an explanation. You just need to look at the limits on the main page and we will immediately understand who destroys what faster Again wrong. The blue team constantly led the planes. We had to make regular raids on airfields to try to reduce the backlog.
  8. Again wrong. As the axis team cannot get the whole map (as I said before, the blue tanks will be destroyed), the only option for the axis team is the victory by the plane condition. Usually it will not work because of more effective AAAs.
  9. The fellow was talking about the AI gunners, so you're barking up the wrong tree here I'm surprised you didn't know that as you appear to know everything else
  10. Different terms, but the meaning is the same. The general movement of the front line until the last moment showed that the blue team is better at capturing territory. And the total number of tanks destroyed on the main page showed that the blue ones are better at reducing the limit of tanks. The Reds simply had more resources this time. None of the teams now has an overwhelming advantage. That is why maps last so long in this campaign.
  11. Schilling's 'Hairless Joe' by @E69_julian57...
  12. I hope we get new aircraft and not variants of exiting ones. They are more attractive this way to buyers, at least for me.
  13. No . It is not shown on this page. We should ask the administrators to improve the report. Did I say before "easily"? I wrote "faster". It is not. You can do a simple test: start Pe2: climb 3000 => go to the enemy AF=>dive about 770 km/h => drop bombs=> go home. start Bf110: climb 3000 => go to the enemy AF=>dive about 730 km/h => drop bombs=> go home (usually you will not). I hope 10 attemps for every plane will be enough (do not forget to attack the full equipped AFs, not only with 1 or 2 or 3 AAAs). I am not talking about to change something with Pe2. I am trying to explain what is the difference.
  14. This "idea" that the Pe-2 is "OP" (over powered is my best guess) as a guy @gemanuel1 who just tried to shoot me down in my Pe-2 with his 109F-4 claimed in the chat on the last mission of map#3, is a silly idea. This fellow who had just shot down an IL2, attacked me and hit me a few times, then sat on my 6 o'clock until my AI gunners shot him down. He sat there for over 12 seconds, all the while his plane and pilot were taking damage and one of my AI gunners even reported that he ran out of ammo , then claimed in the chat that the Pe-2 AI gunners have this magical one hit kill ability Just look at the log and you can see he had plenty of time to evade or even head home, but he just sat here taking hits for 12 seconds plus! http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=47745&name=Pict
  15. So fly old 110 or pay for much faster and better 410? P2W? It's simply a bad choice. I would buy anything anyway, not a problem to me, but it does not seem like a good choice. If me262 was premium, it would piss off a lot of people. "P2W!!! 20$ plane, best in the game!". Same could be here, making premium plane that is much better than previous version from core set does not seem right. Maybe in the end no one will care, maybe it will make lot of people angry.
  16. Agreed. Static infantry (sitting or lying with AT-rifles, AT-grenades, bazokas or Panzerschrecks) - that's would be enough for now for more realistic ground battles (Tank Crew). Btw, we have now Schurzen for german tanks - these shields, as I know, were used to protect tanks against AT-rifles. Now they don't have much sense.. Something like that:
  17. =LG=Kathon, May I ask to show possible statistics of the game on map No. 3? Tanks are deducted from the limit after the destruction of buildings in warehouses. Is this taken into account in the outcome of the mission? I definitely saw that the Reds were losing in the total number of tanks destroyed. I would like others to see it/ And if the Reds destroy blue tanks so easily, why was the front shifted to the West the day before yesterday?
  18. Screenshots? Why do you need them at all? Just open the page https://taw.stg2.de/missions.php
  19. Surely.... they cant have anything left to do a DD about this week?
  20. I appeal to all players. If suddenly someone took screenshots from the TAW website, then share them. It is interesting to compare the number of tanks destroyed by the parties over time.
  21. The Me 410 never was the main Zerstörer, it always supplemented the fleet of Bf 110s, so it is perfect as a collector plane. It is very interesting and versatile but not the main airframe used.
  22. Please operate only with numbers (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number). Than I will answer you with some details.
  23. I also doubt your mental abilities, but not about that now. Let's just look at the number of tanks destroyed on the current map. If the difference in the number of destroyed tanks is not twofold, then it makes no sense to talk about the overwhelming advantage of the Reds
  24. Not really. I don't really see why would they bunch up when there is plane flying on high alt so it can spot them. They would just run away, not march in group of 400 so you can strife them. I don't even find them hard to spot, when you attack train and climb up, it's easy to see little guys running away. From high alt it's hard to spot tank, of course you won't spot one guy running around and 40 in a group would be huge immersion kill since in real life they would never walk like this. This could only work in ww1 expansion when they are ordered to attack enemy trenches and you just happen to fly around. But in ww2? Nope. Infantry in ww2 should be more static just to make battles feel more real. There should be trench and foxhole filled with static infantry (as it was in IL2 1946). I think it was in some mod tho. But just having infantry that can sit in trench or behind some objects like sandbags would make this game better and probably still keep good FPS (400 people running in ww2 with tons of other objects could be bad, but who knows?). Maybe they should do it slowly, first they could add more "runners" when you attack trucks they could jump out and run away, just like with some trains. Now there is just 1 or 2 guys running from truck, they are never filled with troops. So it would be good start. Then adding things like foxholes, trenches, sandbags etc. Where you have few people sitting in there, not moving, just a static object. And if you hit it with guns, they just change animation to dead, head down, fall, something like that. Hit with bomb? They would just disappear. I think they will have to do it one day, can't imagine okinawa expansion or some other pacific islands with no infantry on them. It feels bad in stalingrad already. Dead city, not even wrecked ships and trash of some sort near the river where russians were crossing all the time.
  25. Guys, does anyone of you use GIT? Maybe it could be quite comfortable way of distributing skins and keeping everything under control with relative ease. Maybe the Pro version would be needed to really work though... Just tried to create a free account for testing and it works with .dds files. I imagine the "master" branch could be administered by a few chosen ones (keeping structure appropriate for a copy&paste into game's skins folder, thus easily downloadable and applicable), while broader audience could upload their creations into some different branch/dir.. Thoughts?
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