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  2. In addition to the frontline patrols, each depot has AI cover. Depot AI cover do not respawn once you've destroyed them.
  3. Thanks Jon, The kit does not come with carpets. In 1/8th scale this kit is woefully lacking in details esspecially under the hood.I simply Couldn't let that go as you can see in previous posts.
  4. Oh dear - so much hatred for new tech. You Monitor "Evangelists" just need to realise that some people prefer to fly / drive with depth perception. Something a Monitor will never give, nothing personal just the way of the world.
  5. I'm looking forward to this as a way of early access test, or whatever you want to call it. My main concern is the planeset and what can be done to create a Black September 1918 scenario, a month in which the Entente suffered significant losses at the hands of better performing high altitude Central scouts. On the Entente side there's not too many issues with plentiful SE5as, Dolphins, SPADs (French and American), with a few Bristols (F.II/F.III) serving as escorts/bombers/recon and even the odd Camel still in service in ground attack role. On the Central side, there's the Fokker D.VIIF and the Halberstadt CL.II 200hp. That's about it. The BMW-powered Fokker D.VIIF can pose as the actual Mercedes-powered Fokker D.VII, of which we only have the early 1918 model without 200hp high altitude overcompression. The rest of the Mercedes scouts are out of place and outclassed without said 200hp engine, and really shouldn't be available at all save perhaps as reserve machines. The Fokker Dr.I would have been all but phased out by then in favour of the Fokker D.VII, and among others a small number of Pfalz D.XIIs and Fokker E.Vs (which would later become the D.VIII) — neither of which we have. Perhaps the biggest concern is the role of the Halberstadt. The CL.II would have still been in operation as part of Schlastas alongside the newer CL.IV and these would have been flown in massed formations at very low altitude in advance of infantry pushes. Ironically, they may have been the very last Mercedes D.III-powered planes on the Western front not retrofitted with overcompression to achieve 200hp, as this was typically a field modification reserved for scouts operating at high altitude. Even so, by war's end a more powerful variant with a 200hp Argus engine (180hp by German measurements) was underway. But I digress. If you can convince everyone who wants to fly Central that the choice is either high altitude patrol in the D.VIIF or massed low altitude ground attack against (imaginary) trenches in the CL.II, then you have something resembling September 1918. To be honest, I've never seen a formation of more than 2 or 3 Halberstadts in my years of flying it in Rise of Flight, so that would be a sight to behold. In sufficiently large numbers, they would be a pretty decent match against Camels, whether with AI or human gunners. Just forget about using them as high altitude recon, they simply lack the climbrate to do so. Source: Windsock Datafile 27 Halberstadt CL.II
  6. f2p + subscription, you can play for free with early war planes ( spit 1, 109e, etc), subscription can be purchased for 1 day, 1 week or 1 month. no lootboxes or paid unlocks, its a simulator and not arcade, so even in a spit 1 or 109 e you can bring down a late war plane, and you don't pay anything. I think that not paying anything and playing the game is a great deal.....
  7. stay calm, so this is a representation of army groups, which languages you can understand, on you tube you can watch various video on the ME. because I'm perfect French, that helped me a lot. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCWLLa_oyv_FO3t9tWH8Oxg
  8. Is it right that the pilot stats only go up to Feb 2018?
  9. Torrens, I am not afraid of a tiger at all and I have defeated enough ... sometimes three in a row. The problem is the operation of the new T34. Imagine ; You look outside the tower and you see a goal, then you have to go inside to aim because that does not work from the outside. Due to the slow response of the visor, you lose about 3 to 4 seconds (that's too much) Then you also have to turn the tower to the target .. again 3 seconds. If you add that together, you will have lost at least 4 to 6 seconds to focus on your goal ..... That is very, very long! If I take the old T34, and I am already aiming outside my head towards the target, then I go inside and have a direct view of my sight. Also direct direct from my tower. This action costs me less than 2 seconds. That the new T34 has a faster broken engine, far too slow in its reaction (from outside the tank, to reaction in sight) is the reason for me to always take the old T34. The responds well and is free of bugs, while the new T34 is still full of bugs. Take the sherman, for example, in the gunner position your frame time is going to run very badly .. again another bug. If you take a tiger, it works really well. Apart from the fact that a tiger is pretty easy to beat, it works without bugs and that plays a lot better. The moment the new T34 is free of all those annoying bugs, I want to switch, but as long as it isn't .......... I grab the old T34 I also played enough in a tiger, so know the tiger feels good and if you use it a bit smart you can easily handle all other enemy tanks ... it's tactics and not brutal violence. ;-)
  10. Korea would certainly be a break with the current line. It would be interesting to see what 1C would make of it. But as "main title" I would be rather disappointed. If they did it like Tank Crew and had the 3D models created by a third party, it would be an interesting niche within the Great Battles Series. But I'm not sure whether this would go beyond the limits alongside the (hopefully successful) Tank Crew and Flying Circus projects. I think there is another scenario where you could use especially variants of the P-47 and P-51 (Europe/Italy end of 43 beginning 44) and the Pacific most likely. Whereby this depends of course on the source situation. Regardless of that, I have the hope that the next big patch (or maybe even before that) will tell us where the journey is going.
  11. Today
  12. Is there any information about how many AI planes there are and where they usually patrol? I really wasn't expecting AI planes anywhere else than on the front line.
  13. I agree. Korea will be a diversion and should be done in a separate brand after GB. Like Rof and GB. I think it will bring a precedence to those only thinking speed and fire power to get more modern afterward. In that regard I feel it is a highjack of a ww2 sim running a campaign for Korea. GB have yet to cover a great deal more of WW 2 before evolving to the fifties. So in that regard I also do agree on previous statement. If you want to go there fly DCS
  14. Hi, i am trying to come to grips with the ME for BoS. Reading through various PDFs i tried to find what the various icons are for, a list with descriptions in particular. F.i. in a loaded mission i came across these big fat Os, parked on a yellow square .. are they way points, or lost non working items from an older editor? Properties by right clicking won't show info .. thnx
  15. Bad news is that this game will be F2P (or paid but still with optional subscription). Just like "remastered" war birds. https://store.steampowered.com/app/365620/WarBirds__World_War_II_Combat_Aviation/ Some screenshots people posted here are from this version which has nothing to do with upcoming WarBirds2020. Or at least it will be heavly modified. Current subscription is 16$/month. I don't think making game with subscription today is a good idea.
  16. I got a i7. More than enough for GB. For DCS too but in my experience it is more cpu defendant. DCS is in my machine worst at low altitude in Caucasus and Normandie. And I rather fly other maps than tune down graphics. GB just excel in smoothness. I think you can own a pc with minimum specs to run vr in this game.
  17. There's a time where modelling jets doesn't make sense anymore on the BoX engine - that's where jets are starting to become too complicated. An F-84G or the vanilla F-86 are technologcally WW2 aircraft with jet engines, so very few additional tweaks are required to make them happen. The cut-off happens in the mid 50s, when jets are carrying more and more capable radars and the onboard systems (engine control and regulation, hydraulic architecture, electrical bus structures, etc) are getting more complicated. Heck, the F-106 has an automatic aft fuel transfer when flying supersonic...
  18. Who are you talking to? My point was only to show that landings are most deadly and accidents happens most during this part. It's not even up for discussion, it's a fact.
  19. Your one coming on server you clearly dont like, then spred fals info about that server and then promote other servers on its topic where its server admins cant defend as they cant post. So i call you out on your BS when your wrong. Ill informed ppl like you make other ppl belive in fals info about server. If you dont like how things are on this server go play and spend more your limited play time on servers that you promote, that will get ppl to play there, but i see from time you spend on servers you promote in this topic, you still spend mutch more time on wol server you spred lies about then on them
  20. Pe-2, a little work might turn it into a Mosquito: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ia1Jo2w_Bhw
  21. I'm not speaking for everyone but I most certainly didn't claim VR was shit and a waste of time. I simply don't like people who arrogantly assume they speak for everyone when they declare "once you try VR you will never go back". While there are exceptions, it is almost always a case that those individuals are basing their opinion on a limited set of testing criteria. Let's imagine two reviews and tell us which one is more valid here? Review 1. Gives a review on what's best, based on their tests between a small 1080p monitor and a 1st Gen HMD. Review 2. Gives a review on what's best after testing a small 1080p, large 1080p, large 1440p, large 4K, large 1440p widescreen, CV1, DK2, OG Vive, Odyssey, Lenovo, Pimax 5K+ and Valve index. I would put the review "or opinion" of the 2nd review far higher than the 1st review. That is not the same as saying the 1st review has no merit but certainly not as much as the 2nd review. I should also remind you that nobody gets to claim a thread or sub forum for you and only people like you. If the moderators decide any content is not in the right place they will move it. This is not an echo chamber where anyone who dares to claim VR is not all that (or shit for that matter) is banned from entering.
  22. Uninstall the mod, check thar ll *.ini files rae well suppressed, especially the d3dx_user.ini. Install the mod again. You mat use settings from here :
  23. Well, I'm an old platoon sergeant and not a programmer either. I would wait for @SCG_Fenris_Wolf or @lefunesteto check out the settings first but I believe replacing the mod file with the same name with my settings would do the trick. I was working from Odyssey+ settings which were pretty close. Only minor convergence changes were necessary. Have to say with the clarity of the Reverb and 5X and 10X zooms the images are amazing.
  24. The change is in the specular/gloss map, or the Alpha channel which is embedded in the diffuse map. A well detailed specular map is just as important as the diffuse map: even with a limited resolution, it really allows to give more substance to the representation of different materials, if used wisely. You will see it reacting to sunlight and other light sources (I find it to be particularly satisfying when cockpit lights are on), but it won't react well (if not at all, sigh!) to ambient light. Areas covered by shadows will just show the diffuse map, without the possibility for more detail (in short, that's why many cockpits look so flat). In this case, I think a good diffuse map would be essential; by this, I mean that in a non-PBR engine, all textures in a diffuse map would need to be "painted" with special attention to indirect lighting, ambient lighting and occlusion (SSAO is a lot more useful when highlights are already in the diffuse map). And that's what I'd like to achieve for the moment, I'm aiming for a basic/correct representation of materials, color and structure. Examples: By the way, I will be deeply grateful to anyone who finds the location of this part in the original texture:
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