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  2. That's a gorgeous idea. Community groups as La Fundación and skinners like Julian enrich this sim immensely. I'm really looking forward to this campaign. Thanks for your great initiative. Esto es una idea espléndida. Grupos como La Fundación y skinners como Julian enriquecen inmensamente este sim. Tengo muchas ganas de poder comenzar esta campaña. Muchas gracias por vuestra gran iniciativa.
  3. I captured this screen, pilot flew 2 sorties that day. He has been awarded with the second bar after the first one. I checked in the local DB and he has 59 "sorties" and 31 "goodSorties" that I assume are succesful sorties
  4. Shellofaman

    [MOD] Icons

    I spoke too soon. Now, when I have disabled it to go to Multiplayer and logged back into to practise with the MOD, it seems to not work anymore. Not only that, but my ICONS have dissapeared altogether even when I uninstall the mod, delete the folder and try the game in vanilla with ICONS on. I get no ICONS. LOL Any help?
  5. I was also just looking at some kind of donation for your efforts, so this is great timing.
  6. It's the same with any ASW technology in IL-2. Games that share the depth buffer are rare, so you'll find it anywhere. As it has been said before, build the PC around the headset. What's your target regarding time? Since this is for professional use, I suspect that money is of secondary thought. If you want the best experience, you cannot get around the Pimax 8KX or 8K+, which come in ruggedized editions by default, and will offer the best comfort of any headset on the market. During the last 2 days there were VRDays in the Netherlands, and everyone who tried the headset stated that it offered better comfort than Reverb, Index, or Rift S. Specs-wise, they surpass anything right now regarding FOV and resolution as well. Using Lighthouse Stations, these can also be implemented in motion simulators, which most other headsets apart from the Index cannot.
  7. Hello all, I have edited the template @ICDP created with my unworthy Photoshop skills 😁. "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy, I'm scum" - Waynes World. Change Log: Edited National Insignia's (star and bars are now white). Added stainless steel areas. Added dark aluminum areas. Added painted aluminum lacquer areas. Added filled in panel lines. Adjusted the aluminum skin color and shine. see if you can spot all the stuff I just mentioned! click image for full resolution DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nLp1SrSYLFhk7pZZUzpOYEQ-cvzxuv3X/view?usp=sharing ENJOY!
  8. S! Typhoon would be nice to have. Sure it lacks in performance against Tempest, but carried a bigger weapon load.
  9. Thanks for the feedback! The bombers should land at the end of the mission. It could be a bug on my end, or the AI is acting up. It is hard sometimes to find out what is a " feature" and what is actually a bug in IL2 AI . Could you provide details on that mission? which airfield and which scenario (bomb or attack)? Maybe I need to have multiple sizes of targets yes. I'm using the same ones for WW1 and WW2 now, but that will not hold. Or I always use the same big targets, but with different "win" conditions (percentage of destruction needed for an attack to be successful). Didn't know about buymecoffee. Will have a look at that!
  10. @ SCG_Fenris_Wolf Many thanks to your pilots of the Simulated Combat Group. The numerous donations help the server very much. 👍
  11. S! At least the IO-Tech (Finnish site) has full Windows running, no stripping. But you got a point there Jaws, tests should be done in a realistic setup. A so called everyday setup people run. I wish I could strip all the unnecessary Windows stuff as I only play with the computer. Every ounce of performance matters 😄
  12. Your posts are gold JtD thx for your time, it could not be better explained. A pleasure to read.
  13. We will try to find a sweetspot between number of aircraft and horizontal space so we can at least give the impression of a massive formation.
  14. The easy quick-win fix on the 190 was adding the outside ram-air intakes to the supercharger. Those gave an instant increase of 500-700m of critical altitude in second gear with increased hi-alt top speed at the cost of reduced lo-alt top speed. The affair was simple enough to even change the intakes between missions if necesseary. The Jumo213A didn't provide that much of a gain in terms of critical altitude. Only the DB603E did. The Jumo needed the two stage/ three speed superchager, which it got with the E/F variants. The E came with an intercooler, but it didn't fit the 190's cowling. The Jumo213EB would have given the aircraft a (projected) speed-increase of 40kph over the already quite impressive D-13 top-speed. 20kph were due to a redesigned radial cooler, allowing the cowl-flaps to be closed flush at hi speed. Another 20kph was projected due to the now fitting intercooler and thus producing an additional 200hp. Factory trials with a DB603E in a D-9 showed superior performance over a pre-boost rated, "vanilla" Jumo213A D-9. The performance-difference at Steig/ Kampleistung at 10km were a whopping 50kph in favor of the DB603E! Add MW 50 and off you go... The D-14 and D-15 (both to be powered by the DB603EA and E) were cancelled early in '45 for undisclosed reasons - despite the DB being the slightly better engine all things considered...
  15. S! Interesting video on memory. I wonder if anyone commented to get flight sims as well as data points?
  16. I know one off the main things that people moan about in this sim is spotting AI planes. ok from a certain distance it just renders as a black dot am I correct? well here is the thing ( I know in multiplayer sometimes a group off flyers will turn their landing lights on, as so everyone can see each other,those ufo type effects ) you really can spot planes from miles away very easy, when they have their lights on. i know this sounds a crazy idea, but if landing lights can be turned on, why not implement something in the game, say swap out the landing light effect to something else to make spotting AI planes more realistic ( say if the ufo effect landing lights were swapped out for say a more black effect surely spotting would be more easy from a distance ) then if everyone flew round with their landing lights on in multiplayer it could have the effect off a lot more fun experience ( people with bad eye sight like me might see the AI planes,it would properly help cheating but there you go) I know this sounds a crazy idea, but it could work by the way I can not find the mod that dims down the landing lights ufo experience mod
  17. I remember a tutorial I saw on Youtube a while ago. Don't remember who made it, but the guy claimed that only the needle giving direction was working. Thereafter I didn't pay much attention to that instrument until I acccidentally noticed that the other needle showing distance is also working. Today I also checked with the Me110-G2 and the Me262, on Kuban and Rheinland maps. The needle is working on both planes/maps. Don't know if the devs added this recently, but it's certainly a nice to have feature.
  18. Indeed Chattytumbl ! Vander's EMG is the way I nowadays fly any IL-2 single mission. As soon as his tank extention is up and running this will be/remain the ultimate IL-2 tool (as easy as can be, I know there is also an awesome campaign generator ...) His utility is one of the first things I learned about the IL-2 world, it sure made IL-2 even better than it already is. [If only it could somehow be integrated into IL-2 itself, but that would most probably pose many other problems?] Thanks Vander.
  19. I like how TAW handles these things now. It's not as if someone disconnected would be dying, he's only getting his aircraft put into the hangar. Also: We've often seen fast bomber loners that disconnect when intercepted en-route to target. Also, some people plan their bombing sorties so that they would drop bombs, and then the map flips shortly afterwards. That an exploit in my book, and very close to cheating. If there'd be a condition that lets points count: if after 5-10minutes player is still alive return points fully, else bailed and alive return points deducted. That would solve that issue. Any other condition (dead or captured) would not return points anyway. That people sort out their internet connectivity issues should be a premise for flying on TAW. There are some people lagging and warping around on WiFi. Absolutely barbaric.
  20. Looks interesting. How many aircraft will the missions have? In my own missions larger numbers of B-25s are a real performance killer.
  21. I say they do the Guerra del 41. It's about time we had some South American map spaces, and I've always wanted to fly for the Peruvian air force.
  22. im stuck here , the alpha wont jump in the miniature window on the right as per video tutorial .
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