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  2. Your bucks buy you the premium version of BoBP. Because you pre-order, you get the content as it becomes available earlier than people who do not. You get the same game as everyone else. 80 bucks buys you 10 planes, a map, the career for both sides, and all other in-game assets. I get that its frustrating that your preferred planes aren't coming out, and as a primarily allied flier I see the unbalanced planesets are an issue on late-war servers, but people are talking like they have been deceived, and they have not. You are getting what you paid for. Now, if they were selling an allied plane pack and a luftwaffe plane pack on pre-order, and the LW had more pre-order content released than the allied side, I can see that being a serious issue. But you pre-ordered the entire game. If you buy a tool and only use half its functions, the manufacturer doesn't give you a discount.
  3. I now have Intel core i5 with boost clock of 3.8GHz, 16GB of RAM, GTX 1080 and still the game stutters at 4k and sometimes even at 1440p. For example warthunder is silky smooth on the same rig even at 4k ultra. This engine needs some serious optimization.
  4. I provided the link in my previous post to PE related calculations and comparison to other lighter frame. You should read others posts more carefully.
  5. Nope. Releasing planes as they are finished. A new version of an existing aircraft takes less time to model than a completely new aircraft. /thread.
  6. Hi guys thanks for the info i have always run it with 4K turned on and v sync off because my system didnt seem to be running right with it on , and as for GPU im using a 1080ti the only thing i have done lately is update nvidia drivers twice and all the old crap that it doesnt remove has been done manually, BLOODY GREMLINS there somewhere but im not going to quit this damn machine aint going to get the better of me forever, if or rather WHEN i find the culprit i will post. THANKS again guys much appreciated.👍
  7. I have Intel core i5 with boost clock of 3.8GHz, 16GB of RAM, GTX 1080 and still the game stutters at 4k and sometimes even at 1440p. For example warthunder is silky smooth on the same rig even at 4k ultra. This engine needs some serious optimization.
  8. Actually, I believe Holtzauge’s Simulation to be the best evidence, in support of your point. It’s a lot more convincing than hearing the same, “great diver” anecdotes again and again because the simulation actually offers some substance. But I guess you only hear what you want or expect to hear.
  9. Not that I am aware of. They are working on a VR performance improvement, but are not done with that yet either. They have a ways to go to catch up with the VR performance of IL-2.
  10. There really are a couple interpretations of the color schemes. Someone very dedicated to this painted his Dr.I 152/17 like this: (From here: http://www.aeroscale.co.uk/modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index&req=viewtopic&topic_id=117346&page=1 ) The genesis of a default factory camouflage pattern is difficult enough to grasp. But the nonconforming red (that wouldn‘t let MvR‘s Dr.I pass acceptance) is a whole different thing. Model builders of course just care for what the color in their eyes could be and try to match any combination of todays tints to what they think it should be. That people back then did not care that much about being exact in mixing colors is shown by the variations in blue lacquer, something that most definitely required a mix of tints to get something like sky blue. The guy who produced that beautiful Fokker above said this about the paint job: The entire skeletal airframe was covered with the same fabric. The undersurfaces were painted the blue color that slightly varied (Methuen codes 22 B 3.5 to 24 A 5). The undersurfaces were painted with one coat sky blue. After varnishing (to waterproof the fabric) the color shifted to turquoise 25 B/C 5. On the bottom edge of the fuselage and top edge of the tailplane, the turquoise wrapped around the edged 20mm. The sides of the fuselage and the top surfaces had the Fokker camouflage (greenish color streaks) applied then the bottom surfaces were painted the blue color. There was no over-paint in the top surfaces from the factory just the green streaked camouflage. The upper surface color was olive-brown and varied from very dark to very light. The fabric on the wings, tailplane and rudder were given two coats of clear dope, one cocoat of the olive -brown streaking, the fuselage was given one coat of clear dope and one color coat of olive streaking. All fabric surfaces were given a final coat of varnish to waterproof the fabric. The Metheun colors codes are: dark, 4 F 8; medium, 4 E 5; and light 4 D 8. These colors were coded by Paul S. Leaman from fabric samples taken from Fok.DR.I 144/17. As said, I‘d be really happy if someone sampled the paint instead of whatever is left of the color. Once you know the tint(s and their ratio), the you can recreate the paint. Having that, it is easy to sample color from that, using less esoteric color charts.
  11. I recently started drawing/watercoloring a bit and I must say it mixes quite nicely with my love for warbirds
  12. some years ago i lend this Book and make some photos, i will upload the photos and send it to you
  13. It's the choice of the invidiual consumer how he/she sees fit to use the game. Our bucks should be buying similar amount of stuff per time no matter what in game side preferences, no? Otherwise, why Allied oriented player would buy the BOBP early? That the LW's stuff may bring more cash is no justification because there wasn't any explicit indication that the BOBP is going to be "the LW edition" for longer time. From the perspective of my preferences and utility I must admit that buying the BOBP that early was my mistake.
  14. Yeah. IL-2 is losing the tech race. Go go go IL-2. You need to keep up, at least. Reputation!
  15. Probably this was posted many times but it can be a good read to know how the real plane was. Golodnikov said it was able to fight on equal terms against a 109 F-4. In game (MP) if the 109 pilot is competent the P-40 has no chances as the plane is modeled right now. http://lend-lease.airforce.ru/english/articles/golodnikov/part2.htm https://www.warbirdforum.com/russp40.htm
  16. You can adjust it via lefuneste's 3dmigoto mod. It's non-invasive, so you can use it with mod's off. It gives us VR players proper zoom, and also has the feature of an IPD modification. You can check my Stickied Thread linked to in my signature. Scroll to the bottom of the first post made by me, the instruction is there. Post Scriptum: All praise and thanks go to lefuneste.
  17. But was it realistic? Do we have documentation on tracer colors used in various guns?
  18. The windows' task manager is not a realiable source, as it's averaging the load of the cores. IL-2 runs mostly on a single core, and it's the first bottleneck on your system. The second bottleneck will be the gtx1070, that is unfortunately correct. You'll want a CPU with 4.9 to 5.1GHz single core clock speed. Hence current Ryzens have been - for IL-2's scenario - disappointing. The GTX1080 is scratching around the bottom but mostly fine unless you want to boost high AA or SuperSampling ratios. I've got a "Golden Sample" GTX1080 that boosts up to 1989Mhz-something, so it's closer to a 1080ti than a stock 1080. If you want to hunt for a cheaper upgrade, you might want to look for such a card. Gainward's GTX1080 Phoenix "Golden Sample" or "GLH" (Goes Like Hell) are pre-selected chips.
  19. You are wrong; I waited 10x longer than before. The next time I will 100x or no at all. Already, lost an incentive to log to your we***** paradise game. Do you want numerical? There is something called potential energy - h * m as simple it gets. In dive the PE has to go somewhere; some will go to drag heat and the rest will add to velocity. The Earth surface acceleration can do a lot of extra work on the heavier plane especially if equip with a big engine. It's inconceivable that a feather would drop at the same rate as rock on a planet with atmosphere. Drag/weight again. It's inconceivable that in the game the Spit keeps up with the Thunderbolt, especially there are historic tests and notes that the Spit could not. But believe what you want. I don't care much anymore nor I have to.
  20. Alkmaar Bergen map is below in this article: https://www.forgottenairfields.com/airfield-bergen-742.html Heesch seems to be an simple straightforward airstrip using steel perforated plates: https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Arbeiders-op-vliegveld-B88-Heesch.jpg https://www.forgottenairfields.com/airfield-heesch-515.html Some foto’s from Heesch: http://spitfiresite.com/2011/03/respect-calls-for-thoroughness-digging-into-the-story-of-fltlt-“dick”-audet.html http://spitfiresite.com/2007/12/spitfires-at-b-88-heesch.html If needed more info I could ask a guy Harrie van Grinsven as he did give an lecture in 2014: https://mooibernheze.nl/nieuws/6887/8447/lezing-terugblik-op-airstrip-b88-heesch-70-jaren-later pm me if I should make contact. BTW I think it is not Blankerberg but Blankenberge
  21. Are you using the latest Nvidia drivers? People reported warping and artifacts with older ones
  22. Yeah. Sounds like a lot of excuses on Oculus' side. Well, they are trying to penetrate the market. It's probably the best strategy, to be honest. But for us enthusiasts - not so much.
  23. Well the configuration described by Big Al doesn't contradict this. Actually it explains it. Cowling guns and wing roots group 1, outer wing guns group two. It is like this in all 190s in the game. And for all this means when the outer wing guns are removed, you only have one weapon group left.
  24. Cheapest way is probably to hack dburne on his location, buy planetickets forth and back, break in and take his Computer, then send the Computer home with max insurance. That'll be cheaper than buying a system that can run IL-2 properly at 90fps constant 😂
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