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  2. This thread has nothing to do with what you think the planes qualities are as a dogfighter. Again. Wrong thread. Read the title. This is not about the 109, I'm sure there are plenty that you can post your 109 damage model complaints in.
  3. Are you upscaling an existing image and using that or did you make the check pattern yourself?
  4. I like the lines of the Griffon Spitfires more than the Merlin Spitfires, especially together with the bubble canopy. Would be nice to have as a collector's release plane. It's unfortunate that the only current game that has them is War Thunder, which has the XIV, 22, 24 and Seafire XVII and 47. Gaijin's interpretation of whatever flight data they have results in an atrocious flight model - unstable and very tail heavy, difficult to fly with a flight stick and pedals. Spitfires in that game tend to want to point the nose everywhere but where you want to point it. But apparently since Spitfires "behave as expected" in their mouse control / instructor assisted arcade and realistic modes, they aren't considered a problem. Contrast with their 109 flight models which exhibit very few negative traits. One of the third party developers for DCS was planning to make a Mk XIV, but their contract with Eagle Dynamics wasn't renewed.
  5. Also trying to make AI level bomb here ... My problems: 1.) If I try it with Pe2s, they always go dive bombing (successfully, but that is not what I want ...) 2.) A20s: They go to the target, do that circle, open bomb bays, and keep then circling over the targets. Looks like they are simply doing the circles too tighly, so they never have enough time to align for a target run. I tried that from 5000 and 3000m, with no difference. Way points and attack mcu do all have the same altitude set. Thx for any hint!
  6. If he Is such a good guy, then why is he an id** over the chat and in the game? Ramming tanks over and over when he can't hit the target with his bombs, and is offensive in the chat. At the moment he is doing all the bad things that is supposed to get him banned on this server, and for some reason he still get to play. A lot of players that have been offensive in the past are now good and are really nice to play with, this guy hasn't change a bit.
  7. Thank you Pict. Much obliged!
  8. There are the ships too, but they also were pretty much the same on those engagements.
  9. Hi, I want build my yoke more realistic.i planning put ffb and modif.i have old joystick ms side winder force feed back2.my planning run bigger brushed dc motor 24v(wiper motor) and put additioanal h-brighed bts32a.directly to pwm.the problem is .how can i find the pwm.any body can help me. Tq
  10. Thanks for thinking about the bomber pilots .... We don't get new bombers, but we get new fighters to get us down. regards
  11. Having a great time flying on this server, slight potential mission bug to report: Flying Central powers, selected Hlberstadt C.II 200HP, departed & returned to Moslains airfield after taking out Factory 1 (and bagging a Bristol behind our lines!). When I landed back at Moslains, it.was a good landing with no apparent damage and within the airfield confines (came to a stop just past the windsock), but it was flagged as emergency landing. Not sure why? Thanks!
  12. He's a good guy but you probably shot him down I'd love to duel with KokS again, but I'm off the server
  13. My opinion also, if they go for Midway it will probably be more then just Midway battle, but well hopefully know in month time whats next
  14. Just did some missions on this server! Brilliant! Thanks so much @Alonzo for providing this server. What a nice change to my usual playground WoL, where relaxed madness is the rule. After some nice, unusual safe sorties (thanks @SCG_Riksen & Co. for the company!), I shut down the engine.. and behold... ...the next duo of Mustangs taking off in formation. Amazing sound! Amazing sight! Makes one tempted just to stay in cockpit and contine watching the airshow with P-38's lining up. We have come a long way since "the good old days". @Jason_Williams, you and your team just rock!
  15. The original IL2 Forgotten Battles...'46 or whatever had a rudimentary in built voip (with immersive crackling iirc) I don't think it was used much, may well have been? I tried it out with some squad mates and used it a fair bit after that for practice. I never saw a problem with it, even found it quite cool.
  16. Yes, and yes. The Entente Coalition is equal to the Allies. Central Powers to the Axis.
  17. Looking good so far. BTW, for anyone who's a fan of big band music, check out Artie Shaw's song Frenesi. Catchy as hell.
  18. You think that Lagg3 DM is not ok. Lagg3 is a terrible fighter, almost impossible to dogfight against most of the blue planes. If you think that damage model is broken, looks how this 109 can turn at both sides with out one elevator and heavily damage, like a brand new one. Sorry my connection is not good enough to upload the video. I let you the rar file https://drive.google.com/file/d/16IQZqPZBcDAfsTOyxI5mzFhgWlMmtxbp/view?usp=sharing
  19. Nothing worse than opinions of Pilots. oh no wait, there is one Thing, People who consider it as true that one airplane that is not abused and flown to it's Limits due airframe saving to be better than another. Who knows where his opinion Comes from? Personal plane preferences because of the Looks? Bias? Flying P51D with a 100% filled fuel tank, flying a Bf109 Buchon with not even half a fuel tank? The not science-Researches in what Speed what is behaving better? Sorry Luftwaffles but jerking off is cancelled for today.
  20. Today
  21. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ji974py3s80hwm8/P38J25_CHARLCIE_JEANNE.dds/file
  22. Hey Guys I decide to work on Frenesi first since I can then cut out the Camo for Happy jack Go Buggy. I am not 100 % satisfied with the checkered yellow and red. I have tried to use various blurs to remove the pixilation. Any other suggestions to smoothen it out ?
  23. Log into BOS > multiplayer > Join Server Look for and join server called "Flying Circus Flugpark - visit www.jasta5.org and jasta5.teamspeak3.com" Download the map the server is running. Open your BOS map editor Go to open file Load .msbin file from your data/multiplayer/dogfight "AStQ_Dusk_Arras1918_191012.msbin"
  24. MOOSYA 3DHUBS I hope this company accepts my miserable order for 2 pieces . Looks like a fully fledged well organized high tech industry .
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