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  2. Hi Kyle422, Do you have more document on that plane ?
  3. I swear I saw this online somewhere, but is there WIP to add Tank Mission generation to the mission generator?
  4. No flying Circuis plans, others will have that handled to the extent possible. Too many planes and scenarios to cover everything as much as we’d like to.


    Yes and this is one of the points I have been trying to make. The primary issue is not the ranges at which things can technically come into view, it is modeling this image here. ALSO, consider that this is only for one eye, and so is the predicted range chart I posted. TWO eyes never see anything from exactly the same angle, and they combine information from independent fixations to create a image.
  6. After the pressure valve is pulled and releases the system will gradually depressurize, so while the gauge should read zero/nil, in reality the pressure will bleed off over time. The doors that are partially open simply indicate the shut down was more recent and the system is calming down.
  7. I don't think it would be all that difficult at all really. Your save file contains all your current career info. When your pilot dies, the game restores your game as if you'd just loaded it, but removes your dead pilot and puts you in as a rookie replacement. Same squadron, same comrades, same date. Tiny tweak to an already existing process, at most. I would definitely like to see this added, so +1 from me too!
  8. Ok gang to make long stoy short I've spent lots of time testing game after patch. I'll show you mine settings which work very well in MP and are almost sttuter free for me. My system: Ryzen 7 2700 stock - latest amd chipset driver 32GB 3200 DDR 4 GTX1080 Gigabyte 8GB driver 436.51 IPS 75Hz LG 32'' panel 2560x1080 using freesync/gsyn compatibile Win10 1909 (insider program) Opentrack In game setting: NVCP setting: From my tests it seems that the game looks better and spotting is better when anisotropic filter is no more than 8 , so set aplication controlled in NVCP (dont force 16x) and set filter here: Also many ppl will tell that forcing AA through NVCP is not working but from my experince it helps somehow so set AA to override application setting and set it to 8. I set 2x AA in game coz I use reshade for sharpen filter settings will be shown below. Crucial thing is to use ingame frame limiter which is better then riva tuner for instance. mine is set 3 framews below max refres of monitor to 72 through startup.cfg in game it shows 80. Also for g sync set in game v sync off and in nvidia panel v sync on. If you dont use gsync I would leave in game v sync off and force vsync through nvcp together with setting ingame framelimiter to 60. Startup cfg: [KEY = graphics] 3dhud = 0 adapter = 0 bloom_enable = 1 desktop_center = 1 detail_rt_res = 1024 draw_distance = 0.54500 far_blocks = 1 fps_counter = 1 fps_limit = 72 full_height = 1080 full_width = 2560 fullscreen = 1 gamma = 0.80000 grass_distance = 0.00000 hdr_enable = 1 land_anisotropy = 1 land_tex_lods = 3 max_cache_res = 1 max_clouds_quality = 2 mgpu_compatible = 0 mirrors = 0 multisampling = 1 or_ca = 0.00000 or_enable = 1 <<<it helps somehow even if u dont have helm post_sharpen = 0 preset = 3 rescale_target = 1.00000 shadows_quality = 4 ssao_enable = 1 vsync = 0 win_height = 1080 win_width = 2560 Reshade only 1 shader used: [Smart_Sharp.fx] Depth_Map=0 Depth_Map_Adjust=250.000000 B_Grounding=2 Depth_Map_Flip=0 No_Depth_Map=0 Sharpness=0.625000 CAM_IOB=4294967295 CA_Mask_Boost=0 CA_Removal=4294967295 Slow_Mode=0 Debug_View= Also I use Lefuenste mod to change to brightnes in cockpit when using 0.8 gamma.
  9. Algunas salidas en el server Combat Box con la bestia británica. Un par de kills, un par de 262s derribados, un par de defensas que salieron bien al borde del desmayo, y una salida con los queridos Tumu y Neca. Saludos amigos!
  10. I find that having a 4K monitor helps with managing this.If I can maintain 60 FPS at 4K, then likely anyone else will have acceptable FPS. ...and probably a good amount of buffer/margin of error as well.
  11. creo que tenes que enlazar tu cuenta a steam, eso es para quienes compraron fuera de steam y querian tener todo en esa plataforma. ahora no se como sera en tu caso que ya lo tenias es steam y luego comprastes por fuera segui los pasos para enlazar y sino te recomiendo que envies una consulta a los devs
  12. My rig: Windows 10 Pro Intel i5 2500k @ 4.3 Ghz 16 GB Ram Geforce GTX 1060 6GB 2560x1440 GSync-monitor 144 Hz Before 3.201 I had SP 120 - 150 FPS, MP (mainly depending on distance to server and it's load) 80 - 110 FPS. I tried a lot of graphic settings, from Ultra-all-out to Medium-all-over. Resulting in higher or lower FPS, it remained a question of personal taste ranging from 60 to 144 Hz. ANYtime it remained smooth, NO stutters at all - at least I wasn't able to see any. Imho it was nearly perfect - bucket full of options I was free to choose from. After 3.201 I have SP 90 - 110 FPS, as soon as there are clouds no more than 70 - 85. Stutters in SP are short, but common. Setting the screen FPS in game to 80 nearly stops SP-stutters, except a maybe 5 sec-phase low level near large Rheinland-cities. Settings are "high" without some gimmicks. That's still ok - acceptable for my medium-range rig. Online now it's around 55 - 70 FPS on servers under heavy load (Kota with 70 pilots online f.e.). Frequent heavy stuttering with an in-game limit set to 80. Even setting the limit down to 60 fps there's still well visible stuttering on any map. I think the presence of clouds adds to the stuttering, but I never checked it out consequently. Flying MP I quickly come to my level of no-go. I feel there's no way falling back from 120 FPS to 40 just to avoid stuttering. (I'm confident the team - as always - will find an acceptable solution. Take your time!)
  13. No stuttering for me, but I have noticed the re-appearance of the issue in multiplayer, where you look at a plane next to you and for a split second it shows default skin before changing to a different skin. Similar situation existed a couple of years ago and then it disappeared with some update back then, now it has re-appeared.
  14. Why not? Such ideas are already in the game. 3D model changes with addition of mods such as gunpods, mirrors, canopy types, rockets and so on.
  15. That is, perhaps, a good question. I'm sure I said I was a Neophyte. It's working well nonetheless and my stuttering is solved. I'll leave it for now.
  16. yeah, I thought that was the general assumption
  17. Well, P-38 was used as an escort fighter, so just restricting bomb loads on 'strategic' missions would solve the problem there.
  18. Why do you select „launcher.exe“ as program to tweak snd not „il2.exe“ in the nvidia settings?
  19. So I experienced this initially, I changed mirror setting down from complex which 'appeared' to help with things but I doubt it was the thing triggering it. Whatever it was, I don't have stutters anymore. At the same time, I'm running noticeably lower FPS compared to previous releases. I usually have fps hovering around 70/90 even at higher alts, before I was easily capping out at 144 when at altitude. Initially I assumed it was the MP mission, but I'm seeing this lower performance generally across different servers and maps. Is there any way to go for a complete reset on graphical settings/local files? Somewhat considering a reinstall as well. Completely unsure what is causing this atm.
  20. You can´t take the existing planes for that. They need an adapted K4 3D-Model for the G10/ G14/AS or G6/AS. The G10s and AS versions didn´t have the Bulges the G14 and G6 had.
  21. I started another thread with my settings which has my mid-level rig running really well now. Jason or Mod can you lock that thread but leave the link up please.
  22. This is the original pilot. In the mod the pilot would not have the left hand at the yoke, as it is one pilot put in all the cockpits.
  23. I just turned off Vsync in Nvidia and picked up a couple more FPS by letting the game handle it. Everything else is as noted and still running very well. I will post it there as well and maybe ask the Mods to close this thread.
  24. took Moonbeam McSwine for a spin, this is the weathered version I did a few days ago.
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