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  2. P47 and spit IX are not a match for K4 and D9. They are just far behind on climb rate and speed unless you want to go over 8000m to fight. With spit at least you can turnfight everything but P47 is really a sitting duck. P51 and Tempest will be the real match for this planes. Even today I think a 109 G10 or G14 AS fitted better on the beguining. K4 is a very powerful plane.
  3. You can get Ivacy VPN lite if you're looking for a free VPN proxy with plenty of IPs. If you like the service then you can go for the paid plan.
  4. There is an app of digital historical maps covering Estonia (and a bit of Russia) available here. For example, this link shows the 1:50 000 map from 1939, then if you zoom in on it, it turns into 1:25 000 map from 1948. If you keep zooming in, it will turn into 1:10 000 scale map, but that map is from the 80's.
  5. Semor76

    Cold starts

    @Murleen Small suggestion: It´s possible to ad a delay between each AI engine start sequence? Let´s say 3-5 seconds? It looks a bit weird if all AI´s fire up their engines at the same time.
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  7. There are four things that should affect the CPU single-thread performance (which IL-2 VR performance is heavily correlated as demonstrated in our previous tests): - Clock speed (cycles per second) - Instructions per cycle (IPC). - Caches sizes/latencies - RAM speed (assuming the code to execute is larger than cache size) From Haswell to Coffee-lake architectures (so from 4th to 9th generation) the CPU has a theoretical 32 single precision IPC: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instructions_per_cycle so for the same clock speed the only influence is caches sizes/latencies and RAM speed. Here a table of cache sizes and RAM speed: So there could be a gain from 9900K (16MB cache) to the 9700K/8086K/8700K but apparently is very small according to peak overclocked (5.2) SC mark. When I look to the CPUbenchmark page I tend to look to the peak overclocked SC mark. So you will see that for 5.2 GHz, the 9900K or 8086K or 8700K they give basically the same SC mark (only 1% difference, top is 8086K with 159): and with the 8350K, which has less cache and slower RAM, the difference is 5%
  8. I believe you are correct and that scenario would be quite specific for T34 and perhaps not so much for other tanks. I think it might have been possible for M4's as well.
  9. I think you misunderstood my comment: ‘distinctively’ ugly, like the Citroen cars of the ‘60s. Everyone build ugly aircraft, but those from French factories seem to have a specific character.
  10. Sorry, but it´s still all in russian. I checked the ENG.files and I´ve found only cyrilic letters in there. Maybe you uploaded the wrong files? Cheers.
  11. Haza

    ME 262

    Herbie goes Luftwaffe? Turn performance of a 262 as requested: However in "The Me262 Stormbird" it mentions that "the latter addition of full-span leading edge slats assisted in allowing the 262 to hold its speed in tight turns much better than conventional fighters and while not as tight it was more stable at full power which provided much more energy maneuvers". However, I do not think that I will be making any tight turns in this thing during a dogfight as I will be either climbing or diving unless I'm dieing!
  12. Did you use the different color settings for outside and cockpit ? I woonder if someone would use them... I did not find the time to check why your mod was not working with the 12.2. I will do that once my work on DCS will be finished, so hopefully for the end of the week.
  13. I fly in an organized group that runs a weekly multiplayer campaign. Try attacking a flight of 6+ bombers flying together in a tight box. The gunner situation is bad when discussing classic multiplayer scenario of one or two bombers being attacked. When the enemy is flying in a squadron sized force and implementing actual tactics it goes from funny to beyond ridiculous really bloody quick.
  14. Ha? what do u mean? build ugly aircraft is an other french's defect among the many others? good joke!
  15. You cannot be closer than others. There is a limit as far left or right or up you can go until your head touches the glass. this is simply a matter of different zoom and angles. @RedKestrel is correct:
  16. Nice to know. On a related note, what was fake_vehicle designed to be used for?
  17. btw their are many browser games. I totally forget about them. But you can just google and find a dozen...
  18. Thanks for your reply. Tried both launcher and the basic exe in the directory. Sorry, which startup do you mean?
  19. I don’t know what it is about the French character, but they make some very distinctively ugly aircraft. That has ‘Designed in France’ written all over it.
  20. Thankyou. Can I ask a follow question though because in this case I *must* be reading the charts wrong. On that same 7b chart the line marked 'Oil[o]' shows very little variation as the rad is opened while the line marked 'Oil[w]' shows a drop as the rad is opened. I was under the impression 'Oil[o]' was supposed to show how the oil temperature changes as the oil radiator is opened and 'Oil[w] shows how oil temperature changes as the water radiator is opened. That would not make sense as I would expect the water rad to have little effect on oil temp and the oil rad to have a big effect. Am I confused or did you make a mistake on the labels?
  21. Just remember that a given target at 100m is 10 times the size of the same target at 1000m, so other things being equal you were always ten times as likely to be hit at this range. Obviously they are not equal: the deflection is greater for the shot to the side, but on the other hand the side on aspect area of a fighter target is many times greater than the head on aspect. Given the rate of fire of the gunner's MG, if he aims so that you fly through the bullet stream - something that is not so hard to do at 100m range as there is close to zero bullet drop - you are almost certain to be hit somewhere. 200kph = 56 m/s, a fighter 10 metres long will travel it's own length in 0.18 sec. MG 81 rof of 1600 shots per minute, 4.8 in 0.18 sec. The only issue really is whether the gunner would be in position and have enough warning to get the bullets into roughly the right place. If he can, you should expect to be hit.
  22. I don't know what the others are talking about, in pictures 2 & 4 you can clearly see that his head is closer to the canopy, and is even slightly lower than yours, he is also zoomed in slightly more but it's still clear he's closer. Your other head angles are close enough to his as to not make any difference. (It's also pretty obvious in 1 & 3 I'll add.) As to solving it I'm afraid I have no idea, I play offline in VR so it's a non issue for me.
  23. Hi Dendro! May be this helps https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/help-in-understanding-power-requirements-for-evga-gtx-1080-ti-sc-gpu.3320250/
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