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  2. Put some hs129's up in quick mission and start shooting, one of them will explode.
  3. I don't think bad weather missions will ever be the equalizer everyone thinks and this is why: Statistically speaking of course, the number of players that will be deterred by bad weather missions will be equally proportional on both the RED and BLUE sides. So in the long run (during the course of of 8 maps) on average, the TAW server imbalance in good weather will remain in bad weather, there will be just fewer players on both sides. The only reason side A would see fewer players in bad weather would be if side B had a distinct advantage in bad weather (i.e. navigation/ friend or foe id/better maneuverability in bad weather). WIthout an inherent advantage of one side over the other, the statement above will hold. Any argument of that suggests one side has more players that dislikes flying in bad weather than the other is highly speculative. However, I do see some validity to the thought. Example: As German aircraft were highly automated when it came to engine management, one could use the logic that the BLUE side (...on average) may have more players participating in the TAW campaign because of easier engine management. Thus, the BLUE side will always have "more" but "less experienced" players than the RED side, because Russian, British and American aircraft engine management we less automated, making them harder to fly. With this hypotheses, bad weather missions would suggest less BLUE pilots turning out (i.e. only the more experienced BLUE pilots would be joining the mission at this point). For whatever reason, I don't care to speculate.
  4. Yes. Is on the definition of angle of attack. The wing is not going trough the air on the same direction that the plane is mooving. You can see that on the video very clear. But I dont mind. Everything with Fm is great. Fm is soooooo real lets clap everyone so the game will improve yes!
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  6. I too think we will be getting a damage system much more suave than the real thing. Well, at least it will be something. What would be unberable would be to horse around with the throttle without consequence.
  7. There is always good to have two simulators. I slowly come back to box offline. A vacation from it give you perspective and focus on things you like and not what you dislike. Currently using DCS as main distraction. BMS could easily replace it for its dynamic campaign @Gambit21 this is a coming new version
  8. Nice one Sallee! I'd forgotten about that one. Cant imagine what it would be like to try and land one on a carrier. At the risk of getting a reputation as an HP fanboy (or rather, getting found out) I would also present the HP.47
  9. Well the slow acceleration and careful throttle settings should be implemented. The plane is known for that. I think A German pilot serving in Argentina said something like he would have loved seeing the 262 with Meteor engines
  10. Hello All Just to show everyone who is wondering if TF dropped off the face of the earth... no, we are still here. 😎 We are busy right now in putting together our first Beta for the Beta Testing group... it is taking longer than we expected for a number of reasons, mostly to due with the fact we are all doing this in our spare time and sometimes real life work and family demands reduce the available time we have for the game development. But overall progress on TF 5.0 is going well... all the major aircraft have their 3D work completed, the map development is going well, the new music has been composed, new ships/vehicles are progressing rapidly, etc. Of course the devil is in the details... as is the case in the example below where you see the new Macchi C.202 Series III model. (will also be a Series VIII, with the option for versions of both series with high alt engines) As you can see in the image, there are elements on this aircraft which need work... the prop blade damage is not implemented, the pilot is improperly positioned, grass still shows through the wing, (that is code work), etc. etc. All of these details will be fixed, and we'll release our Beta. Overall we are making good progress. We should have a proper update out for the community in the next two weeks. Cheers
  11. I hope they model the engine temperament but I'm not sure they will go into much detail or they may just keep in simplified like the P-47 Turbosupercharger.
  12. I doubt we will see random failures, but I'm curious to see what quirks are implemented. Can't wait to fly it!
  13. Yes I read earlier they actually did burst into fire. And infact I stated so in this forum. But got shot down here saying this and one of them whom said it only would flame out. Was referring to a interview. The fact that there will be air enough to supply any amount of fuel to a fire hazard mix seems very likely to me. And I stay corrected
  14. Thanks guys, I have been working on her for quite some time. She has come a long way
  15. Yes they should have used a little different name for that feature as it causes some confusion as to what it does.
  16. Yes Virpil has an adapter plate to fit the Warthog stick to their desk-mount. They show it in stock. https://virpil-controls.eu/vpc-desk-mount-adapter-warbrd-base.html And their extensions will work with the Warthog stick as well. https://virpil-controls.eu/vpc-flightstick-extension.html I used the Warthog stick with extension center mounted for some time before upgrading to what I have now. It did pretty well for me.
  17. Actually two have four engines... the Sunderland and the FW-200. Although they are AI, due to the fact the AI do use many of the same systems as human players, it is necessary to have these controls as a potential in the GUI. We will probably hide unnecessary controls in TF 5.0, and may also implement a simple controls option for those players who just fly single engined fighters. This option would only display the controls required to program a single engined type.
  18. For some of the reasons you mention, we will avoid implementing VR in the CoD engine till we have it done correctly. We could implement a half-way version now, but it would just annoy people and negatively reflect on the game.
  19. You will be surprised with TF 5.0 is released won't you. 🤣 We have delayed the update because we are working on a Steam hosted Beta for our Beta Tester group and we prefer to show something which includes the new map work and new aircraft. Work continues well, with progress in all areas. We may release an interim update in the meantime if we can find the time.
  20. Very eye-catching, but not so much so that it looks like a clown wagon. You struck a very nice balance! Well done!
  21. Sorry gentleman pretty ruff thunder boomers took out my internet for the Moment Great time tonight Thanks to everyone who was flying tonight
  22. Murleen

    Cold starts

    I think that's caused because the cold start exe is based off 5.0.5 of PWCG, and the data files are from 5.1.3. Try this zip: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gE8kjaTHHrQ_yL9kKJ1XjyS7mRv814hy/view?usp=sharing With a campaign, set the "Always air starts" option in "Mission Limits" under "Advanced Config" to enable the cold starts.
  23. Meistens machen wir aber erst vorher noch ein bisschen Action auf dem 1CGS-Rudelbums-Server.
  24. I too think horsing around with one of those early jets was much more hazardous than @LuseKofte mentions, and there is data to support that. But be it more or less frequent, or more or less spectacular in its results, the fact is, in order to operate the 262 similarly to historical parameters, we must have a good dose of engine unreliability. If we are allowed to simply move the throttle up and down like crazy, the 262 will soon be used mostly in situations totally unnaccording to historical facts. For instance, dogfighting the P51 (or trying to). If we go there, we might as well have the p80 or the Gloster Meteor added eventually to a "great hipothetical battles" series (which wouldnt be bad, perhaps!) to have 262s x p80s dueling in fantasy scenarios. Hum ..... Come to think of it, that would be AWESOME hehe.
  25. The numbers just continue to plummet, its pretty disappointing, got into clod way too late.
  26. That is not a true Inter Pupillary Distance setting in DCS. It does set world scaling size but not by adjust your HMD's IPD.
  27. You'd be much better off grabbing a current il2 game and going online with that.
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