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  2. Basically I did not distinguish between day- & night-units. Fighters "only" flew daymissions, bombers shifted more and more to the night later in the war. By 1944, day-missions were very risky for bombers, that's why even the workhorse of the Eastern Front (Ju-87) got pulled out more and more between summer 1943 and end of 1944. BTW: German nightfighters even used ground-based RADAR in 1943, pretty interesting actually that such sophisticated stuff went on in the East.
  3. Hello all! Capitalizing on Beepee find, and because I do have the subscription I got the parts of the full image and reconstituted the full image (2836X2798)...the results are excellent, and you will be able to reproduce the full extent of this airfield, down to the last revetment...Please get it here: grosfi.ch/bRcXj5sKeqN It is not very big (1.4MB). As usual I can help with interpretation. If someone has found another one with a NCAP image, I can do the same (I do not have too much time to check all the potentially NCAP photographed airfield, unfortunately...for instance, Plantlünne is not here...) JVM
  4. Hi Guys, Just bought the JU52 and love it! I'm setting up my controls and I find it hard to find all available functions to master this plane. I mean, there are so many engine settings and I just dont know which to assign to my joystick and throttle. is there a manual or something that helps me bind the necessary functions? Is it possible to bind shifted buttons in IL2? I'd like to use my lever as a shift button but IL2 only takes one single keypress? thanks in advance! Jozeff
  5. Flying over trees is quite painful if you see the circle of trees popping in. I' flying on a 4k 40" Screen, it is really meh to see flat cities in the distance or even flat villages directly below, because there are no houses.... And the needed Power is not that big, for buildings and other structures in the distance are low res textures fine.
  6. Taxman

    DCS news

    In the year 2040? As much as ED says it will be up grading WWII map I believe they have only 1 person working on WW11 and part time at that.
  7. Today
  8. Yes, that is my concern as well. I dont know how many resources a checkzone uses, or how many of them we can have active at any time, but I would want to keep the number of checkzones to a minimum..
  9. What about the WWII map? Ok. Got my answer reading between the lines, we most likely won't get it for Normandy. They leave it up to the third party to decide.....
  10. Jason said around fall 2019 for final BoBP release and hasn’t said that it has changed yet, so expect it by then.
  11. It will turn better than you think with that sciolism taken from games like WT, Il2 1946 and so on.. Especially it's high speed turn like initial turn will be really good. So this is soooo wrong. It was not only designed to be very fast, also to be very maneuverable at high speed.
  12. Wow. This video is amazing. I hope the bug will be solved.
  13. Oh you are a veritable ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. "Pffft!"
  14. The problem was reposted again yesterday evening here.
  15. TheOldCrow


    I have a Radeon Rx 580 and I haven't had any issues with the game, everything seems to run completely normal.
  16. Nice to hear about the Quest. I plan to pick it up also here before too long. Like the idea of relaxing in my recliner playing games.
  17. Yes, thanks for all the tips and tricks to get the best performance/experience mix @Geronimo553. I'm still on the settings you posted in an earlier thread which boosted my frame rates around 50% with no really discernable impact on graphics quality and I will definitely tune some more based on this additional info later on when I get the time. It's great to get these kind of tips on what the different parameters do and how to combine them!
  18. ryaniankirkwood


    Are there still issues with running Blitz with an AMD graphics card? Some had land texture blocks visible with AMD cards so TF recommended Nividia cards for Blitz. I run DCS, and IL2 Great Battles fine and really want Dover/Blutz. I had not previously purchased because of many of the previous issues. When 4.5 came out I was thrilled and then read the beginners guide warning of the AMD issues. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  19. 2nd mission of the Campaign was splendid. We intercepted incoming JU-87's and BF 110's, they did not start over runway but were inbound - plenty of time to taxi and fly out to intercept. Cold start worked great, all planes taxied appropriately. Enjoying the Spit IX!
  20. Nice one Rap i used to watch Benny Hill i thought i had seen them all but NOPE i missed that one.
  21. I have an Oculus Rift and have been using it since Dec of 2017. I just bought an Oculus Quest yesterday and my brother drove over last night to spend Memorial weekend here and he brought over his new Oculus Rift S as well so we have the entire array of Oculus headsets in my house right now lol. I'll say this...I'm very impressed with the Rift S. I flew 2 sorties with it last night and I can back up what others are saying....it is much clearer than the Rift with spotting much easier from distance as well. I also tried out the Auto ASW that folks have been raving about and it too is very impressive. The flight was buttery smooth with ASW on with no weird effects that were noticeable by me. I'm running an i7-8700k with a 1080ti and I ended up moving my supersampling back from 1.7 to 1.4 and the visuals were super impressive. Personally, I'm probably still gonna wait to decide on my upgrade for the PC headset (want to see Index reviews, may go with Pimax for FOV) but I'm definitely now considering going with a Rift S as well. Very nice headset..comfortable too. Only downside is the lack of built in headphones but that is reasily remedied. Sidenote...Get an Oculus Quest if you can. It's a blast, can take it anywhere and the games are very impressive for a mobile VR platform. Just my .02.
  22. LoL I saw that episode last night and having an M & M skin was the first thing that came to mind 😎
  23. Playing a career BoK on La-5F, made an appropriate 4k skin-pack (9 skins with numbers from "61 white" to "69 white"). Typical summer coloring and writing of numbers for the period 1943 were taken as a basis.  Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0s9jo2ilbleu3ub/BoK_La5f_61-69_foxbatRU_4k.zip/file Because skins 4K, then for them it is desirable to use the normal map from the template author ICDP: http://www.mediafire.com/file/j3su3626td55o3c/La5_Series8_4k_Normalmap.zip
  24. Glad you enjoyed it Rap 😊
  25. First thank you @Geronimo553 for the time taken. It'll help a lot of newcomers and existing players i think. For and my I5/1080 combo on a 60hz TV i use the games Vsync. Im very intolerant of unevenly paced frames. Since my rig doesnt drop below 75fps when unfettered at my TVs poxy 1080p (most often the frames are up in the 150 plus) resolution no matter what, I have the luxury of not having to worry about "Vstink" chopping my frames in half whilst at the same time limiting the engine output to save a little stress on my GPU. Ive always found frame limiters to be a very "numb" tool in comparison to vsync also. There is a little lag but im playing on a TV and Online mostly so lag/ping is a factor anyhow. I did a similar thing for Clod after Blitz and posted in the ATAG forums as the level of BS settings being posted (still) was bugging me. I looked at some other Nvida panel settings in there also but whilst they did have some effect, that effect was rarely ever needed or an improvement. Second Thanks to Mike @SAS_Storebror for FUMS. This is something i can use for lots of things.
  26. 1st flight of a Spit Cold Start Campaign May 43. I start off in a Spit Mk IX. Never made it to runway, as soon as mission started a flight of four 109's were directly overhead preparing to attack us. I received major damage whilst trying to taxi to runway. Will proceed on and see how it goes. Edit: Also I was 4th in line to taxi. Third Spit in line did not attempt to taxi, his engine was running fine. Mission file and mission data log attached. dburne Spit Kuban 1943-05-01.zip
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