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  2. Yeah bombers, start from the outlying ones at the back. Slash / side slip them into your gun fire and then peel away. Rinse / Repeat. For more WW2 feel, set AI to reg / novice. If you are feeling suicidal then go up against a flight of Pe2's on Ace.👍
  3. Work in progress. My grandfather was an armorer on OS-X at Steeple Morden.
  4. Modern CPU's shouldn't be the issue though - just the code which needs to utilise the larger core counts and scale things up accordingly allowing as much AI and physics as one can throw CPU cores at. Leave a core for dynamic weather modelling was well. 🤐 A coding challenge?
  5. You are missing the_entire_point, which is right in front of you. A G-6 is needed for those who are buying into the game for the first time. Not everyone has bought all of the previous titles.
  6. I didn’t have any issues putting the data folder in the mods folder and using the JSGME. The file structure is there data/graphics/sky. I wonder if anyone else has had trouble?
  7. actually, TS is not user friendly at all. I couldn't get a new player to join me recently that I was trying to help with a new pc build. the point is, there are a lot of channels and servers between Discord and Teamspeak and finding one that is populated is just frustrating, if we had an in-game "Channel" for each server that is running, then anyone on that server would potentially participate in "comms". The devs don't necessarily have to be the ones to develop the VOIP app either, they could just take some time to integrate an existing solution and make it usable in-game, they could reach a deal with TS or Discord or whatever else as some other games have done in the past. I'm not saying it wouldn't take work, but perhaps it is not as much as some people seem to think it is since a 3rd party could be the one to do the larger part of the work. A good thing that could come to IL2:GB is ease of use, this would reduce the entry "barrier" for new players and this could be aided by the community through easy (read: voice) comms. I say "could" but i'm pretty sure, since I have seen countless players trying to help through chat or trying to get other "newbies" into TS or discord channels, I have personally tried to help many players over the years and even I, that have been around here since 2014 and know the ropes, find it frustrating at best; I can't imagine how a new player would feel. We all want the success and growth of IL2:GB (at least thats what I tihnk) and for me, ease-of use is a main factor in that. Maybe people who don't want to download TS or Discord and learn how to use it are lazy as @SeaSerpent said , or maybe they are just regular consumers who expect that their entertainment products and/services are actually entertaining and not more work than they expect; you know, pretty standard consumer mentality nowadays.
  8. What, all the Me 163s sitting on the ground due to lack of fuel, or the ones that were obliterated due to the unstable fuel?
  9. Legion I recall seeing a layer that is darkening it or have you already checked that off?
  10. Thanks Jasta heres my other skin for our Squadron
  11. Sure it does, my buddy and I flew with some random players the other day, we ended up hoping on their discord and had a good flight. It took us forever to get the coms sorted out, if we had coms in game it wouldve been quick and easy.
  12. Hi, is the w6 variable now unused? For example, I seen a post instructing to increase contrast by changing w6 to 1.1, but seems the saturation effects are applied differently now? I guess what I am asking is, how can I achieve the effect of increased contrast similar to w6 = 1.1 with the new user settings system? Cheers
  13. I think it's not exactly the way JSGME works (at least not on my side). You need to have the first level of folders of the mod (i.e., in this case, the data folder) inside a folder named whatever you want in the MODS folder. For instance, in my case, I created a folder called "Better Clouds v2" inside the MODS folder, and then, inside this "Better Clouds v2" I put the mod's data folder, which is the "first level" folder of the mod, or, in other words, the one JSGME needs to copy to the game's root folder. After doing that, just go into JSGME and enable the "Better Clouds v2" mod. If you put the data folder directly into the MODS folder, then JSGME will copy the "graphics" folder right in the game's root folder, which, of course, will not work.
  14. Can you play in VR without stutters? I have tried everything on your list, and a lot more, and still have a lot of stutters in VR. Even when my frames are near 90 and otherwise smooth. I did not have stutters before the last patch. I am new to this stuff, but is it possible to lock the frame rate in VR? I was thinking it wasn’t. Thanks.
  15. I was thinking more of the power on Clmax, not the idle stall speed Clmax. It's with power on where the slats should really make a difference, and the more power the bigger the difference. btw what clmax did you measure for the Bf-109K4 ingame? (don't have access to the game atm myself)
  16. lol, reverse search gives me this ! hahahahaha
  17. For clarity's sake, the alternate view model that is the one that was released in the patch, was the result of a bug in the rendering algorithm. To Crunch's question, they didn't intend it to be that way. At least that is what the patch notes for the first hot fix indicated.
  18. they're still working on how to outrun projectiles; once they've figured that out, they'll be good.
  19. Any chance of some 4th Fighter Group or 355th Fighter Group skins? I can find some profiles or dig through my books for pictures!
  20. ...or a non-collector, base aircraft that comes with a scenario/map, etc... It all depends upon what the future plans are - but yes, there has been a lot of desire expressed for that aircraft. Time will tell.
  21. I'm really jealous of the people who can actually see shit in this sim. I have the same issue here; spotting above the horizon fine; spotting below absolutely garbage. Unfortunately there is a really vocal contingent to whom this doesn't apply who prefer the status quo. Heaven forbid we have the shadow and reflection quality of RoF.
  22. Never seen that one. I wonder if they are going back and doing some Kuban oriented loading screens - I don't think those were ever added.
  23. I read somewhere that with Vsync ON, if your framerate dips even slightly below 60fps (for example: 59fps) the ACTUAL framerate will get halved to 30fps due to monitor/video-card synchronization limitations. That's assuming a standard Non GSync/Freesync 60Hz monitor. Is this true ?
  24. You said the correct, I also think there is something wrong, but I believe it will be resolved, because this degrading, instead of getting more optimized, somehow got bad.
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