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  2. I rarely play MP for 2 main reasons: Time, both having it, and having it at the same time as other online players Ping, being in Australia our ping for some of the more popular servers is like 340.... which wasn't as noticeable in the old il2 1946, but very noticeable in this il2 series. I don't play SP campaign because at the moment I don't find it interesting (again atm) For me shooting down an AI is just not as satisfying as shooting down a human player, and atm I'm a Jager not a ground pounder (though I did enjoy flying the Ju 88 like it was an A6 Intruder in il2 1946, coming in low with long time delay on the bombs ).
  3. With all the hard work and dedication that goes into AI ground vehicles. Why not give those vehicles to everyone in the game by default to drive and enjoy like the original tanks. They do not need to be perfect and I believe players would be understanding of that. Giving players the ability to use the AI vehicles would add an entirely new element for the playerbase to enjoy and immerse themselves with. I cannot express how many times I looked at an AI vehicle and thought to myself, I want to drive that. It would be a great additional bonus future for the game. In fact, that is exactly why we have Tank crew now. Because people could drive a couple basic AI tanks and people loved it. So many people enjoyed that aspect of the game and now it has become its own feature. Why not extend that same kindness by allowing players to use all the other AI vehicles as well. Surely, everyone would like and agree to this suggestion?
  4. Another reason they did it, the cream of the crop would have the best rations and living conditions, boosting their success even further. Just plain old common sense, the practical in action. Every side did it in one form or another, except maybe Japan, doesn't have to be monetary.
  5. Don't know about how everyone else feels, but don't like the chat system in this incarnation of Il-2. Too much of it, and to many distracted by it, they're there to chat, not fly. I'd love for the option for a server to shut that garbage off, or disconnect it from the mechanical tips so the individual can. That sort of stuff can be intimidating to new blood, death by publicly flashing news of their humiliating demise for all to snicker. Push toward co-op and extended tactical strategy is good news, Bodenplatte has great potential for success with it. Who really wants to endlessly fly into flak traps and infested sky for nothing? Without any team or an objective it gets to be painfully annoying after a while, and you move on. Old Il-2's strong suit was a huge variety of usable objects with an open easy mission builder, and easy access, slowly moving the right direction. Think your tank move will prove to be brilliant in the end big J.
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  7. Soon: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/46541-usmc-sherman-on-tarawa/
  8. —SP loves aviation, reads about it incessantly. —Discovers this amazing game, practices incessantly offline. —Goes MP. Gets trounced, and it’s not really his fault. Because the AI are such that the poor bastard *has never ever seen a really hard turn* before he saw a human player do it. The rest of the story is human nature, and understandable. —AIs who can maneuver the planes like a merely decent human player would go a long way to easing people’s transition into MP. And personally, I long for extended target practice at drones who can throw me angles more like humans use. However, I’m guessing an AI who can put up a decent dogfight is much more technically difficult than coming up with one who can play a decent game of chess, so there may be nothing can be done.
  9. Pimax 5K +, I just opened a PayPal case to return $ 1100. Communication with Pimax about nothing. So far, about the second galaxy. I don't just have problems, but we have much more. I cannot imagine communication with Pimax in case of complaint. Easier to take Pimax VR and throw it in the trash how to claim
  10. The Spad’s dive speed abilities and engine allow it to come in with more speed than some planes can survive, let alone attain in level flight, shoot and easily out-zoom the target, dive again and repeat several times before things even out. The pitfall, much like as it was in RoF, is that while it has the ability to create a lot of vertical separation by WWI standards, the range at which dangerously accurate fire while hanging on the prop is possible is more akin to WWII standards than what we read of in the Great War. We can debate back and forth whether or not being able to break hard with a WWI scout, then prop-hang and fire fairly accurately at a zooming plane 200-300 meters above is realistic, and I’m not sure what could be done about it anyway. But the fact of the matter is that it makes a bnz/energy fight geometry decidedly more difficult, dangerous, and less rewarding to apply than is generally the case with WWII bnz planes. Consider the possibility that the intended *victim* of a Spad bnz attack might *also* have more fun in maneuvering for his neck, if the French brick had a little more leeway to prosecute an aggressive series of vertical resets, rather than pulling one dodge then watching an attacker who feels his only prudent option is to dive on through recede in the distance, possibly while pulling a cheesy “phone a friend” trick on our Hun in this scenario. Much the same thinking applies to the prospects for a high Fokker DVII or Pfalz tackling a lower Camel, especially FC’s Camel, which I think of as having a Bentley under the bonnet.
  11. The stock DCG campaigns use the stock planes, unless you know how to edit the class files and make sure all the loadouts match up with your modded planeset then it won't work. I don't know how to do any of that. The stock campaigns are fine, they just aren't that great. They also use all the stock maps. There's some truly amazing maps like western front 44 it's massive. Channel front, ect. I don't know how to edit classfiles and all that jazz. BAT has a ton of really awesome planes that are really well done and look and fly amazing, but I never get to fly them. It's really disappointing. I guess I could try and figure out how to make missions. If I could get the new planes in DCG that'd be amazing, even for the stock DCG missions. The only other WW2 game worth playing in singleplayer is Wings Over the Reich, but it only has 3 flyable planes, and it's all about the BOB which I don't really care for all that much. VP uses the stock 4.12 flight models, not sure what it uses for the newer planes, probably whatever comes in the mod, BAT has modified FM's that are far more realistic. Take a 109 out in bat and then VP In BAT you can do like 400+kph at around 1.1/1.2 ata like you should be able to, in VP unless you are running that throttle at nearly max you aren't even going to move. All the planes don't move IMO with stock FM's. They all feel really slow and require high rpm and high throttle to get out of their own way. 2k hp engines shouldn't feel like a diesel electric locomotive. If I could get all my dgens and whatnot working in BAT that's all I would play.
  12. Could you please elaborate on that? Is VP's FM that different from the one in BAT? I did notice some difference between 4.12 and 4.13 FMs.
  13. Well sorry you are having troubles Jon. - experienced DCG user here - yes you can. You can use DCG squad editor to change any squad's aircraft if you wish. If you have the aircraft in the game and you have it listed in the DCG class files, then it is fair game to make those changes if you wish. ...and I don't know if you noticed, but Lowengrin has a bunch of European campaigns that come stock with the DCG program (not even needing third party campaign download -- eg. ardennes44, berlin, france44, germany44, italy43, normandy41, normandy42, normandy44, westgermany45, etc. etc, in additon to pacific and med stuff).
  14. Basically it's a huge compilation of various mods from Aviaskins, SAS and Patrulla Azul that are adapted for 4.13.4 version (currently) plus modified DGen generator that's being developed by Asura himself. It's pretty much similar to DCG and there are a lot of campaigns made for it on Mission4today. The pack also comes with various DGen campaigns that are made by Motörhead. Currently it has complete Pacific campaigns set for USAAF, USN and USMC as well as for IJN and IJA. He's also working on Battle of France (almost finished), War over Europe(Currently has BoF, BoB till 42 Channel episodes), Mediterranean, Battle of Moscow, Arctic Circle, etc. There are a lot of cool stuff.
  15. Gunna have to use youtube. No real training missions for FC3. They are really easy though, just takes forever to setup your keybinds for the radar.
  16. Jasons said in the thread on general no in game comms for the foreseeable future, which is really disappointing.
  17. Definitely, people disconnecting mid fight are a cancer on the multiplayer community.
  18. I believe I found the dev's fix for the issue. I happened to crash my bf-110 g2 perfectly in line facing a road of Russian trucks earlier today. I lucked out and the rear gunner was facing the road so I decided to use the rear gunner to shoot the trucks. This road was no more than 70-100m away and I could not hit the trucks by aiming directly at them. Bullets were spraying out like water from a garden hose everywhere, but straight. Left, right, up, and down it was like shooting a gun from call of duty, it was so bad. My gunner had not been shooting as there were no enemy aircraft and AAA brought us down. So the machine gun was not overheated. The only way I can explain why this happened is that the devs made the mounted machine guns very inaccurate to counter the laser vision of the AI. I'm not a fan of such fictional firearm performance and I prefer realistic ballistics in a simulator. Also I do not believe the mg's were this inaccurate several months ago.
  19. 🙄 You literally came in here and basically took a jab at the online community. Funny most of the servers up now are all no GPS and full realism with very nice mission designs. Wings of liberty isn't the only server that has people in it on a regular basis. I don't get the need for singleplayer only or multiplayer only people to diss each other. It's so strange.
  20. liked the transition into old style camera footage on the landing
  21. Most of the older campaigns are broken, trust me I've been trying to fly them for weeks, I don't much care for the pacific, nor campaigns like the battle of france, gazala, things like that. There's like no USAAF campaigns. You can't just put whatever planes you want into DCG unless you make your own campaign from what I gathered. Like all the new planes in BAT and VP don't get used by DCG unless its a campaign made for it. There's a tool you can use or something but I can't figure it out. VP has tons of DGEN stuff. The file structures are different between bat and VP. I've tried moving dgens to bat they don't work for me. Hell I just downloaded the big bolded dawn of flight campaigns by monty off SAS and they broke my DOF install portion of BAT and they are only 2 years old. VP works fine. The flight models are just terrible. And honestly the more you play the more annoying the AI becomes, doing ufo maneuvers constantly dropping on your six like nothing. I like it for having some off the beat fun, but it's terrible flight modeling, pain in the ass modding and pretty much dead community is starting to drag on me. It'd be so nice if the AI in box was even half as good at following orders and carrying out missions. Hell it'd be great just to have orders to even give in box. What's even in that dgen pack that's the only one I haven't tried, seems like it's all in russian so I haven't tried it yet. VP mod with those cockpit mods that smooth them out is definitely a great looking game though.
  22. That's for sure. I keep 4.14 so that I'll install DGen Pack 3.0 on top of it when it comes out.
  23. GC, where did u find this? I've been searching everywhere with no luck ... Anyway, looks pretty orange. Especially when I open the image in PSD ...
  24. Regarding in-game voice comms: Careful what you wish for. You might soon find WWI flying appeals by virtue of getting to be alone with the sound of engine and the wind 😁 Regarding being like “teh rEaL wAr1!!!”-If you set an unobtainable goal you will always be disappointed in results. It will never be the same because you will always be a guy sitting in your computer room in comfort and safety. Anyway real war is not notable for being entertaining. And probably no one wants to sit flying escort for 8 hours. Etc. What you do have however is the opportunity to play the best form of high-speed chess ever devised by man with plausible physics and mostly believable FMs. And that’s quite a lot. Regarding MP coordination: The chief impediment in most servers is the insistence on it also being a navigation simulator. Which is to say that most pilots are mostly lost most of the time, even those of us who actually learned dead-reckoning in our vanished youth. I would suggest leaving the “GPS” on and perhaps even adding some friendly position markers if you want more mutual aid. This is not realistic, but neither is flying in your house-slippers with a pint within easy reach 🍺 Regarding more centralized command and control: “Aristotle said that some people were only fit to be slaves. I do not contradict him. But I reject slavery because I see no men fit to be masters.”-C.S. Lewis.
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